How Do The TAPU GUARDIANS Pick Their KAHUNAS?! - Pokemon S/M & US/UM Theory


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  • Jianchu Zhang
    Jianchu Zhang 3 days ago

    Idk if somebody already said this but the guardians and kahunas have the same colour schemes

  • Adam Straka
    Adam Straka Month ago +1

    I'm just wondering if the four Island Guardians would try to ask Ash to become a new island Kahuna of one the four Islands?

  • Hayden Hieser
    Hayden Hieser Month ago

    I think that they battle and if they win they get to be a Kahuna

  • TeamPikaPower
    TeamPikaPower Month ago

    Look at the colors

  • Kagunstell
    Kagunstell 2 months ago

    They also have similar color schemes

  • kittygamer 2607
    kittygamer 2607 2 months ago

    I have theory that the tapus use to have trainers and chose there kahunas that is whoever is close or related to there trainer with trust and power.and probably they were name after there trainer like:
    but idk crap so yeah just a thought

  • Thegamer 123
    Thegamer 123 3 months ago

    Has anyone realised how thekahunas dress like simalar colours to the tapus???

  • Zoe Productions
    Zoe Productions 3 months ago

    Or the tapus just picked them because of the color scheme

  • Latios Gaming
    Latios Gaming 3 months ago

    Owiowa mosindia Nanu lol

  • Latios Gaming
    Latios Gaming 3 months ago

    Did you realize the kahunas are wearing the main color of the guardian that chose them

  • Kyle Potato Owo
    Kyle Potato Owo 3 months ago

    .... Ye

  • puppy power
    puppy power 3 months ago

    Now it's not

  • puppy power
    puppy power 3 months ago

    Guys look at the likes it's 666!

  • Khaled Alafifi
    Khaled Alafifi 4 months ago

    clothing color and island vibe play a role in choosing not only the kahunas but also the tapus; hala and koko are the first you meet, and hala is always encouraging you, so would you really want nanu's negative words to be the first impression of alola?(bug puns) NO. also olivia is supposed to be the "funny one" on akala, and to be honest, its pretty boring on akala, and shes also supposed to encourage you. but with every good storyline (*cough*XY*cough*) there's gotta be a put down: nanu discourages you as grimsley does in gen 5, plus, liek u said, their both lazy, and plus #2 is that ula ula has a dark and evil or whatever vibe team skull gives u kinda vibe, and so does nanu. a little. hapu, finally, is actually a lot liek fini because their both persistent, are serious, and yet they are also kind hearted. --Fine--

  • Nikola Govich
    Nikola Govich 4 months ago

    The colors of thier clothes, obviously.

  • Eszter Varga
    Eszter Varga 4 months ago

    where you found that picture about Olivia, Lele and the 3 trial captains?

  • Eszter Varga
    Eszter Varga 4 months ago

    I think you have to add something into this video because Nanu is already debuted. And the same lazy like Bulu but in annoying way. And in the rematch he was so savage towards Ash that the wolf needed bring back Ash from the angry emotion because Nanu's tactic is really worked very well. Nanu is able to attack with words what makes the opponent lose their focus and self-confidence. So in short just like Bulu is very brutal in the fight Nanu is the same cruel with words too in the battle.
    I can't wait to see Hapu in action. She is a serious and shy girl in the game.

  • Lusamine
    Lusamine 4 months ago

    Lol i noticed something:
    Hala:has a yellow jacket thingy and-tapu koko is yellow
    Olivia:wears pink and-tapu lele is pink
    Nanu:wears black and red and-tapu bulu is black and red
    Hapu:wears purple-tapu fini is purple

  • Hiram Delgado
    Hiram Delgado 4 months ago


  • Falcons Vlogs
    Falcons Vlogs 4 months ago

    You have to wear the same colors as the tapu


  • Lubex Rant
    Lubex Rant 4 months ago

    Boiiiiii Naruto was da besssssssssst

  • ShadowTUBE
    ShadowTUBE 4 months ago

    They have almost the same color scheme excluding hapu and Tapu finni

  • Phonix
    Phonix 4 months ago

    I chose Popplio and all the grand trials were super effective I beat then :D

  • Phonix
    Phonix 4 months ago

    Meleme island ( Normal Sun UB's show up)
    Hala:A lovely day walking around Meleme island.
    A UB appeared
    Tapu Koko comes
    Hala:Tapu Koko vid you come here to help or to have a good fight?
    Hala uses fighting types
    Alka island
    Olivia:What lovely flowers!
    Tapu Lele:I like flowers too you be the Kahuna.
    Poni island:
    Tapu Fini: I've been looking for you I want to to be the Kahuna.
    Ua'ua island
    Tapu Bulu:I didn't want that dunder head Korinaa to be tapu anymore
    Tapu Bulu:Let's look for a miserable trainer
    Sees Nanu
    Tapu Bulu: perfect
    Gives shiny stone to Nanu

  • Captain Lollipop
    Captain Lollipop 4 months ago

    It's a simple answer. They don't choose their kahunas. Game Freak does.

  • Nicole Dunithan
    Nicole Dunithan 5 months ago

    This theory should be, "why does Tapu lele keep getting out of my quick ball?"

  • MinecrafterJustin666
    MinecrafterJustin666 5 months ago

    1:44 question answered.

  • ziggy tail 555
    ziggy tail 555 5 months ago

    And just like power rangers they wear the color of the guardian

  • SlyzlyFTW
    SlyzlyFTW 5 months ago

    vid idea do the tapus date

  • Jhaycob banares
    Jhaycob banares 5 months ago

    You forgot they all have the same color as the guardians
    Tapu fini Purple
    Tapu Lele Pink
    Tabu Bulu Red
    Tapu Koko Yellow

  • Stephen Foote
    Stephen Foote 5 months ago

    Anyone notice that all the kahunas are adults

  • IluvVaporeon
    IluvVaporeon 5 months ago


  • Derpy Gaming
    Derpy Gaming 5 months ago +1

    Wait who Actually even made the tapus and why do they look like eggs of animal heads that hatched!

  • BraviNoname
    BraviNoname 6 months ago

    7:43 But the Tapus are genderless.

  • Jane Aluyen
    Jane Aluyen 6 months ago

    Only 9 dislikes??

  • Kai Cyreus
    Kai Cyreus 6 months ago

    What if someone knew this information, and purposely acted like all the Tapu, and maybe became the Kahuna of every island? 😂

  • Kai Cyreus
    Kai Cyreus 6 months ago +6

    Nanu unleashes his rage upon Team Skull when necessary. Team Skull lives in fear, living right next to him. Also, Nanu and Tapu Bulu are both personalities that don't want to be bothered by others. Nanu lives way out on Route 17, Tapu Bulu lives behind a massive maze of a desert. An NPC mentions this about Tapu Bulu's personality, someone in one of the trailers outside the desert.

  • Snap Snap
    Snap Snap 6 months ago

    Who’s your favorite tapu and kahuna?
    Mines has to be tapu lele and Olivia...

    SYLIIC 6 months ago +5

    I think the reason finichose hapu after she went on her own journey is because she grew from what she used to be. Tapu fini has a nuturing, motherly look to her, yet also reserved and quiet - a sort of distant yet protective and loving entity. In a way, tapu fini has a dynamic that could be difficult to match (unlike tapu bulu). Only after her adventure, fini accepted her, meaning she grew into the dynamic stated above. Hell even the music that plays when she's around sounds calming and motherly, a bit like the more gentle songs in the pmd franchise.
    Also hapu is probably a hopeless lesbian--she literally forgets to give you mudsdale bc she was gawking at Lillie. The whole reason she met you the first time on 'ula'ual was to give you the page Mon too. and to add to it she spent a bit of time alone with her.

  • Aetheri
    Aetheri 6 months ago +16

    Won't believe this until I see Nanu destroy a shopping center...

    • Kagunstell
      Kagunstell 2 months ago

      Aetheri He's already destroyed my heart........

      Meaning I fell in love with him so hard that I died

    • Cherna Gast
      Cherna Gast 2 months ago

      Po Town's condition....?

  • Apple
    Apple 6 months ago

    They even have almost identical designs in terms of color schemes.

  • Matthew Kidder
    Matthew Kidder 6 months ago +1

    sun and moon remakes for 2030 please

  • Revan Tobias
    Revan Tobias 6 months ago

    Blood sacrifice and ritualized murder.

  • Cruz Juarez
    Cruz Juarez 6 months ago +1

    just realized they share color schemes too...

  • Bobby Arteaga
    Bobby Arteaga 6 months ago +3

    Here’s a theory for you, is Magearna the guardian of the Aether Island? Magearna is Fairy like the Tapu and Steel type which fits with Aether Paradise.

  • Nerdy Neko Girl
    Nerdy Neko Girl 6 months ago

    I haven't thought of it

  • Jake Ryker
    Jake Ryker 6 months ago

    the reason it very obvious at 2:04. its there sense of fashion. the island guardians love color coordination.

  • lizatubeHD Random Vids
    lizatubeHD Random Vids 6 months ago

    i think they picked the leaders cuz they have they have the same colors

  • Fire Willow - gaming & more

    Tapu finis eyes in the offical art is like its saying “ YOU WILL BE KAHUNA FOREVER HUHAHAHAHA” but that’s my opinion

  • Pastel Spiritz
    Pastel Spiritz 6 months ago +2

    So if a tapu has an edgy/emo faze would they choose gladion as kahuna?

  • Later Boi
    Later Boi 6 months ago

    they pick the one that have same color pallet

  • Tri Tran
    Tri Tran 6 months ago

    They look similar

  • Wolfgirl Lily
    Wolfgirl Lily 7 months ago

    When I watched this 1 dislike

  • Thunderbolt PIKACHU5
    Thunderbolt PIKACHU5 7 months ago

    What is your favorite tapu. My fav is tapu koko

  • CoffeeMcCreeps
    CoffeeMcCreeps 7 months ago

    As usual you have a very great theory going! Makes you think a bit how long Hapu's grandfather was a Kahuna and why Hapu herself tried to be since as you pointed out: "The Kahuna can't refuse and is a Kahuna until death or getting rid of their titel!" Did she defeat her grandfather in a battle and THEN try to get some recordnizion from Tapu Fini? That is a interesting question, isn't it?
    What we also can se (But that is a funny easter egg. is that they have simular appearence in clothes which.. Yes I am very late to notice it and think about.. But it is a nice touch... And also...Is it just me that think that Nanu reminds about Eeyore in "Winnie The Pooh" if Eeyore was human?

    • CoffeeMcCreeps
      CoffeeMcCreeps 7 months ago

      Hehe,,, I tried before to compare the kahunas with Winnie the Pooh-character... I saw Nanu as Eeyore, Hala as Pooh, Olivia as Kanga and Hapu as Gopher xD.So I had some fun with those thoughts. And you're welcome as always! Just fun to discuss theories ^_^

    • HybridHero
      HybridHero  7 months ago +1

      Haha I can't see Nanu as Eeyore but I can see Hala as an angry Pooh 😂Yeah they do have similar appearances in clothes, but I completely forgot to mention that. Also I think her grandfather passed away and then after that she tried to become the Kahuna. It was mentioned somewhere in the games if I'm not mistaken. Thanks as always buddy :)

  • Lynk Cable
    Lynk Cable 7 months ago +2

    My duuudeee! This is the best video of 2018 (so far,) hands down!
    Great job and and amazing video as always :)

  • Diamond Dimension's
    Diamond Dimension's 7 months ago

    Rearly hibrid

  • Deciduous
    Deciduous 7 months ago

    Hmm this is actually pretty interesting

    • HybridHero
      HybridHero  7 months ago

      RIght?! Gamefreak knows what they're doin!

  • The Nintendo Fan
    The Nintendo Fan 7 months ago

    Great vid
    The vid give u a subscribed

    • HybridHero
      HybridHero  7 months ago

      Ehhh appreciate it Sinnoh Fan Dave! :D

  • Professor Frankly Gaming
    Professor Frankly Gaming 7 months ago +1

    6:03 all the guardean been in the anima check ep 44 in the pokémon sun anima

    • Professor Frankly Gaming
      Professor Frankly Gaming 7 months ago

      HybridHero o

    • HybridHero
      HybridHero  7 months ago

      Yes I included a short clip of that scene :) I just said that Tapu Bulu and Tapu Fini haven't had much appearances in the anime and manga.

  • Professor Frankly Gaming

    There a mango already ghease

  • Shy Tenda
    Shy Tenda 7 months ago +8

    Tapu Koko being the leader makes sense given their personality. Fini and Bulu don't want the post, and Lele isn't emotionally stable enough for this. Koko is the only one wanting to take things into their own hands.
    As for the Kahunas, Hala is the oldest member (though that doesn't necessarily mean he was chosen before. Even if it's likely.), and he's highly respected and liked as a trainer.

    • Shy Tenda
      Shy Tenda 7 months ago

      That's what I deduced for your video.

    • HybridHero
      HybridHero  7 months ago +1

      Shy Tenda Didn't think about it like that! It really does make a lot of sense haha

  • FroakyTrainer Strame
    FroakyTrainer Strame 7 months ago +2

    intresting Topic. btw i always love your intro and outro

    • FroakyTrainer Strame
      FroakyTrainer Strame 7 months ago

      HybridHero okay thanks

    • HybridHero
      HybridHero  7 months ago

      Thanks Strame Gamez I love em too :) @Nitex made the intro and outro for me! And the music came from GlitchxCity and CG5!

  • grekoy
    grekoy 7 months ago +1

    4:03 Or because he have a mohawk that makes him stand out from the Tapus.

  • Gaming Mudkip
    Gaming Mudkip 7 months ago +1

    you forgot to say that they have simila color palets on heir cloths

    • HybridHero
      HybridHero  7 months ago

      Yeah I compleltly forgot to mention that. It was one of those things that was so obvious to me that I forgot to mention it haha

  • Andres Marrero
    Andres Marrero 7 months ago +22

    The Topus are the most immature legendarys up to date. Topu Koko is a battle maniac that will incubate a great evil if it means that he will get a good fight out of it. Topu Lele is basically a brat that will go into terminator mode when someone tells her no, and she refuses to see the consequences of her own actions. Topu Bulu is just flat out lazy and is prone to unreasonable rage for absolutely no reason. Topu Fini is the only one with a good reason, due to her past dealings with humans, however turning your back upon all people is an incredibly immature response. The Topus really need to grow up.

  • SaltyDogg
    SaltyDogg 7 months ago

    Notification squad where you at

  • Anime Psyclone
    Anime Psyclone 7 months ago +7

    Didn't mention visual similarities

  • Blackphoenix the SkyWing NightWing

    HybridHero you are a genius.

  • Kou
    Kou 7 months ago +92

    My Personal Idea on -Hau- How Kahunas are Chosen:
    *Melemele Island*
    Tapu Koko: Do YoU lIkE tO fIgHt??
    Hala: I am a Fighting-type specialist.
    Tapu Koko: DeAl.
    *Akala Island*
    Tapu Lele: Shards are nice.
    Olivia: Yeah, sure.
    Tapu Lele: _Healing scales intensifies_
    *Ula'ula Island*
    Tapu Bulu: Ugh, I have to choose again? _Sees Nanu_ Hey, be a Kahuna.
    Nanu: Sure. Give me a beer.
    *Poni Island*
    Tapu Fini: I need a Kahuna to advance the plot.
    Hapu: I have a horse. And my grandpa was the previous-
    Tapu Fini: You have a horse. That's all I need.

    • Marwan Gamer
      Marwan Gamer 4 months ago

      Kou lol

    • Phonix
      Phonix 4 months ago +1

      Kou lol

    • Nicole Dunithan
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    • henry
      henry 5 months ago +3

      Kou and that was how to basic with the reason why they are kahunas

  • Dallin Moody
    Dallin Moody 7 months ago +4

    Yet the tapu’s fighting styles are nearly entirely opposite of their kahunas. Foe example koko is a speedy/offensive sp. attacker while hala runs bulky/slow physical fighting types... then again he runs a Lucario in his elite 4 match maybe they are becoming ever more like their respective tapu.

  • Hamada 520
    Hamada 520 7 months ago

    Great choice of remixers in Casskingdra and Retrospecter. The latter’s really good, but the former’s way too underrated in my opinion.

  • Dallin Moody
    Dallin Moody 7 months ago +3

    Only watched to 2:43 so far excited to find out how you justify nanu being just like tapubulu

    • Dallin Moody
      Dallin Moody 7 months ago +1

      Wow surprisingly good job... one note though neither nanu nor bulu are lazy they’re just perceived as such when really they just have their own way of going about things... not to mention he’s a good man deep down, a hard shelled softy per se.

  • Galaxy-Eyes Garchomp
    Galaxy-Eyes Garchomp 7 months ago

    Honestly I knew about each and everyone of these explanations in some way.

    • HybridHero
      HybridHero  7 months ago

      Yeah I feel like people get the feeling or just know at the back of their heads while playing the game haha

  • Andrew Lloyd
    Andrew Lloyd 7 months ago +24

    The Hapu bit, I'd say it's not that she didn't care about people, it's more that she's socially awkward to her own age group. She was raised by her grandparents and grew up with a lot of responsibilities. Essentially, she was raised on a remote farm around elderly adults for most of her life with limited contact with other children, as any "play dates" would be limited. She "talks funny" for a little girl (she mentions that she didn't talk like the other kids in the games due to how she was raised), she'd clearly get teased about it if she interacted with the other Poni island kids, so I'm thinking she mostly kept to herself to avoid being teased about it. Being a fairly serious and responsible person and typically keeping to herself, Hapu would come off as "not very people friendly" to most strangers, much like Fini.

    Can't believe I wrote that text wall over Hapu

  • Kai Reves
    Kai Reves 7 months ago

    Wow, this is a solid theory. Great job

  • Bryan Z
    Bryan Z 7 months ago

    9th like, 7th comment

  • Claww04Gaming
    Claww04Gaming 7 months ago +3

    My question... Why was Nanu chosen at all?

    • HybridHero
      HybridHero  7 months ago

      Just like what Shy Tenda said anddd because of what I said in the video :)

    • Claww04Gaming
      Claww04Gaming 7 months ago

      True actually! Never thought of it like that! :)

    • Shy Tenda
      Shy Tenda 7 months ago +4

      Well, Nanu clearly isn't as bad as he sjows up. He IS a cop, after all. You don't decide to do such a job if you don't care at all. He's reliable when you really needs him, but he won't take unecessary risk, preserving teh Statu Quo.
      And it's strongly implied that he decided to inhabit near Skull Team to keeps them in check.

  • Buzzy Dale
    Buzzy Dale 7 months ago

    Not first

  • Pikachu_Lover21
    Pikachu_Lover21 7 months ago +2

    3 person to like. I love this vid

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    TopOfTheMeta 7 months ago +3

    great video like usual!!!!

  • Christopher Cumbaa Abbott
    Christopher Cumbaa Abbott 7 months ago +3

    I just subscribed but I love your videos they are amazing

  • HybridHero
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