Iran-Iraq border earthquake is deadliest of 2017 - BBC News

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  • An Li
    An Li 16 days ago

    Believe in karma because it's really exist, please punish all the Muslim because they are evil and lazy, and they are terrorists

  • SaraUnicorn Gaming
    SaraUnicorn Gaming Month ago

    I live in Iraq the earthquake was sooo scary!thank god we didn’t lose our shelter

  • O Sard
    O Sard Month ago

    And you want war. damn stop we have to stop please look at this oh God.

  • 35 05
    35 05 Month ago

    Well well well, not that we, the PEOPLE of the world, actually needed more hints to understand this but the comment section shows it pretty well what some non-Iranians (and mostly americans) are made of! Thank you to all those who're promoting love, harmony, sympathy and offering their condolences and reminding everyone of similarities among us all regardless of borders, religions, ... . To those who are doing that, please have more children? :) Maybe with your genes they could save this world from the chaos it currently is in!

  • jimin you got no jam

    Pray for Iran and Iraq😿😿

  • Bilal 2
    Bilal 2 Month ago +1

    Usually Nobody cares about iraq and their Deaths.Everyone is just praying for Turkey.This is one of the first times that iraq gets Mentioned.
    I am from iraq and i don't see any reason why people would care about my country,All they do is look for turkey and their food.Sending help and money to turkey and leaving iraq till it gets worse.When will the organizations think for once and send multiple help to all country's that are in need,Instead of giving all the help to turkey.

    • Bilal 2
      Bilal 2 Month ago +1

      35 05 Glad to know iranians are With us,Hope you the best too from iraq.

    • 35 05
      35 05 Month ago +1

      As an Iranian, I feel for you guys and hope you're all ok. I too wish that any war and conflicts would end soon in Iraq and terrorist groups like ISIS be terminated and you're right! Unfortunately international relations at this point are very much polar and international organizations are doing exactly what countries with bigger weapons (the US, Russia, China, ....) wants them to do and we (PEOPLE everywhere) are the people whose lives are wasted in this chaos! :( Hope that changes soon ... hang in there ...

  • Zozo
    Zozo Month ago

    this is why jesus give iraq punish for what isis did and the ppl

    • Zozo
      Zozo Month ago

      35 05 im not saying iraq ppl i mean jesus whanted to give punish for isis not the iraq ppl 😡?

    • 35 05
      35 05 Month ago

      Ignorance everywhere, eh? Iraqi people especially the Kurds (who were affected by this quake) were the ones who suffered from ISIS the most! And Iran has nothing to do with ISIS ... maybe Jesus would want to punish you for actually seeing ANYTHING positive in this?? Maybe you'll experience a massive quake someday yourself ... I'm curious about your facial expression then!

  • Zeyad981
    Zeyad981 Month ago

    I’m so sad for them

  • Kiumars [Aryan Iranian Kurd]

    Just to put it in perspective, the area damaged by the Earthquake is almost half the size of the England and Wales

  • Goku Norris
    Goku Norris 2 months ago

    Still wondering where there arent tons of segments about this on fox or cnn rather just more trump propaganda. If 500+ people died in America or Europe it would be in the news for at least 2 months.

  • move your mind
    move your mind 2 months ago

    Despite all those problems we have it now and God gave us a nice earthquake .

    • 35 05
      35 05 Month ago

      If you meant that "nice" part for real you don't deserve to live!

  • MrImsokewl
    MrImsokewl 2 months ago

    need a bigger earth quake in iran and Iraq like 1000 times bigger would be good

    • Blank Dice
      Blank Dice Month ago

      Yo! You're pretty sick ... how are you not hospitalized yet? O.O

    • 35 05
      35 05 Month ago

      The entire world needs a massive earthquake just under your house when you're alone there! That would be the best! The entire world would celebrate one less pathetic monster on it! You don't deserve to be alive!

  • MrImsokewl
    MrImsokewl 2 months ago

    just leave em where ya find em the birds a eat em

    • MrImsokewl
      MrImsokewl Month ago

      go choke on your on vomit

    • 35 05
      35 05 Month ago

      You don't deserve to be alive ... hopefully Karma will arrange that ...

  • abul kashem
    abul kashem 2 months ago

    i survived this earthquake

  • Lucas Rhodes
    Lucas Rhodes 2 months ago


  • Asad khan
    Asad khan 2 months ago

    rest in peace for those who suffer from pak brother

  • jawad shasamand
    jawad shasamand 2 months ago

    I missed praying was confused felt worried I'm crazy real knowing it still believe the Angels are loves humans who follows the righteous religious or if do a prayer for last kingdoms it will live far away because we can't order it's one doing good or bad or any kind of an orders to be never wrong just be careful it's an enemies not loves to kill an the enemies you need to be in more then one world's crying in tear praying to be blessed or to fine right friends one took over until doors of skies opens thank you for all Angels in tear crying for worlds safeties now we are alone please respect do not miss your prayers in life to life s times will be forever like promise of an Angels wants us all

  • jawad shasamand
    jawad shasamand 2 months ago

    Be trustful follow to try not miss continue praying if miss that's problems if miss that's problems for self and for one you loves it was an order of the glorious thank you forever help the Muslim to be victories also truly Alla the almighty save , secure us all until reach your door still please don't make humans lonely if possible be always with our hearts Amen I will say peace 👊🙌👍✌🌹🌹🌹

  • jawad shasamand
    jawad shasamand 2 months ago

    This time was like Ali Mullah told me everything things like line of graves sme video you are insert into TVclip

  • jawad shasamand
    jawad shasamand 2 months ago

    Now I imagine feeling guilty but one it's highest leaders it created heaven it was an Angels before an earthquake then it start it the rest are like cow dance it was stopped by true Kingom , by powerful of the glorious it's was an Angels came did the duties it blessed one were left the world but I still seen and remember in morning prayers it just happened best to stand up think smart if flames or the glorious it maybe need more protections in future are unknown I completely saying chemicals of ground was hot it have level flames on top lights of flames blackness it moving but it will same problems

  • jawad shasamand
    jawad shasamand 2 months ago

    It's me wanted report about an earthquake one day earlier then somehow spirit said at location in Kazakhstan but I watched top professional are reading the whole locations then all night was listened to Qari a special Dua in times of unknown earthquake I was praying for this life and for next life , for souls of parents, for one it would be true friends

  • jawad shasamand
    jawad shasamand 2 months ago

    This an important for future I swear to Alla** the gloriou* a shadow of soul or a powerful blessed in world's it prays for safeties but an Angels one cares helps or heals about 2 before I watched a death in white clothes peace be upon them ,,,, Salawat for names of Mohammad thank you to an Angels are most dangerous to save or secure the world's this Earthquake from shadow was in secretly telling a special way standing like Imam near waters it was most An Angar I continue praying it still with right hand touched the ground and said be passions in rain waters was very different about about 24 an inches the water level was increasing so the righteous ✋ said trust to the one loneliest that loves more than ever

  • Damon Boland
    Damon Boland 2 months ago

    who's been disliking this video?

  • S l
    S l 2 months ago

    Heart goes out to all those poor soles. Again these poorly constructed houses and public buildings just crumble, Iranian govt and in particular the revolutionary guard should spend money on quality construction and infrastructure instead of sending hundreds of millions of dollars to Hizbollah and building nuclear weapons. Iranian citizens seem to be forgotten.

  • keanush hushidary
    keanush hushidary 2 months ago

    Ayatollah BBC says revolutionary guard is helping people, everybody knows only army is helping

  • J S
    J S 2 months ago

    Earthquake, or something else?

  • Vararious Ndagije
    Vararious Ndagije 2 months ago

    It was indeed terrible! Disaster preparedness should always be the way to go more especially to prone areas.

  • Rata 4U
    Rata 4U 2 months ago

    I saw buildings in mexico city collapsed where they had no rebars! In my city if Vancouver my building is only 6 years old but the new thinking is that the 6" concrete may not be sufficient to withstand a quake.

  • sandra burke
    sandra burke 2 months ago

    400 I am so Sorry for their loss. CHECK out QUAKE FORECASTING at DUTCHSINSE-you tube. May help this area and around the world to be prepared don't be scared for next time

  • L4D Noob Tube
    L4D Noob Tube 2 months ago

    Birth pains.......

  • log out next time
    log out next time 2 months ago

    First Harvey, then the earthquake in Mexico and now this? WHAT DID WE DO TO DESERVE THIS?

  • Isaiah Luna
    Isaiah Luna 2 months ago

    It's sad that innocent men women and children passed but hopefully the terrorist s died in the earthquake.

  • Michael
    Michael 2 months ago

    Shit is getting biblical

  • Cabbage Lettuce
    Cabbage Lettuce 2 months ago

    Damn, hurt Kurds bad. This should have hit the Saudis or Pakistan.

  • It's Ironic
    It's Ironic 2 months ago

    Imagine that, government built affordable housing has created the most casualties..... “what are the chances”

  • lufoc
    lufoc 2 months ago

    Iran and Iraq, Mexico is with you.

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un 2 months ago +1

    These terroists deserve this

    • IraqiCreeper
      IraqiCreeper 2 months ago +1

      Kim Jong Un Shut the FUCK Up you are the terrorist who only bang on his keybored

    • Nada9281
      Nada9281 2 months ago +1

      Your wishing for infants and kids to die and then call us the terrorists?

  • The Emperor Lord
    The Emperor Lord 2 months ago +2

    Fake news BBC

  • Sheldon LaBean
    Sheldon LaBean 2 months ago

    I hope of our troops are all okay 👍

  • Sheldon LaBean
    Sheldon LaBean 2 months ago +2

    Has ISIS claimed responsibility for this? 😂They have a tendency to claim responsibility to irrelevant events that happen around the globe which have absolutely nothing to do with them. Alah Alah Boom!

  • Smko Kakai
    Smko Kakai 2 months ago

    I was in Salas-e Babajani (Khermanshah province) just 4 months ago, its chocking to see , i pray fro my families and loved ones there and everybody who suffered from this tradegy

  • Sam Scales
    Sam Scales 2 months ago +1

    Our thoughts and prayers goes out to the victims and their families affected by this disaster 💔💔💔 You are not alone, we are praying for you ❤️❤️❤️

    • 35 05
      35 05 Month ago

      As an Iranian, thank you! :)

  • Santiago Bron
    Santiago Bron 2 months ago

    battlefield 3

  • dAn
    dAn 2 months ago

    *Four Kings With Five*
    One more time. Genesis 14.

  • Miz erie
    Miz erie 2 months ago

    Maybe the terrorist were testing a nuclear bomb and it back fired on them. Like what happened to rocket man... I think they forgot allah is fair in justice and dont like murderers. Sad for the innocent though.

  • scene seeka
    scene seeka 2 months ago +3

    When will the whole world wake up to JESUS CHRIST WORDS....? read : Matthew 24 John 3:16-18 John 14:6 John 1:1 Acts 1:11 😢

    • TG T
      TG T 8 days ago

      JESUS 😱😱😱😱😱

      *S A R C A S M*

    • 35 05
      35 05 Month ago

      What does this have to do with religion ffs?

  • Billy McAuliffe
    Billy McAuliffe 2 months ago

    Where was all powerful Allah ????

  • yxc1i xx
    yxc1i xx 2 months ago +3


    • nargesbahmanpour
      nargesbahmanpour 2 months ago

      This is not god’s fault.

    • Fariba Naruoi
      Fariba Naruoi 2 months ago

      yxc1i xx Do not insult allah ، this is not allah fault if you were in iran will know The culprit is government ,

  • Alesha Shelley
    Alesha Shelley 2 months ago +1

    Karma and judgement for Esau(Arabs) for what you done and still doing to Africans

    • 35 05
      35 05 Month ago

      well with your retarded "reasoning" what the hell has Africa done to be punished like it is for hundreds of years with famine, droughts, mentally challenged ones like you, diseases, ... ?! (just food for thoughts not a question for your tiny brain to answer kiddo)

    • 35 05
      35 05 Month ago

      So you're blind and retarded too huh?? Well whatever you little sh*t. Your ignorance will 100% be the end of ya! And I'm NOT an Arab so you're the only joke here you tiny lil' brat! Now go suck on a soap HARD!

    • Alesha Shelley
      Alesha Shelley Month ago

      35 05 Fuck you kiss and my black ass your still gonna pay for what you done to us

    • Alesha Shelley
      Alesha Shelley Month ago

      Brandon Thompson It's not an opinion it's biblical prophecy read Obadiah you reaping what you sowed

    • 35 05
      35 05 Month ago

      Learn not to be ignorant kid! Not Iranians nor Kurds are "ARABs"! You got some nerve accusing others for what western countries did to you when you know nothing of geography, sociology, common decency, ... or even humanity ... go back to school instead of desperately trying to spread hate! And by the by you might want to read about how Arabs tainted the glorious Persia (Iran) in the past and also made robbed Kurds of their rights too ...

  • david alj
    david alj 2 months ago +1

    Beautiful to see death to Iran

    • 35 05
      35 05 Month ago

      Death to YOU! Just YOU not even your family or country or whatever! :D You don't deserve to be alive ... hopefully Karma will arrange that ...

  • Sahar Qureshi
    Sahar Qureshi 2 months ago +1

    Signs of day of judgement earthquakes

  • Jose Galindo
    Jose Galindo 2 months ago

    I am Gabriel (Psalms 118:14 *¨God is my strength* and my defense;
    he has become my salvation.) obey my commands but do not worship me as I myself need God to survive.
    Only God can redeem you from death, do not worship any creature, nor man, nor messenger but only God and you shall live.
    Isaiah 57:13 When you cry out for help, let your collection of idols save you!
    The wind will carry all of them off, a mere breath will blow them away.
    But whoever takes refuge in me will inherit the land
    and possess my holy mountain.”
    to Posses The holy montain = to be part of the choosen people: the righteous
    Psalms 118:17 *I will not die but live* , *and will proclaim what the Lord has done* .
    18 The Lord has chastened me severely,
    but he has not given me over to death.
    19 Open for me the gates of the righteous;
    I will enter and give thanks to the Lord.
    20 This is the gate of the Lord
    through which *the righteous may enter* .
    21 I will give you thanks, for you answered me;
    you have become my salvation.
    22 The stone the builders rejected
    has become the cornerstone;
    23 the Lord has done this,
    and it is marvelous in our eyes.
    24 The Lord has done it this very day;
    let us rejoice today and be glad.
    Matthew 21:40 “Therefore, *when the owner of the vineyard comes* , *what will he do to those tenants* ?”
    41 “ _He will bring those wretches to a wretched end_ ,” they replied, “and he will rent the vineyard to other tenants, who will give him his share of the crop at harvest time.”
    42 *Jesus said* to them, “ *Have you never read in the Scriptures* :
    “ *The stone the builders rejected*
    *has become the cornerstone* ;
    the Lord has done this,
    and it is marvelous in our eyes’?
    43 “Therefore I tell you that the kingdom of God will be taken away
    from you and *given to a people who will produce its fruit* .
    44 Anyone who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces;
    anyone on whom it falls will be crushed.”

  • Christopher Connor
    Christopher Connor 2 months ago

    I pray for all of the people behind the disrespectful and extremely dangerous insulting Christ comments....Christ is the messiah and the almighty king of ALL kings.....most don't believe because they do not simply won't to or they do not take the time to study Christ or the Christian belief.....all that do practice the Christian life/belief know that it is very clear his time is of the simple signs are the people making a joke of him in these comments and questioning where he is as if he's not real during these tragic moments in our life just go to the BIBLE and you WILL understand if you try.....whether you agree with my comment or not I love you all even the ones who could care less what I feel or think or just simply doesn't like me for some random reason and most importantly CHRIST JESUS loves you and would love to be there for you.....with that being said please try your best to turn to him and pray to him to come into your heart life and soul and ask for forgiveness of your sins before it is to late...... there is NO sin that can not be forgiven if u change your heart and turn from it and REPENT but you can not be forgiven if you wait until it's to late.....I would rather take the chance of trying my best to FOLLOW and BELIEVE in him and be wrong which you ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT BE than to take the chance and NOT BELIEVE and be wrong in which you WILL BE.....with that being said.....much love to you all and GOD BLESS!!!!

  • Alima's Everyday Recipes

    Natural disaster could happen to anybody irregardless of their faith! Be thankful that it’s not one of you , who is posting comments saying good news. This is not a good news this is awful. You could have been one of them.

  • joven cruz
    joven cruz 2 months ago

    The Christ Jesus is coming very soon for those who believe in false God will shift away in the face of earth and they will be supper in the fire of hell! So start now.coming back to Lord Jesus Christ.pray for our salvation.he promise us All!

  • mary saw
    mary saw 2 months ago

    I hope that Kuwait is ok. Iraq and Iran will see the wrath of God.Especially Iran who is trying to make nukes and along with their hate hurt as many infidels as possible.

  • Yashraj And Associates
    Yashraj And Associates 2 months ago

    Very sad....
    We do express great concern and sympathy for our all sisters and brothers in Iran and Iraq suffered due to earthquakes.
    To reduce the damages in future due to earthquakes Visit

  • AbuMerah Dawlawie
    AbuMerah Dawlawie 2 months ago

    Dawlat Islam BAQIYA> ALLAHU AKBAR Allahuma zalzil Tehran al jahood. Allahuma damir shia al majoos kilab al jahood wa salieb. ALLAHUMA damir 3ubad ibliss shia al majoos kilab al jahood wa salieb. ALLAHU AKBAR. May ALLAH destroy IRAN the dogs of nazi jewish pirates the rotten thieves the shame of humanity the western pirates and thieves. America the nazi jewish facist pirate state the shame of humanity the enemies humnity and all what lives on the planet. Wallahi ya infidels you rotten kufaar you have no where to hide from the anger and wrath of ALLAH, you drown and burn in your own houses and streets you will see hell with your own blind eyes and for infidels slaves of jews waits HELL and torture of the grave and death. ISLAMIC STATE REMAINS ya shia al majoos ya ghanzier ya kilab al jahood. ALLAHU AKBAR

  • j Law
    j Law 2 months ago +5

    As an American, I hope recovery is quick...Human tragedy affects all...

    • 35 05
      35 05 Month ago

      As an Iranian, thank you! I hope no American HUMANE person like you would ever be affected by natural disasters alike.

  • Ali shikundiko
    Ali shikundiko 2 months ago +4

    Pray for Iran... Let us offer charities to the survivors spouse and children.

    • 35 05
      35 05 Month ago

      We people in other parts of Iran did send tons of items and people to help. It's just not that organized since it's ALL people without any real management. We're still doing our best to rebuild lives. Thank you for all the positive energy though!

    • Ali shikundiko
      Ali shikundiko 2 months ago

      Ottoman Ball 😂😂😂 Iraq & Iran is one

    • Ottoman Ball
      Ottoman Ball 2 months ago

      Ali shikundiko fuck you forgetting iraq

  • Louie Louie
    Louie Louie 2 months ago +1

    Praise Jesus

  • freelife styles
    freelife styles 2 months ago +1

    God just gave his warning ignore this and your whole country will go

    • 35 05
      35 05 Month ago

      Oh yeah? If that's the case, how many "warnings" does the US get annually in terms of natural disasters? Did the US learn to repent? Did the US make ANY apologies to Iranians for sabotaging their democracy? Did the US ever apologized to the Iranian PEOPLE for the insult Trump has made towards them? Did any other countries involved learn about their deeds and apologized or simply stopped trying to bring Iran low by taking the country's wealth and values? Did they apologize for degrading a country that used to be simply the best place to live in and the most powerful center of intellectuals and political power once??? DID THEY??? Did YOU repent for saying something as crazy as this yet??? smh ...

    • Kevin Chavez
      Kevin Chavez 2 months ago

      freelife styles i don't think god would kill 300 innocent people

  • Jack W
    Jack W 2 months ago +2

    Death to Iran!

    • Jack W
      Jack W Month ago

      35 05 that's not an eye winker statement.

    • 35 05
      35 05 Month ago

      Death to YOU! :D Not your country or family or whatever but to YOU YOURSELF! ;)

    • Jack W
      Jack W 2 months ago

      Ottoman Ball well let's see who would win. Iran V USA. I'd sign up for that! 💪💪💪🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💥💥💥

    • Ottoman Ball
      Ottoman Ball 2 months ago

      Jack W death to usa

  • Atilla Capar
    Atilla Capar 2 months ago

    Gay Iranian voice tone is the best

  • Kota_ Broski
    Kota_ Broski 2 months ago

    Did anyone notice the body

  • Dave  Martinez
    Dave Martinez 2 months ago

    Sending Positive Vibes y'alls way.

  • OfficialSyca Entertainment

    Hutchison effect , Tesla's earthquake machine .... search on TVclip

  • rachel korem
    rachel korem 2 months ago

    the probllem with iran that they are too arrogont! the leader.every country in earthquak needs help from the world but not the iranin! they arrange themseyour peopel needs help!!!!!!!

    • rachel korem
      rachel korem Month ago

      im not from usa' i was born in korambad iran' ,now in israel:(

    • 35 05
      35 05 Month ago

      I can say the EXACT same thing about the US (I don't really care if you're from there or not) that it's arrogant af and blind to the truth but if the US kept its **** to itself Iran would be enjoying a democracy right now ... not political problems, poor economics, ... . And uhum uhum ... ALL countries have 2 parts, the government and then there's PEOPLE! How is this even related to the government of Iran or anyone being happy that PEOPLE are suffering because they don't like the current Iranian government??? Food for thought, eh?

    • rachel korem
      rachel korem 2 months ago

      i mean that iranin leader so arrogont that they dont need help after eartquke

    • Kevin Chavez
      Kevin Chavez 2 months ago +1

      rachel korem and you need grammar lessons i can't read most of what you just said

  • Queen Love
    Queen Love 2 months ago +3


  • Queen Love
    Queen Love 2 months ago +14

    Praying for my brothers and sisters Iran 🇮🇷 and 🇮🇶 Iraq my allah help you all love 💕 from Somalia 🇸🇴🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • 35 05
      35 05 Month ago

      Thank you from Iran!

    JASON'S WORLD 2 months ago +5


  • ashkan ensafi
    ashkan ensafi 2 months ago

    hey shaggy locs , Im so sorry for you, you are not human,you are animal

  • Aaron Sochaczewski
    Aaron Sochaczewski 2 months ago

    As a member of PETA I I am happy when I think of all the Goats that won't be sexually molested tonight.

    • Blank Dice
      Blank Dice Month ago

      "We're already rescuing animals as well." True and I was so delighted to watch a short video where the animal rescue team (made of people themselves of course) in Iran saved a cat and a dog from under the rubbles and took them to an ambulance immediately to treat their wounds. Keep up the good work!

    • Ahura MJ
      Ahura MJ Month ago

      35 05 damet geez 👍

    • 35 05
      35 05 Month ago +1

      As an Iranian and a human being AND an animal rights activist, I'm sure you're lying since you're NOT a human nor anything with a whole brain. Just to point some stuff out, the goat joke was made targeting ARABS in SAUDI ARABIA and Afghans in AFGHANISTAN about "men" who failed to "buy" women for themselves some thousand years ago. It has NOTHING to do with IRANIANS or KURDS! Moreover, I guess expecting you to calculate that animals were killed too under the rubbles is just too much for your non-existent brain. Aside from that, the majority of those killed were women and children so far. If you are part of PETA (which I'm sure you're not) thank you for teaching us that a member of that can be so unbelievably disgusting and unworthy of any attention. You don't deserve to be alive and no one here needs you. We're already rescuing animals as well. If you're that insane/brainless keep your trap shut and let sane people discuss problems ...

    • Nada9281
      Nada9281 2 months ago

      peta can fuck off into the sun

  • Warrior Fella
    Warrior Fella 2 months ago +1

    Christians must be so happy , to see these people die ,,,,
    Shows their religion and their fake ass God

    • Blank Dice
      Blank Dice Month ago

      um, pretty sure your comment was vague enough for 35 05 to misunderstand your point as well along with myself. But I read your reply to Shab Aliyar and got it.

    • 35 05
      35 05 Month ago

      You don't deserve to be alive ... hopefully Karma will arrange that ...

    • Warrior Fella
      Warrior Fella 2 months ago

      Shab Aliyar , I'm Muslim , it's a comment against Christians ,😂😂😂
      You stupid girl , do you understand sarcasm ,,,??
      Delete your comment please

    • Shab Aliyar
      Shab Aliyar 2 months ago +1

      Warrior Fella Ugh, another pig that is brainwashed by western media. How much more ignorant can a person get. You will get a horrible punishment on the day of judgement so don’t come back to me weeping. But Allah is the one true god and allah is very forgiving. Have YOU even read the Quran, my guess NO. Get your facts straight and come back when you have an education. Disgusting islamaphobic rat. I don’t CARE what you reply with because I am a girl on the right path with god alongside me and your opinion will NEVER affect a girl that is with god.

  • Серж Шуляченко

    I call on the Federal Republic of Germany to stop supplying weapons to hot spots Kurds and Afghans, this language hatred. I call on the Federal Republic of Germany to stop sending refugees this is the language of hatred

  • Ditta Sistemix
    Ditta Sistemix 2 months ago

  • K Kazeminjd
    K Kazeminjd 2 months ago +2

    This place is real hell these days war earthquake ... people need help need love

  • saracha
    saracha 2 months ago +15

    These comments are disgusting I can't even be angry all I am is sad. I know so many people that either died, were injured or lost their homes where this happened and I didn't even know them that well but what I did know was that they were the best kindest people I've ever met. Most lived in poverty and didn't even have the time to even think of hating another human being. I knew a man that helped the poor even though he didn't have much himself. He died in that earthquake and I can't help but think the world has lost the most beautiful human being ever. I have no words

    • Rosco Mendoza
      Rosco Mendoza 2 months ago +1

      saracha I feel what you said and I will pray and speak to the Most High about how gratefull we are to have experienced such a beautiful being.

  • Rita Shaw
    Rita Shaw 2 months ago +8

    I'm praying for every soul lost and effected by this tragic earthquake. We are all of the human race and need to spread live not hate that the evil leaders use to divide and control us

    INDIAN WARRIORS 2 months ago

    May be Jews are doing these Earth quakes lol

    INDIAN WARRIORS 2 months ago

    Qur'an 29:37 - Earthquakes are for non-Muslims only

    • NoName
      NoName 2 months ago

      Stop lying... This is whats in that verse
      But they denied him, so the earthquake seized them, and they became within their home [corpses] fallen prone.

      INDIAN WARRIORS 2 months ago

      nargesbahmanpour Qur'an had clearly quoted this verse and this is from God lol ..and it's final and if u don't believe in Qur'an then u will go to hell According to Qur'an

    • nargesbahmanpour
      nargesbahmanpour 2 months ago

      This is an error. There is no such a thing in Quran. As a person who has read all the Quran I ensure you that god NEVER said earthquake is only for non muslims.

    • NoName
      NoName 2 months ago


    • Isaias Acosta
      Isaias Acosta 2 months ago

      KSHATRIYA DHARMIS muslims got killed

  • Solomon Pilot
    Solomon Pilot 2 months ago


  • Eduard Tistea
    Eduard Tistea 2 months ago +34


  • Rocky Shorz
    Rocky Shorz 2 months ago

    Turkey is bombing Kurdistan in areas that were just destroyed by the Earthquakes.
    Your voice is needed to expose this Monster Dictator's crimes against humanity.
    Iran's bomb assembly center is 20km from the quake. Did their facility blow up or was this an underground nuke test.

  • Antlerson Productions
    Antlerson Productions 2 months ago +4

    For those interested, this earthquake WAS forecasted by Dutchsinse, who has a channel dedicated to forecasting earthquakes here on TVclip. He expected a 6.0 or greater earthquake in Iran, and he made this forecast on the 5th of November. Each of his forecasts are good for about a week and this one struck at the end of said week. I don't know if they did or not, but if Iran knew about this, there could have been aware and be on alert for it,possibly even survive the quake (Although the structural integrity of buildings weren't so good and landslides were very unexpected). If you live in an earthquake prone area, I highly encourage you to watch Dutchsinse's videos and livestream, it could save your life potentially one day.
    (Edit: I am also of course very sad that 400 people died because of this earthquake. Please be safe and have an earthquake plan!)

    • 35 05
      35 05 Month ago

      As an Iranian, yes we all know we're prone to quakes. It's pretty much the only type of natural disaster Iran gets. But the problem is that supposedly accurate 'predictions' come from all around, inside and outside the country and after hearing about two of them each day it kind of becomes difficult to believe any of them. Even the extreme quakes in Japan aren't really predictable let alone those 'smaller' ones of Iran. We also get quake drills as students in grade school but when the quake is this big and it often happens in the middle of the night, apparently none of those really help. Also, the areas with the most casualties were those poorly constructed (villages, towns, older parts of the rural areas). And lastly, thank you for your sympathy! :) PEOPLE here are doing their best helping to save and rebuild lives here.

  • Barbara J Thygerson
    Barbara J Thygerson 2 months ago +3

    God bless

  • AsoldiersgreatestStrength IsHonorFamChrist

    That part of the world really does seem cursed its a place of violence of suffering and I feel bad for the people that live thru it there daily not sure what God has in store for it but I am glad Ill never go back there

    • Over There
      Over There 2 months ago

      LJ Jones ... I rather live there than Watts (Los Angeles California)

  • Sh Hasan
    Sh Hasan 2 months ago

    SubhannAllah thats scary.

  • wall-e west
    wall-e west 2 months ago

    How come I'm hearing nothing about this until nearly 1AM?

  • Anna Emeretli
    Anna Emeretli 2 months ago

    Даже в Казахстане ощущались толчки 2 балла 12 ноября в 23:13ч и утром 13 ноября

  • crazeddazed axk
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  • JonWashburn
    JonWashburn 2 months ago

    Poor people :(

  • Νοsawa.
    Νοsawa. 2 months ago

    Poor people..

  • Al Holmes
    Al Holmes 2 months ago

    Can they fix it with their nukes?

    LatinASSAZZIN 2 months ago

    And I'm not surprised for the corrupt comments on the bottom see what politics do to brain less idiots

  • Aybüke Demirel
    Aybüke Demirel 2 months ago +15

    Pray for Iraq and Iran 🙏🇮🇶🇮🇷

    • Jack W
      Jack W 2 months ago

      Aybüke Demirel I piss on your prayers.

    • ありがとう
      ありがとう 2 months ago

      Aybüke Demirel thx ❤

  • Sam Sung
    Sam Sung 2 months ago +8

    Much love to my Iraqi and Iranian brothers and sisters effected by this.

  • gingafever
    gingafever 2 months ago +25

    This comment section clearly demonstrates who the real savages are. There is no amount of logic or poetry or dialogue that will cure wilful ignorance.

  • Noodlepony
    Noodlepony 2 months ago

    God is telling these guys to chill the fuck out

  • Trojan Hell
    Trojan Hell 2 months ago +18

    Great news finally

    • Nathan Fields
      Nathan Fields Month ago

      @35 05: As if you're the judge to decide? Or is any person holy enough to decide who lives and who should't.

    • 35 05
      35 05 Month ago

      And LOL, Trojan Hell indeed! When you were suffering remember what you said here! ;D

    • 35 05
      35 05 Month ago

      You don't deserve to be alive ... hopefully Karma will arrange that ...

    • Nathan Fields
      Nathan Fields 2 months ago

      272mar: Your lame post is full of ignorance "Decry one abrahamic religion and you decry all of them. 1/2 of the Quran consists of the Old Testament. ".

      The damned quran "mein kampf" of evil Arab pagan and semi-illiterate Muhammad is nothing of the same as the Torah or any of the Old Covenant Scriptures! ZERO! Genesis 49:10 is that proof!
      And about the only thing that damned quran of evil Muhammad has in agreement with the New Covenant is the conception of Jesus The Messiah!
      That's why I never bothered to further reply to your asinine post!
      Never once did evil Muhammad make the claim the "TEXT" of Torah was corrupted or changed. Actually he claimed it to be the "authority" of the God of Abraham! Thus his semi-illiterate ignorant self, not knowing prophesy, supported the prophesies beginning in Genesis 49:1-28.
      Note: verse 10. All of the Lord's Law givers, Law teachers and prophets will be forever (verse 1) of only the bloodline of Judah (forever). It doesn't imply of the Jews religion. Just that all The Lord's prophets will be somehow having of and being of the bloodline of Judah.
      So nothing of the damned quran is worthy of consideration. EVER! Now go piss-off and crawl under another rock.