We Tried Stick-On Foot Pads To See If They Could Replace Shoes

  • Published on Oct 3, 2018
  • We put stick-on foot pads to the test. We were "barefoot" on the grass, in the streets, on the beach and more to see if they really work. They are waterproof and they protect your feet from the elements. Could these stickers replace your shoes?
    See more on these hidden shoes here: bluecrate.com/products/hidden-shoes
    #FootPads #StickOnShoes
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  • I'm A Lover Not A Loser
    I'm A Lover Not A Loser 43 minutes ago

    Ok Am I the only one who's confused?

  • 💜SugaKookiesAndTae💜
    💜SugaKookiesAndTae💜 49 minutes ago

    Why though? What is someone accidentally steps on your feet or if you stub ur toes? 😐 How will you play soccer with those??

  • Skylar Samples
    Skylar Samples Hour ago

    It's all fun and games till someone crushes your toe with their foot

  • Carmencita Davis
    Carmencita Davis Hour ago

    Whoever thought of this stupid idea👎👎👎👎👎👎😣😣😣😣😣

  • rajbir sethi
    rajbir sethi Hour ago

    What are those????

  • J W
    J W Hour ago

    such a wasteful product... one time use products should be banned... and whatever the adhesive is that adheres them to your foot is being absorbed into your skin and is most likely toxic

  • noayRL43
    noayRL43 2 hours ago

    i'd like to see her tied down on table and tickled tortured by dogs licking her feet soles

  • Michael Spence
    Michael Spence 2 hours ago

    They dont size 15

  • Josh
    Josh 3 hours ago +1

    Sexy feet 😍

  • Zaakiya Cuellar
    Zaakiya Cuellar 3 hours ago

    This is dumb, most of your foot is still exposed to disgusting things that are on the ground. I would never.
    Might as well go barefoot.
    Or just put on sandals instead of wasting time putting this on.

  • Lea S.
    Lea S. 4 hours ago

    So how many dudes with foot fetishes are watching this....

  • champparkbelt
    champparkbelt 5 hours ago

    Lets go work in the service bay at a dealer in these see what happens within the first hour of working with machines and cars, etc

  • Mackenzie Fiona
    Mackenzie Fiona 6 hours ago

    I just go barefoot

  • N84N
    N84N 6 hours ago

    2:58 is it Lan Evo?

  • ItsCrowbar
    ItsCrowbar 7 hours ago

    the worst part is i know people are gonna masterbate on this video

  • Alv_R 19
    Alv_R 19 9 hours ago +1

    Not for daily life. The waste is just too much for daily life.

  • allthe wayup
    allthe wayup 10 hours ago

    Eat .........please

  • Kierstan Faulks
    Kierstan Faulks 10 hours ago

    "You can use these everywhere"
    *uses these indoors*
    Professor oak "this isn't the time to use these"

  • Kierstan Faulks
    Kierstan Faulks 10 hours ago

    People with foot fetishes dream

  • Dunked Sauce
    Dunked Sauce 11 hours ago

    *Not for me*
    I prefer *Gucci*

  • Chase Long
    Chase Long 16 hours ago

    Try skateboarding!

  • nykjunwolf
    nykjunwolf 16 hours ago

    more garbage

  • Among The Pacific
    Among The Pacific 17 hours ago +1

    No, I will not be replacing my shoes for something worst that can damage my feet, and get infections by stepping on things. Their example on the legos part of this video is bull shit because most likely when you hurt your feet you're not paying attention to things. She was paying attention to the legos. I will be wearing shoes.

  • Peter Haring
    Peter Haring 17 hours ago +1

    How to get athletes foot in minutes 😂

  • the amazing firepig707
    the amazing firepig707 18 hours ago


  • Cunning Sea
    Cunning Sea 18 hours ago +1

    or get a pair of work boots to last you atleast 4 years

  • Danny De Leon Perez
    Danny De Leon Perez 19 hours ago

    Why are you so skinny? you have beatiful feet thou!

  • J C
    J C 21 hour ago

    Throwaway culture at its finest

  • Shadow Sport
    Shadow Sport 21 hour ago

    What happened if it was a screw?

  • Donzelle Clemons
    Donzelle Clemons 21 hour ago

    Are your feet ticklish? And would it tickle in those pads?

  • rashell r
    rashell r 22 hours ago

    Just no

  • Habib Akram
    Habib Akram 23 hours ago

    But if it's raining

  • Trainer HAPPY
    Trainer HAPPY 23 hours ago

    Push pin on the ground

  • Chennar De Peña
    Chennar De Peña 23 hours ago

    Well I have flat feet so....

  • Julie Boulet
    Julie Boulet 23 hours ago

    I mean, in general, they are a big nope but there’s one reason I’d love to get a pair. When I have to wear painful heels for an event and carry a micro-bag around, I have to suffer until I’m home. If I had those things they’d fit in any purse and I could just take off my shoes and walk home with those things stuck to my feet, because there’s no way in hell I’d actually walk barefoot on the gross ground.

  • Atrisa Animations

    Great all we need is more undergradible items we have 6 garbage patches people we need to make a change and i aint no scientist im only 10 if ya really want to sell these then make them reusable

  • Gamers best friend

    Toe shoes are in gta 5 they are not original XD

  • Nathanfx2006
    Nathanfx2006 Day ago


  • Amelie Beharry
    Amelie Beharry Day ago

    Why..? Just WHY?

  • Ayesha Mohammad
    Ayesha Mohammad Day ago

    I loved it

  • LMmccallL57
    LMmccallL57 Day ago

    How are your feet "bare" when something is covering the bottom? :/
    It doesn't seem like a good idea for them to be so slippery if someone wanted to wear them on the type of floor in the video.
    I accidentally bumped my foot against the leg of my bed two nights ago, but luckily I had on shoes. Would these have protected my foot in the same way? Nope. What about when I stepped on a thumb tack and didn't know how long it had been stuck in the bottom of my sneaker? Would these have protected my foot so well? Nope.
    I could see wearing these across the hot sand at the beach, but that's about it.

  • Khadija Shifa Quraishi

    You look like jojo siwa

  • Mohammad M.E.
    Mohammad M.E. Day ago +1

    Better buy yourself a nice pair of flip flops.

  • Shockin Ampeel
    Shockin Ampeel Day ago +1

    But i like socks !

  • shana Burch
    shana Burch Day ago

    Can u recycle ♻️ them? If not that’s adding to the waste problem

  • Sunny Random
    Sunny Random Day ago

    I am waiting for someone to be like "WHAT ARE THOOOOSEEEE?!"

  • Dawg Crust
    Dawg Crust Day ago

    I was on my friend the internet. Ya should have phrased that different

  • Lori Sally
    Lori Sally Day ago

    2:55 cameraman was distracted

  • Dawg Crust
    Dawg Crust Day ago

    Does it work in snow?

  • Saathvika Hegde
    Saathvika Hegde Day ago

    This is so pointless. Foot meeds coverage completely. Dust can cover ypir top layer too. Not very efficient in that aspect

  • TEZ Videos 33
    TEZ Videos 33 Day ago


  • Rosey Artist
    Rosey Artist Day ago

    ...She sounds like the older version of JoJo Siwa....

  • Violet Lynn Scraton

    I remember seeing the commercial for these a long time ago. Always thought they would be a waste of money but apparently they actually work.
    And she has sexy feet too that’s always a plus 😊

  • ಥ_ಥ Jay Quellin ಥ_ಥ


  • jim tomis
    jim tomis Day ago

    Thanks insider best wank I have had in a long time

  • ComplexSanta Minecraft

    But how about the size

  • Blade
    Blade Day ago

    hmmmnn I wonder how many foot fetishests instaclicked this

  • FellowRser
    FellowRser Day ago

    Her neck is sooo skinny and her head so big lmfao

  • FellowRser
    FellowRser Day ago

    Alex looks like the female lizard from rango


    No one wants to see your toes🤮🤮🤮🤮

    • Blade
      Blade Day ago

      don't watch the vid then?

  • Falo
    Falo Day ago

    The Lego's weigh more than her.

  • Clout bank
    Clout bank Day ago

    Until you stub ur fukin toe on a rock and die inside walkin around with you musty bloody ass toe.

  • Assata Hill
    Assata Hill Day ago

    noooo oops not legos

  • Captain Qwaz Caz
    Captain Qwaz Caz Day ago +1

    Next: Sticker to put on your nipple as a replacement for shirts.

  • Tatiana Atkinson

    but you can only use them once!

  • elizabeth  merillat

    people who where these actually really scare me not gonna lie

  • imad usa
    imad usa Day ago +1

    Can i go public toilet wearing them !!

  • Jaden smith
    Jaden smith Day ago

    Ewwww she has some LONG ASSS TINGERS

  • SteveVi0lence
    SteveVi0lence Day ago

    How about stepping on used needles

  • Bastarden
    Bastarden Day ago

    Oh please no... I have a phobia of feet, and this would make feet be open EVERYWHERE!!!
    And the world doesn't need more products that suck resources and become waste, we need more long-lasting products and less consumption.

  • Amy Carter
    Amy Carter Day ago

    but what if its winter half the year lol

  • calencor
    calencor Day ago


  • SevenFour
    SevenFour Day ago +1

    *foot fetish*

  • シンジ
    シンジ Day ago +1

    Can I climb mount Everest with those shoes?

  • magicfreakinghairjackson


    Sorry I’m a fan. I’ll go home

  • Volaire
    Volaire 2 days ago

    1. Well people are gonna think you’re weird.
    2. Good luck when something falls ON your foot
    3. I’m sure they’re gonna wear and tear from walking so much. They’re extremely thin. I mean you called straight up called them “stickers”.
    4. I would hate to have the adhesive left over on the bottom of my foot after taking them off.
    5. One time use

  • HRTsAFyre
    HRTsAFyre 2 days ago

    Do you have these for dogs paw pass to prevent slipping?

  • Red Leopard vlogs
    Red Leopard vlogs 2 days ago +2

    *When other people comment what you were gonna comment*

  • sadie winters
    sadie winters 2 days ago

    She's so unhealthily skinny... I hope she's ok

    DEAD CARP 2 days ago

    Your Nasty

  • Base Tibi
    Base Tibi 2 days ago

    aaaand make more waste, thanks...

  • Funkofan 12
    Funkofan 12 2 days ago

    02:15 has god finally gifted us anti Lego shoes that aren’t really shoes!

  • john john
    john john 2 days ago

    As a foot fetichist i'm totally up for it

  • Mae Woodward
    Mae Woodward 2 days ago

    But what if it rains? Case closed.

  • jennti
    jennti 2 days ago

    That's a BIG hella NO!!

  • That Asian guy
    That Asian guy 2 days ago

    Uh you want to replace shoes with these stuff? Hell no, you can just get 1 pair of shoes and use it for years but these? No, it wouldn't last very long.

  • Saphire Ninja
    Saphire Ninja 2 days ago

    arent shoes supposed to be lego protection?

  • bente volk
    bente volk 2 days ago

    she got some wide ass feet, jeezz

  • FreakinFred08
    FreakinFred08 2 days ago

    I've never heard the term 'stuck toes'. What IS that? Is that another way to say 'hammer toe'?

  • Mr. Mcslapmyass
    Mr. Mcslapmyass 2 days ago

    Jojo siwa when she's older

  • smileforhiba
    smileforhiba 2 days ago

    These wont work on my sweaty feet :(

  • Pokeblox
    Pokeblox 2 days ago

    Hi Alex it's alivia Caitlin sister i love your channel that was a good idea can I have a par to I'm always barefoot📫🙆😊😀😁😃😃😁😃👠

  • Justin Main
    Justin Main 2 days ago

    Shit product, hot woman.

  • ArLo W
    ArLo W 2 days ago

    To bad it's just another disposable thing and not washable and or reusable.

  • Stephani Berry
    Stephani Berry 2 days ago

    Wow I mean if they were reusable it would be cool but now they are just another thing to be added to landfills...

  • Nuna TheWolfAj
    Nuna TheWolfAj 2 days ago

    *S p r a y o n s h o e s*

  • Mr.124
    Mr.124 2 days ago

    why tho ?

  • Open the Gates
    Open the Gates 2 days ago

    That was one long commercial, next time don't make it so obvious

  • Alesia L
    Alesia L 2 days ago +1

    No hate but doesn’t she sound like Jojo Siwa😂

  • BoxNub
    BoxNub 2 days ago

    Imagine walking in shit with those