Over Complicated Life Hacks: Hot Glue Edition

  • Published on Jul 8, 2018
  • This is Over Complicated Life Hacks, Hot Glue Edition- where we’ll provide you with unconventional solutions to common problems using HOT GLUE! From a DIY fly swatter to making your own sandals, our complicated hot glue methods are sure to satisfy.
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Comments • 9 466

  • Household Hacker
    Household Hacker  8 months ago +1121

    Over Complicated Life Hacks | The Series: goo.gl/itjVXh
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    • Macaron
      Macaron 4 months ago

      Got a broken sandal? MAKE A NEW ONE OUT OF HOT GLUE!
      Person: Why don’t you just glue the strap back to the shoe..?

    • SKL potemkin
      SKL potemkin 4 months ago

      +N00BMANO_o _ this sarcsm . wow ¡ fucking kids of today dont understand humor!!

    • listen boi my first love story
      listen boi my first love story 5 months ago

      do people not get that the title says "Over Complicated Life Hacks"

    • ana Rsgux
      ana Rsgux 6 months ago

      Love you♥♥♥♡♡♡♥♥♥

    • A human
      A human 6 months ago

      If it's over complicated doesn't that defeat the purpose of life hacks

  • Jamar Green
    Jamar Green 3 days ago +1

    That cereal looks nasty

  • Smile Dawg
    Smile Dawg 8 days ago +13

    The real question is..

    Why are you wearing socks with sandals

  • Arel Felser
    Arel Felser 9 days ago +9

    After each hack i kept thinking, “why would anyone ever do that?”...and then i remembered the title of the video

  • that one guy
    that one guy 9 days ago +7

    *0:43** sketchers whants to know you're location*

  • Dork Blade
    Dork Blade 11 days ago +13

    This guy would earn himself a job on 5 minute crafts

  • Chris Thomson
    Chris Thomson 12 days ago +2

    this is just stupid. guy has way too much time on his hands

    • SushiCat Nya!
      SushiCat Nya! 7 days ago +5

      Look 👏 at 👏 the 👏 title 👏 this is supposed to be something that is funny cause it works but is, as the title states, overcomplicated. 👏 YAY 👏

  • Kay Jay
    Kay Jay 14 days ago

    Was that fly already dead? lol funny video

  • H4RR150N
    H4RR150N 15 days ago +2

    Why tf you using chocolate

    • H4RR150N
      H4RR150N 7 days ago

      +emily Kemps yeah not for freaking technology

    • emily Kemps
      emily Kemps 7 days ago

      Because he can and chocolate is good

  • Get Raccd
    Get Raccd 15 days ago +2

    Most of the “life hacks” could be done with a 3D pen just as easy and would look better

  • Lt. Husky
    Lt. Husky 16 days ago +4

    You covered the microphone

  • Fifteenths
    Fifteenths 17 days ago +7

    T is missing
    Makes mold out of Y
    Y is missing and T is there in the end

  • Lunarmoon 737
    Lunarmoon 737 19 days ago +3

    Omg you could have just hot glued that sandal
    I am cringing behind this screen

    • mroomfoam
      mroomfoam 16 days ago +4

      Lunarmoon 737 it’s literally called over complicated life hacks

    • Jeff Dinvell
      Jeff Dinvell 19 days ago

      Yes, they could have. But why not recreate the Prada sandal

  • Ak
    Ak 20 days ago +1

    Keyboard name please?

  • Zachary Burton
    Zachary Burton 22 days ago +5

    that key mold idea isnt even that bad.

  • The gamer On steam
    The gamer On steam 22 days ago +9

    You know this is just regular life hacks right?
    Check list:
    -hot glue
    -has to be hard, confusing, or over complicated
    This video has both of these items

  • rexius775
    rexius775 23 days ago +2

    Where u get dat coo keyboard bruh

  • fge00
    fge00 24 days ago +1

    You guys are sick. Funny, but sick:)

  • GalaxyCatLovesAll :3
    GalaxyCatLovesAll :3 24 days ago +4

    Just hot glue the freaking sandal back together is it that hard!? You don't need to make a crappy hot glue sandal that will probably break in 5 seconds.

    • LLeah28
      LLeah28 12 hours ago

      GalaxyCatLovesAll :3 I know

    • GalaxyCatLovesAll :3
      GalaxyCatLovesAll :3 21 day ago

      LLeah28 thanks i like being idiotic.Its part of who i am.

    • LLeah28
      LLeah28 21 day ago +2

      GalaxyCatLovesAll :3 you are so freaking idiotic it’s funny

    • bored
      bored 23 days ago +8

      It's almost like most of these are jokes hmmm

    • Special Dude
      Special Dude 24 days ago +8

      Well It is a video of over complicated life hacks

  • Bloc Mations
    Bloc Mations 25 days ago +6

    why make a whole new sandle when you can just hot glue the old one...

    • Bloc Mations
      Bloc Mations 6 days ago +1

      +eileen hofmann my ocd requires symmetry

    • eileen hofmann
      eileen hofmann 6 days ago

      Ugh ikr??? Like at least make a second hot glue sandle to match them, what a freak -.-'

    • Bloc Mations
      Bloc Mations 15 days ago

      +brosk1s meh, good point.

    • brosk1s
      brosk1s 15 days ago +1

      Bloc Mations O V E R C O M P L I C A T E D

  • Watkins Carrie
    Watkins Carrie 25 days ago +3

    I can't tell if you were specifically making fun of 5 minute crafts or if they straight up stole ideas from a parody....

  • Salty person replying to comments

    This video gave me anxiety

  • Sophia Hildreth
    Sophia Hildreth 28 days ago +3

    7:26 bold of you to assume that I can’t just use my hot glue dish washer.

  • Shinigami
    Shinigami 29 days ago +5

    lol The Fly swatter would actually work pretty well if you made it right.

  • [ JP0W3Rx310 ]
    [ JP0W3Rx310 ] Month ago +8

    Bout to say why did he not just glue the strap. Realized what video I was on. ……

  • Chrillebob Master
    Chrillebob Master Month ago +7

    For the first one could’nt you just glue the strap on

  • Pikachu fan
    Pikachu fan Month ago +6

    Noice QWERY keyboard

  • Мудак
    Мудак Month ago +6

    Why the hell does everyone use that hot glue? Super glue exists.

  • Jarrad Kertész
    Jarrad Kertész Month ago +4

    I'm not impressed.

    Why u no hav BIRKENSTOCKS!?

  • Jarrad Kertész
    Jarrad Kertész Month ago +3

    Does your rifle have no barrel? Forge one, with hot glue!

  • Мудак
    Мудак Month ago +4

    Hot glue
    Hot glue
    Hot glue
    Hot glue
    Hot glue
    Hot glue

  • CommieHamiHa
    CommieHamiHa Month ago +5

    6:12 - I see you play the trumpet.

  • Belle
    Belle Month ago +4

    he could’ve just fixed the shoe with hot glue 😂

  • Zahar Azlan
    Zahar Azlan Month ago +4

    I felt pity for the bug he squashed but then I remember on one episode he had a butt load of fake bugs in his drawer. lmao

  • unicorn peacesign
    unicorn peacesign Month ago +1

    You’re wrong everybody’s going to No those wort $500

  • BeefPapa
    BeefPapa Month ago +2

    5:24 that commentary = 🔥

  • Random Stuff In Oregon

    This is just Mr. Gear with a voice over.

    • Мудак
      Мудак Month ago +1

      Most under rated comment ever XD

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous Month ago +10

    How many shrooms do you eat before making each video?

  • FreddyGamer 508
    FreddyGamer 508 Month ago +6

    the cereal part almost killed me

  • watch for my ocean eyes because I have a bellyache

    1:44 🤣🤣 I actually do have plantar fasciitis

  • Water9826 Bottle
    Water9826 Bottle Month ago +12

    The sarcasm is strong in this one

  • David Lai
    David Lai Month ago +15

    basically 5 minute crafts

  • MyuTwo
    MyuTwo Month ago +13

    Wait, I thought the letter T was lost 🤔

  • ForDaLols
    ForDaLols Month ago +3

    Uh oh i accidentally made some napalm by spilling gasoline on the glue

  • Vanessa Kehlani
    Vanessa Kehlani Month ago +5

    7:49 Story of my life 😂

  • Dutch Van der linde

    When the chocolate melts into your keyboard you Yell ваш гей

  • arianna
    arianna Month ago +1

    not able to let your animal in because your door is closed

  • dank memes
    dank memes Month ago +3

    6:44 is that the spoon from night before Christmas

  • Henry Gageyan
    Henry Gageyan Month ago +2

    i have the same spoon in the cereal one

  • SlizaBoi
    SlizaBoi Month ago +6

    HHH: *leaves to make spoon*
    Me: “what is he doing back there?”
    HHH: *makes hammer noises*
    Me: “I’m not waiting this long for cereal. I’m leaving”

  • KeyStroke
    KeyStroke Month ago +5

    At least you didn't do that to an ALPS keyboard... ;)

  • GalacticUniverse
    GalacticUniverse Month ago +8

    5 minute crafts where you at

  • The Brick /thestopmotionguy


    • Мудак
      Мудак Month ago

      Milk makes it better

    • Мудак
      Мудак Month ago

      THE BREAD!

    • TheGreat Caterpillar
      TheGreat Caterpillar Month ago +1

      The Brick /thestopmotionguy really? The "too many emojis to get attention/ someone will notice me with these emojis?" Bruh. The things people do for likes

  • xXMinecraft28Xx
    xXMinecraft28Xx Month ago +14

    Make lots of money!
    Step 1: Buy a hot glue gun and some glue
    Step 2: make a hot glue gun out of hot glue.
    Step 3: Return hot glue gun!!
    *or you can do this with a 3 d printer

  • super me
    super me Month ago +10

    Why just dont hot glue your flipflops

  • Dekoider
    Dekoider Month ago +5

    the flyswatter hack wasn't even that bad xD

  • I have a dig bick You that read wrong

    Everyone needed this

  • Star Shine
    Star Shine Month ago +7

    This is painful to watch

  • Brandon Wan
    Brandon Wan Month ago +9

    3:56 wait... I thought the T key was missing, not the Y key
    Edit: corrected the time stamp

  • Lavender Studio
    Lavender Studio Month ago +7

    You got hot glue but no extra spoon Lmao “I’m so lonely”

  • Pastmast3r 2076
    Pastmast3r 2076 Month ago +13

    This is satire right?

  • Mirkapleir
    Mirkapleir Month ago +7

    You mean every life hack?

  • sans undertale
    sans undertale Month ago +10


  • xGiberish
    xGiberish Month ago +36

    The amount of people who believe this is real worries me...

  • Juuso Lindström
    Juuso Lindström Month ago +4

    Not working fake

  • Katie Ngo
    Katie Ngo Month ago +15

    This seems like a low-key HowToBasic kind of video with its sarcasm behind it

  • Toasted Ham
    Toasted Ham Month ago +24

    Im amazed how a lot of people cant get it this is a joke just by the title.

  • Eclipsee
    Eclipsee Month ago +3

    Some proof these are just trash ;) your welcome
    #1 why not just got glue the shoe back together? It will last as long, if not longer and the whole hot glue shoe, it will cost less glue, and you can still wear it out.
    #2 how do you loose a whole key from your keyboard? It’s not like it’s just going to pop off it’s kinda hard to take it off. Also why chocolate? Like what’s the point it’s just going to fall off because it’s not plastic and will melt.
    #3 I can legit go to the dollar store right now and get a phone case. It costs 1$ and is still less than using all of this glue to make an ugly case.
    #4 since when do you only have one spoon and you have to be some kind of sick fuck to eat cereal with a slotted spoon. If you don’t have enough clean spoons then just clean one. Not that hard, it’s faster than brushing your teeth. You will have to wash the spoon anyways after putting hot glue chemicals all over it.
    #5 those holes are pretty big... it would probably just fly through it.

    • Rachana Baditha
      Rachana Baditha Month ago +2

      You must be REAL fun at parties!

    • A Gray
      A Gray Month ago +1

      Eclipsee r/woosh

    • GirlGamer21
      GirlGamer21 Month ago

      Lol dumb

    • Zander
      Zander Month ago

      You are a genius man! A genius! Seeing ppl like you correct these idiots is what gives me hope humanity may not be coming to an end, thank you for your service!

    • nepozit
      nepozit Month ago

      No shit

  • Neri 4x4
    Neri 4x4 Month ago +7

    So... The iphone got turned into a Nokia... Nice

  • I’m so darn glad that my name isn’t too looong

    Is this just a shitpost channel now

  • Elaine Lovins
    Elaine Lovins Month ago +18

    “Break me off a piece of that key kap bar” That’s when I knew this video deserved a thumbs up😂😂

  • Hermila Heart
    Hermila Heart Month ago +2


  • Charles M
    Charles M Month ago +7

    Is this the screenrant guy haha

  • Kamryn
    Kamryn Month ago +10

    “it will protect your phone from drops, impacts, and mumble rap tracks” LMAO

  • Seok- Jin
    Seok- Jin Month ago +11

    Common core math be like-

  • клубничка вик

    Проще было склеить порванный тапок клеем...

  • scar89
    scar89 Month ago +11

    3:56 Look! The "T" magically reappeared, but now the "Y" is gone.

  • NoProblemCuber SRB
    NoProblemCuber SRB Month ago +4

    #1 or, let me think....... *XOU GLUE THE PART THAT SNAPPED*

  • Simple Daphne
    Simple Daphne Month ago +3

    Instagram machine😂😂😂

  • Devil Suchomimus
    Devil Suchomimus Month ago +6

    What I watch at 2 am

  • Isaiah Candelaria
    Isaiah Candelaria Month ago +14

    The amount of money spent on the glue sticks you probably could have just bought a phone case and new slippers lol

  • Chelsea Johnson
    Chelsea Johnson Month ago +18

    But but he coulda just glued the strap down

  • Gavin T
    Gavin T Month ago +5

    LIFE HAXX!!!!!

  • Akbar Mahmood
    Akbar Mahmood Month ago +5

    o holy frick i don't have another spoon TIME TO USE GLUE GUN

  • ცɛrry ცʊnny
    ცɛrry ცʊnny Month ago +20

    *Troom Troom is quacking*

  • Francisca Sued
    Francisca Sued Month ago +3

    I’m so lonely
    😹 im dead

  • Meraki Otaku
    Meraki Otaku Month ago +41

    The sarcasm in this video is beautiful

  • Shelby Yoon
    Shelby Yoon Month ago +8

    it’s sad cuz no one watching this is actually gonna do any of these “hacks”😭

  • uNsUb tOMAxiMilIumuS!
    uNsUb tOMAxiMilIumuS! Month ago +7

    *Goes to shop to buy a 15 pound glue gun.*

  • Laffayette America’s favorite fighting Frenchman

    *Troom Troom has left the chat*

  • Evgenii Nalpin
    Evgenii Nalpin Month ago +10

    this video makes me depressed

  • xlemqns
    xlemqns Month ago +41

    Troom Troom is quaking
    Edit: Omg. Why does this comment have 34 likes?

  • Kawaii Gotcha Kitty
    Kawaii Gotcha Kitty Month ago +16

    I was just mad and somehow this made me smile, thank you????????

  • Jackie is Waifu
    Jackie is Waifu Month ago +35

    You wore
    (le edit of century ; thanks for the likes,never got 33 likes before owo)

  • Freddy C
    Freddy C Month ago +23

    2:21 I thought those were eggs! 😂

  • Designer Eyebags
    Designer Eyebags Month ago +20

    I saw this months ago, yet people are still getting whooosh-ed 😂 Please read the title!!

  • Devi Ong
    Devi Ong Month ago +7

    Is it just me, or does it looks like an NCT lightstick? (The thumbnail)

  • Nyaoxyclean
    Nyaoxyclean Month ago +13

    I love how a Velcro Sandler
    Broke at the seam

    • BluTheLynx :DD
      BluTheLynx :DD Month ago

      MAKES PERFECT SENSE (also I think this channel is supposed to be ironic)

  • ExcessGryphon
    ExcessGryphon Month ago +12


    *I'm so lonely! :D*

    • Dahyun uwu
      Dahyun uwu Month ago


    • ExcessGryphon
      ExcessGryphon Month ago

      Mon Dome that was a part from the video but thank you!

    • Mon Dome
      Mon Dome Month ago

      ExcessGryphon hope u get some company soon

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