Over Complicated Life Hacks: Hot Glue Edition


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  • Household Hacker
    Household Hacker  5 months ago +1022

    Over Complicated Life Hacks | The Series: goo.gl/itjVXh
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    • Mekeo Gaming
      Mekeo Gaming 26 days ago

      Got a broken sandal? MAKE A NEW ONE OUT OF HOT GLUE!
      Person: Why don’t you just glue the strap back to the shoe..?

    • SKL potemkin
      SKL potemkin Month ago

      +N00BMANO_o _ this sarcsm . wow ¡ fucking kids of today dont understand humor!!

    • listen boi my first love story
      listen boi my first love story 2 months ago

      do people not get that the title says "Over Complicated Life Hacks"

    • ana Rsgux
      ana Rsgux 2 months ago

      Love you♥♥♥♡♡♡♥♥♥

    • A human
      A human 3 months ago

      If it's over complicated doesn't that defeat the purpose of life hacks

  • Uncletaco supreme

    Lolol! You guys are so freaking funny.

  • David Goans
    David Goans Day ago

    I'll just go buy another sandal thank you

  • crystal ruby
    crystal ruby Day ago

    You guys are soooo funny,,,,, love watching your vidieos..... 😊

  • Recorder Playing Weeb

    I'm at a genuine loss as to if this is a meme channel or a serious one

  • Darrell Mullins
    Darrell Mullins Day ago

    i feel bad for you now.

  • Adonis Porras
    Adonis Porras 2 days ago +1

    I don't know if he is serious or just sarcastic :v

  • Jonah Nugent
    Jonah Nugent 3 days ago +3

    5 minute hacks all over again

  • Human on the Internet
    Human on the Internet 3 days ago +4

    Stop outclassing my spoons!

  • Leah Hadley
    Leah Hadley 3 days ago +4

    Oh my god the phone case 😂

  • [insert story here]
    [insert story here] 3 days ago +1

    How do I charge the phone now

  • Sean Jennings
    Sean Jennings 3 days ago

    Omg I'm a new subscriber after watching this. This channel super creative I love that

  • Darthgamer9 MLG
    Darthgamer9 MLG 4 days ago


  • Intermezzo
    Intermezzo 4 days ago

    You guys could make a fortune on Etsy!

  • Intermezzo
    Intermezzo 4 days ago

    So you hand 3d printed a sandal.

  • Demon Dog
    Demon Dog 4 days ago +6

    I could of bought the other sandal with the cost of all that hot glue

  • Elsa Rodger
    Elsa Rodger 4 days ago +5

    I love how sarcastic he is

  • Grant Holdman
    Grant Holdman 4 days ago +3

    0:25 or you could glue it back together

  • snickers 4 life
    snickers 4 life 5 days ago +2

    Wait the iphone won't have the flash anymore

  • blinks 888
    blinks 888 5 days ago +1

    U cant open a water bottle life hacks

    1 get a dragon

    2 go to China

    3 get a mansion

    4. 7 private jets

    There u go hope u enjoy

  • csknives2140
    csknives2140 5 days ago +1

    temperature: iphone needs to cool down before you can use it

  • Rebekah
    Rebekah 5 days ago +1

    This is cool, easy to make, and most importantly...
    *Read more*

  • Mae
    Mae 7 days ago +7

    I won’t lie the keyboard one is actually pretty smart. If I actually owned one of those keyboards I probably would use something that won’t melt.

  • Sam Lynx
    Sam Lynx 7 days ago +4

    3:55 but the chocolate would melt if you kept your finger on it

    • Floor
      Floor 4 days ago

      Someones going to get laid in collage

    • Renato Quiñe Fernández
      Renato Quiñe Fernández 6 days ago

      You must be fun at parties

    • Mae
      Mae 7 days ago +1

      Sam Lynx whhaaatttt? No....

  • Hybrid Kiwi
    Hybrid Kiwi 7 days ago +7

    But why make another flip flop when you can just hot glue it back together

    Mr. CARMINE 7 days ago +1

    This video should be titled “Best Hot Glue Wasting Life Hacks”

  • Autumn Bay
    Autumn Bay 8 days ago +11

    “Go ahead and trace that out.”
    Me: *-I M A L R E A D Y T R A C E R-*

  • Commander Keen
    Commander Keen 8 days ago +6


  • Jonathan Vlogs
    Jonathan Vlogs 8 days ago +3

    My phone is my TVclip machine

  • Comment Digger
    Comment Digger 9 days ago +6

    Socks... with sandals...

  • D3DLY
    D3DLY 10 days ago +5

    Came for the life hacks stayed for the humor

  • Camrin Deadder
    Camrin Deadder 11 days ago +14

    I like how he could’ve just glued the strap down

    • onkar Mathekar
      onkar Mathekar 4 days ago


    • StrwbrryLabz
      StrwbrryLabz 11 days ago +1

      Yeah I also like that he broke another key to fix another key: Keyception

  • Janette Moore
    Janette Moore 12 days ago +16

    Troom troom has left the chat

  • BrittanyTotallyCute
    BrittanyTotallyCute 12 days ago +6

    that "double boiler" was stressful to look at

  • Razzberry Art
    Razzberry Art 12 days ago +11

    *is no one going to mention the abomination that is socks and sandals*

  • Harmony Madu
    Harmony Madu 12 days ago +11

    How long did y’all watch too before wondering why your watching this?

  • Life Hacks With Katie
    Life Hacks With Katie 12 days ago +16

    (The shoe one) OOOOOORRRRR you can not glue the strap back to the shoe, but it DOES say its overcomplicated...

  • Da Boi
    Da Boi 12 days ago +7

    The sandal one just glue back the strap

    • D3DLY
      D3DLY 10 days ago +2

      That’s why it’s called “overcomplicated life hacks”

    • Trashy Skye
      Trashy Skye 12 days ago +2


  • Waluigi Wario
    Waluigi Wario 12 days ago +11

    America will die without hot glue

  • Malie :3
    Malie :3 12 days ago +5

    Hot Glue Fetish?

  • Dat_Epic_Stuff
    Dat_Epic_Stuff 12 days ago +5


  • Adam Eason
    Adam Eason 12 days ago +4

    you stole all of these from somewhere else. i dont mind.

    • Glittery Girl
      Glittery Girl 12 days ago

      I guess Google or another TVclipr. But you never know

  • Birdiecukuo Playz
    Birdiecukuo Playz 13 days ago +9

    Or you could just hot glue the strap back on

  • Muoi Ngo
    Muoi Ngo 13 days ago +2

    I drop my phone a lot

  • levi rahui
    levi rahui 13 days ago +7

    this is better than 5 minute crafts

    • Adam Eason
      Adam Eason 12 days ago +1

      all of these where featured ON 5 minute crafts.

    MACHINE_BUILDER 13 days ago +8

    4:01 ... HMMMM wrong key :) ... You had the T the whole time!? - But where's the Y gone??

  • PandaX
    PandaX 14 days ago +2

    0:35 couldnt he of just used the hotglue to glue it back lmao

    Yes ik its over complicated no hate

    • V.Vega
      V.Vega 13 days ago +1

      Couldn't he HAVE*

  • Always Blue
    Always Blue 14 days ago +1

    Did anyone else notice that he replaced the “V” key with the chocolate key instead of the “T” key?

  • Alex
    Alex 14 days ago +3


  • Fire and The flame
    Fire and The flame 15 days ago

    The way you did the phone case won’t work
    It’s covering all the side plugs and buttons

  • Chelsea Waugh
    Chelsea Waugh 16 days ago +5

    Dislikes came from INSECT RIGHT ACTIVISTS 😂😂😂

    • GPA INC.
      GPA INC. 12 days ago +1

      Good one Chelsea xD

    • Mechetle
      Mechetle 14 days ago +1

      This video is a joke poking fun at life "hacks"

    • Mr. Game
      Mr. Game 15 days ago +1

      I disliked it because its to stupid

  • Wonderdoesaj
    Wonderdoesaj 16 days ago +12

    -cough- Troom Troom and Five-Minute Crafts -cough- cough-

  • Christian Davis
    Christian Davis 16 days ago +1

    Nice smooth bottom...

  • Eggy Egggs
    Eggy Egggs 17 days ago +16

    Oh you mean troom troom

  • Twine Cheeks
    Twine Cheeks 17 days ago +6

    Your 5 minute craft now and robby

  • Ms. Monkey
    Ms. Monkey 17 days ago +9

    The glue cover one is true i did it and it work’s super Well i dropped my phone various time’s and it took *NO* damage. It looks stupid but work’s well and no i am *NOT* sartistic!.

  • Shahd Almalky
    Shahd Almalky 17 days ago +3

    Is he being for real?

  • Alex Drayko
    Alex Drayko 17 days ago +11

    You all laugh, but I have literally seen all of these done unironically in lifehack compilations.
    Yes, even the chocolate keyboard one.

  • the basic dude
    the basic dude 18 days ago +5

    I'm not mad

    I'm disappointed

  • Imran Radzi
    Imran Radzi 18 days ago +5

    using choc for keyboard is the worst idea. ants will take over the keyboard lol

  • Beep Beep I'm A Sheep
    Beep Beep I'm A Sheep 19 days ago +16

    why cant you hot glue the sandals back together

    (edit: holy moly 15 likes..)

    • Kari
      Kari 14 days ago +3

      Everyone would TOTALLY be able to tell that you just glued it back together. That would just be beyond embarrassing!

    • gvmmy
      gvmmy 18 days ago +3

      cause then it’s not complicated enough

    • Bowsette  クッパ姫
      Bowsette クッパ姫 18 days ago +3

      Beep Beep I'm A Sheep who would have time for that shit?

  • David Robles
    David Robles 19 days ago +3


  • Ur Mom ❤️
    Ur Mom ❤️ 19 days ago +4

    Man This videos is just a “ HOT “ mess XD

  • LeviOsa •
    LeviOsa • 19 days ago +9

    *read the title*

  • Zarow
    Zarow 20 days ago +12

    2:06 ok T is the missing key.. go on..
    2:28 ok you took Y, fair enough.. go on...
    3:57 ok you got a new ke- wait. what the fuck is T doing there. T was the missing key! and now Y is missing!
    Yeah I'm a virgin.

  • Light Summoner 2808
    Light Summoner 2808 20 days ago +1

    Lol for the key board he is missing the t. By the end he is missing the y

  • Adoe d
    Adoe d 20 days ago +3

    Chocolate keyboard ???

  • Aiden Ho
    Aiden Ho 21 day ago +3

    6:44 lol the 1 cup tho

  • Toxic Trooper
    Toxic Trooper 21 day ago +12

    I love having slowly melting chocolate on my keyboard

  • Fahrenheight
    Fahrenheight 21 day ago +17

    Do people not get this is ironic? The dislikes just show how socially inept people are.

    • Hotaru
      Hotaru 19 days ago +1

      Look, they clearly just haven't trained their pets to stay off their chocolate keyboard.

  • EvonyStar Plays
    EvonyStar Plays 21 day ago +1

    7:48-7:49 so sad but also hilarious the way its said (kinda reminds me of Norm from Phineas and Ferb)😂😂😂

  • Blarchar
    Blarchar 22 days ago +18

    Literally everyone in the comments is missing the point entirely. You aren't meant to actually use these "life hacks." They're overly complicated -- Look at the title for pete's sake.

  • Gamingto
    Gamingto 22 days ago +4

    4:09 your just gonna get ants

  • JustKiddingTV
    JustKiddingTV 22 days ago +5

    2:40 may cause cancer

  • Alexx Birdsell
    Alexx Birdsell 22 days ago +8

    4:02 I thought you were missing t

  • Landon Riggenbach
    Landon Riggenbach 22 days ago +7

    So for our first life hack.....


  • Eau Rouge
    Eau Rouge 23 days ago +5

    How much of an imbecile you need to be, to dislike this masterpiece of a video arteh?!&!

  • Angela Hsiao
    Angela Hsiao 23 days ago +6

    This is fake!!! You can’t just make a sandal without also making its matching pair! That’s just being lazy!

  • TacticoolTaco 810
    TacticoolTaco 810 23 days ago +7

    I love shoving possibly toxic plastic in my mouth

  • Shiota GalaxyWolf581
    Shiota GalaxyWolf581 23 days ago +3


  • Christmas Devil6
    Christmas Devil6 24 days ago +7

    "I stood atop my ego" IM DEAD LMAOOOO

  • Greysen8
    Greysen8 24 days ago +7

    Am I the only person who noticed that when he was make the chocolate key for the missing T button, he used the Y button to make the T button, but at the end he ended up already having a T button but having to replace the Y button? Weird.

  • Chase McKeown
    Chase McKeown 24 days ago +5

    JUST GLUE IT BACK together lad

  • Uni The Magical Unicorn
    Uni The Magical Unicorn 25 days ago +25

    Moment of silence for people, who think this is real

  • Gh0stBustaz11
    Gh0stBustaz11 25 days ago +8

    this HAS to be sarcastic. Please no one use HOT GLUE on your Phone!!!!

  • Ribbon Duckling
    Ribbon Duckling 25 days ago +6

    Isn't every edition hot glue edition

  • Lt. Unknown
    Lt. Unknown 25 days ago +4

    Or just hot glue both pieces together instead of making a worst one

    • Sedgecorn
      Sedgecorn 22 days ago +1

      "Over Complicated Life Hacks" It's supposed to be ridiculously over the top. Nobody was meant to actually do any of these.

  • Mysterious Bones
    Mysterious Bones 25 days ago +10

    You could have easily glued the original strap back but instead life hacks suggest that you should just make a whole new sandle just to waste your time and look poor at the same time.

    • Mysterious Bones
      Mysterious Bones 22 days ago

      +Sedgecorn I can't tell if anyone could tell I was being sarcastic.......I dunno man, I just can't tell.

    • Sedgecorn
      Sedgecorn 22 days ago +3

      "Over Complicated Life Hacks"

    • Static High
      Static High 24 days ago +2

      /r woosh

    • Spy Matt
      Spy Matt 24 days ago +2


    • Lethan Han
      Lethan Han 25 days ago +1

      Remember the humour anti-chuckle man (no offence)

  • rainbowroad the killjoy
    rainbowroad the killjoy 26 days ago +4

    The phone one is an actual hack I've seen and it makes me want to scream.

  • Jakob Messingham
    Jakob Messingham 26 days ago +1

    Lol that double boiler is kinda pointless cuz it’s sitting in the water

    • Naimad
      Naimad 19 days ago

      The water won't heat above 100°C, that prevents the chocolate from burning

  • XKingNightX
    XKingNightX 26 days ago +7

    Every time he says "trace" scream IM ALREADY TRACER!

  • Unbound GT
    Unbound GT 26 days ago +4

    Only 300iq people would think about glueing the shoes together instead of making a new one

    • Bowsette  クッパ姫
      Bowsette クッパ姫 18 days ago

      Only 500+ iq people will know that glueing the straps on is a waste of time.

    • Sedgecorn
      Sedgecorn 22 days ago

      Read the title more carefully my dude. "Over Complicated Life Hacks" It's supposed to be dumb as hell.

  • Cody Reaves
    Cody Reaves 27 days ago

    I my favorite shoe is now the glue shoe

  • PRGME7
    PRGME7 28 days ago +1

    Where's the next episode

  • Freya Yang
    Freya Yang 29 days ago +7

    wow 100% GENIUS😂

  • Morgan Bedford Davis
    Morgan Bedford Davis 29 days ago +15


    If you want to replace the T then why you replace the Y and find the T?

    • Khiya's Life
      Khiya's Life 26 days ago

      Because it stands for TVclip... I'll go now

    • __x Nobody
      __x Nobody 29 days ago

      Morgan Bedford Davis Lol I noticed that as well

  • Minajla
    Minajla Month ago +15

    5-minutes crafts has there weave snatched

  • dumb bee
    dumb bee Month ago +26

    "In your reflection you'll see a ghastly sight. Just go ahead and ignore that."
    *_is no one gonna talk about that or-_*

    • KittenHugs
      KittenHugs 26 days ago +2

      "just go ahead and ignore that."

  • Spicy
    Spicy Month ago +23

    The dislikers clearly don’t understand the words “Over Complicated”

    • Naimad
      Naimad 19 days ago +1

      over complicated ≠ useless

  • Mr. Tiitus
    Mr. Tiitus Month ago +16

    3:55 how did the missing key go from T to Y?

    • Emma Giguere
      Emma Giguere Month ago

      Did u watch the rest of the vid?

    • White Noise
      White Noise Month ago

      Cause "Y's" are for Pussies !!

    • Ryan Ford
      Ryan Ford Month ago

      Mr. Tiitus I thought the same thing