Young M.A "Numb/Bipolar" (Official Music Video)

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    Numb produced by Antwan “Amadeus" Thompson, Anthony “Bruce Leroy” Barfield & Orrin “ Dr. O” Wilson of Velocity Music for Platinum Boy Music Inc.
    Bipolar - produced by OZ & Syksense
    Video directed by Marc Diamond
    Mixed & Engineered by Wizard Lee @ Feet 1st Studios
    Mastered by Tatsuya Sato

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  • KnostSiccNav TSM
    KnostSiccNav TSM 3 hours ago +1

    Beat Waveeeyyyyyy stiiiiiiLLLL 💯💯💯

  • X M
    X M 2 days ago

    This MV is like: How To Do All The Wrong Things w Your Girl: A Tutorial 💀💀💀 I love this song though

  • Milton Mills
    Milton Mills 4 days ago

    If this album doesnt win album of the year im gonna be mad AF.

  • katana679
    katana679 7 days ago

    When you hear that wolf🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats 8 days ago

    It's a bop for sure

  • danny maynard
    danny maynard 8 days ago


  • Kyra Stewart
    Kyra Stewart 10 days ago

    This shii go hard🥵

  • Jazmine Bryant
    Jazmine Bryant 10 days ago

    Instagram @watchthey

  • April Maldonado
    April Maldonado 10 days ago

    This video just made me run back to my ex. Thank you.

  • Tanaya Talks
    Tanaya Talks 15 days ago

    *Ion wana feel NUN.*

  • Suzette Richardson
    Suzette Richardson 18 days ago

    I’m so >#numb and 👍 nice. Finally know what it means #musicismydrug 🎨🌈💃🏻

  • Motherfuckhers Cease2xxyist

    hungover...hanged over dreaming hope you got interested for next generation...

  • Fitted Sole
    Fitted Sole 20 days ago

    The anthem to heartbreak and self medicating 🎯

  • HipHop Nation
    HipHop Nation 20 days ago

    Sweet , I really like that!

  • Janell Smedley
    Janell Smedley 23 days ago +1

    I feel a true spiritual connection with this song.

  • tony todd
    tony todd 25 days ago

    "i don't wanna care ,i just wanna cum"

  • MzDoYaBad82
    MzDoYaBad82 25 days ago

    Yeeeesss bitch!!!

  • Ready Your Ears Entertainment


  • Bella Aldama
    Bella Aldama 25 days ago

    Love ❤️ this video and song much love 💕 M.A put me in your list for next lol 😂

  • Seinin Luna
    Seinin Luna Month ago

    Top 2 things slept on:
    ° Young MA

  • Strawbearie Bunnies
    Strawbearie Bunnies Month ago +1

    --> please put this on google play ❤❤

  • Daku Hall
    Daku Hall Month ago

    One Of my fav female rapper's in the game period hands down

  • Bianca Medina22
    Bianca Medina22 Month ago

    She’s always the best y’all need to back the fuck up I love her with all my heart her songs calm me down a lot I don’t want nothing happening to her it will upset for life if she does something bad I will do the same thang just for her I’ll do anything for her I wish I can meet her in person and just kiss her and show her real love fuck all them hoes man

  • Sharon Jasso
    Sharon Jasso Month ago

    You the shit Young MA

  • mayerline marte
    mayerline marte Month ago


  • labella Dior
    labella Dior Month ago

    Young M.A 😍😘😍 im here for the beautiful model though. ✨👑❤

  • LRC*
    LRC* Month ago

    "How you gon fuck with my heart" ♡ "why would you fuck with my MIND" !!!!!

  • Abby Parker
    Abby Parker Month ago

    👽🙈👻 #herstoryinthemaking #👩‍🔬👩‍🚀🏳️‍🌈

  • Mila Loxa
    Mila Loxa Month ago

    Ma's girl bag as big as me.

  • Crystal Swirlz
    Crystal Swirlz Month ago

    Young M.A:I feel like im Jack and jill/ I'm tryna get over this Hill 😂😂😂😜😜😜🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Kyla !
    Kyla ! Month ago


  • a a
    a a Month ago

    You a BEAST, keep doing you

  • Stephanie Montoya
    Stephanie Montoya Month ago

    Who TF broke my baby heart? Lol

  • Ashante' S
    Ashante' S Month ago +1


  • AmaZin Beats AmaZin Beats

    Herstory is legendary 🔥🔥every song ride. Especially bipolar

  • Judy Poitras
    Judy Poitras Month ago +15

    No she aint using *AUTHENTIC* *VIEWS* *D0T* *C0M* and She still soooo underrated!!

  • IndigoBeatz
    IndigoBeatz Month ago

    Sweden loves u MA

  • Nicole Smith
    Nicole Smith Month ago

    That's my girl

  • Simon Roth
    Simon Roth Month ago

    dope! one from Germany

  • Hussain Ahmad
    Hussain Ahmad Month ago


  • Dollaz Williams
    Dollaz Williams Month ago if you like it like comment and subscribe and check out my music

  • Lakisha Miles
    Lakisha Miles Month ago +1

    This song brought realization and then tears.....thank you for putting it on wax @YoungMA💯

  • Omi plufs
    Omi plufs Month ago

    Who rey o hoorray

  • TaeeDaProducer The Arts

    Stay Going Crazy 🔥

  • Armando Villapando
    Armando Villapando Month ago +1

    Young M.A always with the fire they just mad cause she's gots it all

  • 222
    222 Month ago +6

    aries when we get hurt lol

    • Kat V
      Kat V 19 days ago +2

      So true..

    • Fitted Sole
      Fitted Sole 20 days ago +1

      That's a mfn fact Ju. Hurd

  • Omi plufs
    Omi plufs Month ago

    Yooooooothis ha sbeen on repeat !!!!!!! You wild winning younggggg maa

  • Omi plufs
    Omi plufs Month ago

    Damn I stay in love

  • Omi plufs
    Omi plufs Month ago

    I'm In my feelings and I'm fucking

  • Omi plufs
    Omi plufs Month ago

    I can only read you , to keep you

  • Omi plufs
    Omi plufs Month ago

    I just wanna take these drugs

  • Omi plufs
    Omi plufs Month ago

    I don't wanna be around no one...

  • Omi plufs
    Omi plufs Month ago

    I don't wanna fight, you my woman, you my people

  • Omi plufs
    Omi plufs Month ago

    I just wanna fuck, I just wanna kum

  • Omi plufs
    Omi plufs Month ago

    Tell me what you want

  • Farie lego
    Farie lego Month ago

    MF is not even repentant... acting a victiming after cheating... Your lyrics are so dope, we want you at @shadyrecords... 🤪🤪🤪

  • North Bound
    North Bound Month ago


  • Mrs. Writer Barton
    Mrs. Writer Barton Month ago +6

    These lyrics are narcissistic AF. How you the one that did wrong, but you mad at the other person for cutting you off? Lbs

    • Mrs. Writer Barton
      Mrs. Writer Barton 5 days ago

      Yes. The art of narcissism. & that character trait needs to be healed-not promoted so that the rest of society will be encouraged to follow it.
      ...I’ll be more than happy to talk about it.

    • Mersades Thompson
      Mersades Thompson 7 days ago

      Mental illness. Feelings are valid. This is her art and expression. Lets talk about it.

    HYALEY 2X Month ago


  • LeBron James
    LeBron James Month ago

    Ma 💯 tho she self made

  • Nonso Obidike
    Nonso Obidike Month ago

    Is she a lesbian?


    My baby bac with another banga 💕

  • yolvin davis
    yolvin davis Month ago +1

    Take these drugs n go numb 💯💯

  • Vanessa Villa
    Vanessa Villa Month ago

    i felt every second of this song

  • Ashley Glam
    Ashley Glam Month ago


  • Jerm Realadel
    Jerm Realadel Month ago

    Follow Jerm :

  • Zach Cromwell
    Zach Cromwell Month ago

    I'm really been feelin this recently.. 😔😒

  • Refilwe Mogobere
    Refilwe Mogobere Month ago

    I feel her "you know". I dont know if it happens to us only or to everyone but yoh that shit is real. I remember the whole of last year i went through that shit, weed and alcohol, monday to sunday, i depended on it for my sanity, all because of a girl...I almost lost my job last year, almost died this year January 2nd cos of alcohol poisoning, im still recovering but ey trust me, im not trusting no butch/stud with my heart again...

  • Maria Silva
    Maria Silva Month ago

    This gave me Tyler the creator vibess🤍

  • Já peguei sua irmã hoje

    Young M.A. no joke🔥🔥🔥

  • Jordan Rayburn
    Jordan Rayburn Month ago


  • Julie Cerda
    Julie Cerda Month ago

    She know she wasn’t right but she tried‼️‼️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mr. Clean SS
    Mr. Clean SS Month ago +1

    On the Real as A 46 yr young Black King.. Ive seen the Music game go through so many phases. Right now Young MA is the truth!

  • 030 Cattaneo
    030 Cattaneo Month ago

    She’s a piece of Shidddd

  • Aladdin Perez
    Aladdin Perez Month ago

    I feel the heart. 🔥🔥

  • GottaGetIt TV
    GottaGetIt TV Month ago


  • Wiz Khalifa
    Wiz Khalifa Month ago

    She be leveling UP!

  • Jerry Michaud
    Jerry Michaud Month ago +1

    Michaud jerry 23

  • Overdose on Positivity

    Don’t need love I need luck....

  • Overdose on Positivity

    You keep messin with them young girls lol. They don’t know nothin yet 🤣