Affordable Fall Eye Makeup Look!

  • Published on Nov 9, 2017
  • I am loving this fall eye look that I created using 2 different shades of Revlon's ColorStay Exactify™ Liquid Liner. Plus, thanks to Revlon, the sponsor of this video, this entire look is using Revlon products!

    ColorStay Exactify™ Liquid Liner in Black and Mulberry:
    ColorStay™ Crème Eye Shadow in 720, 715, 705:
    Mega Multiplier™ Mascara in Black:
    Super Lustrous™ Lipstick in Pink Pearl:
    Kiss Plumping Lip Crème in Barely Blush:
    ColorStay™ Makeup in Toast and Caramel:
    ColorStay™ Concealer in Medium Deep:
    ColorStay™ Brow Pencil in Dark Brown:
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  • Timbra Joslin
    Timbra Joslin Year ago are so your videos!

  • ForbsieLaLa
    ForbsieLaLa Year ago

    As I look at you lashes I remember a look I saw yesterday where it was clear the lashes were not clipped to fit and therefore you could see them appearing to hang at the end of the eye. I just instantly remembered your tutorial for hooded eyes. Thanks much

  • Mariah Bingham
    Mariah Bingham Year ago


  • Sherdon Mcewan
    Sherdon Mcewan Year ago

    That was just simple and interesting!!!

  • Johnita Campbell
    Johnita Campbell Year ago

    Love the colors! Take your time...there's 0 room for errors! Tfs

  • Ashley Williams
    Ashley Williams Year ago +2

    If only I could blend my shadows with my fingers and it would look that flawless. You slayed girl

  • Alaska
    Alaska Year ago


  • Naturally Speaking Karen

    Very nice look! Revlon is stepping up there game, that eye shadow is perfect!😍

  • Faith Cowart
    Faith Cowart Year ago

    Love the video! Finally something I can do! Thank you

  • AshleyRaine
    AshleyRaine Year ago +1

    Where did you get your A ring from?

  • Minnie Mouse
    Minnie Mouse Year ago

    Please do gold glittery eyes with red lips for Christmas

  • Michelle Glassow
    Michelle Glassow Year ago

    Such a pretty look!

  • Tracey Whittle
    Tracey Whittle Year ago

    where can I buy your lip gloss other than on e.l.f website

  • Dawn Depictions
    Dawn Depictions Year ago


  • Makeup Addict
    Makeup Addict Year ago


  • Lucey Monize
    Lucey Monize Year ago

    You just slayed in all revlon products 😩

  • DeOndrea Walker
    DeOndrea Walker Year ago

    I got to get it

  • Nick Brandon
    Nick Brandon Year ago +2

    When she is sponsored but also AMAZING at using the roller wheel that everyone discarded?Hmm. Effort. Practice!! 😍Awesome liner

  • LopsidedCircle
    LopsidedCircle Year ago +12

    she drew that wing so fast, i blinked and it was there

  • Marlena Alvarado
    Marlena Alvarado Year ago

    gorgeous ! i need the blueish eyeliner omg

  • GSB
    GSB Year ago

    Would you say this eyeliner is better than the MAC one? I've seen some people review the MAC one and say it was a bit streaky :")

  • Ms WrestleBlog
    Ms WrestleBlog Year ago

    Please do a kbeauty look for us in the hoodie club!

  • Claire x
    Claire x Year ago

    I mean I haven’t tried the liners but the revlon mascaras are so bad. Girllllll😩🙏🏻

  • Poohbaby44
    Poohbaby44 Year ago

    Love you girl. I didn’t see what lashes your wearing

  • Latasha Words
    Latasha Words Year ago

    Thank you Alissa I will be at Target picking up these tomorrow after class 😂

  • Sam Khan
    Sam Khan Year ago

    Do the colorstay creme eyeshadows crease?

  • undeniably_ crissy

    I looove you Alissa! You are such am inspiration to me. I want to do you tube. I have everything I need to do it. My lights, my soft boxs, my just 😨. You, heflawless, Lonyea, rawbeautykristi and KL are my favorite you tubers. I cant wait until you do a meetup in Illinois or WIsconsin. Because i can drive there. Im such a fan..

  • Ann  Mcleod
    Ann Mcleod Year ago

    Gorgeous😍😍eyes! You make it look so effortlessly! I’ve been watching u n others do wings n I️ still can’t do it😳😫😭😭😭xoxo

  • Susan McCormick
    Susan McCormick Year ago

    I never see any1 using Revlon products. That liner is pretty nice and drys quick! Cream shadow looks good on you too!

  • Gwen Stacy
    Gwen Stacy Year ago +10

    Alissa’s smiles are just sooo cute ❤️

    PR!NCESs SPARKLESs Year ago +1

    Just got put on to your channel. You sponsored. Yassss honey. 🤑 Tutorials are bomb and easy to follow #hoodiesistas ❤️

  • K Love
    K Love Year ago

    Sooooooo PRETTY!!!!!! I gotta get me some Exactify!! That ish is dope son!!!😊👌

  • Ali B
    Ali B Year ago

    Could you do a prom makeup look?

  • Brooklyn Queen
    Brooklyn Queen Year ago +17

    Can you do another tutorial on the eyeshadows. They look really easy to use

  • bev k
    bev k Year ago +7

    I see "affordable" in the title, I click. Simple.

  • Averia Chanel
    Averia Chanel Year ago +1

    I️ love this look!! It’s a wearable for everyday. For me at least

  • Roselie Gabriel Lassale

    SHORT and Sweet! 💙💖💙💚 IT!!

  • Tmac1963
    Tmac1963 Year ago +24

    I will be seeing Revlon about those
    Color Stay cream eyeshadows! It was so easy and looks so good!

  • Cyndy Allen
    Cyndy Allen Year ago +1

    It’s sad they are not cruelty-free because I would buy it if they were.

  • givememore4free
    givememore4free Year ago

    I love this so much.

  • Mychelle Design
    Mychelle Design Year ago +1

    You really rock that rose gold look.

  • Daly Patterson
    Daly Patterson Year ago

    Please do a review on the Huda Beauty foundation, I love youuu Alissa 💖💖💖💖💖

  • kat heck
    kat heck Year ago +3

    I forgot Revlon made makeup 😩 im gonna buy this eyeliner now lol

  • Shaynia Grant
    Shaynia Grant Year ago +1

    Hello!!😊😊, first time commenter, long time subscriber. Your eyes are very captivating, l was staring them the entire time😂😫. Sooo beautiful!!

  • Cake Supply_Lady
    Cake Supply_Lady Year ago +1

    Yasssssss Alissa!!!

  • Vannasgran 617
    Vannasgran 617 Year ago +4

    Just your fingers.... wow, You are my idol. I strive to be as good as you.

  • Karen Ross
    Karen Ross Year ago

    Those liners are must try’s!! Beautiful as always!!!

  • Cynthia C
    Cynthia C Year ago +1

    And Alyssa just took my money again :)

  • Moriganna Brown
    Moriganna Brown Year ago +1

    Wow gorgeous liners and gorgeous face and those eyes! Love this look.

  • abigail chaires
    abigail chaires Year ago


  • Just Peachy D
    Just Peachy D Year ago +14

    Come through, “affordable” 😂

  • Stephanie Whitby
    Stephanie Whitby Year ago +1

    Go Girl #revelonmodel👏🏾👏🏾

  • Irma Nieto
    Irma Nieto Year ago +2

    Beautiful and easy ! Yes

  • Deanna
    Deanna Year ago


  • Shyla Cater
    Shyla Cater Year ago

    So pretty and simple! Love it, I’m gonna need ALL these liners!!

  • Pauline Newman
    Pauline Newman Year ago +5

    Dear Lord you did your eyeshadow with your finger and it’s flawless. I can only dream about my eyeshadow looking blended.

  • Ra' Iman
    Ra' Iman Year ago +2

    YAAAAASSS lissa i love this look this color goes with your eye color so well 😍😍😍 and you did this look with just your fingers im shook. I love that loreal made more affordable versions of M.A.C roller liners 😍😍

  • tamika young
    tamika young Year ago

    Im going to try and do this look. Thank u for all that u do. I belive my 42 yrs look like 32 bc of ur make-up tutorials as well as great genes! 😍😍😍😍 love this look

  • 215ladylove
    215ladylove Year ago +2


  • Felecia Marie XO
    Felecia Marie XO Year ago +3


  • Hadassah Holder
    Hadassah Holder Year ago +4

    affordable, my favourite word :)

  • Kandirain _117
    Kandirain _117 Year ago +116

    R u gonna be doing Mystery Makeup Mondays anymore? I miss the super creative looks u were forced to create.

    • Alissa Ashley
      Alissa Ashley  Year ago +33

      I plan to bring it back but not in the same way that I was doing it. While I understand that you guys loved that series, it wasn’t inspiring or fun for me anymore which honestly made it dreadful whenever I had to film it because I didn’t have genuine interest anymore. So I’m trying to think of a way to bring it back in a way that is fun for me too because I want to be happy about everything I upload

    • Ruby Fonseca
      Ruby Fonseca Year ago

      Kandirain _117 same☹️

  • Silvia Perez
    Silvia Perez Year ago +15

    I️ know my question has nothing to do with this video but when is your lipgloss coming back in stock?... I️ have been like a radar on the website waiting for it and nothing!
    Please help!!!!!!!

  • Dina G
    Dina G Year ago

    Sooo pretty!

  • Curly Talks
    Curly Talks Year ago +13

    As someone who isn't huge on eyeshadow, you make eye looks that I know I can do with little products. Thank you!

    • givememore4free
      givememore4free Year ago +2

      I think that color would look great on every skin color too

  • Diann Tate
    Diann Tate Year ago +21

    I love the look on you and it is so affordable for me. This is your Sr Citizen Fan here. I can't wait to purchase all the products you used. You are simply fantabulous! That's why I eagerly await your tutorials - A Dedicated Fan

  • Emely S
    Emely S Year ago


  • Jasmine Holford
    Jasmine Holford Year ago

    Yyyyaasss love this simple look and that eyeshadow color is shapoppin'! 💖💖

  • Monique Royster
    Monique Royster Year ago

    Wow, can't wait to try it

  • Desiree Gneco
    Desiree Gneco Year ago

    Love it

  • Mina Bina
    Mina Bina Year ago +6

    Alissa's Slow-Mo's Always on point ...

  • Yvette Arnold
    Yvette Arnold Year ago

    Absolutely beautiful look

  • LHAletheaP
    LHAletheaP Year ago

    What are your favourite lashes for "night out" looks? I struggle to find the perfect type for my super hooded eyelids, but yours are always so perfect!!!

    • LHAletheaP
      LHAletheaP Year ago

      Your makeup tutorials are *amazing* btw!

  • Nani Joline
    Nani Joline Year ago

    Why can't I read the comments

  • Sincerely Jalessia B

    You look just like a bratzzz DOLL 😍😍😍

  • HarmonizMelo M4L
    HarmonizMelo M4L Year ago

    I wish I can get my eyebrows together like yours🙁 but I absolutely love the video. This would be great for me simple is always more 👍👍😘😍

  • Liz Abe
    Liz Abe Year ago

    love ❤️

  • chloe Beauty
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  • Niosha Jenkins
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  • Destiny Nicole
    Destiny Nicole Year ago

    Slay girl slayyyy!

  • seamonkey011
    seamonkey011 Year ago

    love how soft this look is

  • Toni Woodburn
    Toni Woodburn Year ago

    Beautiful. As always :)

  • Renee Dunbar
    Renee Dunbar Year ago

    Always pretty makeup

  • Diana Lee
    Diana Lee Year ago +10

    This style of applicator makes me think I might be able to achieve this look. I'm a disaster at winger liner, but this seems worth a try! Such a pretty look.

  • 671 loverboy
    671 loverboy Year ago

    I so thought I was watching your sisters vidoe due to the fact of the intro

  • Blasian Bum
    Blasian Bum Year ago


    BRANDEDBYK Year ago

    Very pretty love it!!! 😍 did you have to dip it in multiple times to get more product or was once enough

  • Chasity Patrice
    Chasity Patrice Year ago

    Lol ughh I never get here first !!

  • Brooke Grier
    Brooke Grier Year ago

    I love your makeup video’s!😻

  • baby girl
    baby girl Year ago +130

    Yasssss Alissa you better get that check💁🏽‍♀️give us that drugstore slay

  • Taj Moni
    Taj Moni Year ago

    Beautiful look! 😍

  • Madison Senior
    Madison Senior Year ago

    These eyeliners look so cool!

  • Foxy brown
    Foxy brown Year ago

    I love the mulberry color!!!! 💋 ❤

  • Claudia Cedano
    Claudia Cedano Year ago

    Oooh need to try that liner

  • Dionna Johnson
    Dionna Johnson Year ago


  • Cassandra
    Cassandra Year ago

    I like the colors!! minus the lashes, winged eyeliner, lol, i think i could pull this off

  • Georgia Peach
    Georgia Peach Year ago

    Omg!! You’re so gorgeous!!!! :O New subbie!!

  • Vicki Cook
    Vicki Cook Year ago

    This is cute and its perfect for me ...broke lol help

  • Destiny Simmons
    Destiny Simmons Year ago

    Notification Gang