ToshCon: Where Are They Now? - Tosh.0

  • Published on May 22, 2019
  • At ToshCon, Daniel checks back in with former Tosh.0 guests including the bubble hat guy, the girl with the ostomy bag and the singer of “Hillary in the House.”
    About Tosh.0:
    Tosh.0 is a weekly topical series hosted by comedian Daniel Tosh that delves into all aspects of the internet, from the ingenious to the absurd to the medically inadvisable. Through segments like Video Breakdown, 20 Seconds on the Clock and Web Redemption, Tosh has established himself as the preeminent expert on exhibitionist weirdos, injurious idiots and the best worst things on the web.
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Comments • 184

  • Colt McCoy
    Colt McCoy 6 hours ago

    Fannie don’t look like herself

  • Blow flex
    Blow flex Day ago

    Would you bang that chick with the bag still on the whole time?? Haha.

  • Tayk1987
    Tayk1987 2 days ago

    Donald J. Trump

  • Ontario Cruz
    Ontario Cruz 9 days ago

    Donald Trumps real Name is Donald DRUMPF.
    His ancestors changed there last name from "DRUMPF 2 "TRUMP" sometime back in the 1600's.
    Please do a skit on that!?

  • James Volk
    James Volk 10 days ago

    I hate that 'Hillary in the white house' guy, N I'm a Dem

  • Jerry Feldman
    Jerry Feldman 13 days ago

    Donald Jesus Trump! You fucking moron! Yes I think he is god! Trump 2020

  • Bryan Prish
    Bryan Prish 13 days ago +4

    that poor woman dealing with that... : ( she has such a great attitude!!!! and is very pretty : )

  • dylan scronce
    dylan scronce 21 day ago

    How dare he better our country. How dare he get away with giving us a awesome job economy!! $$$$$ how dare he......fkn moron

  • UnitedWeGame
    UnitedWeGame 21 day ago

    Skipped that bag part, I can't man...sorry

  • Leopoldo Villa Jr.
    Leopoldo Villa Jr. 22 days ago

    Go 🐬!!!

  • DisterbedTV
    DisterbedTV 22 days ago

    you know whats the good the good thing about dateing a women with a colostomy bag. u can fuck her in the ass and never worry about getting shit on ur dick.

  • iagaystud
    iagaystud 22 days ago

    I want kicked by Tosh while he's wearing cowboy boots!

  • Ford Fairlane
    Ford Fairlane 22 days ago

    PAUL MCCLURE!!!!!! We used to work together at a catering company in Manhattan. Dude has a heart of gold. Every single shift he took food to give to the homeless. If you ever spoke with him, you'd realize he's just extremely eccentric. And yes he has a wife. Surprised the shit out of me too, but yeah...he's married.

  • Taz Taser
    Taz Taser 22 days ago +1

    give 2 guys on each football team those helmets, 20% more interesting.

  • Elijah Davidson
    Elijah Davidson 22 days ago +4

    Tosh is such a savage hahahh

  • Toasty
    Toasty 22 days ago +2

    Hopefully that thing heals up real soon. lol Also, she's adorable!

  • Jonnyboyyy11
    Jonnyboyyy11 22 days ago

    Who gets always with this!!?? Really the president does??... Russia, the media, Cavanagh, Jessie smolett. These are all this the Democratics get away lying about and that’s just from this year.

  • Mark May
    Mark May 22 days ago +6

    Who gets away with what you low-test crybaby? Fairly winning the Presidential election?

    • Brett Chambers
      Brett Chambers 22 days ago +3

      I was hoping I wasn't alone here lol thank you

    LUCAS MCQUEEN 22 days ago +1

    lol why does anyone agree to go on his show?

  • Josh Ellis
    Josh Ellis 22 days ago

    Wife threw me too lol

  • Bud Wilk
    Bud Wilk 22 days ago

    Well with that song that is the end of Tosh. Thank god.

  • sexy mia owens
    sexy mia owens 22 days ago

    guys I saw an upcoiming episode of tosh but the new Ep never aired WTF IS GOING ON I EANT TO WATCH TOSH.O AGAIN AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.H.H.H.H.H H.H H.H.H.H H H.H.H H H.H H H H.H.H.H.H.H.H.HH.H.H.H.H.HHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Jimmie Long
    Jimmie Long 22 days ago

    Speaking to Trump you f****** full how could you do this to us do what to wash you a****** he's been a great president oh my God you left us make me sick

  • Jacob Battyanyi
    Jacob Battyanyi 22 days ago +1

    Donald ARRRR Trump

  • james skip
    james skip 22 days ago

    I do not watch tv anymore, when I seen this video I thought it was about Daniel tosh. If that's his name. So now I know he is still on tv. *shrugs* just sayin..

  • Korbin Stalsberg
    Korbin Stalsberg 22 days ago +1


  • Chance 14
    Chance 14 22 days ago +2

    Can I kick you in the head ?? Dude.. yea of course kicks🤣

  • Tonya Ratlaff
    Tonya Ratlaff 22 days ago +1

    Tosh that's it , I knew Steven Crowder remind me of someone I just couldn't think who

  • William Ruebsamen
    William Ruebsamen 23 days ago

    Who would have thought ridiculousness could take down another show.

  • William Ruebsamen
    William Ruebsamen 23 days ago

    This seems like he's attempted a greatest hits album, because he's become so irrelevant.

  • Drew Jones
    Drew Jones 23 days ago

    That was a plot twist and a fucking half

  • Thats Fucking Awesome
    Thats Fucking Awesome 23 days ago +5

    Ostomy girls super cute. And I stand no chance.

  • Jake Pearl
    Jake Pearl 23 days ago +1

    That last guy is a fucking faggie creep....he’s married to a 13 year old boy

  • nicolas callisto
    nicolas callisto 23 days ago

    He calls her poop girl and poopsie

  • salvyballacc
    salvyballacc 23 days ago

    I wonder what kind of freaky shit she do with that new whole...

  • BOwdiz。艾力克斯
    BOwdiz。艾力克斯 23 days ago

    DAniel Tosh is looking old as fuck these days.

  • Zero Cool
    Zero Cool 23 days ago +1

    That Hillary in the white house didn't age well.

  • JJ JJ
    JJ JJ 23 days ago +2

    The ostomy bags are normally given to patients who has cancer of the colon - the girl has a great attitude because it is very hard to deal with

    • JJ JJ
      JJ JJ 22 days ago

      I have colon cancer and have an ostomy bag but they can also use it for any other reason like a severe car accident that damaged the colon or chrons disease

    • c. l.
      c. l. 23 days ago

      Crohn's disease

  • joe Vasquez
    joe Vasquez 23 days ago

    Jim Jeffries is still a racist Islamaphobe

  • Cory Klein
    Cory Klein 23 days ago +2

    HERE IS HOW SHE CAN BRING UP HER BAG AND PUT A POSTIVE SPIN ON IT.... (on a first date) "hey, btw ive got an extra hole...if you know what I mean"

  • k den
    k den 23 days ago

    I’m eating breakfast and a fucking poop bag comes up

  • yeet god
    yeet god 23 days ago

    This is not funny anymore Daniel are you not rich enough yet you bastard

  • Mike Brown
    Mike Brown 23 days ago +4

    For love of God and Country reelect President Donald Trump ✝🇺🇸🗽

    • ed gein
      ed gein 23 days ago

      Mike Brown trump 2020

  • oxysz
    oxysz 23 days ago

    I read this as tanacon.. lol I wish he shit on her

  • king cashew
    king cashew 23 days ago

    Wow, I didn't know Tosh was still around. I hope he got rich while he could because.............. yeah well watch the video.

  • D G
    D G 23 days ago

    His first wife left him because no one wants to be with a liberal fuck

  • Dan Brew
    Dan Brew 23 days ago

    Her butthole is always clean.

  • Sean Brennan
    Sean Brennan 23 days ago

    Hahaha hillary got her ass kicked and with any luck she will be in prison until shes hanged publicly on the steps of the capitol.i can dream if i want to.we all know shes way too slippery and corrupt to burn for her treasonous crimes

  • * nanormous *
    * nanormous * 23 days ago

    Trump getting away with what? Selling off our economy to China & laundering the bribes through a phony for profit charity front? Selling radioactive materials to Russia & laundering the bribes through a phony for profit charity front? Stacking our legal agencies with corrupt partisan hacks to cover democrook treasons? #DeathToTraitors #DieDemocrooks #DieDisinformers #DieGlobalistProfiteers #FUCKislam

  • Sean Brennan
    Sean Brennan 23 days ago

    Can i kick you in the head? Whst a great job tosh has! Go seagulls!

  • Cory Samoila
    Cory Samoila 23 days ago

    Tosh just ripped off webjunk

  • Johnny b Goode
    Johnny b Goode 23 days ago +1


  • The- potato-warrior
    The- potato-warrior 23 days ago +1

    I knew pack would be on that list!

  • koila maoh
    koila maoh 23 days ago

    wHAT episode is this anyway? season #ep# ? any know?

  • angel robles
    angel robles 23 days ago +3

    Tosh definitely banged Fanny!

  • lucas petit
    lucas petit 23 days ago +2

    I mean honestly if that girl with the colostomy asked someone to eat her a$$ I don’t think people would say no.
    I mean and if they didn’t want to she could just be like “ I haven’t used it in years it’s fine”

    • joshua nicely
      joshua nicely 23 days ago

      I would earn my brown wings with her fo sho!

  • Alex Lange
    Alex Lange 23 days ago

    0:02 your typical hillary supporter 😂

  • Joshua Huntington
    Joshua Huntington 23 days ago

    Did he just call her "poopsie"??

  • J.J. Gardner
    J.J. Gardner 23 days ago +1

    So he made Juggernaut Cosplay?

  • Max Fire Fantasy Report
    Max Fire Fantasy Report 23 days ago +9

    I seriously wanna see bubble helmet dude's submarine car

  • David Moore
    David Moore 23 days ago

    Tosh's confused faced when he says wife is the funniest shit I've seen in a while

  • Helena Quinn
    Helena Quinn 23 days ago

    Tosh used to be funny

  • Helena Quinn
    Helena Quinn 23 days ago +5

    Donald J Trump.. not R

    • Helena Quinn
      Helena Quinn 22 days ago

      @B Moore I guess so, but how is it funny

    • Helena Quinn
      Helena Quinn 22 days ago +1

      @Get me to 1 subscriber. Triggered? Need a safe space? Fear not MSNBC and CNN are on 24/7

    • B Moore
      B Moore 22 days ago

      Helena Quinn I was a joke

    • Get me to 1 subscriber.
      Get me to 1 subscriber. 22 days ago +1

      Helena, I am almost positive that no one other than you gives a shit about what Donnas middle name is.

  • Michael Fabian
    Michael Fabian 23 days ago


  • G Harold
    G Harold 23 days ago +3

    poopbag girl - shout out - a catthertered life has its challenges

  • Renamon 565
    Renamon 565 23 days ago +1

    I was a bit upset that eva and Castro only appear in one episode this season.....also i am trying to get on tosh.o in season 12...hopefully

  • Tia Stee
    Tia Stee 23 days ago

    you're so fucking sexy bro.
    love how cocky he is 😂😂💓💓😍😍

  • ten4r
    ten4r 23 days ago

    Still waiting for EBZ con

  • adam touah
    adam touah 23 days ago +1

    Single greatest thing I've ever seen make it full body and start a football league

  • DustyCowdog
    DustyCowdog 23 days ago +4

    Hillary song soy-boy... you will never be a man, never were a man and you will cry till you meet your maker. Just saying'.....

  • Chet
    Chet 23 days ago

    Fuck Hillary

  • soulassassin0g
    soulassassin0g 23 days ago +2

    Quagmire, from Family Guy, once said that their is a fourth hole and it only exist if you really believed in it. I never believed in it unti I saw Laura. Now I am a believer.

  • M Loftin
    M Loftin 23 days ago +1

    I love watching people changing their colostomy bags.

  • fruitypeebils
    fruitypeebils 23 days ago +1

    6:44 wow he seriously didnt even get the joke

  • Joey doink-doink
    Joey doink-doink 23 days ago

    89.1 percent of the likes are fake



  • Dave Goodwin
    Dave Goodwin 23 days ago

    Stoma girl was waaayy hotter when she was just a fun type girl before she got all business woman-ish...

  • Gregory Hamilton
    Gregory Hamilton 23 days ago

    Love Fannie

  • Nicholas Pdx
    Nicholas Pdx 23 days ago

    Only a idiot would vote Hillary..haha

  • Chris B In Philly
    Chris B In Philly 23 days ago +1

    Trump for King !!!!

  • Ruby Doobie
    Ruby Doobie 23 days ago

    Shit bag girls hot.

  • K F
    K F 23 days ago +1

    tosh is so funny

  • Team2Litty
    Team2Litty 23 days ago +2

    Todd glass or Henry rollings

  • William Dearbourn
    William Dearbourn 23 days ago

    And big ass baby gets even creepier

  • Mil 88Combat_Veteran
    Mil 88Combat_Veteran 23 days ago +9

    That Daniel Tosh girl is good looking. she should grow her hair out.

  • Jevon Shepherd
    Jevon Shepherd 23 days ago +5

    TRUMP 2020🇺🇸👍

    • Annie O'Neill
      Annie O'Neill 23 days ago +1

      @Michael Pondo Someone will be packing it, when he's in prison.

    • Michael Pondo
      Michael Pondo 23 days ago +1

      Eat trumps shit bitch.

    • Michael Pondo
      Michael Pondo 23 days ago +4

      Dick tater trump for prison 2020.

  • Mr Tibbs
    Mr Tibbs 23 days ago +24

    I think Fannie has hit the wall.

    • 420guy yodabitdabit
      420guy yodabitdabit 23 days ago +9

      @Fano Boss Fannie shows the pink while colostomy girl shows the stink amiright?

    • Fano Boss
      Fano Boss 23 days ago +6

      Agreed, she needs to show some pink at this point

    MICHOAK47N FERNANDEZ 23 days ago +1

    Fucken White People

  • Alexus Volkov
    Alexus Volkov 23 days ago +51

    Lol 'she carried her digestive system in a Ziploc bag'

  • MC Fat Wait
    MC Fat Wait 23 days ago +14

    *Don't like this comment please*

  • Mikey Cox
    Mikey Cox 23 days ago +3

    There's two in this Goddamn city.

  • Chad 1337P-De$tr0yer69

    Wait... did I just see tits?

  • William Kiltz
    William Kiltz 23 days ago +7

    Seen Tasha and glasses reminds me of many fashion mistakes made in the late 80s and early 90s

  • cris romero
    cris romero 23 days ago +19

    Haha Fannie again lol she's always there haha glad to see she and Daniel still keep in touch

  • Curtis Lowery
    Curtis Lowery 23 days ago +1

    But does she do anal

  • Chris Kim
    Chris Kim 24 days ago +1

    Needs more Glass

  • homicidal ideation
    homicidal ideation 24 days ago +7

    Trump 2020...keep on singing!!!

    • Michael Pondo
      Michael Pondo 23 days ago +1

      Fuck trump and his retarde supporters. Go get some brains tard. 2020 bernie.

    YEE CHRAVIS 24 days ago +62

    PoopBag Gurl is a good person. Kudos and doodoos

    • Sean Brennan
      Sean Brennan 23 days ago +3

      Its a really fucked up thing to deal with especially if youre young and single.shes got a great attitude.

    • Patrick Steinmark
      Patrick Steinmark 23 days ago +3

      @Kim Velez I give that girl big ups for being such a good sport in a difficult situation. She's a lovely lass and deserves happiness.

      YEE CHRAVIS 23 days ago +1

      @Kim Velez 🤜🤛🤣🤪🍑

    • Kim Velez
      Kim Velez 23 days ago +4

      I am a German trained Nurse and I worked on the oncology ward for many years. I've seen and worked with all kinds of ostomy systems, that is why I highly respect patients dealing with it. But still, this was a genius rhyme and for that...- I thank you 😉

      YEE CHRAVIS 23 days ago +3

      @Kim Velez my grandfather had a bag, rest his soul, and he would announce when he had to let air out. Imagine only farting once every two days but when you do its 27k farts

  • gn lilu
    gn lilu 24 days ago +2

    lol 😂 Tosh is something else!

    • Krisnarefa Agusta
      Krisnarefa Agusta 22 days ago +1

      Of course, he checks back in with former Tosh.0 guests including the bubble hat guy, the girl with the ostomy bag and the singer of “Hillary in the House" at the ToshCon, in the segment of the "Tosh.Oh, that's what they're up to now redemption reunion spectacular."

  • Jeff Eidson
    Jeff Eidson 24 days ago +31

    Sad to see no Todd Glass comments. That guy is great!

    • God as my witness
      God as my witness 23 days ago +3

      Just look at your own comment and the sadness will cease to exist!

  • H D
    H D 24 days ago +5

    7:20 lol i love Tosh's awkward reactions to his singing.