Alien: Covenant | Movie Review (Non Spoilers + Spoilers)

  • Published on May 24, 2017
  • Here's my review for Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant or as I call it Prometheus 2: David's Boogaloo!
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Comments • 595

  • pillsareyummy
    pillsareyummy Month ago

    From the (ludicrous) behavior of the characters, this film should have been called Alien: Dumb Cunts.

  • manu M
    manu M Month ago

    d u have tetas al i dont seeem

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago


  • Keith Johnston
    Keith Johnston 2 months ago

    film making at this level is a series of departments, usually these departments don't mingle with OTHER departments, they all have their own rules, budgets and laws. Ridley Scott obviously employs a GREAT art department and it looks as if a sizable portion of the budget is allocated to his art department, so THEY always do a great job....Ridley on the other hand as a director is just phoning it in these days, if you watch interviews with him throughout the years you will see he takes great pride in being on time and on budget. To Ridley he is just proud of HIS job making it all happen on time and on budget, due to loads of union laws and politics after a script is finished and approved he kinda has little say in it and can only focus on HIS job.

  • ygtffhjjgeggfwqq Jon Davis

    alachia, your great

  • Zockopa
    Zockopa 2 months ago

    Your absolutly right. Felt the same way. It was the same with Prometheus. Its just: WTF ?!

  • Rubin4749
    Rubin4749 3 months ago

    Scott's ruined Alien, and he ruined "Blade Runner". Why has it got Harrison Ford but no Sean Young?? Well, it's ok to have the crotchety Harrison Ford, but uh-oh, Sean Young look middle aged now. Oh God!!! Oh God!!!! A middle aged robot!!!! Aaaaaaaahhhh!!! She was the best part of the original film, they can't give her a REAL cameo?? 5 minutes of time written in?? Not watching it. EVER. They totally insulted her. Where were all the great "feminists" on that one. How about Famke Janssen being thrown to the curb as Jean Grey?? No "feminists" there either. So who hates looking at folded up skin more?? Men or women?? Don't see the "feminists" bitching about those 2 actresses being thrown in the dumpster.

  • elcoey
    elcoey 3 months ago +1

    In the original Alien, Ripley acts logically and competently throughout. She tries to maintain a safe level of quarantine when Kane is brought back to the ship however Ash undermines her and manually opens the bay door even though she had directly told Dallas and the others that they were not permitted to reenter the ship to due the potential dangers. Later during the film she remains calm and thoughtful even though theres a fucking monster locked on board with them. And her character was only a warrant officer. But the characters in covenant, who are supposedly responsible for the establishment of another human civiliziation, they completely shit on any opportunity to act rationally and cautiously in a way that would actually ensure the completion of their highly important mission.
    Youre 100% right about it ruining any tension and endearment the audience is meant to have for the protagonists.

    • Zockopa
      Zockopa 2 months ago


  • Amos Hermens
    Amos Hermens 5 months ago

    I really enjoyed the movie! But I am definitely in the minority relative to my friends - most of them hated both Prometheus and Covenant. I do agree with most of the posts here I thought they were going to the Engineers home planet. But in a way I'm glad they didn't.

  • Peter Vlčko
    Peter Vlčko 6 months ago

    to much visuals nice but i mean also less is sometimes more when it comes to creatures. and why was that fight with first alien on the planet necessary? it was not scary at all :)

  • Peter Vlčko
    Peter Vlčko 6 months ago

    you know what is funny some people say philosophical ideas are even in Rambo or Rocky but that does not make the movies good. or let say that those movies have them there just to make some shallow feelings like when you exploit story telling to make people sad about something cheaply. i just saying that many people defend this movies because philosophical depth. but they are not particularly created for that purpose imo they are planed to be horror movies with deep ideas while they are dump movies with ideas in it what make them very bad to digest. lol

  • Tomáš Bouzek
    Tomáš Bouzek 6 months ago

    I am so sorry, that I approved Ridley Scotts Prometheus and Alien: Covenenat project (originaly Prometheus 1 and 2) on 8 May 2006. Boths films are shit.... Sorry, guys.

  • Tom Oliver
    Tom Oliver 8 months ago

    I was so looking forward to the Engineers planet and finding answers from the first, which I enjoyed. Such a disappointment.

  • SL twentyeight
    SL twentyeight 9 months ago

    didnt see this movie cause i couldnt take the more of the same stupidity from Prometheus. like the mutated worm scene, among others

  • SatanKaputMachen
    SatanKaputMachen 10 months ago

    Sugar pants, i love you! You cute!

  • Zayne
    Zayne 10 months ago +1

    Outstanding review. Probably the best I've seen, and I thought I had seen them all.
    Note to sci-fi horror producers : Intelligent decisions *can* be made by investigative crews and the horror will be even *greater* when those intelligent decisions are overcome by resilient forces that defeat intelligence, not stupidity.
    At least in early (cut) Prometheus material we learn that Vickers actually hired lower quality personel in order to facilitate mission failure out of resentment for Weyland.
    Prometheus and Covenant were indeed both visual crack. Beautiful, artfully weaved cinematography and the substance in the storyline has *so* much potential to tantalize and fascinate that it is downright sickening to see such poor writing and such a massacre in cutting content. Whoever was in charge of the script must have also been in charge of cutting the film down to two hours because the same level of absurdity is reflected in material thatvwas selected to be cut or left ambiguous.
    First, The Engineer city was suppose to be dark and Gigeresque. Recently released Covenant concept art by Khang Le shows a much different film, with very intriguing images of the large albino Engineers from Prometheus and a Gigeresque world that must be woven into the potential sequel. Not that I disliked the Romanesque architecture we saw on Planet 4 in Covenant, its just that the origins of The Engineers and their culture need more depth and substance than what we got. This is a fascinating billion+ year old race with awe inspiring technology. A full 2.5-3 hour film could have expanded on some areas that were necessary to make it all fit and intrigue us more. But cheap ass studios cut, cut, cut.
    For one : the bombing scene. Just an epic scene. Visually great but with no peripherals to richen the meaning of it and captivate us. The studio wanted to cut that scene too, but anyway, cut content reveals the planet had (2) satellites at north & south poles that powered a protective forcefield over the planet. This was actually the source of the electronic disturbances. We see this forcefield briefly when the black goo canisters burst in the air around an invisible bubble. They cut the challenge of overcoming the forcefield, but left that bit in there. Poor editing. The beings below also operate a device that disables all ships on the planet. A failsafe measure to keep the pathogen from spreading off-world. This is what caused David's Juggernaut and the docking vessel to crash. You see, these people were prepared for such an event. In fact, they even operate an incinerator that torches all of the infected in the citadel as a measure to slow the spread. We the viewers are led to believe the pathogen cooked them somehow. Seeing no explanation for the charred husks. Even after knowing all that, how could such advanced beings create a substance, prepare for its intentional use yet still succumb to it? Bah, humbug.
    Amidst the comedy of horrors that were the Covenant crews decisions, not one of them showed any curiosity about this, you know, advanced race of humanoids way out in space. Who would not be fascinated by that discovery and who would not ask questions? Explore? A slap in the face to Prometheus fans who love the philosophical dimension of the questions posed and wanted an adventure into them. In earlier drafts the Covenant survivors explored the city some, finding a massive orrery statue that both resembled and appeared to be a tribute to the fascinating holographic navigation systems on the Juggernaut ships. This type of discovery makes the connection to their ancient roots as a questing, inventive and pioneering species in the universe. But no, lets just slaughter all possibility of quality character development or species origin development in one fail swoop ;-)
    David disguised as Walter. This is cool conceptually, but very poorly executed. Walter had the upper hand and David was getting his ass kicked. Reaching for a knife was cheap justification for a turnaround that was not believable. And Daniels is tending to wounds on David/Walters face that should have presumably healed, yet she does not realize this.
    I can appreciate different envisionings to where this story can go, and I do like the AI direction, but framing David as a broken robot who has been malfuntioning due to lack of maintenance is old and weak. Weyland said David would never grow old and would never die......he did not say "with maintenance".
    On AI and the Prometheus Engineers and city architecture details.....I suspect they are going along the lines of the albino/Prometheus Engineers being advanced organic AI that were created through some type of advanced cloning/DNA editing procedures by the beings we saw David exterminate on Planet 4. I believe Ridley Scott called those beings the "original Engineers" which opens up the door to them being more humanlike, having created their own vastly superior versions of David8 millions of years ago. Possibly as workhorses and sacrificial seeding vessels, but there was a rebellion and the Engineers we saw on LV-223 were gearing up to hit numerous humanoid seeded worlds in an epic universe-wide genocide in order to wipe out the creations of their creators, before they were ambushed and slaughtered 2,000 years ago by an as of yet mysterious attacker.
    Perhaps some of the sacrificial Engineers believed in their purpose and wanted to save the humanoid seeded worlds and ( in a mountaintop ritual over the temples on LV-223) injested a substance that morphed them into Deacons which then stormed the temples and rampaged the facilities. Wiping out almost all of the rebel Engineers. One Engineer gets a Juggernaut loaded with eggs into orbit but was infected with an ALIEN embryo during the battle and has to land on nearby LV-426. He sets the warning beacon as he enters LV-426's atmosphere, but just 100 feet from the ground he succumbs to the pain of the chestburster stirring inside him and loses control. Just as the massive vessel slams into the rocky mountainside the chestburster erupts from his chest.
    And the rest is history.....
    That would be a great flashback sequence to see in the final minutes of a 3rd and final prequel and I can see the rebel LV-223 Engineers having their own homeworld, which would be the Gigeresque world we see in Khang Le's concept art. A world that might actually be David's intended destination....mith a Covenant ship loaded with hundreds, if not thousands of Xenomorphs....

  • Michael Freed
    Michael Freed 10 months ago

    Alaichia, your analysis is more complete & more pen-minded than most. Most people get caught on their own preconceived notions of what this movie *should* have been. Can I add to what's wrong with this film? It bothers me. A lot.
    Without back story for exactly what David did, to Shaw, the Engineers & why, all we really have aside from Fassbender's amazing performance is another story of an AI going nuts in a human way, and we humans saying he goes immoral - when we have no reason to expect any morality to begin with.
    It's an AI.
    This is a mistake all technology goes bad themes make. If they go "immoral" in human terms, then they're less than what they were capable of. The Matrix is the ultimately stupid example of this. Why stay on Earth at all. In the Terminator series, they were programmed to eliminate the human threat. But not in the Matrix right?
    Back to *this* film. With nothing behind David's madness made clear, and these Xenomorphs being CGI, having no characterization, and not advancing the story, we only have the crew. And they edited out what little character development was originally there.
    This made them nothing but CGI fodder.
    Think of it: did we need to see the Xeno kill the wounded woman *and* the floating head in the fountain? One *or* the other, right?
    So, we have no character development, no empathy for anyone, the only story of interest, David's being deplorably incomplete, Oram's nonsense imagining that he wasn't given command because he wasn't trusted, yet being second in command, that making it seem like The Company *did* make horrible decisions (much like corporations do today, followers, not thinkers), and an entire crew that *refuses to* have any characterization!
    Think of it: even if the deleted scenes of Daniels interacting with Mother & the 4 & 1/2 minute crew interaction scene hadn't been edited out, how much more stupid would they all have looked for not examining where David led them, not asking him if his citadel was safe from the Xenomorphs or if they needed additional precautions, not asking about the dead bodies, and only Daniels hearing Walter say "I'll go talk to him."
    They don't ask where Shaw is either.
    It's like no one checked the final script for inconsistencies.
    With all those lacks - especially with no crew back story, this entire movie could have been encapsulated in a fifteen minute narration opening the *next* movie. Seriously: if the crew's stories weren't important, then what was this movie about? David discovering he's not as perfect as he thought?
    *That* could have been shown in the next movie too.
    We don't need to know *who* David caught to use for his experiments, do we? That doesn't advance the story at all.
    Did you also hear? Apparently, even though it's taking him five years to put these movies out, Ridley Scott barred the making of any continuing Alien movies for not wanting them to detract from his own. There was a Neill Blomkamp Alien 5 in the works and Scott used his influence to have it scrapped, even though, obviously, stories about the *future* of Alien could not affect his prequels.
    What a little bitch!
    Really liked your intro here - asking Hollywood why we can't have both, and "David's Boogaloo." Sadly, there really wasn't anything else to this movie.

  • Marina Melinda Rivera
    Marina Melinda Rivera 11 months ago

    Haha David be like: There’s no sign of intelligent life anywhere!
    Let the experiments begin lol

  • Marina Melinda Rivera
    Marina Melinda Rivera 11 months ago

    I thought the ending was perfect, I liked how they played with the fact Walter and David were twins and it was David’s coming to terms, I felt sad for Walter but I think the ending is a way of making the bridge for the third installment (in theory)

  • Marina Melinda Rivera
    Marina Melinda Rivera 11 months ago

    That’s literally how I felt!!! The visuals were amazing lol but Fassbender can’t make a good movie unless Mcavoy is involved lol. I was soooo disappointed by the story, I could tell what they were going for....but the story wasn’t as good as the visuals

  • Theyungcity23
    Theyungcity23 11 months ago

    There's no way they are going to explicitly connect it back to the original. They are essentially a separate set of movies.

  • Wonko Sane
    Wonko Sane Year ago

    Do you like to watch or experience? Oh baby...!

  • DomainofDotArt
    DomainofDotArt Year ago

    You could call the white Xenomorph the "Slendermorph". Also the reason all these crews make so many mistakes is because they only go on one mission their entire lives they don't have any real experience to deal with the issues they face.

  • Blue G
    Blue G Year ago

    Why can't I have both, Hollywood? You can tell this movie was made for today's moviegoers because there's this moment in Covenant when the xenomorph stands still as if it was thinking about taking a selfie.

  • txmoney
    txmoney Year ago

    Based on your review, I would love to watch Alien Covenant again to understand what you were talking about with regards to the visuals. I don’t recall being particularly blown away by the visuals. I mean, it was good but nothing stand out.
    I would love to rewatch, but the movie was so shit, it would be torture for me to rewatch.

  • Deplorable Sith
    Deplorable Sith Year ago

    Great review - I have to agree with you. The visuals were amazing. The story was okay. The crew ruined it with their dumb decisions.

  • RETiredGM
    RETiredGM Year ago

    Every alien movie is crewed by red shirts. They are fine UNTIL they go down to the planet. Ridiculous!
    Yeah, this movie broke my heart. I saw Alien in the theater. The "monster" was indeed scary, but the universe was what drew me in. Alien 2 was a great action movie, but didn't give me enough story.
    Prometheus kinda gave me what I wanted but dropped the ball in the last quarter. I wanted Alien Covenant to clean up the faults of Prometheus. Shed some light only to reveal an even bigger universe. Nope. It failed.
    After watching your analysis, I'm thinking how hard it must be to surprise scifi fans. We've come a loooong way since those corny, pre NASA, movies back in the day. I'm not making excuses for the terrible script and plot. Holy crap.
    They should have just gave us more Space Jockey/Engineer, and less psycho David. Maybe the aliens got out of hand, but in a different twist that doesn't tread on old tropes and cliches (Engineer/human live interests, Predators, talking Aliens, the Corporation has been in back channel communications with the Engineers for a few hundred years, the aliens are slaves and just want their civil rights (the aliens are clearly black, the Engineer are clearly... You get the point.
    They could have shed just a little more light on the origins of man, the messages found all over the world, the apparent policy memo changes that earth humans didn't get over the last several million years, that Jesus was a space engineering/human mixtape but he was born black so the engineers, being racist, abandoned earth fearing millions of years of back child support. Stuff like that.
    Seriously, I just think it's damn hard to wow us with all we've seen in damn near 100 years of science fiction.
    It like every year the three point line is pushed back further and further, making a goal that much harder to achieve.

  • SuperN0va
    SuperN0va Year ago

    "The Others" is one of those rare horror/suspense/thrillers wherein the characters aren't monumentally stupid, and the story does indeed work without that threadbare cliche.. It would be nice if, in 2018, directors stop relying on well-worn tropes such as idiotic characters constantly making illogical decisions. Someone should hold a meeting about this.

  • Dean Drake
    Dean Drake Year ago

    I agree with you who would go to any planet without testing for biological pathogens or wildlife or even plant life to support a colony ? The first Alien Ripley was the only one who wanted to decontaminate the crew and quarantine other alien movie did that......the thing I tripped on was the spore pod the sopres infecting through the nasal passage and ear canal I thought was different kinda scary.....but no space suits no protection at all kinda bazzar......but better than "the last Jedi" and yeah I hope there is another alien movie

  • Felipe M
    Felipe M Year ago

    You have to be insane to enroll of a trip like that.

  • paxwallacejazz
    paxwallacejazz Year ago

    I feel no need to drop a dime on this film. Can't believe you didn't love Blade Runner 2049 that kinda pissed me off. Well I didn't unsubscribe.

  • paxwallacejazz
    paxwallacejazz Year ago

    You mean it's not the continuation of Prometheus? You know they don't go back to earth. You're right about a well realized space vessel. I was wondering why you were singing that ridiculous song. Yeah the original crew is concerned with possible contamination.

  • paxwallacejazz
    paxwallacejazz Year ago

    Have not seen it yet.

  • mudbutton2
    mudbutton2 Year ago

    This movie was confused. About as confused as Scott seems to be about what's gone on in it. Another disappointing movie that could have been interesting and answered some of the questions raised by others in the series, but which turned into another slasher flick. Yawn....

  • Rak Nay
    Rak Nay Year ago

    I hate the ending because I saw an hour before.
    When they are going to scape and David fought Walter I knew exactly everything will happen
    After that was a predictable cliche after another.

  • Daniel DeMayo
    Daniel DeMayo Year ago

    Those CGI aliens were horrible though.....Oddly enough my fav. part was the flute scenes lol Why do they keep trying to put in a new "Ripley" just to kill them off or not even come close?

  • Rock-E Oldboy
    Rock-E Oldboy Year ago


  • George Murrell
    George Murrell Year ago

    Because it is in the script.

  • Jail Corruption
    Jail Corruption Year ago

    She look hot. Wow!

  • George Barrett
    George Barrett Year ago

    Hi Alachia.. did you do a seperate "Prometheus" review that I can't find?.. (you guess it.. I'm not overly computer proficient)

  • George Barrett
    George Barrett Year ago

    Tsk Tsk.. What a shame.. All of that top rate ciematography, wasted.. And I was so sure that it would be even better than "Prometheus".. Don't blame Ridley guys, I think he had somewhere worked with the script writer before and the Prometheus+Alien mix most likely wasn't Scott's agenda (the outcome was just TOO stupid.. unless he was suddenly stricken with a full blown case of Parkinson's+Alzhiemer's 2gether) and he gave Logan too much reign which he now regrets. The Alien parts should've been a film unto it's own, you're all correct.
    The original Prometheus itself could have been masterpiece level if they had given the further attention to the mltiple thematic avenues that the specific ideologies/philosophies being explored needed, more room to breath and fall into a relaxed, more comprehensive order allowing further exploration/development, another 1/2 hr-45'.
    I was really hoping for deeper diving and expansion of the many subject matter introduced in the original.. And I CAN'T believe that Noomi wasn't an integral key if not the lead again here.. I honestly can't imagine anyone else nailing Shaw as did Rapace.. Not Charlize not Jollie not anyone was as fresh and right on as Noomi.. And seeing imagery of her and hearing her voice only served to to irritate me to fullest, recalling the far better show. Consarnit, do they purposely bait you when it comes to the man-God-son-spirit themed circle, and then only to tear it up in your face?

  • Bytemare
    Bytemare Year ago

    I simply loved both, the story and ofcourse the visuals. Will watch it many more times in the time to come :) If you didn't like the story/script...fine, but everyone has their own opinion and I'm so glad I enjoyed both.

  • sprudelgolem
    sprudelgolem Year ago

    I liked that moment when she realized Walter was actually David but there's nothing she can do because she's about to go into hypersleep and he will probably do terrible things to everybody. That was a good horror moment, but it was an isolated spot in a sea of bad writing.
    Something I didn't like was that David had the same scar from the fight between the two androids that Walter had, bad nobody had seen them fight, so he had the scar just for the audience. I don't know, that kinda stood out to me.

  • Mike Shepard
    Mike Shepard Year ago

    ruined ... Scott pulls a G Lucas now... .-(

  • Rob's Hobbys
    Rob's Hobbys Year ago +1

    Alachia Queen - You give a solid review! Ridley Scott really did forget the Science in the Fiction. A perfect planet they know nothing about, "lets go without space suits!" "Ya, step on mushrooms and ahhhh who cares"!! 200k dead Engineers deep fried or extra crispy, ehh forget about that and creepy long haired David's room of horror's? Still no questions? Stasis pods with their own BBQ units right inside?WTF?WHY?
    True the visuals are great and on par with the Hobbit/LOTR's and the new Star Wars movie's, but those aren't enough for me to watch this blood bath. If I want visuals I'll look at the stars or watch fireworks. I come to a Sci-Fi movie expecting smart, intelligent choices and a story with questions. For example the movies (Moon, Sunshine, [insert more] can't think right now) Sci-fi movies should keep you thinking and not put your brain to sleep. BTW: If you've not seen either movies mentioned above, go do so! They are intelligent, great visuals, and just all around good.
    Alien movies have a tradition of STRONG female leads, Ripley, Shaw, Daniels..... wait scratch that last one. She was so mousey and frankly quite stupid in her decision making. They killed off Ripley in Aliens III( IMO:the worst movie in the Alien's movie EVER). Before Alien III you had 2 great movies where people are making smart choices and not just walking into closed doors left and right. In Aliens Ripley conquers her fear of the Xenomorph's and is filled with motherly instinct to kick butt and save Newt. Shaw loses her lover, has an Alien baby cut out of her body and she still goes on. Despite all she has lost she doesn't fold over and cry. She wants to know WHY damnit :)
    I really liked Prometheus and it did take me a bit to warm to it, but Alien: Covenant I never will. Having a strong female to step in when the guys drop the ball is something that is insulting to think that in the future 200 years every women isn't going to be on the same level with Men? That's just plain silly to think gender inequality will live on more than another generation. However, we have Mousey Daniels playing the weakly female part perfectly.
    This movie isn't even really about her or anyone else except David, Walter, and the messed up Aliens David created. Micheal Fassbender is one stand out saving grace in this chamber pot of a movie. He jumps from Walter to David and back again flawlessly and without a hitch. It's just to bad that he really won't get much credit for it. I think this should of been called Alien V: A No Hope. Brainless, bloodbath. I give the movie a D+
    Sorry if I got a little TLDR. I just feel so let down by this movie. Maybe I should make my own review? I really liked your's and I like your channel so I Sub'ed. Till next time "_:

  • Matadorstudio
    Matadorstudio Year ago

    I don't know why people hated this movie, I thought it was good.

  • swordplusone
    swordplusone Year ago

    If the crew of the USS Enterprise beamed down to the surface of an unknown planet without environmental suits on, moviegoers wouldn't complain about the crew's stupidity. No one would even raise an eyebrow. Y'all should cut the Covenant's crew some slack. I mean, c'mon, they don't know they're in an Alien movie.

    • Alachia Queen
      Alachia Queen  Year ago

      The Enterprise is an exploration vehicle. Its purpose is to seek out other life forms.. not to create a viable colony for other humans to inhabit. That's a pretty big difference.

  • David Evans
    David Evans Year ago

    What?? No suspension of disbelief for idiotic colonist? 20th Century Fox will let you review Prometheus 3 script, it will be delivered in a pulsating alien egg, stoop over and take a look. :)

  • Aristotelis Papageorgiou

    I believe that "Pandorum" is a SciFi movie where protocol is followed and yet catastrophe occurs...

  • Rain Winberg
    Rain Winberg Year ago

    In much of the review I will agree with Alachia. Watching the movie my biggest beef was the human stupidity and how forgettable they were, in one scene we see a picture of the whole crew smiling and I actually had to stop and try to figure out who the different characters were.
    However, though most people complain about that all (or almost all) the crew are married, it is actually a bit clever to me. If they were going to colonize a planet married couples will probably procreate sooner.
    The sheer amount of "twists" I was able to guess was also a bit disappointing, Oram is captain now? Well he's gonna overrule everyone else, ignore the original mission and be a bit of a dick. Married couple talk about seeing each other soon? well, she's a goner then. David cuts his hair to look like Walter? I bet he's gonna take his place and kill the other.
    It is not that I dislike that David turned out to kill Walter, but I had been waiting for that reveal for what felt like hours at that point. They could have skipped some of the scenes basically pointing an arrow at David blinking and glowing "THIS IS THE BAD GUY".

  • SuperBrokenFingers

    Even tho the movies she picks to sucker, are sucker ass movies with bad stories.

  • SuperBrokenFingers

    You look like a Power Rangers fan from 1996 more than a queen of "paying for my lunch" slave! Why do you talk about...ANYTHING?

  • SuperBrokenFingers

    Hey, sooooo....who gave you the title of Queen????????

  • Raiken Xion
    Raiken Xion Year ago

    great visuals, great music, great review

  • Mojokilljoy ricklesmits

    A little late but I think Pandorum does a great job showing a competent crew up against a madman, imo it's the one of the best sci fi horror films since event horizon but they make some defenantly questionable decisions in that movie.

  • konroth rec.
    konroth rec. Year ago

    you cant have both because hey cant deliver . simple as that .

  • Ian P
    Ian P Year ago

    All a willing audience member requires is a vague excuse to suspend disbelief so that they can enjoy the movie. Something this stupid simply makes it impossible. Ridley seems to think that he has actually invented the very concept of bacteria, ladles on pointless biblical allusions, cannot create a character arc, understand basic good humor... the full Lucas. Drives me crazy. Good writers seem to get absolutely no respect in the industry.

  • Pris Stratton Fam

    Alien Poop xD

  • Henrik Rothen
    Henrik Rothen Year ago

    Good summary. Great visuals, extremely disappointing script.

  • jocko11111
    jocko11111 Year ago

    Hey QUEEN ALACHIA!......You did not understand Alien Covenant at all, it was a throw back to the Hammer films...think about it.
    It was Vincent Price meets DR Mengele in his evil castle. That is why the people and the script seemed like they did to you.
    The film you were hoping for would have been boring and flat and depressed.

  • Megaroad77
    Megaroad77 Year ago

    Hello Alachia, I recently just watched the movie with my 14 year old niece, and I agree with you a lot, the part where they come down to the planet without protective clothing is so stupid that one can not avoid telling the movie "why they do that? " Because they do not send a zonda or robot first ? Why the captain goes to the planet? could not the others alone? So many mistakes !!! Even my niece already wanted them all to die for idiots, lol! But I must add that we then came to youtube to see some theories and we found the scenes deleted and many of them should have been in the movie, there are several where Walter interacts with the protagonist and there he sees that he cared for her, something that In the film is not seen at all, that's why when David tells Walter "you care about her" for me it did not make sense, if you can look for those scenes and also it seems that with the Bluray will leave some scenes before and after the Film, that if it is as some TVcliprs say, David will give a speech or message to Weyland companies and that will join more the film to what comes, apparently this video is called Alien Covenant Advient, sounds interesting, the wig was entertaining but without any compassion With most of the crew and everyone would have died nobody would mind that for me is a big mistake.

  • Sukhbir Sekhon
    Sukhbir Sekhon Year ago

    How come in Alien they have freighters that bring minerals from other planets to Earth but in the past as in prequels they send people to other planets. If Earth is failing why not move everybody to another planet.

  • Cyberdactyl
    Cyberdactyl Year ago

    First, wow, that is a most excellent review. I agree with 98% of your opinion.
    The only thing I disagree with is your objection to them going to the 'mystery plant'. No one went to Origae 6. They remotely evaluated it, most likely from the Sol system, so their evaluation is tentative at best. The black navigator said the 'mystery planet' was "square in the habitable zone, with 0.96g, land masses, oceans, high likelihood of biosphere" AND most importantly, "It's Beyond your most optimistic projections for Origae 6". Add to that, it was only a "few weeks" out of their way. A complete no-brainer to at least take a closer look.
    However, I couldn't agree more, the deal breaker and loss of immersion for me is when they stepped off the ship with out environmental protection. The film changed completely for me at that point.

  • Deaneo
    Deaneo Year ago

    Just watched it and had to come and check in with you straight away!! Hahaha! You confirmed everything I thought about it. Visually stunning, potentially interesting continuation of parts of Prometheus. All that though being completely ruined by terrible storytelling and hilariously stupid characters. It very rarely happens but this movie actually made me scream in anger in a couple of parts. I agree that it would be kinda interesting to see how they would link this all up to Alien but to be honest I would much prefer to see a Blomkamp take on Aliens! Which we came close to getting.

  • Mr. Donutman
    Mr. Donutman Year ago

    So I dig the channel, but I always feel like you're about to burst into tears when you're talking.

  • Donald Schumacher

    C+ no way I would be pressed to give it a D. Like you said how in the would did these STUPID people get get picked to run this ship. I could not get past that. I stayed away from anything about this movie so when i watched it I knew very little about it. It played out just like I thought same movie as Alien with a little different ending.

  • Adrian Conlon - Editor

    I loved the film in many ways but I 100% agree with you. This is probably my favourite review of the film. Highly critical but entirely constructive and fair. Perhaps you will do another review in a couple of years time. I would be interested to hear you thoughts again.

  • Arthur Leung
    Arthur Leung Year ago

    this movie was so frustrating to watch. i totally agree, the script sucked, the characters just made horrendously stupid decisions.

  • Bender Rodriguez
    Bender Rodriguez Year ago


  • sommer camp
    sommer camp Year ago

    ...And the covenant looks like 200 years more advanced than, for example, the sulaco (witch is actually 200 years more advanced)

  • sommer camp
    sommer camp Year ago

    ...And there's just one good alien prequel: Alien: Isolation (videogame)!

  • sommer camp
    sommer camp Year ago

    And the terrible looking creatures (in Prometheus)!

  • sommer camp
    sommer camp Year ago

    They should rename all movies: David, Davids, David III and David: Resurraction!

  • Zatzzo
    Zatzzo Year ago

    Do you think they should wear helmets on every planet they visit in star trek? what about starship troopers? what about contact? what about pretty much the entire sci fi genre? also going back into the pods would be no big deal? you noticed many people on the ship just died right?

  • theflywho
    theflywho Year ago

    Bless you for this review. I'm all "what Alachia said"

  • 22grena
    22grena Year ago

    This film was even shittier than Prometheus and I didn't think that was possible. The scriptwriter needs to pick a new profession.

  • RVL480 Van
    RVL480 Van Year ago

    Officially, this movie is the Fan4stic of the Alien series! Just fucking atrocious!

  • Foe SemOneThree
    Foe SemOneThree Year ago

    Should only liked the ending because she hated the characters. That's not how it should work lol. That movie was so fucking stupid.

  • TrevRockOne
    TrevRockOne Year ago

    I haven't seen the film, but I'm impressed that you know your Wagner

  • Robots In Boxes
    Robots In Boxes Year ago

    The Aliens always had a quick gestation and growth cycle but in this "film" they gestated and grew to adult in like 5 fucking minutes- and why did they change the growth cycle of the zenomorph, its suppose to be a snake thing when it first comes out---LAME

  • thanos naclor
    thanos naclor Year ago

    When i ask people why they didn't like alien:covenant, they always say that the crew was a bunch of idiots that took the most foolish decision just like you, Alachia Queen, say. I cant stand it man. That's not a reason not to like a movie because even if they were idiots they were genuine and realistic idiots. In other words, i dont have a problem with decision make process if it is not right or silly as far as it remains realistic. I believe that the actors transfered the right feeling when they took their foolish decisions. Secondly, i wanna say that this foolish human profile added to the philosophical argument of the existence of superior beings. People seemed more helpless and naive confonting the higher existence of the absolute evil, just like it happens at lovecraft's writings, because of this depiction that you disagree with.

  • Jester123ish
    Jester123ish Year ago

    Thank you very much for your great review, and kudos for not blaming Ridley Scott for the script, people seem to think he does the entire movie by himself.
    Welcome to the world of modern movie making where the story exists to connect the scenes they want to have.....too bad if as an audience it doesn't make sense.

  • Rangatiratūmeke
    Rangatiratūmeke Year ago

    Aye girl, a terrible script it has. Shame.

  • Simba Tre
    Simba Tre Year ago

    just subbed the film crew members stupidity pissed me off aswell

  • the evil shed
    the evil shed Year ago

    they should cut there loses. just scrap the past 2 films and have will smith wake up (everything in the past 2 movies was just a dtream) then jump out the window.

  • Jeb Jub
    Jeb Jub Year ago

    i don't understand where the second xenomorph came from? The first came from the captain who got lured into the basement by David. Was another crewmember facehugged?

  • Viv W
    Viv W Year ago

    you are a babe, but stop cutting your own fringe :) Alien: Covenant 'In space, no-one can hear you scream...for a refund'.

  • clifford terrell
    clifford terrell Year ago

    hey have you seen orphan black I love it what do think

  • Chun-Bonn Tang
    Chun-Bonn Tang Year ago

    you are cute and into sci fi horror movies, which is rare and cool :)
    ok, back to your review. I fully agree that most hollywood movies either offer a visual manifest or a good story without much happening visually.
    though in terms of visuals, several scenes of the Xenomorph and the Neomorph looked like cheap CGI. i mean this is supposed to be a block buster movie and there were several scenes where i thought we have CGI from 1990s standards.
    they should have gone for puppets and suits more and showing the beasts where they are is not scary at all. The characters are not likeable but onedimensipnal like in most cheap b movies.

  • Angus Young
    Angus Young Year ago

    Wrong. It was incredibly dull to look at.

  • James Valt
    James Valt Year ago

    What piss me off about these movies is how stupid human beings still are even in the the scene where the first encounter somethings wrong and they cant formulate the obvious.. alien fuckingh planet? Hello. I know this is a mechanism to help the thriller aspect but l think its an insult to this eras movie goer.

  • New Rule Media
    New Rule Media Year ago

    FAILien Covenant...?

  • LaBass666
    LaBass666 Year ago

    One thing I didn't like about prometheus/covenant visuals is that it seems soooo futuristic and high-fi, if you remember the original 2 movies it really shows this low-fi, analog screen, big buttons kind of consoles and just overall less technologically developed tech, which kind of jars me!

  • elnubnub
    elnubnub Year ago

    i love the fact that she don't need to use one of those ''mic'' vlogger use.... like if a mic could make you sound smarter

  • Mikheal Sierra
    Mikheal Sierra Year ago

    I can kinda see it as a setup for an aliens esk sequel thing. I pray it ain't awful

  • Chuckles Helicopter Wigwam Jones

    I thoroughly enjoyed most aspects of this movie. That being said, it was kind of a disappointment, and all of the criticisms you brought up are most certainly valid. I wouldn't say it's a great movie, but there are things there to appreciate.

  • Peter Haywood
    Peter Haywood Year ago

    In spite of all of its flaws, I really loved Covenant. To me it's a stark comment on the amorality of nature and very low place that humankind occupies in the universe. To me the film is an accurate prediction as the fate which will befall mankind -we will likely create machines which will overtake us. We will not have dominion over nature, we will not have dominion over our own machines, we will not have dominion over other species, and we will not have dominion over ourselves. Ultimately, we will be just one minor, relatively insignificant link in an evolutionary chain which will ultimately amount to nothing. To me, this is the strongest theme in the movie. Utterly bleak, but satisfying. Yes, it would have been even better if the humans had a bit more intelligence, or if the humans had displayed some sense of a good reason why they would be good candidates to survive and flourish going forward. Then, the same case of our ultimate evolutionary dead end would have been even stronger. Or, the movie might have been even more compelling if, by some quirk of fate (supernova, gamma ray burst or whatever) that might have (temporarily) stayed their execution, in spite of their having little merit for this.
    What I'm now waiting for, in the next movie, is to find some compelling counterpoint when David and Walter meet again -though I expect to be disappointed.
    Lastly, I was hoping that Covenant would have tied in the theme of corporate control over the actions of the synthetics -which was an interesting aspect of Alien. We are all just pawns in a game of corporate control (yet another them which is ripe for exploration).

  • Amiga Wolf
    Amiga Wolf Year ago

    It was a shit movie, it was awful, he (Ridley Scott) destroys mythology of the Aliens, and acting was NOT top notch, all the people were morons in this movie.
    And why if you find the movie shit, why do you want to see it again?
    Sorry i do not want to see a movie again if i really do not like it, and who gives a **** about great visuals in a movie, if it's a bad made movie?
    If i want to see great visuals, i gone see a good nature movie, and not this movie.

    • Amiga Wolf
      Amiga Wolf Year ago

      There are more then enough movies in space that are MUCH better then this crap of a movie, why waist your time with a shitty movie when there are better one's.

    • Alachia Queen
      Alachia Queen  Year ago

      why do I want to see it again? ...because I like being in space. :)

  • Zatzzo
    Zatzzo Year ago

    Alien Covenant is AWESOME

  • Psimple Gamer
    Psimple Gamer Year ago

    Sounds like it's yet another science fiction movie about the evils of creating artificial intelligence which computer scientists will ignore until robots kill us all.