Growing Up Asian


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  • R A J
    R A J 16 minutes ago

    Can you talk about immortality

  • Jeff Orta
    Jeff Orta 43 minutes ago

    I got an allowance. I was allowed to live in my parents house, I was allowed to use the water to shower, and I was allowed to use the run the electric bill up playing video games.

  • Baby Narwhal
    Baby Narwhal 48 minutes ago

    #317 on trending

  • Nate Animates
    Nate Animates Hour ago

    NE Pacific Mall Customers Be Like....
    Like this if your'e from phillipines..

  • AZNYoshi
    AZNYoshi Hour ago

    if i was bad my dad would break my toys

  • Dizzy Gamer
    Dizzy Gamer Hour ago

    Im asian...

    *Me AsIaN FaMilY DoNT Is SliPPeRs WeAR, wE IS EmBRaCe COlD FlOOr*

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  • Ganta Kanata
    Ganta Kanata 2 hours ago +1

    so your dogs name is jeje
    dont ask me why i know this but isnt jeje in chinese mean dick ?

  • lugia 2
    lugia 2 2 hours ago

    Your filipino

  • Carol McFarland
    Carol McFarland 2 hours ago

    You need to make a song because theodd1sout and jaiden animation did

  • Veronica Rodriguez
    Veronica Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    I only get allowance in the summer for passing school lol

  • peyton nguyen
    peyton nguyen 2 hours ago

    I'm asian aswell

  • YourWorst NIGHTMARE!
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  • Boby Bezizi
    Boby Bezizi 2 hours ago

    Domics strange question but.. where u at africa lately cause i saw someone similar to you there ?

  • feerless wolf
    feerless wolf 2 hours ago

    your second sylabal is eeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhh lol

  • S-Valas 616
    S-Valas 616 3 hours ago

    It seems that Finnish and Asian cultures are pretty similar! I could relate to some of these :D

  • Anindya Chakravarty
    Anindya Chakravarty 3 hours ago

    The Skyrim reference in 7:06 xD

  • Jenn Nguyen
    Jenn Nguyen 3 hours ago

    Super episode 😉

  • Jiaqi Xiang
    Jiaqi Xiang 4 hours ago

    8:23 he sounds like JianHao Tan

  • FreakyFlaws 8000
    FreakyFlaws 8000 4 hours ago

    I have to do Kumon as well...

  • Eman 27
    Eman 27 5 hours ago

    My allowance is $5 a week and I actually have to do chores and stuff for it

  • Millie The Mouse-bat
    Millie The Mouse-bat 5 hours ago

    My brother always leaves his shoes on my bed >:C
    Almost im not even white. Im a very small portion of white actually.

  • Tara Parissay
    Tara Parissay 5 hours ago

    Kumon gang

  • Obed Arana
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  • Colla GameShow
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  • Colla GameShow
    Colla GameShow 6 hours ago

    You call your mom your mom . I'll call my OM and dad Dad

  • Kuburu
    Kuburu 7 hours ago

    My parents told me that i cant have a gf until i will be married

  • I is doggo
    I is doggo 7 hours ago

    12:14 that is the sound of a poltergeist

  • Max Chin
    Max Chin 7 hours ago

    Are you Korean

  • Kuburu
    Kuburu 7 hours ago

    I take my shoes im house too, every person i know does it too, and i dont live in europe

  • JFF Thura Productions
    JFF Thura Productions 8 hours ago

    My Asian brothers

  • ELYESA Celebi
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  • Hello
    Hello 9 hours ago

    Domics please make a video about Steve I still wonder why you hated him

  • Anna Crane
    Anna Crane 9 hours ago

    im not asian, but i do NOT where shoes in my house. I HATE IT

  • Genevieve Cai
    Genevieve Cai 10 hours ago

    Whenever I went to my friends' houses for dinner it just felt weird to have a single plate with everything on it and a fork and a knife. Cuz I usually eat with a bowl of rice, chopsticks, and all the vegetables in the middle

  • Random Pat
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  • Random Pat
    Random Pat 10 hours ago

    12:13 DANK MEMES

  • John 3:36
    John 3:36 11 hours ago

    What happens after we die? I made a website to find out the answers here:

  • 5c10n Fr3qu3ncy
    5c10n Fr3qu3ncy 11 hours ago

    Its callled ba on baooon?

  • 5c10n Fr3qu3ncy
    5c10n Fr3qu3ncy 11 hours ago

    Im asian as well filipino

  • Yentsen Sherpa
    Yentsen Sherpa 12 hours ago

    I’m Asian and my parents do the same thing

  • KoalaKero89
    KoalaKero89 12 hours ago

    I love this video. Plz do more.

  • Anthea de Waal
    Anthea de Waal 13 hours ago

    DOMICS!!! Saw you on Fine Bros react!!! That is AWESOME! Since I saw that you love destructive videos and impressive furniture... Maybe make a video of the random things you love to watch?

  • itz me ari
    itz me ari 13 hours ago

    true when i write a letter saying sorry to someone older than me
    they would alway's show me my mistake
    my dad also kicked me out when i was a kid just cuz i got a "low grade"

  • Jason Williams
    Jason Williams 14 hours ago

    I'm not trying to be funny but I doubt this is an accurate representation of what it's like to grow up being an Asian. What you guys are Asians growing up as Americans. Different situations. To grow up Asians meant you live in Asia. My partner is Korean. She has told me what it was like to grow up there. Extremely populated, extremely strict, school and college studying that lasts 15 hours a day. Work is no different, even worse. I saw it when I went to China and Japan as well because my mum lived there too. Growing up as an Asian in America isn't growing up as an Asian mate. You may have visited there on holidays or as a small child you lived there, but I highly doubt you struggled with harsh reality of growing up in strict Asian countries. It's why your wealthy parents moved you to the USA and why you had an abundance of good and slippers lol...

  • Danish Mirza
    Danish Mirza 15 hours ago

    Even tho this is just drawing this made me die of laughter HHAHAHAH great video

  • Eni Kinder
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  • Dakotaz Fortnite
    Dakotaz Fortnite 15 hours ago +1

    Hey Domics Wolfychu liked this video

  • Cupcake101204
    Cupcake101204 17 hours ago

    8:03 it means I’m hungry, right?

  • AVideo Gam3r
    AVideo Gam3r 17 hours ago

    Wait ... is it £2.75 a month or ... £275 a month.... that's a... a ... A LOT
    Well technically it's £159 but that's still alot

  • Joshua shin
    Joshua shin 17 hours ago

    wait i'm Korean too
    and I did Kumon too
    안녕하세요 :)


    i have some classmates who forget what you call people from the philippines are called so instead of calling me a filipino they call my philippinean, like, WHAT?

  • Cookie Monster 12345
    Cookie Monster 12345 18 hours ago

    I’m African American and I don’t have an allowance.

  • Slush It
    Slush It 18 hours ago

    I got bullied for being Korean because I moved to America.

  • wolfgirl 303
    wolfgirl 303 18 hours ago

    No not trow the drawings away parents 👋😭🖐

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  • thepurplepichu 21
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  • thepurplepichu 21
    thepurplepichu 21 19 hours ago

    8:54 Rock lee use ur taijutsu to get down

  • Mila Burhanzai
    Mila Burhanzai 19 hours ago

    I can relate SO MUCH! To almost all of these. I’m half Vietnamese and Half Afghan. I get so triggered when my non-Asian friends go on their beds with their shoes on I’m like dude you’re gonna get your bed dirty. So that’s why I’m so comfortable with my shoes off, and I have to put on slippers.

  • Chris Payne
    Chris Payne 19 hours ago

    I died laughing at 12:06

  • HUH
    HUH 19 hours ago

    You just earned a subscriber. I am Korean and I will feed you until one of us is tired. I made all my roomates in university fat. My record is one guy who gained 15lbs from me feeding him for one semester.

  • rarri 246
    rarri 246 20 hours ago

    Yes we need more of these animated podcasts

  • Bass Wave Gamer
    Bass Wave Gamer 20 hours ago

    I'm Asian and I can relate to every thing in this video....

  • I Gacha Ocean
    I Gacha Ocean 21 hour ago

    Ur so true

  • I Gacha Ocean
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  • Akshay V
    Akshay V 21 hour ago

    R u getting ready with the new video bros I'm exited.Its been 2 weeks

  • Ninmikey01
    Ninmikey01 21 hour ago

    That foot wear etiquette was ingrained into my very soul. I've gotten so used to switching between shoes, indooor and outdoor slippers that when I visit friends' homes I always try taking off shoes when they tell me its fine to keep wearing them I feel weird. This video reminded me that I need to get new slippers. Thanks for the upload and have a nice day.

    CHEYANN WOOLCOTT 21 hour ago

    i died when the mom threw the shoe at the brother and said you can cash that in later

    DASH THE NOOB 21 hour ago

    Im pilipino XD marunong ako mag tagalog xd

  • PurpleLink Plays
    PurpleLink Plays 21 hour ago

    Is this dom’s last video?

  • CalToons
    CalToons 22 hours ago

    So Relatable!

  • ghostie7790
    ghostie7790 22 hours ago

    I think most these things are typical of most cultures (except white westerners).

  • Sammanthat Montamez Guardian

    I'm Mexican so pocke Es Como si.

  • Amelia Lynn
    Amelia Lynn 22 hours ago

    12:30 tho 😂😂😂

  • Amanda Tu
    Amanda Tu 22 hours ago

    I'm Asian too. Curiosity: Who else stores pots and pans in their ovens?

  • Trix Bot
    Trix Bot 22 hours ago +1

    Bruh I just realized your

  • Mr. Meefwa
    Mr. Meefwa 22 hours ago

    Hey Domics, just finished watching earased, prolly best anime I've seen, I love the ending, if you know any more good anime, lemme know

  • TheDerpy Fredbear
    TheDerpy Fredbear 22 hours ago

    #317 on trending


  • Ghetto Eggo
    Ghetto Eggo 23 hours ago

    Been doing kumon for 5 years.

    I hate Kumon.

  • eagle bunny
    eagle bunny 23 hours ago +1


  • An atrocious Bean

    Whos glad they look white af

    This guuuyy

  • Esther Shin
    Esther Shin Day ago

    my mom yells at me every time i accidentally walk outside with my slippers ... and if i asked 'can we have allowance for doing chores' they just say 'why should you, you're just doing your job of cleaning the house that yOu liVe iN, you don't have to pay for it so at least keep it clean' ... whenever i say im korean (korean american) 'are you north korean???' 'uhm ... yeah... for sure'

  • Hana Giessler
    Hana Giessler Day ago

    I am Asian but I have grown up in a white fam but I always had something kinda like slippers and I didn’t have allowance I didn’t understand it.

  • Sage
    Sage Day ago

    This gave me a video idea

  • Audrey M
    Audrey M Day ago

    You are great at what you do Dominic!

  • blackmail boi
    blackmail boi Day ago

    oh god not kumon
    that thing gives me nightmares

  • That Weird Dutch Guy

    5:09 The face of pure struggle and death

  • Joshua Meek
    Joshua Meek Day ago

    I only had a few white friends that walk in the house with shoes on but I never seen any sleep with their shoes on. The only person I know that lay on his bed with shoes is a Latino kid I know.

  • FluffyMexican
    FluffyMexican Day ago

    I’m Mexican we keep grocery bags

  • TragiicMOOSE 69
    TragiicMOOSE 69 Day ago

    Funniest thing ever

  • Ani Animations
    Ani Animations Day ago

    In hungary we also tend to take off our shoes in the house, but its not necessary

  • Bejito Animator
    Bejito Animator Day ago

    o sup filipino

  • EliteVideos
    EliteVideos Day ago

    More vids plz

  • Hideika
    Hideika Day ago

    That thumbnail made me laugh more than I should’ve 😂

  • Theicecreambandit

    wtf my black cat is named jiji

  • Demon Cat nalu
    Demon Cat nalu Day ago

    Being Asian is the best 👍🏻

  • 100 %
    100 % Day ago

    You haven’t uploaded in 2 weeks