Growing Up Asian

  • Published on Jul 2, 2018
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • LoohConrado
    LoohConrado 57 minutes ago

    I did math kumon when i was a kid here in Brazil and duuuuude how i hated doing it, i dient have vacation, it suckeed

  • Spoozy 09
    Spoozy 09 Hour ago

    I get called Chinese by my own parent because my eyes are more closed than a normal person
    Normal person:(°-°)

  • Anna Ross
    Anna Ross Hour ago


  • BentoGmbH Norox
    BentoGmbH Norox 2 hours ago

    10:54 i absolutely can relate to that haha

  • Anime Airwaves
    Anime Airwaves 3 hours ago

    I don't get allowance and have to take my shoes off at the front door

  • ROHI 7
    ROHI 7 4 hours ago

    Sell out!

  • Phoenix Webster Gaming

    Rice and Grades and *Sales* are life dude, trust me

  • kawah ahmed
    kawah ahmed 4 hours ago +1

    I'm4.8 and i'm 22 i'm the shortest of my family

  • kawah ahmed
    kawah ahmed 4 hours ago +1


  • me you
    me you 5 hours ago

    It's very true about learning hahaha. All of my classmates learn with tutor almost everyday not even weekend and it coerce me to spend a money to learn with tutor . it's like a norm to living

  • Mbs saudi
    Mbs saudi 6 hours ago

    This vid is soooooo GREAT PLZ MAKE A NEW VID LIKE THIS ONE

  • Ronan at 2fps Goon
    Ronan at 2fps Goon 7 hours ago

    I did almost all of these things growing up and Im not even Asian

  • Twrgys Best_Friend
    Twrgys Best_Friend 8 hours ago

    I’m Filipino too!!!

  • Bianca Aguila
    Bianca Aguila 8 hours ago

    “i got hit verbally” i felt that

  • ThebluedragonFan Lol xD

    I don't like rice.. i like gum. DUH

  • Real Kane Mateum
    Real Kane Mateum 9 hours ago

    5:15 Dom, you made Jomm longer than usual

  • Jollystorm GT
    Jollystorm GT 9 hours ago

    My answer: Thanks for slaving my country men

  • Tejas Jayprakash
    Tejas Jayprakash 11 hours ago

    I can't believe that they are laughing at all the sad things they say *cri*

  • Loura Dean
    Loura Dean 12 hours ago

    😂"Nigerian Prince",but seriously we don't have "actual"princes in Nigeria. They are usually titles without meaning or impact.
    Any ways loved learning about your culture domics, you will surprised how much similarity we have with your culture 😀

  • Park Noah
    Park Noah 13 hours ago

    its not pronounced "pak" its "bak"

  • King Doge
    King Doge 13 hours ago

    My dad is DUMB, when I say IM DONE EATING my dad always asks *_ARe yOu dOne eAtIng?!_* like... Seriously? My plate is already in the frikin sink...


    SNAKETAILS 1000 14 hours ago

    Im filipino
    Ano ba wag kayong mag "jadges"

    SNAKETAILS 1000 14 hours ago +1

    Im domingo

  • Jeliana Fulache
    Jeliana Fulache 15 hours ago

    This is Asian stereotypes

  • Shadow1shifter
    Shadow1shifter 16 hours ago

    I'm Italian on my mom's side and my dad's side is American (a mixture of many races) and I love hanging out with many different people because of their different backgrounds. I also have a New England accent still, so when I say something like "car" or "stairs" it sounds like I'm carrying the "A" and dropping the "R". My accent is cool to many people that just like it while others get cranky about, in their words, "speaking the appropriate American way in American". Especially since I live in Texas. Sorry to those with a tendency to bully others (which happened a lot to me), but I talk with the same accent as my mom and I love my accent. I love talking to my Asian, Hispanic and British friends because you guys are awesome to hang out with. By the way, I'm an introvert that is very artistic and very blunt. But I hang out with many people from various places because I call them cool to be around.

  • Deltz
    Deltz 16 hours ago

    im not asian. im mexican, but without my glasses people seem to think that im chinese.

  • Talli Souksamlane
    Talli Souksamlane 17 hours ago

    I can relate so much, yes.
    I have to always take my shoes off 😩

  • GachaWorld M
    GachaWorld M 17 hours ago +1


  • Jake Davis
    Jake Davis 17 hours ago

    I have no allowance... im Puerto Rican

  • Jalen Sloane
    Jalen Sloane 18 hours ago

    no offense ching chong wing wong 🎎

  • soophhiaia
    soophhiaia 18 hours ago

    all of us did mma too.
    “iTs FoR YoUr pRoTeCTiOn”

  • shooken crheixx
    shooken crheixx 23 hours ago

    The relationship part is just ME

  • crazy kitty
    crazy kitty Day ago

    10:43 so not true I'm terrible at math, I mean I'm Asian but why!?
    Edit :yay I'm Philipino too!

  • Shadowwolf5000
    Shadowwolf5000 Day ago

    9:56 OMG I remember that animation i loved that i didn't realize that was you.

  • orange Apple
    orange Apple Day ago

    Am I the only one that thinks Ehl sounds different?

  • Da Memes
    Da Memes Day ago

    I'm south asian.But most people think I'm mexican for some reason.

  • Anna Kulcsar
    Anna Kulcsar Day ago

    My grandma’s friend asked me how many boyfriends I have (I’m a lesbian but he didn’t know that) and I was like “uhm none” and he went “WHAT? YOU SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST 12!” And my grandma was like “she’s 13” and he went “SO? SHE SHOULD HAVE BOYFRIENDS!!!!”

  • 5amukai /Fortnite

    Chinese,japanese,dirty knees,look At these, oh jeez, look at them bee’s, lets have peace, forgot my keys, reeeeee.

  • Thegalaxy karambit

    im thai

  • OVXX
    OVXX Day ago

    im asian and i cant relate at all wtf


    Growing asian
    1. Gives you 30 mins on pc(cmonnnn

  • Coby lack Of style

    I'm Filipino and so is Domics

    Share ko lang

  • Me
    Me Day ago


  • Raivynn SomeRandomGuy15

    Idk what it is for other Asians but where I come from you hang out with girls you are considered gay.

  • Telehscxpe
    Telehscxpe Day ago

    White friends are like “what’s my name in your language”

  • Dimitri Strydom
    Dimitri Strydom Day ago

    I did kumon as well

  • Kong Chong
    Kong Chong Day ago

    I am Asian as well I was born in Malaysia and moved to Singapore

  • phuong le
    phuong le Day ago

    asian are very smart because vietnam people are here

  • MilkyPanda
    MilkyPanda Day ago

    One time in elementary someone asked,”Do you speak Japan?”

  • The age is fun hod

    Growing up asian
    1.🍙 is good
    2. eat boch choy

  • Zezin
    Zezin Day ago

    I'm super happy that the person in my class who was from China and she still has to learn English got the support she needed.

  • Zezin
    Zezin Day ago

    my friends are like size 9 and I'm still size 4(I'm Chinese-American and live I'm us so that's why these numbers aren't huge)

  • Ethan Chrin
    Ethan Chrin Day ago

    Piano. Thats true asian.

  • macy draws
    macy draws 2 days ago

    When you sayed jmoms place i thought you sayed your moms place lol XD

  • Jo
    Jo 2 days ago

    Shoes on the bed... and in the house??? Not in my Middle Eastern household. I can’t even be seen walking with the wrong pair of slippers LMAO

    ELITE DESTROYER 2 days ago

    When you get below 50 even tho you normally get about 70
    (I cry in the inside it litterally happen to me this year in the exam)

  • Me
    Me 2 days ago


  • ATBAlexTheBoss
    ATBAlexTheBoss 2 days ago

    Im cypriot and the ONE TIME i slept with socks on when i realised I SLAPPED MYSELF NO JOKE (not hard though)

    GACHA YOU 2 days ago

    I DID KUMON TOO! Well doing it but YEAH!

  • Merei4ka !
    Merei4ka ! 2 days ago

    I am asian. I live in Kazakhstan, so people keep saying like if you won't finish your food your hasband's/wife's face bacome ugly, lmao, it's kinda weird to me as kazakh!

  • Zekskiee
    Zekskiee 2 days ago +1

    Asian actually means asia from chinese korean and japanese.

  • tis thedeadfiz
    tis thedeadfiz 2 days ago +1

    If you are mexican you will ceep being fed

  • Thomas Risanger
    Thomas Risanger 2 days ago

    im white, i dont get money... fuck

  • Vic o urso
    Vic o urso 2 days ago


  • a s h t o n •애쉬턴•

    Kumon was cancer

  • L's Slimes :3
    L's Slimes :3 2 days ago

    I am Jamaican

  • Food Person
    Food Person 2 days ago

    11;00 Is literally.. just soo relatable... THIS WHOLE VID! lIKE BRO IM FREAKING FILIPINO??!!

  • Food Person
    Food Person 2 days ago

    ! (and I've been watching this channel and i didn't even know ur Filipino too)!!

  • Andrea Lao
    Andrea Lao 2 days ago +2

    Honestly, this is the best video that an Asian person could have coming from a family of immigrants. Damn the storytimes were so relatable.

    • Andrea Lao
      Andrea Lao 2 days ago

      I forgot to mention that I'm Chinese born in Latin America so you can imagine that combo when I'm being scolded. Please have mercy.

  • Nynia Rtms
    Nynia Rtms 2 days ago

    If I ask my parents for allowance they would remind me that I should be thankful they even feed me 😂

  • Hema Ramdass
    Hema Ramdass 2 days ago +1

    8:26 ....OMG THAT VOICE

  • Brendan Mundell
    Brendan Mundell 2 days ago

    Domics I feel u I’m Asian and my mom and dad forst me 2 do kumon and the logo on the O for the kumon sign it looks so boring that if that was a kid I will probably be like dude u ok because it looks like ur dead inside

  • Grace cui
    Grace cui 2 days ago

    im asian

  • The Shorty
    The Shorty 2 days ago

    Everyone in my class keeps asking if i eat dog, it’s really annoying

  • Thegreatspirit I’m a girl bTw

    This is so me

  • Emelie Fahle'n
    Emelie Fahle'n 3 days ago

    I’m a swede and we NEVER wear shoes inside

  • Gabrieru
    Gabrieru 3 days ago

    Ching chong 100

  • Layane Hi
    Layane Hi 3 days ago

    i do kumon

  • Gladiator Games
    Gladiator Games 3 days ago

    Living as an Asian,
    1. Rice or noodles will be apart of ANY dish.
    2. You find out you're related to EVERYONE.
    3. I only earned money on Chinese New Year.
    4. Never eat cereal, bacon, bread, toast for breakfast.
    5. Get good grades or get set out for adoption.
    6. No pocket money earning.
    7. Learn to eat with chopsticks or be a disgrace to your family.
    I love being Asian~

  • Sodabones
    Sodabones 3 days ago


  • PoisonousViper
    PoisonousViper 3 days ago

    I am ASIAN!

  • Fatty Acid Gamer
    Fatty Acid Gamer 3 days ago

    Wait nerd VPN ?!

  • Helicopter Helicopter Helicopter Helicopter

    This is wayyyyyy too relatable

  • Dramatic Cookie
    Dramatic Cookie 3 days ago

    "We call it (baon)" and "we call it (simot)" MAH DEAR FREN FILIPINO hey how ya doin

  • Danger Apple
    Danger Apple 3 days ago


  • Speed Feed
    Speed Feed 3 days ago

    Idk why buy..... For the last week Ive had a domics and animated TVclip rush,. Btw I'm half African and russian

  • boot in my snake
    boot in my snake 3 days ago

    Y-You know for *existing*

  • RoutineHarpy525 //Zach Tyler


    no, seriously, I’d rather eat rice for breakfast than waffles or bacon! Thanks! (I’m not sure if that sounds racist, if it does, sorry!)

  • Bector Bhang
    Bector Bhang 3 days ago

    jiji(dogs name) means dick in Chinese xd

  • Antonio Fiorentino Wong

    ayy Kumon

  • Antonio Fiorentino Wong

    Asian Grading System:
    C-Can't eat dinner
    D-Don't come home
    E-Engage in Chinese torture methods
    F-Find a new family

  • Antonio Fiorentino Wong

    I can relate to sooo much of this

  • Bob Ujagar
    Bob Ujagar 3 days ago

    This channel IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)))!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • •kibs•
    •kibs• 3 days ago

    my mom told me the chinese saying is that all the rice on/in your bowl, there will be pimples on the same spots on ur face...

  • super adan plush
    super adan plush 3 days ago +1


  • super adan plush
    super adan plush 3 days ago

    6:57 death

  • Thelostbug
    Thelostbug 3 days ago +2

    So I had to bring some kind of food for my class mates from my fam so let’s just say my fam eats the sushi that holds the rice in place we eat that then add some rice to it so I brought that then this happens
    Friend: EW WHAT IS THAT
    friend 2: ITS TOXIC DONT EAT IT
    Good friend: meh *tries it* dang this is good
    Meh: ikr
    Friend 2:YOUR GOING TO DIE
    Mr.teacher man: please move your clip to red

  • mperalta42
    mperalta42 3 days ago

    This whole video was very relatable

  • Ky Berry
    Ky Berry 3 days ago

    1:21 That is really gross. I prefer my environment to stay clean and I always stay by the 'take off shoes at the door' rule.