• Published on Mar 8, 2019
  • Hi Beautiful! Honestly, these are two of the most epic bleach fail videos I've found in a while. Ya welcome. Except like high-key the second video wasn't a fail at all. 7 days till Xmondo launch!
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  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo  Month ago +9186

    Can someone count how many times I touched my hair in this video

    • Jorja Griffiths
      Jorja Griffiths 17 hours ago

      33 times hun.

    • Boyo.935 Ky
      Boyo.935 Ky Day ago

      When the stress is real, pet the soft and squishy pinks! 💗💖

    • Moisture
      Moisture Day ago


    • Shelley Bancroft
      Shelley Bancroft Day ago

      Literally! 🤢

    • kitty mom
      kitty mom Day ago +1

      I would touch my hair a lot if i had ur hair tho lol. Looks soft.
      But for the record nobody drink every time he touches his hair. You will die.

  • Indira Jolly
    Indira Jolly Hour ago

    Are you a famouse hairstylist? If not then you don't always need to put hairstylist in front of almost all your vids.

  • Becky Hetrick
    Becky Hetrick 4 hours ago

    That shirt...

  • Prinsla Awumah
    Prinsla Awumah 4 hours ago

    Curly hair dont need to be literaly dry to feel dry. Its the texture,witch variates more than stright hair. So it depends on the person and her gens.

  • Kayla Tallman
    Kayla Tallman 9 hours ago

    I'm wondering about protein filler? I bleached my hair once and it felt... Rough and I slathered it with protein filler and it felt and looked way better? I obviously never made that mistake again and stuck with my black hair but lmaooo I was just wondering

  • Aamyah Evans
    Aamyah Evans 9 hours ago

    No one:
    Brad:*sees box dye on the self at the store*

  • Jannie Sealy
    Jannie Sealy 9 hours ago

    15:04 witness Brad have a heart attack

  • Jannie Sealy
    Jannie Sealy 9 hours ago

    8:48 witness the death of Brad

  • daniellenicole
    daniellenicole 14 hours ago

    Brad dying and then proceeding to talk from under the table was the most hilarious thing I’ve seen today

  • Anna Pancotto
    Anna Pancotto 14 hours ago

    Like a billion times @bradmondonyc

  • Rock Music Is Perfection

    Video suggestion that will be a bit different: Cartoon Characters' Hair from Memory (wig styling)

  • Star Dreamer
    Star Dreamer 20 hours ago

    That girl wasnt making me clutch my natural hair. Mine would just fall off bc its a weak bitch.
    Aaaa I was nervous. Some people arejust blessed with strong natural hair and dont give a fuck. I'm glad her dye came out sooo good but I still think people shouldn't attempt that with natural hair. 😂 You're taking some risk depending on what kind of natural hair type you have and how your sensitive natural hair is.

  • Dana Cole
    Dana Cole Day ago

    Sorry seen second part of video giggled even more when you said ‘’ that’s some hair lion roar ‘’ love what you say brad much love 💕

  • Dana Cole
    Dana Cole Day ago

    God I giggled when you turned and look and went ‘’ god I hope you got money for this video ‘’ love you brad xxxx

  • Boyo.935 Ky
    Boyo.935 Ky Day ago

    The first video, notice how he didnt show any process in box dying, which makes me immediately say HE WENT TO GET IT FIXED PROFESSIONALLY!!!

  • Toasty Amber
    Toasty Amber Day ago

    I had a bleaching hair fail.
    I have put bleach in my hair in the past but it usually only lightened to a shade or 2 lighter. So once I bleached my hair and I wanted it a little lighter so I bleached it again. Idk if I used a strong bleach or what but I used a box bleach and did it from home and it wasn’t on my scalp but the heat from the bleach was so hot that it was hurting me. I only had it on for 15-20 minutes too. I went to check on it and it was so incredibly light that I was in shock continuously yelling out from the bathroom that it was extremely light when I had a shower to take all the bleach out. When my hair dried I basically looked like a chocolate bar that was half chocolate and half white chocolate. I had to chop off 1/3 of my long hair so it didn’t look so terrible.
    Never again am I playing with bleach or box dye again.
    Edit: now I barely have the blonde in now but the parts it does have it in, the hair is basically dead and lost it’s mass on that part of the hair and even made some of it curly

  • Alvaro
    Alvaro Day ago


    edit : fucking gay ptfuuu

  • Belinda Garcia
    Belinda Garcia Day ago

    I love some brad oml 😂💗

  • Serenity Fulkerson

    The guy bleaching his hair is so ignorant lmao. Olaplex isn’t going to magically make your hair healthy. It’s more of a slight preventative measure in my opinion. You can’t go into that thinking, " oh, if I use olaplex when using quick blue and 40 volume developer my hair will be fit as a fiddle. " like fuck no you dumb as hell. 😂🙄

  • kitty mom
    kitty mom Day ago

    How tf did that chick do that to herself??!!! It is so bad ass! Holy wow

  • Stephanie Noblet
    Stephanie Noblet Day ago +1

    Jerry didn’t wash 🧼 🧽 their hair in a week what gross

  • ChristinaQueenHeart

    All natural curly hair isn't dry, just FYI...
    On another note, Shantrinas is a goddess.

  • Valerie Tavares
    Valerie Tavares Day ago +16

    I just don’t understand why he bleached his hair if he was gonna dye it black 🧐🤨🤔🤔🤔

    • Princess Nyy
      Princess Nyy 14 hours ago

      Valerie Tavares his intention was not to dye it black but since it turned out really bad he decided to dye it black

  • Rosie John
    Rosie John Day ago

    Love the phenominal colours at the end, but I live for your hair fail videos❤

  • LM
    LM Day ago +1

    omg your cute pink cotton candy hair is so cute i'm obsessed 😍

  • Daphne Smith
    Daphne Smith Day ago

    As a hairstylist I almost fainted with the bleach AND 40 volume..

  • Tiffanie McCullough

    I Stan this video and the natural hair vid #yassss

  • Toni Balogun
    Toni Balogun Day ago +4


  • Alisha K
    Alisha K Day ago

    why didn’t he just box dye it black in the first place,,,,what an idiot and where did his hair fall out

  • Aminah lashe
    Aminah lashe Day ago

    That jacket is so 😍😍💯

  • Ohgrowup1
    Ohgrowup1 Day ago

    You are so freakin' adorable, Brad Mondo!!!

  • Adri Misaki
    Adri Misaki Day ago

    Gosh I love you so much. Every time I’m sad I come here and you give me the biggest smile. Love ittt

  • chery0071
    chery0071 Day ago

    How to fry your hair 101🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Kaiana Evans
    Kaiana Evans Day ago

    I love your videos 😭❤️ your so funny and make me smile in every video! I love you so much! Your were flipping out watching the second video that was so funny.

  • zeeclaw _
    zeeclaw _ 2 days ago +1

    Could you do a video talking about the differences between purple shampoos/toners & which ones get the best results?

  • dragonrage122
    dragonrage122 2 days ago

    the first one is like a step by step on how to get yourself the preschooler with scissors look... without a preschooler with scissors on hand XP

  • Mikayla Stone
    Mikayla Stone 2 days ago +1

    Is he high or what?

  • Lauren S
    Lauren S 2 days ago

    I wanna know if these people research how to dye their hair or even watch on youtube on how to dye their hair before they even do it or do they even read the directions?

  • Celina Tellekamp
    Celina Tellekamp 2 days ago

    i love your hair so cute and cool

  • Nay Young
    Nay Young 2 days ago

    Shantrina looks so good 😍

  • nofuckingsleep
    nofuckingsleep 2 days ago

    The first video is literally so funny , “”honestly i think this was a scAm”” lmaooo

  • Jace Gigax
    Jace Gigax 2 days ago

    I’m gonna bleach my hair at home just for brad bc the one time I got it done professionally my hair was completely fried unlike when I’ve done it at home

  • N a s a
    N a s a 2 days ago +1

    15:02 LMAOOO

  • vaniwa
    vaniwa 2 days ago

    Am I the only one that wants to know where the pink table is from? 😛

  • Hi Nohammi
    Hi Nohammi 2 days ago +9

    Brad: “I’m not a dramatic person “
    Me: 😐🙄 mkay then 😂

  • Bkladygodiva84
    Bkladygodiva84 2 days ago

    I don't know what is funnier...Brad or the hairstyles. Way too funny

  • Shelley Bancroft
    Shelley Bancroft 2 days ago +2

    The guy's hair is either a wig....or he had it professionally rescued....months later.

  • Madison Taylor
    Madison Taylor 2 days ago

    his hair, his clothes, everything is just iconic

  • Nataly Unbelievablyhappy

    If you bleach the roots first you end up with HOT ROOTS!!!!!!

  • Tyler Amira
    Tyler Amira 2 days ago

    I fucking love you HAHAHAHAHA

  • Coco Lish
    Coco Lish 2 days ago +2

    🤣🤣😭😭😭... The beginning had me rotfl.... The ending? It was so bomb. Her hair was gorgeous. I love it.

  • Jennifer Ealy
    Jennifer Ealy 2 days ago

    Brad I love your Videos!!!!!!!!

  • Charine van den Bergh

    I just enjoy your reactions so much, it's so funny

  • Ria Isabel
    Ria Isabel 3 days ago +2

    Mondo: Tell me at home why we don’t bleach the roots first

  • Cheyenne Nicole
    Cheyenne Nicole 3 days ago

    I love watching brads reactions now Bc I’m in school for this so I sit there crying with him 😩😂

  • Ezy Summers
    Ezy Summers 3 days ago

    Oh god I love your pink....I want that pink... :(

  • Adryan Franklin
    Adryan Franklin 3 days ago

    Tbh love this watermelon hair

  • Multi Gal
    Multi Gal 3 days ago

    You shouldn’t put the bleach on your roots and the scalp will produce natural heat which causes the roots to process quicker causing your hair to be multi toned if your not using a professional heat lamp

  • April Roberts
    April Roberts 3 days ago


  • 40IsTheNu20
    40IsTheNu20 3 days ago

    This is hilarious

  • CristyTango
    CristyTango 3 days ago

    When I bleached my hair- it didn’t occur to me to look up whether or not to do the scalp. I knew IMMEDIATELY why I messed up when it happened, but before- it didn’t occur to me. It was a whole mess but I left it that way and wore it like I did it on purpose lol

  • Jazmyne R
    Jazmyne R 3 days ago

    Brad falling out is me in gym when he says do laps 😂

  • Jazmyne R
    Jazmyne R 3 days ago

    *rubs fingers through my hair* don’t worry hun I would never

  • Syn Challenger
    Syn Challenger 3 days ago +25

    I am absolutely loving that pretty purple and fuschia color the last girl had going on. Love it

  • Syn Challenger
    Syn Challenger 3 days ago

    Your reactions are so hilarious. I'm here rolling around laughing 😂😂 😂😂😂😆😆💀

  • Sinful Adam
    Sinful Adam 3 days ago

    I had to bleach my hair but where I’ve dyed my hair like, 40 times, I’m experienced but now it’s like cherry red ;p

  • JordanFireBomb
    JordanFireBomb 3 days ago

    My jaw dropped harder than when I was dropped as a baby

  • Lucy #GirlsOfGaming
    Lucy #GirlsOfGaming 3 days ago

    At 4:13 a SPIDER whet into your right arm shirt, OMGOSH

  • Shaina Neuenschwander

    The first video he reacted too looks like someone I know

  • Phoenix Rayne
    Phoenix Rayne 3 days ago

    I bleached my hair every weekend for a month... Lost 3 inches and am now terrified to touch it.

  • glossy bella
    glossy bella 3 days ago

    Nothing could save the mop on his head it’s sad

  • kuroi usagi
    kuroi usagi 3 days ago +3

    5:36 - (actually says nothing, stares blankly) (wakes up) wait what?

  • Sabrina Roach
    Sabrina Roach 3 days ago

    I use box dye 🙄 it messes nothing up

  • wingz fly
    wingz fly 3 days ago +3

    Idk why but the intro always reminds me of jacksepticeye with his "WAPOSSH"

  • Cy Cy
    Cy Cy 3 days ago

    That purple is fire!!!!!

  • Kate S
    Kate S 4 days ago

    Do some people like to torture themselves?

  • MyLifeLongFight 101
    MyLifeLongFight 101 4 days ago

    How do I stop and get rid off a very oily scalp?

  • Curly Proverbz
    Curly Proverbz 4 days ago

    When he fell off his chair!! Haha

  • Emily Davis
    Emily Davis 4 days ago


  • ddixongirl 321
    ddixongirl 321 4 days ago

    you look like you could be related to Ian Somerhalder!!

  • Mary jane James
    Mary jane James 4 days ago


  • Buddafli3
    Buddafli3 4 days ago

    Wow I just found your channel and you’re so funny!

  • Agung Dw
    Agung Dw 4 days ago

    Nice batik outwear

  • Incognito Burrito
    Incognito Burrito 4 days ago +1

    Damn boy, you beautiful

  • Cee_Jay Live
    Cee_Jay Live 4 days ago

    Love your personality and videos... New subscriber here...

  • Linn Johnsen
    Linn Johnsen 4 days ago +1

    Seriously, your eyes is sooo beautiful, kind of reminds me of Ian Sommerhalder's eyes. OMG

  • MegadethsGirl
    MegadethsGirl 4 days ago

    Me during the towel coming off "ew!!" and I don't even know anything beyond your videos.

  • Madeline Brigit
    Madeline Brigit 5 days ago

    Your hair looks kinda cotton candy or bubble gum colored

  • yandere freak
    yandere freak 5 days ago

    Brad looks like a well known fashion designer with his cool hair and expensive clothes.
    Gosh I've never felt poorer.

  • Hana Nuhuman
    Hana Nuhuman 5 days ago

    LOL just faints

  • Miimii.T Tea
    Miimii.T Tea 5 days ago +1

    **Reacting** begins at 2:43

  • precious love
    precious love 5 days ago

    LMAO 17:09 even me I was shock LMAO love you

  • Mr. Camel
    Mr. Camel 5 days ago

    I kind of want to bleach my black 3c hair for the first time & post a video just to torment Brad 😂

  • Tytianna Thrower
    Tytianna Thrower 5 days ago


  • Binny Woo
    Binny Woo 5 days ago

    I loved his reaction at 8:50
    Like, the experience of just WATCHING this imbecile fucking with his hair is gradually killing him and then he comes alive to deliver the sass

  • Brooklyn Anderson
    Brooklyn Anderson 5 days ago

    BRAD!! Will you try or give your opinion or review
    on Monat/ Modern Nature products!!!!

  • D. Va
    D. Va 5 days ago

    4:04 i feel attacked I’m like 👀👀😭😂 but it’s true though I’ve had every hair color you could imagine, and I’d always use quick blue with 30-40 developer and for a long time I didn’t know what color remover was so I’d bleach it every time I changed the color 😭😭😭😭 and nowww I’ve cut all my hair off cause my curls were just non existent and my hair was dry and nasty and now I’m growing in virgin hair 😁😅

  • Briatimes two
    Briatimes two 5 days ago

    7:12 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭

  • Michelle Debelis
    Michelle Debelis 5 days ago

    never bleach roots first!!!! it processes quicker than the mids and ends omg😭😭😭😭

  • J Smith
    J Smith 5 days ago +1

    Gurrrrl, " you nailed that color"!!!!