'You didn't quit?': Terence Crawford and Amir Khan clash over low blow in welterweight fight

  • Published on Apr 21, 2019
  • Amir Khan has said 'I still got a lot left in me' after accusations that he willingly quit in his WBO welterweight challenge against Terence Crawford.
    Khan's coach pulled him out of the fight after he took a low blow from Crawford in the sixth round at Madison Square Garden, but the British boxer insisted 'I would never quit, I would rather get knocked out'.
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  • J K
    J K 3 months ago

    a serious blow to the head.

  • Mohammad Sohail
    Mohammad Sohail 3 months ago

    I love u amir khan.

  • Roberto Tabornal Jr
    Roberto Tabornal Jr 6 months ago


    OCNBXNG 6 months ago +6

    I sorta feel sorry for Amir. He was crying in his dressing room after the fight. I'm not happy Amir went out like that. But yeah it sort of looked like he quit but he was hit with a serious low blow

  • Joshua
    Joshua 7 months ago +1

    The punch landed right where it would still cause pain in the testicles. Every guy knows that little taps to the nuts hurt almost as bad as full on blows, now add a punchers power such as crawfords and let the glove tag your testicles its gonna hurt. The thigh looks as if it caught most of the punch but you can definitely see where the glove makes contact

    • Daniel Stokes
      Daniel Stokes 16 days ago

      Plus u dickheads realize he is wearing a PROFESSIONAL protective cup which reduces a punch impact so guys can't use that as a excuse unless it's constantly and continuous so stop babying the cupcake and except the facts he's soft a quitter and a use car salesman SMH

    • Dantedijon1
      Dantedijon1 7 months ago

      That's not the point, it's the point he quit without taking the 5 minute rest to determine if the pain will go away same with every other boxer who took way worse shots and still continued, i guess Khan is just made of glass

    • Hasan Ali
      Hasan Ali 7 months ago +1

      Thats what i thought. People way too quick and start judging Khan untill they get a punch on the same place

  • nawaz ullah
    nawaz ullah 7 months ago

    Wrong hit on the balls....

  • Calvin Williams
    Calvin Williams 7 months ago +5

    Always this scientific BS from the media to justify how they can't accept the fact that Crawford has beat the shid outta several Europeans, outclassed, out boxed, out smarted the best. Khan needs to retire after too many traumatic losses because he just doesn't have the stamina anymore to endure the pounding. Case closed !!!

    • The Black Schwab
      The Black Schwab 6 months ago

      Bro. Racisim is real in boxing. The same guys that had GGG beating Jacobs even though Jacobs completely outboxed him are the ones that said Fury deserved the win vs Wilder because he outboxed him even though Fury touched the canvas TWICE!! Lol. Racism is real in Boxing. Cant wait till Jacobs exposes Canelo next week.

  • FilthyCasual
    FilthyCasual 7 months ago

    Terrence "nut punch" Crawford.

  • petz pongz
    petz pongz 7 months ago +1

    Every dog has his day.

  • Romon Taylor
    Romon Taylor 7 months ago

    U quit punk 😂🤣 😂

  • TheFender26
    TheFender26 7 months ago +6

    With the looks of Khans face he was going to lose anyway

  • Tony O
    Tony O 7 months ago +7

    I had respect for khan. But after that he’s a bum

  • Tom Bycroft
    Tom Bycroft 7 months ago

    Bottled it utter disgrace was getting smashed

  • ricardo martinez
    ricardo martinez 7 months ago

    Crawford is a paper champion very dirty and cheat fighter canelo is the best p4p

    • Blue Nimbus
      Blue Nimbus 7 months ago +1

      Lol you mean guy who failed his drug test and blames it on bad meat is best and not dirty? Based on the Martinez in your name I understand this stupid comment

  • Talha K
    Talha K 7 months ago +13

    It was a low blow. Didn't you guys hear? Amir Khan was born with a condition where his balls are located on his right thigh.

  • saproit KH 4 silitonga
    saproit KH 4 silitonga 7 months ago +7

    Amir khan vegetable chicken boxer

    • Trumped
      Trumped 7 months ago

      he looks like a beat up rooster

  • K'dale Berry
    K'dale Berry 7 months ago +7

    I liked Amir Khan a lot as a fighter. He has blazing hand speed and I wanted to see him do well in this fight. But come on, let’s be real here. He quit. He was just looking for a way out, and that low blow was perfect. He was hit with a shot in this thigh, a pretty good distance away from the cup, and he quit because of that. It was very disappointing to see that.

  • Sentient Hotdog
    Sentient Hotdog 7 months ago +2

    I outweigh Crawford by 100 pounds. I still wouldn't want him to hit me.

  • Bondye Supreme
    Bondye Supreme 7 months ago

    Since when did getting hit in the nuts cause a fight stoppage? BS!

  • Dr Anxiety
    Dr Anxiety 7 months ago +10

    Khan looks like the young version or Jerry Lewis lol
    I'll never watch him fight again. Hes a joke

    • Sentient Hotdog
      Sentient Hotdog 7 months ago

      He might never fight again, so you're probably right.

  • Ronnie Laxinto
    Ronnie Laxinto 7 months ago +1

    its a disqualifation for crewford. khan win

    • claude122
      claude122 6 months ago

      @big popalapa. first...whos crewford? 2nd he didnt hits his balls 3rd he took a good decision to ask his trainer to stop fight he was getting destroyed and chances he knock out crawford was VERY low - he need better matchmaking...speed vs speed - he keep fighting good puncher and getting destroyed

    • big popalapa.
      big popalapa. 7 months ago

      Ronnie Laxinto he hit him on the leg! The punch was unintentionally done! You must be new to the sport. He quit! Fool!

    • Ronnie Laxinto
      Ronnie Laxinto 7 months ago

      @big popalapa. its disqualification for crewford because of intentional lowblow.and im not fool and im not muppet watch your mouth pls. your mom didnt teach you good manners?

    • aaron pryor
      aaron pryor 7 months ago


    • big popalapa.
      big popalapa. 7 months ago +2

      Ronnie Laxinto you fool , he was never warned because Khan quit you Muppet!

  • Casper 7
    Casper 7 7 months ago

    Crawford resorted low blow to win against Khan and be considered p4p

    • claude122
      claude122 6 months ago

      @Casper 7 he drop him 1st round - was ahead by 4-5 points on judge card...why would he do intentionnal low blow? it hit his legs - but he took the right decision and give up -

    • Casper 7
      Casper 7 7 months ago

      @big popalapa. Your an idiot who prefer a win thru illegal means.

    • big popalapa.
      big popalapa. 7 months ago +3

      Casper 7 you must be gay.

  • Jason Evans
    Jason Evans 7 months ago

    Too all you idiots who gave it to Jeff Horn .Crawford hits a guy in the Balls .

  • Itsthemuscledad
    Itsthemuscledad 7 months ago +3

    If i was khan i would have taken 5 minutes to recover and hit crawford in the balls too, but thats me.

    • claude122
      claude122 6 months ago

      he wasnt in pain cause of balls punch - crawford was destroying him and he knew it wouldnt get better - so better give up then finish dead in a ring - people who call him a bum or quitter never been in a ring or get punched - this guy has balls to fight the very best boxers - he has choice between brooks and crawford and choose glory over money - he rejected 8 millions from brooks fight

    • Saad Malik
      Saad Malik 7 months ago +1

      thats why you are nothing but a jobless guy commenting on youtube haha

  • Yemar LGI
    Yemar LGI 7 months ago +11

    Khan robbed Crawford from a flawless victory. I lost all respect for Khan. Never want to see him fight again.
    Khan robbed the people and got paid $5 mil. What a con artist.
    His next fight should be on Nickelodeon for $5.99

    • The Black Schwab
      The Black Schwab 6 months ago

      Lol. Im dying. Is Nickelodeon still on TV?

    • rob smith
      rob smith 7 months ago

      Yeah tried to use it to get Crawford DQ'd. Khan won't fight Brook because he knows he'll be easy target to get knocked out.

    • Yemar LGI
      Yemar LGI 7 months ago

      @Jason Tuscaloosa I understand that Khans next fight needs to be on Nickelodeon.

  • Luis Cerda
    Luis Cerda 7 months ago +25

    he gets 5 minutes to recover if he really wanted to keep going he just didn't want that smoke no more

    • Hakim Jackson
      Hakim Jackson 6 months ago

      @johnny tsunami Well, that's a fact. He did face a far superior fighter. But I'm sure Khan isnt consuming any smokables.

    • johnny tsunami
      johnny tsunami 6 months ago +2

      @Hakim Jackson the smoke that was coming off his face from getting blasted by a far superior fighter

    • Hakim Jackson
      Hakim Jackson 6 months ago

      What smoke are you speaking of? I'm sure Khan doesnt smoke anything?

  • Michael michael
    Michael michael 7 months ago +9

    Now not only amir have no chin he is a quitter and a coward

    • big popalapa.
      big popalapa. 7 months ago

      Jeffrey Escano yes he fought hard before. But that night with Crawford he quit! So to me that night he was a coward and a disgrace. How can you say otherwise. He was hit in the legs and was fine after the stoppage.

    • Jeff A.E.
      Jeff A.E. 7 months ago

      big popalapa. If u get into the ring period u aren't a coward. Amir's been in there with Maidana, Canelo, and Bud. I agree he shouldn't have quit, but no boxer is a coward

    • big popalapa.
      big popalapa. 7 months ago

      Jeffrey Escano that night he was a coward.

    • Jeff A.E.
      Jeff A.E. 7 months ago +1

      Michael michael quitter sure, coward no

    • Saad Malik
      Saad Malik 7 months ago

      there you go. Low Blow Apologist Spotted.
      now i understand why even Hitler had Apologists

  • renegade swagg
    renegade swagg 7 months ago

    Spence will walk u down bud...

    • The Black Schwab
      The Black Schwab 6 months ago

      Nah bro. Bud has dog in him. I promise you Spence will be very careful whenever they meet. It will be a close fight.

    • Mr. 2 Hands Up
      Mr. 2 Hands Up 6 months ago

      renegade swaggg Spence would get killed!

    • Dantedijon1
      Dantedijon1 7 months ago

      Dont underestimate bud

  • Mary Joice Sapalasan
    Mary Joice Sapalasan 7 months ago

    Glass balls? 🤣

  • David Linihan
    David Linihan 7 months ago +1

    Khan! WTF?

  • Wood Pecker
    Wood Pecker 7 months ago


  • Videos Chistosos
    Videos Chistosos 7 months ago +4

    amir "gabby jay" khan is a quitter!!!

  • Rilla Crowley
    Rilla Crowley 7 months ago +3

    Trash boxer foh

  • Confidential84
    Confidential84 7 months ago +7

    All these keyboard warriors never been in a ring. Just because something looks like it is mostly on the leg, when you have a world champion even skim your nuts full power you would feel it for an hour... something you can't experience by watching youtube clips

    • Confidential84
      Confidential84 7 months ago

      @big popalapa. Not quite sure what sexuality has got to do with it mate. Genuine advice to be careful, some prowlers could get you done over for that comment as a hate crime.. that's a big topic these days

    • Confidential84
      Confidential84 7 months ago

      @Blue Nimbus I think anyone who can deconstruct a comment can see no one is denying it was on the leg, ie mostly on the leg. I'll even add he was getting spanked. But that's nothing to do with whether the nuts get caught. In answer to your question, fair amount of sparring and some competition time myself over a decade.

  • hit ?!
    hit ?! 7 months ago +5

    leg shot don't lie amir lol

  • Robert Burns
    Robert Burns 7 months ago +16

    After watching the replay it was off to the right where the leg meets the torso to the inside but not on the nuts, he quit

  • Tea Strainer
    Tea Strainer 7 months ago +21

    Whether or not Khan quit, he was outclassed and was well on his way toward getting knocked out. People are suggesting ways he can come back from this, but a 32 year old boxer with Khan's extensive experience isn't going to get any better.

  • DyinBreed
    DyinBreed 7 months ago +12

    He got hit in the upper thigh, gtfoh

  • Rolando Quinones
    Rolando Quinones 7 months ago +10

    Khan= Retired

  • Source Light
    Source Light 7 months ago +21

    Lol he quit, he was hit in the leg. He was wearing a cup. He looked for a way out. An easy pay day. Played everyone who paid for this.

    • claude122
      claude122 6 months ago

      he was hoping for a DQ or NC but trainer asked to stop the fight so its TKO. he still deserve respect for taking big names like alvarez and crawford instead of kell brooks which would be a better fight for him (in my opinion he would lose against brooks)

    • Dantedijon1
      Dantedijon1 7 months ago

      @Jason Tuscaloosa he had a cup on plus all that power was more on his thigh, he could have taken that 5 minute rest to determine if he can go on but no he chose to quit, what about all the other boxers who got hit way worse flush on they nuts multiple time and didnt quit? Khan is made of glass everywhere

  • Travis D
    Travis D 7 months ago +8

    Khan is a frikin bum! I’m getting tired of him getting all these shots when there’s other fighters who can put up a better fight. Go home Khan, you’re worthless at this point and you ought to think about being a taxi cab driver.

    • Dr Anxiety
      Dr Anxiety 7 months ago +1

      Node R he should use those milions and do just that!! Cause he sucks at everything else.

    • Node R
      Node R 7 months ago +1

      He has more than enough millions not to ever work again.

  • Bles
    Bles 7 months ago +5

    Virgil needs that amir khan money lol

  • Repent
    Repent 7 months ago +13

    Even with 100 pics and video online showing the punch landed on Khans leg from all different angles..the guardian uploader tries to change the narrative.Why not show it? Hilarious 😂

    • Supreme Incorporated
      Supreme Incorporated 4 months ago

      Node R a low blow to the thigh are his located o. His thigh? Simple answer no

    • Mr. 2 Hands Up
      Mr. 2 Hands Up 6 months ago

      Repent because it's a British paper but the British fans aren't gonna support that trash! They like UK DAILY MORE lol

    • Dantedijon1
      Dantedijon1 7 months ago

      Yes technically if it was hit below the belt it's a low blow but to give up without taking the 5 min rest to see if the pain would go away means he quit.
      Theres boxers who taken multiple shots to the balls in a boxing match way worse but I guess Khan is just made of glass all over.

    • Node R
      Node R 7 months ago

      @texless69 Virgil Hunter is one hell of a trainer. 'Good' doesn't do him justice. Watch his interview. He said he was incapacitated so he was the one to call it off.

    • texless69
      texless69 7 months ago

      Take the whole 5 mins. No excuse. Any warrior would find a way. Give it 4 more mins. then decide. We've all had the wind knocked out of us playing pickup football or some other sport, even as a kid when I got my wind back, I wanted back in the game, same applied to shot in nuts, not let's go home, who does that! He was hit in the thigh, we've seen worse low blows in boxing and the fighter never quit. Even if it had been a direct blow no real champion would throw all of those months of training down the drain without giving it a shot, we've all taken a blow down there and you will fell better in 5mins. than you feel after the initial shot, he said he would rather be knocked out than quit, then get knocked out. Any good trainer would tell his fighter to take the time! Why would a trainer ask his fighter if he can he go on after 40 seconds, you ask that question closer to the end of the 5 minute provision. He/ they quit!@Node R

  • LJ-B
    LJ-B 7 months ago +2

    Terrence also said it wasn't a low blow so I'd say we should maybe take what he says with a pinch of salt

    • big popalapa.
      big popalapa. 7 months ago +2

      LJ-B you idiot . He said it was low after looking at the clip. He also said I hit his leg.