Lord Jamar Calls Eminem's New Album "Trash", Thinks "Stepdad" is About Him (Part 4)

  • Part 3: tvclip.biz/video/LlRJolzAvLQ/video.html
    Part 1: tvclip.biz/video/dq7zAeJN3VI/video.html
    In this clip, Lord Jamar shares his thoughts on Eminem's latest album, Music to be Murdered By, calling it "trash" and saying that the collabs seem like desperate attempts to be cool. Lord Jamar added that he feels like the internet didn't care about the album's release, and he doesn't think that most people even know that it dropped.

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  • El Diablo dracula

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  • Ramtin Saberpour

    who are you ?

  • Damiano Giolitti
    Damiano Giolitti Day ago +1

    I think he is just trolling. He knows em is the goat

  • Alice Bieber
    Alice Bieber 2 days ago

    He's a sad person

  • Kashif Thompson
    Kashif Thompson 4 days ago

    LMAO 🤣🤣🤣. YO THAT SHIT ROCKS 😂. 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

    TIGERBLOOD ONEILL 5 days ago

    Deluded lol

  • ollim kaming
    ollim kaming 6 days ago

    Why is he still so racist

  • 2sikxd
    2sikxd 6 days ago

    More people know this guy for dissing Eminem than his they do through his music(assuming he does music)

  • Sir. Vilheim
    Sir. Vilheim 6 days ago

    You know a lot of kids can relate to what he said on the step dad song, sorry we weren’t raised in the hood. You do you, but that’s not our thing - since you want to bring up races.

  • Vince Saligue
    Vince Saligue 7 days ago +1

    Jamar ur a bitch

  • KLA Ambush
    KLA Ambush 9 days ago +1

    Fuck vlad and lord jamar too

  • M1nne50ta_C0L0rAd0
    M1nne50ta_C0L0rAd0 11 days ago +2

    Step dad is not about lord jamar and even if it was than you still got beat up and killed

  • Luis Cabrera
    Luis Cabrera 12 days ago

    Vlad dickridin tf outa jamar😂..... All da stans n no life gang finna get on both yalls asses 💀😂 .. Lmao jamar "no one listens to him" also jamar "i-i ha-a-ate my my stepdad! "😂💀

  • Luis Cabrera
    Luis Cabrera 12 days ago

    No life gang finna get on yalls asses

  • Keanu Phoenix
    Keanu Phoenix 12 days ago

    Damn Lord Jamar I used to listen to your songs when you was in brand nubian,but why are you so salty lately? for someone who is "irrelevant" and so call "guest" you sure talk a lot about him. It don't matter if Em's music doesn't get any ear in the hood, as long as people know who he is that is all that matters. By the way I also grew up in a shitty run downed hood in south america and I listen to eminem.

  • G Varela
    G Varela 13 days ago

    He’s still going to win every Grammy next year for that weak ass album and that’s funny.

  • Andrea Conti
    Andrea Conti 14 days ago

    Fai cagare il cazzo .eminem is number 1

  • Ryan Holland
    Ryan Holland 15 days ago

    This nigga ain't been relevant since 95.#brandnubiantrash.

  • Watchdog
    Watchdog 19 days ago

    Vlad: "Do you want to sound more jealous, racist or stupid in this video? "
    Lord Jerome: "Houw bowt(counting on fingers) one...uh, t..too...an um.(whispering to self) one, too...fwee(wipes sweat from brow). Yeh, Awll fwee plaiboi!"
    Vlad: "NO dipshit! For the last time "Yes" should be your response! Y..um..A no scratch dat dog..E...and S?!?! Y E S! I'm trying to make you look cool on TVclip and you are trying your hardest to screw it up!"
    Lord Jermaine: "Fock MNM! Yu no wat i'am saein!"

  • Scott Mores
    Scott Mores 20 days ago +1

    Who the hell is lord jamar

  • bader Azan
    bader Azan 20 days ago

    How are u both hating on a living legend who outsells both of u put together u clout chasers

  • UDB216TheLand
    UDB216TheLand 21 day ago

    Why does Vlad keep Advertising this Racist Female 🤔

  • Ten Tray
    Ten Tray 21 day ago

    That album dope af

  • Angelo Pride
    Angelo Pride 21 day ago

    I’m wit jamar. 26 years and nobody ever said “throw dat em on” hell nahhhh we don’t listen to him

    • Keanu Phoenix
      Keanu Phoenix 12 days ago

      As far as I know (being from baltimore) brothers in the hood listen to any dude that they get a free cd from. They may not listen to Marshall but they god damn know who he is and that's all that matter. Jealousy don't make anyone look good.

  • tkghhhhh
    tkghhhhh 22 days ago +1

    These Em fans in the comments u can't expect Lord Jamar to not respond or get upset?? He's OG so for Em or anyone to do a song about him regardless he started it u kinda have to approach him correctly

    • Love the void
      Love the void 20 days ago +1

      Stepdad is not even about him Lord Jamar is full of shit lmao

  • Ghost Plays
    Ghost Plays 23 days ago

    If stepdad about you He still killed yo ass punk✊

  • Harry Austin
    Harry Austin 23 days ago

    He’s so Jealous and butt hurt

  • william Jennings
    william Jennings 24 days ago

    jamar racist as fuck, black black black thats all he bangs on about

  • Leon Walmsley
    Leon Walmsley 24 days ago

    Music to be murdered by weak album has he fucking bullshit this guy on more drugs than me

  • All In
    All In 25 days ago

    Vlad, I’m starting to feel you don’t care about lord Jamar at all 🤔

  • Ronal Limey
    Ronal Limey 25 days ago

    Nah, normally I agree with a lot of Jamar’s takes but this is bullshit. This album is definitely one of his four best projects. And the album debuted at #1?!

  • Young Chuy 23
    Young Chuy 23 26 days ago

    “Ayo fam, plays some lord jamar”

    Literally NOBODY

  • Black People Connect
    Black People Connect 27 days ago

    when is eminem gona make grown up content, he still thinks he is that angry teen in his head, grow up wigga.

  • Black People Connect
    Black People Connect 27 days ago

    eminem sucks, his music is for ehite kods and their mainstream.

  • Pepper
    Pepper 27 days ago

    Lord Jamar suffers from mental illness. Seriously... but on the real did he sleep on lock it up??? Whoa... that my friend is just a pure emcee flex session....

  • Maxwell Nzekwe
    Maxwell Nzekwe 27 days ago

    This guy is fake as hell....its so obvious like seriously...i think the interviewer was paid too. Two dumb fuckers

  • Tino Gonzalez
    Tino Gonzalez 27 days ago

    That album was pretty good when you actually listen to it

  • Caroline Neven
    Caroline Neven 28 days ago

    I didnt even heard of this guy! while eminem is known by the whole damn world ,and he calls it trash??

  • Jose Junior
    Jose Junior 28 days ago

    I died at 1:34 lmao

  • Belinda Mcnemar
    Belinda Mcnemar 28 days ago

    Jamar = trash

  • Belinda Mcnemar
    Belinda Mcnemar 28 days ago

    Lord Jamar: no one listens to that shit but em has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide. Smh

  • gaming with Luna
    gaming with Luna 28 days ago

    It's funny how lord Jamar has to use Eminem's name just to get more fame due to the fact he is a trash rapper and Eminem will always be better than him

  • Kuswadi RasitMR
    Kuswadi RasitMR 29 days ago

    Face of pissed off tht muthafucka Lord jamor..

  • paul gibson
    paul gibson 29 days ago

    Lord Jamar has one of those faces you wanna punch repeatedly

  • Belinda Mcnemar
    Belinda Mcnemar 29 days ago

    God puts everyone in the position they deserve. Eminem has been through suffering, pain, abuse, bullying I a lot of things Jamar never went through em struggled to reach success and he deserves all his success and you deserve yours too lmao

  • Belinda Mcnemar
    Belinda Mcnemar 29 days ago


  • Belinda Mcnemar
    Belinda Mcnemar 29 days ago

    Good thing Jamar never suffered abuse I guess he just can't relate to em. That don't make Eminem trash. Jamar just jealous he's not as famous as em.

  • aotearoa 4eva
    aotearoa 4eva Month ago

    If he doesnt like eminem why did he listen to the album?

  • Balls O'Neill
    Balls O'Neill Month ago

    This is the first time I ever heard this clowns name lol Lamar the nameless

  • a daher
    a daher Month ago

    Lmfao!!!! I Will bet my house that he is a fan of Eminem. He keep saying he dont Care about Eminem but keep takling about him every chance he g’ets. Lol wtf???

  • L N
    L N Month ago

    Talk much like dog is buckin alot Zzz. And yeah,Stay SUCK boy

  • Omar Tha Ghost
    Omar Tha Ghost Month ago

    Ok lord Humar

  • Omar Tha Ghost
    Omar Tha Ghost Month ago

    Who would listen to a clown who calls himself allah?

  • Stephanie Meyer
    Stephanie Meyer Month ago

    What ever TVclipr this is fuck you to he did things you and ever hater wish they could and that pussy listen to the hole young ma song fuckboy lieing and let me make this clear eminem would never let someone out rap him you better take a day from TVcliping if that's what you call it and really think about this interview lord jamar is trying to stay relevant eminem dont have to

  • Stephanie Meyer
    Stephanie Meyer Month ago

    No one heard it but you know lyrics

  • Stephanie Meyer
    Stephanie Meyer Month ago

    Ok lord jamar shut the fuck up all ready sit down lame that shit is heard world wide

  • rmathers 7
    rmathers 7 Month ago

    Wtf are these two idiots talking about , nobody outrapped Eminem since Remegade 2001 , he murdered all his frat , these jelous clowns are talking shit

  • rmathers 7
    rmathers 7 Month ago

    If black people reall don‘t listen to eminem , then they listen mostly migos,future,lil uzi -> mumble shit . Then I‘m better a white boy who listen to real hipho -> Eminem , Stan :-) but i think this sucker talks shit , black pple listdn also to eminem

  • Marcus Burkes
    Marcus Burkes Month ago +1

    "Its called trash "💀

  • shaney-poo garthwaite

    This guys a twat and cant even rap

  • breakingben 95
    breakingben 95 Month ago

    You two are soo dumb its crazy...

  • Dani Jeric
    Dani Jeric Month ago

    Tru new album is trash but u Lamar are still the worst trashy person and black one

  • Agustin Lyon
    Agustin Lyon Month ago

    This dude's attitude is so cringe. Now I understand why Eminem didn't even mentioned him literally in his album and didn't drop a diss track on him 😂 . Not worthy , he's just a jealous bitch that's all

  • Natanael Wagner
    Natanael Wagner Month ago

    Eminem the best rapper

  • Adrian Pavic
    Adrian Pavic Month ago

    Well idk who the fuck this guy thinks he is but never in my whole Fucking life did I hear anyone ever say
    "aye bruh pass me the AUX I got a song from Lord Jamar you need to listen to"
    Never Ever.
    So that says a lot. Salty boy. Watch out yo skin don't light up from all the salt

  • Adrian Pavic
    Adrian Pavic Month ago

    So we got it confirmed Lord Jamar is pumping MTBMB when he mopping floors and cleaning them sinks bruh

  • Christopher Boggs
    Christopher Boggs Month ago

    Eminiem lives in your head rent free lmao. You a clown 😂

  • BloodyPlague
    BloodyPlague Month ago

    When they say it's one of his worst albums in a while they clearly have no idea what they're talking about. Lyrically this is probably his strongest since The Eminem Show!

    WE CAN TALK Month ago


  • bigboy 1785
    bigboy 1785 Month ago

    Talk all that shit but you won't make a diss track

  • stripe801
    stripe801 Month ago

    everything he has put out after Encore has been horseshit

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin Month ago +1

    Who's this guy?

  • Philosopher35
    Philosopher35 Month ago

    And I love the album

  • Philosopher35
    Philosopher35 Month ago

    Eminem is top 5 lord jamar is a clown

  • Lex Talionis
    Lex Talionis Month ago

    Jamar was trash during his prime... now he’s has-been trash!

  • Chris DaFonseca
    Chris DaFonseca Month ago

    Somewhere deep down you’re a fan of his and you can’t fuckin stand it!!!

  • Chris DaFonseca
    Chris DaFonseca Month ago

    It’s funny this idiot bashes his album but knows a track 😂😂 this guy has so much hatred for one man and it’s so historically funny. He lives with so much bitter in his heart for Marshall he really thrives on it and thinks it’s gonna put him in a positive zone.. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Chris Estill
    Chris Estill Month ago

    Lord Jamar looks like his head has already worn out 2 bodies...

  • larry mcsheffery
    larry mcsheffery Month ago

    Good thing he’s not bothered.

  • Desiree Anderson
    Desiree Anderson Month ago

    This guy is suffering from a mental illness.