Robot Arms, Walking Dead, React Gaming (FBE PODCAST Ep #23)

  • Published on Nov 17, 2017
  • FBE Podcast #23! Chelsea & Labib from College Kids React talk robots, Walking Dead, & more!
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    01:59 - Company News!
    04:01 - TVclip Demonitization
    08:41 - Meet & Greet Update
    10:07 - The Walking Dead (red-valkyrie19 & Fedelikeslego)
    12:58 - Labib's MMA future (Mushi.ijaz)
    21:50 - Balancing React, School/Work, Life (buliida)
    28:56 - Favorite/Least Favorite Gaming experience (M.rickmon)
    33:51 - Future careers? (Shlazar11)
    38:30 - What's life like in the US this year? (_rebeccaoliver)
    46:46 - Favorite bands/artists? (
    54:55 - Auditions at Live Event (WILT)
    55:28 - How to deal with TVclip comments (Hedwig)
    1:00:45 - Ever not released an episode? (Aurora Menendez)
    1:02:59 - Try Not to Eat
    We wanted to start a podcast for the 5% our audience who may be interested in who we are and what we do here at FBE behind the scenes. Hopefully, this gives us a chance to hang out and actually respond to viewers who are into that kinda thing.
    So send us questions using the #FBEPodcast hashtag! About us, the company, the staff, the reactors, TVclip in general... or anything!
    You never know who might drop by. -Jon 🖐
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    Benny Fine
    Rafi Fine
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    FBE PODCAST | Robot Arms, Walking Dead, React Gaming (Ep #23)
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  • FBE
    FBE  Year ago +42

    Timestamps to episode topics:
    01:59 - Company News!
    04:01 - TVclip Demonitization
    08:41 - Meet & Greet Update
    10:07 - The Walking Dead (red-valkyrie19 & Fedelikeslego)
    12:58 - Labib's MMA future (Mushi.ijaz)
    21:50 - Balancing React, School/Work, Life (buliida)
    28:56 - Favorite/Least Favorite Gaming experience (M.rickmon)
    33:51 - Future careers? (Shlazar11)
    38:30 - What's life like in the US this year? (_rebeccaoliver)
    46:46 - Favorite bands/artists? (
    54:55 - Auditions at Live Event (WILT)
    55:28 - How to deal with TVclip comments (Hedwig)
    1:00:45 - Ever not released an episode? (Aurora Menendez)
    1:02:59 - Try Not to Eat
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    Thank you for supporting us all & our company! You’re all incredible.
    - FBE Team

    • chivalry dead
      chivalry dead Year ago

      OMG!! You are too kind :P
      you could have made like 2 videos *_*
      Cheers!! (:

    • D_mek
      D_mek Year ago

      Please stop adding podcasts to "ALL REACT EPISODES EVER MADE" playlist.

    • Steven Joshua
      Steven Joshua Year ago

      FBE #Robotarms i listen from Indonesia

    • Aryan Joshi
      Aryan Joshi Year ago

      please react to linkin park's new album one more light .

    • Michael Winafeld
      Michael Winafeld Year ago

      FBE #robotarms I really enjoy the different points of view of everyone on your channels it's one of my favorite things about them. I have to say I'm already subscribed to both Chelsea and Labib's personal channel's as well as several other reactors personal channel's because I appreciate you guy's so much and can't ever thank you enough for all you guy's do to help me keep smiling and laughing especially when I need it the most. Love you guys whole lots and lots of bunches.

  • Mason Haley
    Mason Haley Year ago

    #RobotArms a week later these podcasts really are some of the best content that comes out on fbe

  • Borislav Arnaudov

    #FBEPodcast will you ever do a react to Blizzard cinematics?

  • Rapha PS
    Rapha PS Year ago


  • Rapha PS
    Rapha PS Year ago

    OMG Labib likes Top Gear that's so cool.

  • Jorgelina
    Jorgelina Year ago

    Is Rafi's #RobotArms going to be the new Ben's #Macarena? lol

  • Jordan Kingston
    Jordan Kingston Year ago

    TWD 4 LIFE!
    Season 8 is so far really good.

    SLAP1FACE Year ago


  • Tornado Chaser
    Tornado Chaser Year ago +3

    Man, I love Labib, he's always so cool with his chilled attitude, Chelsea too, she seems sweet.

  • jag519
    jag519 Year ago +2

    "that's such a weird way to memorialize his death"
    That's literally the christian way of doing it, it's his version of a crucifix haha

  • Evie Pickering
    Evie Pickering Year ago +2

    React to bts DNA MIC drop and go go

  • Naylas World
    Naylas World Year ago +2

    Great from Qatar

  • Marco Verratti
    Marco Verratti Year ago +2

    #RobotArms from Australia :/

  • Ryan Clarke
    Ryan Clarke Year ago +1

    #RobotArms Another great podcast. Also, I am listening from Canada

  • Kazuyuki Sato
    Kazuyuki Sato Year ago +2

    Teens/collage kids react to TODRICK HALL. Please !!

  • Orlando Macedo
    Orlando Macedo Year ago +1

    Please do NF let you down music video reaction

  • Imelda Farias
    Imelda Farias Year ago +2

    Watching from Washington state!

    • Imelda Farias
      Imelda Farias Year ago

      FBE I always enjoy them! I always listen at work, just throwing my headphones in!

    • FBE
      FBE  Year ago +1

      Thanks for listening Imelda! Hope you enjoyed this one! -Jon 🖐

  • QueenAzura03
    QueenAzura03 Year ago +1

    #FBEPodcast What’s it like working for FBE?

  • Jilly S
    Jilly S Year ago +1

    Absolutely love the book for the Recently Deceased. Beetlejuice is such a classic!

  • Emily J
    Emily J Year ago


    • رضا رضا
      رضا رضا Year ago

      Emily Justavino hihjiooioìiìiiooiooooooo8

  • AgnorBook
    AgnorBook Year ago +1

    #robotarms Listening from Kentucky, USA

    • FBE
      FBE  Year ago

      Hello Kentucky!!! -Jon 🖐

  • DarrenMangos
    DarrenMangos Year ago

    Labib's jacket is flames

  • Niclas Graf
    Niclas Graf Year ago

    Sleep clean unless remarkable annual technical delay leadership.

  • Miguel Perez
    Miguel Perez Year ago +6

    Chelsea is so cute

  • Alejandro Ernesto Yepez Flores


  • QueenAzura03
    QueenAzura03 Year ago +1

    #FBEPodcast What would it take to do another collaboration with Crunchyroll and how did the first one happen? Because I absolutely love that episode I think it’s my favorite food challenge episode so far!

    • FBE
      FBE  Year ago +1

      Great question, will add to my list for next episode. -Jon 🖐

  • Claurio Neves
    Claurio Neves Year ago +1

    Please, put the TVcliprs and Teens to React to *George Miller* 's transition from *Filthy Frank* to *Pink Guy* to *Joji*!

  • Demarco PoLo
    Demarco PoLo Year ago +2

    Elders React to Boston Dynamics Atlas Robot

    • FBE
      FBE  Year ago +1


  • Soviet George
    Soviet George Year ago +3

    #fbepodcast You seem to show rock and metal to mostly kids and elders and pop, rap, and R&B to teens and adults? Was this intentional? If so, why?

    • Soviet George
      Soviet George Year ago


    • FBE
      FBE  Year ago +1

      GREAT question, added to my list for next week. -Jon 🖐

  • BUNNER666
    BUNNER666 Year ago

    react to rugbys biggest hits

  • Camila Arancibia
    Camila Arancibia Year ago

    #robotarms I'm listening from Bolivia

  • Patrick Brown
    Patrick Brown Year ago

    Elders react to Yea Boy?

  • 1
    1 Year ago +4

    #RobotArms Hi I'm from Indonesia, love the podcast :):):)

    • 1
      1 Year ago +1

      FBE thanks :)

    • FBE
      FBE  Year ago +1

      Thanks James! Hope you had a great day! -Jon 🖐

  • mamatzchaoz
    mamatzchaoz Year ago

    I'm listening from Malaysia.... Nyaahahaha....
    #fbepodcast #robotarms

  • Richard Logan
    Richard Logan Year ago +1

    #RobotArms Listening from the United Kingdom #FBEPodcast

    • Richard Logan
      Richard Logan Year ago

      Hi Jon. I always do, it's my 'look forward to' hour of the week every week since the 1st podcast.

    • FBE
      FBE  Year ago

      What's up Richard!!! Hope you enjoyed the podcast! -Jon 🖐

  • Hursley Jayakumar

    Please do a video of Elder's react to ABBA ! Pls Pls Pls

  • Wes Holton
    Wes Holton Year ago +1

    #RobotArms I would totally take the robotic arms. Being a giant nerd I would get multiple and make them look like robotic arms from pop culture characters

    • FBE
      FBE  Year ago

      Like Doc Ock? -Jon 🖐

  • Willie Stroker
    Willie Stroker Year ago

    I would take the #RobotArms as long as you could get tattoos on them.

  • azib ali
    azib ali Year ago

    Hi Fbe from Asia, Brunei darussalam❤️

  • IB_ Killing
    IB_ Killing Year ago

    React to post Malone plz!!!!

  • Bradley Porche
    Bradley Porche Year ago

    I would absolutely take the #robotarms no question. And the heart, liver, brain, literally anything to prolong my life.

  • Kyle idk
    Kyle idk Year ago

    #RobotArms Listening from the biggest island, AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺

  • Unknown Thief
    Unknown Thief Year ago

    #robotarms Listening in Australia again!!!🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • EpicKnarvik97
    EpicKnarvik97 Year ago

    #RobotArms I want to keep my flesh arms.

  • Pieter Fonteyn
    Pieter Fonteyn Year ago

    Listening from Belgium

  • SuperMustache555
    SuperMustache555 Year ago

    Listening from the US of A 🇺🇸 lol

  • SuperMustache555
    SuperMustache555 Year ago

    #robotarms and since Benny's not here: #macarena

  • Mawdzzz H
    Mawdzzz H Year ago

    Yay FBE podcast !!!!!!

  • Work In Progress Podcast

    Cool Podcast guys. If anyone is reading this check out our podcast if you could would really appreciate it,

  • Luis Argeñal
    Luis Argeñal Year ago +1

    Great Podcast!! #RobotArms. Listening from Honduras!! Greetings!! :D Excelent Podcadt!

  • Mahawww Sidik
    Mahawww Sidik Year ago

    Cool Podcast.
    I can't wait for #RobotArms to be real, the world would flip. Btw, I listening from Mauritania.
    1:14:19 Jon we cant write in your description, lol.

  • Urbo666
    Urbo666 Year ago +1

    #robotarms it's starts with autonomous cars...before long it will be world domination
    shoutout to all the members of the FBE #5Percent ....rise up and fight this oppression lol :)

  • Simon James
    Simon James Year ago +15

    Chelsea is such a sweet human being! I loved seeing her and Labib on the podcast. And it is so cool that you guys have a slack channel for sharing EDM music in the workplace. Wish I knew people like that. Thanks for another entertaining podcast. #robotarms

    • FBE
      FBE  Year ago +1

      Thanks for the support Simon! -Jon 🖐

  • aadya gaur
    aadya gaur Year ago +1

    This was my favorite podcast after the matpat one. Hey from India #robotarms

  • justo316
    justo316 Year ago +10

    I'm herebecause of the wonderful soul known as Chelsea.

  • AllyMelly
    AllyMelly Year ago +1

    I'm listening from the Philippines

  • Mark Caulfield
    Mark Caulfield Year ago +6

    Yay finally an episode with chelsea in it yaaaaay fangirling intensifies
    I love her so much

  • MarielIsabel
    MarielIsabel Year ago +1

    Love y'all!

  • vaibhav pirta
    vaibhav pirta Year ago

    react to soad please

  • Nilay Biswas
    Nilay Biswas Year ago

    love these podcast(s) !!

  • AnistonAnarchist
    AnistonAnarchist Year ago

    I love this channel and I think it's terrific, but I've been requesting the same topic for more than year (Teens React to VanossGaming), but it has yet to happen. Is there any other way I can get your attention for this to happen? Much love from Michigan. #FBEPodCast #RobotArms

    • FIINKS
      FIINKS Year ago

      AnistonAnarchist Look at their subscriber count and you'll see why it has not happened yet. People need to realise that the world does not revolve around them.

  • Christian Roly
    Christian Roly Year ago

    Talking about #RobotArms reminds me to an anime movie 'Harmony' which have quite similar mechanic concept about handling medical problems with mechanical solutions, in this case, nano mechanic surveillance injected within bloodstream to monitor, detect & counter body conditions... Any chance you could make react episode about that movie?
    Btw I'm listening from Indonesia, always glad to be a part of #5percent!

  • Tony
    Tony Year ago +3

    Chelsea, I love your band choices. Very happy to hear someone else is a Cage the Elephant fan!

  • Banqueser Konica
    Banqueser Konica Year ago

    Please do Wolfenstein 2 : New Colossus gameplay !

  • Anton Cvetan
    Anton Cvetan Year ago +1

    I would love to sit down with Chelsea and talk film with her. On a side note, when talking about robots, I laughed at her comment, "So you're a different Will Smith." Please tell me any one else got that reference, whether you guys at FBE or anyone in the comments.

  • Gustavo Franco Arévalo

    I'm listening from Peru!

    LTXANAX. EXE Year ago +1

    Elders react to xxxtentacion

    LTXANAX. EXE Year ago

    Elders react to xxxtentacion

  • Ron Nabua
    Ron Nabua Year ago

    Let kids react 2 ponytail dance!!!!

  • Adam Binder
    Adam Binder Year ago +1

    #robotarms Great show tonight guys! Chelsea and Labib are two of my favourites! Greetings from Canada's cold cold arctic where it is currently -20 degrees Fahrenheit!

  • Prakash D
    Prakash D Year ago

    Alive and kicking from India. :)

  • VikingLord666
    VikingLord666 Year ago

    #robotarms I was wondering who are one of the biggest hard rock/metal fans in the company?

  • David Strider
    David Strider Year ago +2

    I've recently started to listen to these podcasts. this is the third time #robotarms

  • Hoofum
    Hoofum Year ago +1

    In the 5% because of Chelsea. She’s funny and cool and everything good :)

  • Sammy Lane
    Sammy Lane Year ago +7

    I will say this much about Chelsea...she is a level 100 sweet heart. Love ya,Chels!

  • trickoovawls 21
    trickoovawls 21 Year ago

    Imagen this comment gets 10 likes or more

  • Aayushree Nepal
    Aayushree Nepal Year ago

    Hahaha my last name is Nepal. So I'm Aayushree Nepal from Nepal lol ik it weird

  • Riordan Owens
    Riordan Owens Year ago

    Give me the #RobotArms, robot leg, robot eyes, enhanced brain, robot lungs, robot heart, etc, give me the full Deus Ex treatment

    • Sharpice Woods
      Sharpice Woods Year ago

      Mortgage for life, and if you miss down payment, repo guy will only leave you a couple of brain cells.

  • maahmatchelle
    maahmatchelle Year ago

    #robotarms from Brazil

  • Decoy Candy
    Decoy Candy Year ago

    The gold bat is similar to people who wear a cross.

  • Colin Cormier
    Colin Cormier Year ago +1

    Labib and Chelsea my two favorite reactors. I've asked Chelsea Disney Land questions on Instagram. I like her necklace and sweatshirt. I'll take all things robot. I love my life percent fam. Been watching FBE for all 7 years and react since that started. #RobotArms

  • K M
    K M Year ago

    #robotarms from South Korea

  • Shara Shamsudeen
    Shara Shamsudeen Year ago

    This was a really fun episode! I enjoyed the whole conversation about #robotarms 😂

  • obet robrigado
    obet robrigado Year ago

    #FBEpodcast hi watching from the Philippines

  • duke989
    duke989 Year ago +2

    This is one of my favorite podcasts. I love Chelsea and labib. #RobotArms. From El Salvador

  • Gaven Jones
    Gaven Jones Year ago +2

    Chelsea is so beautiful

  • Samuel Sabo
    Samuel Sabo Year ago

    #robotarms hey is brynn from staff react the woman in the "and they were roomates"vine ?

  • rubenjr castillo
    rubenjr castillo Year ago

    #robotarms listening from Hawaii

  • striker _fox
    striker _fox Year ago +1

    Kids react to lionel messi

  • maliha shawkat
    maliha shawkat Year ago

    My husband looks hot here (labib)

  • Michael Edward McFee

    #FBEPodcast Question: How do you (hosts and guests) balance between your FBE life and your other lives? How do you avoid burnout?

  • Trumpet Dude
    Trumpet Dude Year ago

    :-() you should get alex wassabi and guava juice and put them in a room together please like if you agree

  • Peter Ryan Corrigan

    Teens react to wonder trailer. Pleeeeeeaaaaaassseeee

  • Ana Acapella
    Ana Acapella Year ago

    Such interesting people ! Come to London one day and do a meetup. Would be awesome 🙂

  • Eduardo Gausin
    Eduardo Gausin Year ago

    Doki Doki Literature Club

  • Tails The Fox
    Tails The Fox Year ago

    U guys are the best

  • ACE Rage
    ACE Rage Year ago

    Do React to Deadpool 2 “Wet on Wet” Teaser Trailer

  • Nick Gonzales
    Nick Gonzales Year ago

    Do React to Deadpool 2 “Wet on Wet” Teaser Trailer