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  • Ella _
    Ella _ Month ago +1

    where is her case from

  • ava somera
    ava somera 6 months ago

    you would love the smeg toaster. there's like 12 colors that match your house.

  • Dora Egan
    Dora Egan 7 months ago

    eyebrow goals

  • Emily Ann
    Emily Ann 9 months ago

    I get a lot of compliments saying that I look like you, so naturally I looked at your Instagram and I fell in LOVE!!! Megan we are literally the same person, I love your videos, your jokes, your dances and just you. I'm constantly binge watching your videos! Keep it up Megan!!! ❤️❤️

  • simplychillinnn
    simplychillinnn Year ago

    I love the Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck! I've read two of your book recommendations so far :)

  • Jack Fornea
    Jack Fornea Year ago

    Megan please use a bookmark. Folding book pages is barbaric. Just saying.

  • katie williams
    katie williams Year ago

    I read the rainbow fish I love it

  • Lauren Lily
    Lauren Lily Year ago

    Tea zone 💞💞

  • Shane B
    Shane B Year ago

    im chilling like the jug. love to activate little ones

  • Shane B
    Shane B Year ago

    talking to the little ones? when

  • Shane B
    Shane B Year ago

    id like billy joel to sing at the wedding please

  • chansey
    chansey Year ago

    um the electric kettle. is that not a normal thing in America to have an electric kettle? genuinely im baffled. i'm British and we have a plethora of electric kettles and have for decades so out of curiosity, i'm asking Americans - is that not a thing? electric kettles?

  • CLPastones
    CLPastones Year ago

    Tea Zone.

  • Mary Ellen
    Mary Ellen Year ago

    I knew you were talking about the rainbow fish book and I got excited cause we read it here where I'm from.. idk thought thats a funny coincidence. Anyway I wanna say I enjoy your videos especially monthly favourites and find lots of inspo from them. x

  • Brandy
    Brandy Year ago

    hahahahahahaha!! "you can have my scales"
    i died!

  • Ruth Alxandra
    Ruth Alxandra Year ago

    i literally love americans talking about kettles 😂😛

  • Stephanie B
    Stephanie B Year ago

    where is that plant and pot that it's in from?

  • Aaron rippin
    Aaron rippin Year ago

    tea zone

  • This Is Jaegi
    This Is Jaegi Year ago

    Omg you're so adorable and clumsy I love you and i do your outro with you for each video.

  • Richelle Grace
    Richelle Grace Year ago +1

    where did you get your phone case!? i'm in love

  • Be Thomas
    Be Thomas Year ago

    i love your videos! you're like the cool sister i wish i had.

  • Shawntel Ventures
    Shawntel Ventures Year ago +2

    where did you get your phone case?

  • Vanessa Murtsell
    Vanessa Murtsell Year ago

    'tea zone' New subscriber and happy to have found you.

  • Rae Cochran
    Rae Cochran Year ago

    what brand/where did you buy that face oil??

  • Myesha Kae Wright

    tea zone 😊

  • Nina Perry
    Nina Perry Year ago

    Rosehip oil is actually drying for your skin but jojoba oil is good for dry skin

  • Nikki P
    Nikki P Year ago

    Your favorites are awesome!

  • Joy de Jesus
    Joy de Jesus Year ago

    where do you get your background audio?
    tea zone!

  • Kage Athlee
    Kage Athlee Year ago

    I love the fish book #childhood

  • Nicole Adiao
    Nicole Adiao Year ago

    What did you do to have a whiter teeth? Salamat po

  • Freddie Holbrook
    Freddie Holbrook Year ago

    How does it stay on ur phone

  • Alex Mcmillan
    Alex Mcmillan Year ago

    Literally just paused this to purchase that book I said that sounds exactly like something I should be reading hahaha so I'm excited to read it now lol

  • lyssalaroo
    lyssalaroo Year ago

    Megan you are the one TVclip that no matter what, you make me happy. And the fact that we have the same favorite book (well old favorite, the giver) just made my whole life 12 times better! I never comment in TVclip but this was just too important to pass up. Thank you for being yourself, brightening my life, and being an example of who I want to be now and forever!!

  • Erin Johnson
    Erin Johnson Year ago

    The book IS good. Worth the read, agreed

  • ilovebio05
    ilovebio05 Year ago

    i just LOVE Megan. :)

  • Elly T
    Elly T Year ago +1

    i was talking about the book and my guy friend who knows megan was like oh yeah megan batoon is reading that and i love that not only he watches her dance videos, he also watch these 😂

  • Charlyy M.
    Charlyy M. Year ago

    love how you just told the children's story I was in as a play in first grade :D and this to explain the effect of make-up. love

  • KyrraDailey
    KyrraDailey Year ago +1

    Tea Zone, and the book is definitely on my "to read" list!

  • TigirisTiger
    TigirisTiger Year ago

    Haha awesome video

  • Chuccy Sierra
    Chuccy Sierra Year ago

    the "one finger, two finger, three finger..if your crazy" craked me up....with that being said i need that scale started he insanity workout so it be cool to track my weight lost on paper.

  • Qbp28
    Qbp28 Year ago +1

    Love you new intro and outro 💜💜💜

  • Kathy Truong
    Kathy Truong Year ago

    Tea zone

  • Lisa Chavez
    Lisa Chavez Year ago +5

    how does Megan not have at least a million subscribers yet?!

  • Alex Benitez
    Alex Benitez Year ago


  • Grace _0614
    Grace _0614 Year ago

    You remind of Kristen Bell, but in a more real version! I just watched and subscribed!😂

  • wing2yan
    wing2yan Year ago


  • Michelle Chen
    Michelle Chen Year ago


  • Let's Eat!
    Let's Eat! Year ago +1

    Just found your channel. You are drop dead gorgeous!

  • itsdiannee
    itsdiannee Year ago +1

    is it just me or does megan look extremely similar to Michelle Borth (she's Catherine from Hawaii Five-O)????

    • Loni Mbele
      Loni Mbele Year ago

      itsdiannee YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!! an exact replica!!!

  • Hanz Paiso
    Hanz Paiso Year ago

    she deserves more subs..

  • Ainslie Vizcarra
    Ainslie Vizcarra Year ago

    Love the phone sling! I was recently in the Philippines and the trend there is an adhesive ring. Can be multi-used as a phone stand. When I bought another on Amazon, some of them came with a hook so you can stick the hook somewhere and hang the phone that way. Also helps in stabilizing your phone when taking selfies!

  • KarMarth Quintela

    Love you gurl....don't mind the people who got upset bcoz you dog ear a book. hehe. Keep making videos. You are still my girl crush.

  • Chinda Gnean
    Chinda Gnean Year ago

    I love that book! Great read!

  • Nrzzh Az
    Nrzzh Az Year ago

    tea zone

  • Made for more
    Made for more Year ago

    Megan has that Filipino skin. flawless. 😍

  • Drae Nofuente
    Drae Nofuente Year ago

    oh no! you fold your books!! but i still love you tho 😂♥

  • Sakshi Gulgulia
    Sakshi Gulgulia Year ago +2


  • Franchesca Arcilla

    but it's a part of me now...😂😂😂
    p.s. saw the fold on the book and it made me cry. lol. i still love you. 😘

  • Michelle Luu
    Michelle Luu Year ago

    megan is so cute. oml

  • MeganElixabethh
    MeganElixabethh Year ago +2

    I would love to see your choreo for weak by AJR

  • With Love
    With Love Year ago

    Super good book! 👏🏼

  • shadowfreud
    shadowfreud Year ago

    if i had that kettle, id think of smegma literally every time i see or use it LOL......

  • LilMiche23
    LilMiche23 Year ago +1

    Love that u feel the need to describe how a kettle works... in the U.K. This is the first thing u buy when u have a house. Every house has an electric kettle!

  • Jaylyn Garces
    Jaylyn Garces Year ago +1

    "1 finger, 2 fingers, 3 if youre crazy" am i sick minded or did megan make a dirty joke...

  • ctinechocobear
    ctinechocobear Year ago

    Tea zone hehe

  • jairo lorenzana
    jairo lorenzana Year ago

    You're awesome!!

  • Donna Enzo
    Donna Enzo Year ago

    I love your new intro! The font, and how simple it is. Ahhhh, your whole being gives me great vibes. Love you🤧.

  • Crystal Donyae
    Crystal Donyae Year ago

    I was so ready for that outro music

  • xlilaznthuyx
    xlilaznthuyx Year ago

    Loved everything about this video!

  • KenyaJade
    KenyaJade Year ago

    IM CURRENTLY READING HER OTHER BOOK get your shit together and I love it

  • Fatima Camp
    Fatima Camp Year ago +1

    An American with a kettle? What is this sorcery ?

  • Trixave
    Trixave Year ago

    Awesome favourites video! You loook great in this vid!

  • meital w.e
    meital w.e Year ago


  • Makeithappen 113
    Makeithappen 113 Year ago +1

    Date Phil from wang fu! Pardon me if that's annoying

  • Isabella Tan
    Isabella Tan Year ago

    tea zone

  • Emily Ortiz
    Emily Ortiz Year ago

    You're fucking hilarious and it's so great

  • Kasandra Angeles
    Kasandra Angeles Year ago

    Yay for surprise purchase! I'm not the only one 😂

  • Kasandra Angeles
    Kasandra Angeles Year ago

    Yay for surprise purchase! I'm not the only one 😂

  • Ray S. Lizama
    Ray S. Lizama Year ago

    You're amazing. You help me be happier.

  • lionelforlife
    lionelforlife Year ago

    that book is fantastic, I love it!!

  • Megan Claire
    Megan Claire Year ago

    Tea zone

  • Taylor Crane
    Taylor Crane Year ago +1

    I just found your channel & im so obsessed

  • GraciousAnn B
    GraciousAnn B Year ago

    tea zone lol Megan you're amazing ☆

  • SmokyBarret
    SmokyBarret Year ago

    huh? the way megan talked about that water cooker sounded like it was some sort of innovation? every german household has one. and yes, it's electric! :D

  • Jabari Spears
    Jabari Spears Year ago

    Yo, what's your watch called? Thing's a work of art.

  • Dhaniya khai
    Dhaniya khai Year ago

    HEY MEGAN! you should really get BLONOTE. i promise you that it'll be in your favorites.

  • Abraham Vences
    Abraham Vences Year ago

    Awwww man now my picky hurts

  • Jonee Jibes
    Jonee Jibes Year ago

    I'm surprised to see that the OC in you isn't bothered with the folded book pages. 🤣

  • janayla collins
    janayla collins Year ago

    Outro song??

  • Grace L
    Grace L Year ago +1

    What's inspiration? What's plagiarism? XD

  • Dezmond Howard
    Dezmond Howard Year ago

    One of my favorite books and I love the idea of finding your own values.

  • Aliaa Rauf
    Aliaa Rauf Year ago

    This might be the 2nd book I'm going to read suggested by you, Megan. The first one was Milk and Honey

  • kimbakster
    kimbakster Year ago

    Omg I've totally forgotten about Rainbow Fish!! THANKS FOR RETURNING CHILDHOOD MEMORIES

  • Sabrina Garcia
    Sabrina Garcia Year ago

    RAINBOW FISH! the nostalgia

  • Mathusha03
    Mathusha03 Year ago

    Megan, try a popsocket

  • Jessicah Jimenez
    Jessicah Jimenez Year ago


  • Danice Jerica
    Danice Jerica Year ago +1

    #HeyMegan what camera and microphone do you use to film? Love you!

  • Oluchi Nwagboso
    Oluchi Nwagboso Year ago

    ""hat's Inspiration? What's plagarism? every thing's been said and done before"

  • TheBrixis
    TheBrixis Year ago

    Folding the page in a book instead of using a bookmark makes you a goddamned savage

  • Slash /
    Slash / Year ago

    She's gorgeous. In this video she's gorgeous. She's gorgeous in all of her videos. When she wake up, she's gorgeous. When she's traveling, still gorgeous. When dancing, she's gorgeous. Everything about her is gorgeous. She's gorgeous.