• Published on Sep 2, 2017
    The governments of the traditional superpowers, being the USA, China and Russia, have always dominated space travel. But now, commercial companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin have taken over the initiative for space travel. They plan to go to mars and put people on the red planet. Now that technology advances and spaceflight gets cheaper, its possible the governments of the USA, China and Russia step back into the game and regain control over global space travel. Perhaps that is not a good idea. Perhaps a new superpower, being India, should dominate space travel and perhaps India should go to mars and put Indian men and women on the red planet. So that perhaps Mars stands a chance of becoming a peaceful colony of earth.
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  • jai bharat
    jai bharat 11 days ago

    this is called paid programming

  • Sam Nit
    Sam Nit 22 days ago


    BURN INTHISREALM 3 months ago

    common, india is one of the most polutated country on earth ,,, dont let them garbage mars...

  • Bikash Das
    Bikash Das 5 months ago

    Joohn Hurt?!.. Hmmm... He was Knighted... Sir John Hart. Wel, who knows, may be one day the Republic of India will honour you similarly.., especially if your such heart-warming positive predictions about India do come true!! Wish you all the very very best.

  • Chidanand Naik
    Chidanand Naik 6 months ago +1

    If India rules the world then it will bring peace on the planet.

  • ApexWar
    ApexWar 6 months ago +1

    End the caste system and then India will truly shine.

    • Emperor Omi
      Emperor Omi 3 months ago

      Already Ended 50 years ago.

  • Mayank Parmar
    Mayank Parmar 7 months ago

    Nuke attack on other countries sounds much easier tho

  • Don Dressel
    Don Dressel 9 months ago

    Colonize Mars???!
    Hell they can’t even colonize themselves
    If any one country colonizes mars it will be the US
    Not knocking India as they have many educated people coming from there engineers doctors ect but they’ve got way to many domestic issues to deal with first

      THE EUROPEAN  9 months ago

      They just launched a rocket that released 31 sattelites, they are one of the four countries that put a flag on the Moon and they managed to get a sattelite in Mars' orbit in their first attempt. Not bad at all.

  • Ashish Dhruw
    Ashish Dhruw 9 months ago +1

    Isro best

  • despatcito daily raf reviews

    All of these reasons could literally apply to any overpopulated place

      THE EUROPEAN  10 months ago

      Really? Let's name some other countries with a high population density; Bangladesh, Mauritius and Rwanda. You believe they are going to send a rocket to Mars too?

  • mohammed anwar
    mohammed anwar 11 months ago

    Sounds like an excellent idea - rocket them off to Mars - all the nation

    • h s
      h s 8 months ago

      mohammed anwar jealous pakistani found🖕🖕🖕

    HARSH MUKAL 11 months ago

    you can provide more information on this video by telling about MANGALYAAN,
    i think you did less research on this video, please be more informative

  • Carl Lee
    Carl Lee 11 months ago

    Bloody hell peaceful colonisation
    When in earth history have we ever done that I don't think the marsian Alians are gonna stand for that
    If earth people fight ears over migration what make you think they are gonna go to mars peacefully
    I hear USA has got a space army ready to invade the stars LOL

  • Layer POLTRY
    Layer POLTRY Year ago

    I think this not happen only topics created not in real india colonize on marsh by the way good video sirji

  • Amit Official
    Amit Official Year ago


  • Bish Wahh
    Bish Wahh Year ago +1

    So you want them to just leave India in a dam n plastic waste bag that they made. 😒😒

  • MB TAX
    MB TAX Year ago

    This is a hypothetical video. But thanks for being positive to India.

      THE EUROPEAN  Year ago

      India having a succesful mission to Mars would be hypothetical 20 years ago. Today it is reality.

  • Etyere Petyere
    Etyere Petyere Year ago

    This is a total joke . India right now is still working to provide toilets for 600.000.000 for its people who dont have it yet right now .they will work on the shitter project until 2200 . Maybe after they can think of other things like having also toilet paper and soap

    • Etyere Petyere
      Etyere Petyere Year ago

      THE EUROPEAN oh they just skip the shitting part and go stratight to space .i got it now ..thank you . I am really enlightened now

      THE EUROPEAN  Year ago +1

      The video is about space travel.

    *ARUP PAUL# Year ago +2

    Thank you to promote India positive

  • Magnus Sura
    Magnus Sura Year ago

    This people in India wont do anything, India has been the promise that never manifest.
    Compared to other nations in this area, India performed well politically with a stable democracy.
    However everything about India have always been 'above average', but not really exceptional in the last 70 years.
    The current PM is a decisive person after a long time, but it's more & more clear he just wanna make sure things go 'ok ok', but not exceptional.
    Space program still run with very limited budget, even though we could actually devote more money to our successful ISRO & fast track 1st Indian in space or the chanrayan mission.
    Bottom line is this country, its bureaucrats all wanna make sure this ship does not sink & keep sailing, but never anything spectacular, same mentality may have been the reason we were colonized also.

  • vivek mishra
    vivek mishra Year ago

    We never colonized any country and we never will. So for you to know those who think by making earth polluted they can run from earth. They must remember the Truth means God will Kill them all. It is humanity's dharma to protect the earth and Species. But west think of their own well being and they are believers of materials. From 20000 years we are living in India we never left it. This is from West who are afraid of death but nature will Kill them first.

  • Quasi Motto
    Quasi Motto Year ago +1

    Was expecting some legitimate reasons why India should be the nation to colonize Mars......not these lame ideas.
    They should at least allow a 1st World country to go in and install sewage, drainage and restroom facilities...............if they leave that to India, people will pooping in the streets from the very beginning.

  • Rebellion Gamer
    Rebellion Gamer Year ago

    Not a single country can colonize an entire planet, it needs collaboration with many countries and India will be one of them

  • HighMojo
    HighMojo Year ago

    Not Gonna Happen®
    Just because Mars has a lot more land for India to expand on doesn't mean that it can. Imagine the logistics and cost of having to transfer even a fraction of 1.3 billion people to Mars. India can't even afford to provide its citizens with basic sewage, sanitation and need I even mention, toilets. Mars is not livable. There is no breathable air, no ready source of water. Colonizing Mars would provide negative ROI. Huge amounts would need to be invested in order to make protected habitats. Even with all the overpopulation and problems that India has today. Solving its problems as it stand is a million times more tenable than considering Mars as a colonization candidate for India.
    Just because India was able to grow by piggybacking upon the IT economy does not mean it's going to be able to leverage its expertise in this area to its space program, robotics, communication devices, exploration vehicles, dwelling and research facilities. None of these will be affected as they are all tangible assets which all require manufacturing expertise which is practically non-existent as an industry for India.
    You accuse the US, Russia and China as being militaristic, and yet India also developed the A-bomb, that is the most hypocritical assertion, ever. The only reason that India does not have as extensive a military industrial complex is not because it is meek, but because it is not as capable as the military industrial complex of the 3 great superpowers.
    India is a pretender and wannabe superpower. But no amount of pandering, patronizing or cheerleading is going to change the fact that India as a space power is a non-starter.

  • Vizfactimus Maximus

    That part about traveling to space for the purpose of securing more landmass is nonsense. Everyone on earth could fit in Florida. Moving on... I love the channel, but the more I listen to the author, the more clearly I can see that the author of the video isn't educated. Furthermore, no one is gonna live on Mars. Water CAN NOT exist on Mars. They're Better off building a space arcology or some kinda of space ark or something, and that's if they can survive the radiation in space.
    Furthermore, Mars landings have pathetic success rates.

    • Vizfactimus Maximus
      Vizfactimus Maximus Year ago

      I don't think so. That ice that you see on Mars is dry ice (that's frozen C0², not water), and the atmosphere would need to be 160 times its current pressure for water to form. Then you need to survive the radiation. No one will be living on Mars in the near or long term future. PERIOD. In fact, we have less than a 50% chance of a successful landing on Mars. You're better off in Florida. Don't be silly. This is a Science Fiction video.

    • Ankit Sharma
      Ankit Sharma Year ago

      Humans living on mars not possible.. air, soil, atmosphere, bigger storms etc wont allow us at least not for now unless we create human friendly environment and solve earthly issues first

      THE EUROPEAN  Year ago

      Thanks for loving the channel. I think my level of education is irrelevant to my message; I am a European who believes in the future of India.
      I could explain that without a college degree.
      Water can not exist on Mars?
      There actually is water on Mars. There is an entire article on Wikipedia describing where and in what form water exists on Mars.
      Everyone on earth could fit in Florida?
      That would be 7,1 billion people on 170.000 km2.
      No country in the world comes close to that.
      Even most cities don't come close.
      It would mean a population density of 6,5 times higher than Hong Kong.
      So imagine Hong Kong, mulitply the height of every building by 6,5, so the tallest building of that city would be 650 floors tall. The average apartment building would be 200 floors tall and that city would have hundreds of these buildings all built right next to each other. And then we would have to build about 155 of these cities all next to each other to push 7,1 billion people in the state of Florida. I think i'd prefer Mars.

  • Antonio I am
    Antonio I am Year ago

    Nonsense human is not going to Mars until next century

    • Ravinder Singh
      Ravinder Singh 9 months ago


  • Nishant Kumar
    Nishant Kumar Year ago

    India already reached mars but China still don't keep trying

  • Nishant Kumar
    Nishant Kumar Year ago

    haa lala Jennie james sis india holds world record for launching 104 satellite by it own and it also become 4 th country to reach mars by own.. and first country in Asia.. Google it. Western media is unfair to eastern countries and China even don't reached mars

  • ocean Ocean
    ocean Ocean Year ago

    It's 2022now, this is fake news.

  • prem lal
    prem lal Year ago

    The are nearly 2 million Indians who have lived in England since 1950 so England have been paying back. The Indians have sent billions of pounds back to India, India is what it is today due to the money which has been sent from the UK. It is time for India moved on to Mars let the Indian orbiteer find a place for India to land on Mars. prem

  • Gabriel Sebastian
    Gabriel Sebastian Year ago +1

    India is the future ! 🙏

  • Viking Shang
    Viking Shang Year ago

    hahha, your target should be universe

  • TheColonelKlink
    TheColonelKlink Year ago

    Thanks. That was hillarious.

  • Siddharth james
    Siddharth james Year ago +3

    Actually India Still don't have the technology to take humans in space by itself but as a Indian I can laugh out loud on your video at the same time I feels that India is working in right direction

    • Diptendu Roy Chowdhury
      Diptendu Roy Chowdhury Year ago

      Sad so see the younger indians so pessimistic. Possibly a carryover of the british raj where it paid brits to see indians down and miserable, where every citizen was considered an enemy of the crown.

    • Ankit Sharma
      Ankit Sharma Year ago

      India had it all from the beginning , only issues were money for research and facilities because of some corrupt politicians in power.. lot of successful Indians across countries is a proof..

    • sr cop
      sr cop Year ago

      actually india use brain

    • Nishant Kumar
      Nishant Kumar Year ago +1

      Jennie james sis india holds world record for launching 104 satellite by it own and it also become 4 th country to reach mars by own.. and first country in Asia.. Google it. Western media is unfair to eastern countries

  • Sap Sap
    Sap Sap Year ago

    If that happens ..even mars will get dirty

  • Raunak singh Dhanjal

    I think u r over favering India.

    • Raunak singh Dhanjal
      Raunak singh Dhanjal Year ago

      Yeah i know that i am an Indian too. And was the happiest person person when i first heard the news . But i believe that its important to colonize Mars . It doesn't matter who colonize . Soon in the coming decades all space organizations will make joint ventures to accomplish bigger targets like colonizing . When it comes to space , especially exploring exo-planets and Moons . There is actually no race between countries , all trying for the good will of humanity.

      THE EUROPEAN  Year ago +4

      Could be. On the other hand, India is responsible for the very succesful Mars Orbiter Mission.

  • SMS
    SMS Year ago

    India colonizing Mars, sounds stupid.
    We have not yet learnt how to live
    peacefully on earth. So much of hatred, misunderstanding, nonco-operation
    between states(not sharing river water to neighboring state)
    fighting between various political faction, citizens not aware of cleaniness,
    air polution due excess use of vehicles etc., etc., etc., like this
    innumerable problems we are facing. When such is the state of
    our present culture, where is the need to go to Mars. First we must
    learn how to live on earth, then think of Mars.

  • Kuriakose Koshy
    Kuriakose Koshy Year ago +1

    Thanks to the proposal for India to colonize Mars. Welcome idea. It will take at least a century to have the technology to develop life on Mars. With the present day technology sending humans can be easy but survival will be difficult.

  • Sridhar Umapathy
    Sridhar Umapathy Year ago +2

    India won't colonize any country or planets in past present and future

  • HR rajput
    HR rajput Year ago


  • haa lala
    haa lala Year ago +3

    dude.tbh if i have to choose a country that might colonize mars.i would say USA. if you want to colonize mars you have to have a powerful rocket to send people there. so EU,RUSSIA and CHINA will come next not INDIA.

    • Nishant Kumar
      Nishant Kumar Year ago

      haa lala Jennie james sis india holds world record for launching 104 satellite by it own and it also become 4 th country to reach mars by own.. and first country in Asia.. Google it. Western media is unfair to eastern countries and China even don't reached mars

  • Adam Gilroy
    Adam Gilroy Year ago

    Narrator has a good tone, and speaks very clearly, but it sounds like he's only reading a word or two ahead of what he's saying. As a result he keeps putting the emphasis on the wrong words. Would sound much more natural if he would read and process an entire sentence before speaking.

      THE EUROPEAN  Year ago +1

      Hi Adam, thanks for your input! As a non-native English speaker, I find it very difficult to 'think ahead' while speaking English. Although I try very hard, my mind is not set to think in English. It's a thing I am working on every day, but it might take a bit more time.

  • Sourav Mukherjee
    Sourav Mukherjee Year ago

    Colonization is not in our blood.

  • Sree Raj
    Sree Raj Year ago +3

    I think india wouldn't colonies mars because
    1: no spaceship can break sun radiation .
    2:Mars don't have enough water for daily use
    3:No Air ,No fertile soil,no sky
    4: causes many diseases human
    5:Need huge money and resources
    6: Climate

  • harsh bhadoria
    harsh bhadoria Year ago

    Your last reason is the best one 😊

  • priyanshu anand
    priyanshu anand Year ago +3

    India will colonies all world with highest growing rate about 7.5 that is three time bigger than united States.

    • akash Bisht
      akash Bisht Year ago +1

      priyanshu anand that cuz US is already a developed Country and their is not much for them to develop

  • Petr Tajný
    Petr Tajný Year ago

    Mars and Hot ??

  • Hetobo Achumi
    Hetobo Achumi Year ago +2

    why do other countries forget the problem they face and always refer to India's increasing population. every individual, society and nation have their own problems so mind your own business, leave India alone

  • B R
    B R Year ago

    Forget the US government and NASA! It's the Deep State ("they/them") that ALREADY has the tech and MORE. NOBODY in the US government can touch them, audit them, question them. The MiB is not just a movie! The defence corporations are involved as well. Watch a documentary called " Unacknowledged". India won't be ALLOWED to put up a base, or even a tea stall there. UNLESS, India has it's OWN access to similar or superior information. "THEY" won't share ANYTHING with the rest of humanity as it would mean the loss of control and subjugation. Have a nice day! 😏

  • Nidd Jgh
    Nidd Jgh Year ago

    Did he really said mars is hot

  • kenny jong
    kenny jong Year ago

    Stupid video

  • Abhishek Thangaraj
    Abhishek Thangaraj Year ago +2

    And also Sundar Pichai, an Indian is the CEO of Google

  • sarthak sharma
    sarthak sharma Year ago +32


    • sagar Yenchilwar
      sagar Yenchilwar 6 months ago

      @Don Dressel ,they have nonsense dreams of gazwa e hind /Islamic colonisation of India,thusssss.....

    • Don Dressel
      Don Dressel 9 months ago +1

      sarthak sharma yes to bad there next to that idiot Muslim crazy country Pakistan

  • Maulik Pandey
    Maulik Pandey Year ago +17

    man your voice is very similar to my favourite legend john hurt.
    good work by you and I hope to get more like this.
    don't care about the negative comments they are the people who are totally loser's in their life.
    just remember you are doing work and I think you will very soon surpass million subscribers.😉😉

    • Pls help me get 10 000 subs
      Pls help me get 10 000 subs Year ago +1

      your voice makes my hair stand even before i know what you talking about

      THE EUROPEAN  Year ago +7

      Thank you very much and I am very pleased to hear you like my voice! Doing these voice-overs for videos is very difficult in my opinion. The right volume, the right pace, the right intensity, etcetera. It all needs to match with the kind of message I am trying to tell. John Hurt? OMG. The man is such a legend. I was so sad that hear he passed away. No worries, I don't care about the losers:-)

  • pubg gamer
    pubg gamer Year ago


  • GreenTeaKitKat
    GreenTeaKitKat Year ago +1

    D E S I G N A T E D P O O P S O L A R S Y S T E M S B Y 2 0 5 0

  • Amrinder Singh
    Amrinder Singh 2 years ago +6

    India need thanks for the idea

  • TameTusker Silly
    TameTusker Silly 2 years ago +2
    India is trying hard to reduce the cost of space travel with reusable vehicles......:):):)

  • TameTusker Silly
    TameTusker Silly 2 years ago +15

    As a kid, I used to have a photo of Neil Armstrong in one my school books and constantly wonder if India will ever be able to put a man on the Moon...and now, I see videos like these on the TVclip,,, cannot believe that India is slowly but surely moving in that direction,,,, the feeling is indescribable....:):):) Thanks for uploading the video...and let India join hands with other countries a move ahead with gigantic projects on shoestring budgets...India put a satellite around Mars for just $73 million!!!:):)

    • Larry M. Aden
      Larry M. Aden Year ago

      Tame Tusker Silly, I would invite you and anyone else, from anywhere, to work with us, in AMASS, to work toward that goal of international cooperation, which you expressed, not only for sustainable space exploration and colonization, but for solving the simple common problems of equitable access to basic needs of all humanity, here, on Earth.
      Mars Colonization is extremely important for the prospect of doubling the survival chances of the entire human species.
      However, before we take our problems to Mars, let us solve them, together, here, on Earth.
      Larry M. Aden, Executive Director
      Jolley, Iowa, USA

      INDIAN WARRIORS Year ago

      THE EUROPEAN sir ur videos are Awesome👏✊👍

    • Hetobo Achumi
      Hetobo Achumi Year ago +1

      listen carefully this video don't have genuine or valid reason but rather trying to shad India.

    • TameTusker Silly
      TameTusker Silly 2 years ago +1

      Totally agree with you, sir. Let happiness and peace prevail in your life for having such nice thoughts and hope international cooperation happens to put man on Mars!:):):):)

      THE EUROPEAN  2 years ago +9

      That's amazing, isn't it? Let's all cooperate, India, China, USA, Europe, Japan, Russia, and put humans on mars. And let India lead the way with science, wisdom and peace. Colonizing space is not just about technology, it's also about ethics and doing the right thing. Space should not become a warzone for superpowers. It should be the place that reflects our peaceful cooperation.

    SARANG 2 years ago +5

    awesome bro yours is the best channel...... your voice