• Published on Dec 10, 2019
    #Deshaefrost #Dreagoldi #Goldenkye
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Comments • 176

  • Namya Mckinney
    Namya Mckinney 21 day ago

    Lying dregoldi and ky some baddddd ass bitches quit capping

  • AngelDoll
    AngelDoll 24 days ago

    @barbi3.angel fw on ig 🤍

  • Cortrell Rogers
    Cortrell Rogers 24 days ago +3

    Is that his best friend in the back ground

  • Monique Harper
    Monique Harper 25 days ago +2

    IS he trying to say kye wanted half after break up 😳 😮

  • Tikiiya Thomas
    Tikiiya Thomas 26 days ago +2

    I think it’s the girl from the gold digger and he don’t need to talk to her like that

  • 868.tianna Singh
    868.tianna Singh 26 days ago +4

    The girl is @jordynthegenie his child hood bsf that his mom put him onna blind date with
    Watch that video and y’all will know it’s her plus the one when he got his siblings Christmas gifts she was there too

  • LeiConfidence
    LeiConfidence Month ago +3

    Where does he diss her at

  • Maami Gee
    Maami Gee Month ago +2

    if u like japanese let me know lol

  • Gachalife Girl
    Gachalife Girl Month ago +3

    Bro come on now how many girls have you had uh let me see.........idk! You a dog bro

  • special_ special
    special_ special Month ago +10

    He got so sexy over night

  • XiLiTy Keean
    XiLiTy Keean Month ago +4

    Deshae sorry to say this dude u one of my biggest fans but the money changed u I also can't believed u did that to dre u keep on doing this u gonna lose subs so just STOP FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE U BEING SO IN MATURE.Just stop but I don't mean any offense or I'm not hating I'm just helping u yo new girl got BAAAAAADDD ATTITUDE.Thx I hope u stop Deshae I know u won't get back with dre but just apoligize to her what u did to her was real bad thx I hope u understand😒😔☹

  • XiLiTy Keean
    XiLiTy Keean Month ago +3

    That lady laugh like wahahaaelahahle

  • XiLiTy Keean
    XiLiTy Keean Month ago +2

    Dude I liked dre better than his new girlfriend

  • DT4L DonnieGang
    DT4L DonnieGang Month ago

    This nigga homie got a dog leash on his neck 😂😂😂

  • Maniac Mind
    Maniac Mind Month ago

    His Lil ass be fucking more then me 😂😂😂😂

  • Adore Queen TT
    Adore Queen TT Month ago +3

    Don't do Kye...kye pretty asff🤦🏽🤦🏽

  • DaisyWonderfulWorld

    that's Riley voice

  • Babygirl Monica
    Babygirl Monica Month ago +1

    He acts like a kid I swear🤣

  • Domonique Heim
    Domonique Heim Month ago +11

    Can’t listen to this chicks ratchet attitude anymore. I’m out ✌🏼

  • Houston Reese
    Houston Reese Month ago

    Deshae gay and real messy

  • Violet McDonald
    Violet McDonald Month ago

    deshea needs to shut up beacause he is a man thought

  • JCapo Beatz
    JCapo Beatz Month ago +9

    Mfs be in these comments like they know every detail of this man situations.

  • Nicks Bricks
    Nicks Bricks Month ago +5

    Deshae starting to look like a snack😂

  • Kay Velli
    Kay Velli Month ago +1

    Stg dude in the back fr do look like either Jaden or Pharrell lol

  • Jazhire Elwood
    Jazhire Elwood Month ago +1

    It's probably a boy because she didn't even show her face

    • Chef Flee
      Chef Flee Month ago +1

      Jazhire Elwood it’s the same girl from his last video

  • SimplyTeezus
    SimplyTeezus Month ago +16

    Lol he literally did the whole ddg tat and it just says frost... ddg is is dad

  • sammie darius
    sammie darius Month ago +3

    She is to joe with friend

  • Drucilla Forson
    Drucilla Forson Month ago +4

    He has no talent

  • Matthew Haughton
    Matthew Haughton Month ago

    Using his ass for the money

  • Matthew Haughton
    Matthew Haughton Month ago +5

    Better not be talking about Riley cause that’s dead son

    • Matthew Haughton
      Matthew Haughton Month ago

      LaTara Taylor who is you 🤣 you don’t even know buddy like that talking about boy bye

    • LaTara Taylor
      LaTara Taylor Month ago

      Matthew Haughton boy bye

  • Blocky
    Blocky Month ago +1

    On ga

  • DionSoDumb
    DionSoDumb Month ago +1

    Holy fuck she’s annoying

  • Jada C
    Jada C Month ago +10

    She don’t sound ghetto y’all tripping

    • Raven X
      Raven X Month ago +1

      She sounds black, and ppl probably title it ghetto, idk

  • Asha Adia
    Asha Adia Month ago +32

    He makes himself look so bad.

  • Ashy Ashy
    Ashy Ashy Month ago

    He not fuh real😑

  • Kydere Wilson
    Kydere Wilson Month ago


  • Marvel Agbabiaka
    Marvel Agbabiaka Month ago +4

    You want us to leave
    "Just get out over here"

  • Nayy _
    Nayy _ Month ago +23

    You need to stop dating these girls and find a keeper bc dreagoldi aint do shii to you

  • The Proud Family Squad

  • Christine IsMee
    Christine IsMee Month ago +105

    all deshaes women are lightskin &&n this new girl sound ratchet asffff...

  • Quentin Mclaughlin
    Quentin Mclaughlin Month ago +4

    This nigga had three girlfriends in a year no cap I can't take him serious no more

  • Kyerra D
    Kyerra D Month ago +6

    He young this the time for him to be living his life with new ppl if one relationship don’t work out that don’t mean he have to wait a whole year to move on ya must can’t find nobody fast enough

  • Jurnie Marie
    Jurnie Marie Month ago +21

    LMFAO y’all that’s just deshae girl bestie , not his “ new girl ” .

  • Don Pablxo
    Don Pablxo Month ago +4

    Ya buggin on my boy he only 18 let him live life 🤣

  • Dairaaa_ Vuu
    Dairaaa_ Vuu Month ago +3

    Obviously she’s lightskin

  • Plug King
    Plug King Month ago +6

    And for everyone saying money changed him it’s a phase everyone goes through he gonna be calm and mor melo next year

    • Stir 777
      Stir 777 28 days ago

      Ms nigga been had bread

  • Plug King
    Plug King Month ago +198

    Deshae get a mustache and a beard and don’t know how to act

  • badkidkay
    badkidkay Month ago

  • Storm of illusions Midnight

    When does he diss her?

  • Keketso Maluleke
    Keketso Maluleke Month ago +3


  • lil saint
    lil saint Month ago

    deshae is a midget & he has a lil boy mentality like go head you lost in life idc how much money he have he wack asl fr & he gunna b the next youngboy 😭 gon fuck around & get herpes

  • Airtaetae2x love u
    Airtaetae2x love u Month ago +6

    He looks like he belongs in church

  • Raven Raven
    Raven Raven Month ago +3

    Where she diss

  • Tyrese Davis
    Tyrese Davis Month ago

    Y’all always on his neck buhh never realized he don’t know how to handle his pain‼️imagine fucking with girls who went to they best friends or exes 💯 he just trynna find his place chill on the hate...

  • Keirstin Poppin
    Keirstin Poppin Month ago +4

    I like the goofy crazy deshae lmao he maturing like the tiniest bit but like I’m seeing da change 😂

  • Millicent Anaman
    Millicent Anaman Month ago +3

    Why y’all think he bi sexual??

  • YepAsh
    YepAsh Month ago +19

    Idk why woman keep on going out with dude out of all options...he immature af

  • kiara gray
    kiara gray Month ago

    He childish and a fuckboy

  • Lus Rina
    Lus Rina Month ago +30

    Why all Deshea’s girls are light skin🤔😅

    • javon mckinney
      javon mckinney 29 days ago

      @Sonara Etienne sounds like you not comfortable with your skin color. Mad because he want date a girl your color? It doesnt matter who he dates nobody cares but women who hate on another women that a man dates.

    • fmg_tae ___
      fmg_tae ___ Month ago

      Sonara Etienne so if I dated mostly dark skin girls would you still say it’s colorist ? stfu you sound slow, if I wanna date a light skin girl imma date a light skin girl if I wanna date a dark skin girl imma date a dark skin girl tf

    • Mia Satcher
      Mia Satcher Month ago

      Sonara Etienne not at all true

    • Coffee-Break-Tutorialss
      Coffee-Break-Tutorialss Month ago +2

      Why the fuck does skin color matter?!

    • Kearia Jones
      Kearia Jones Month ago +1

      That's wat he like

  • Whiitemochaso Thiick
    Whiitemochaso Thiick Month ago +36

    He trying to be like ddg so bad 🖐 stopppp ittt

    • Tha.kidchris
      Tha.kidchris Month ago +2

      Ur still broke talk to him when you have money 👣

    • Funny TikToks
      Funny TikToks Month ago +4

      Whiitemochaso Thiick how weirdo? Cause free styling that’s a normal black person activity even if you’re not a rapper