Film Theory: Why You SHOULDN'T FLY to Mordor! (The Lord of the Rings)

  • Published on Nov 26, 2017
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    When it comes to The Lord of the Rings, one of the most common questions circulated online is why didn’t Frodo just ride the giant Eagles to Mount Doom? There are theories out there that suggest this was the plan all along, but sadly, when you look at the evidence, that's just wrong. In fact, it's so wrong, it's dangerous! In this episode, I will give you the definitive answer to why Frodo didn’t simply ride those giant birds into Mordor!
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  • Christian Eicher
    Christian Eicher 10 hours ago

    Its kinda funny that he could really pronounce mordor correctly but when it came to rohan he said rohan wrong lol

  • Christian Eicher
    Christian Eicher 10 hours ago

    Gandalf didn't mean to literally fly duh hes a wizard, he knows better, he meant to run from moria

  • NPC 9785537
    NPC 9785537 Day ago

    Man that "theory" is just so dumb.

  • Stail H
    Stail H Day ago

    1:18 shortcut

  • Death Pleb
    Death Pleb 2 days ago

    why couldn't the fellowship just walk around the walls of Mordor. I mean, there's a giant fucking gap at the back of Mordor


  • Allen Reyes
    Allen Reyes 2 days ago

    The fact that this question was asked proves people weren't paying attention in the films. Even without knowledge of the lore, if you just stop and THINK you should figure it out even from a casual viewing.
    Okay, the audience is told The Ring must be destroyed to finish off evil, the enemy is looking for it, and as mentioned in the prologue it was lost for a long time. Its significance has been established. Yes, the Fellowship's mission is EXTREMELY risky, but flying the Eagles is even worse. Il explain why with only what's told to the audience in the film:
    1) It's established by Gandalf that Sauron has many spies lingering around. The size and wingspan of the Eagles would definitely draw unwanted attention. Who knows what reinforcements or traps they would set up for the incoming birds. Sauron is searching for the Ring, so it's not wrong to assume he would raise his eyebrow at nine Eagles just randomly flying in his direction.
    2) Naturally all birds need a break. There is the risk of one getting fatigue, and accidentally dropping Frodo, but most importantly The Ring. Now its lost again. They're back to square one.
    3) If they fly at a very high altitude to "hide" as some idiots say, again there is the risk of fatigue and loosing The Ring. You also have the risk of lightning that'll burn them all, rain that'll make them sick and soaked making them heavier for flying. Then there's the risk of getting lost and separated in cloud storms. NOT good.
    4) Giant flying eagle's wont only draw the enemies attention as I mentioned earlier. It will draw the attention of non-hostiles. Word would get around, and again Sauron has many spies. That in it if itself is self explanatory.
    Youl hear no argument from me in regards to the risks of the Fellowship going on foot. Yes, Frido could drop The Ring and be killed on foot. However, he dies have a chance to take cover or get 9ne of his friends help. If he drops from an Eagle at a high altitude, that's it. Even if an eagle catches him, you risk Frodi getting shredded by its talons, and he could still drop The Ring. On Foot it's still hard to find such a small object, but to drop it from a high altitude, you're screwed.
    See? You dont even have to be a Tolkien expert, or have read the books to come to these conclusions. Just pay attention to the films, and use common sense.

  • Damien Johnson
    Damien Johnson 3 days ago

    And she jumped off the bridge basic the series

  • Ørjan
    Ørjan 4 days ago +1

    Not at all gonna listen to an american who cant even pronounce Sauron

  • Alban
    Alban 4 days ago

    fuck off the hobbit moveis were amazing

  • Mihael Stojanovif
    Mihael Stojanovif 4 days ago

    U cant just fly in mordor with eagles because sauron would see them and kill them and the halflings and then take the ring for himself and destroy the men.Thats why they could come only after they killed sauron

  • superduper MarvelGUY

    the ring could grow to the point where it could fit on the eagles finger. And what the hell is wrong with the hobbit movies they were great jerk

  • vehaan sharma
    vehaan sharma 7 days ago +1

    Wait since sauron only exists in soul form how can he use the ring.

    Pls like so MatPat can see

    • vehaan sharma
      vehaan sharma 6 days ago

      @Professor Cunt I think that he would need to wield the ring to become physical from but that is impossible as he is not in physical from to wield the ring and hence would not be able to wield the ring.therefore the ring would just exist as a part of his soul or a**horcrux** and sauron could not use it as a weapon but he could only safeguard it so as to prevent it from getting taken or destroyed

    • Professor Cunt
      Professor Cunt 6 days ago +1

      If he gets his ring back he can transform into a physical body, in the first movie he poured his essence into the one ring to make himself stronger but he gets his hand cut off by Isuldur. Sauron looses the ring and a part of his power, destroying his physical body and leaving him in a state of purgatory basically. He still exists as a all seing eye, but he needs his ring back to become himself again.

  • Arya Bharadwaj
    Arya Bharadwaj 7 days ago +1

    I think people forget that Gwahir drops Gandalf in the Gap of Rohan, as per request. This means he simply couldn't mention the idea and Gwahir would never do it anyway

  • Swrvy- Minion
    Swrvy- Minion 8 days ago +1

    I love The Lord of The Rings. I just LOVE IT!

  • Peter Berger
    Peter Berger 9 days ago +1

    The answer to "Fly, you fools" is pretty simple. It means 'Flee, you fools' and nothing else -- Fly meaning to take flight, ergo to flee.

  • Connor Griffin
    Connor Griffin 11 days ago +1

    Bow chica bow wow bow chica bow wow bow chica bow wow bow chica bow wow bow chica bow wow

  • Sky night the nunk
    Sky night the nunk 11 days ago +1

    Your saying hobbits are weak but I’m pretty sure Sam could kill any of the characters

  • Art at heart
    Art at heart 12 days ago +1

    wait ONE SECOND.....Mat Pat......did you just say that the hobbit movies were BAD.....YOUR DEAD TO ME

  • TheDaringPastry1313
    TheDaringPastry1313 12 days ago +2

    Before I watch this, "fly you fools" in my head means run fast you idiots... something along those lines. I never thought it to ever mean to use the eagles and fly there.

  • Mark Harlow
    Mark Harlow 13 days ago +2

    "And she.... And she jumped off the bridge"

  • brian milligan
    brian milligan 13 days ago

    It amazes me. All the dumb cunts. Including you that do not understand that in the context it was used " fly" meant " run" or " flee" or " escape" did you ever hear of " white flight?" It means whites running away from cities. I cannot stand being smarter than everyone.

  • Noah Hastings
    Noah Hastings 14 days ago +1

    Hodor: HODOR!
    Gandalf + Elrond: MORRRRRRRDORRRRRRRRR!!

  • Anubus come forth
    Anubus come forth 14 days ago

    Did you forget that this was also a book series?

  • RohiasPlayz
    RohiasPlayz 15 days ago

    Aren't those eagles just rocs?

  • Finn Leason
    Finn Leason 16 days ago

    the eagles were proud and intellegent beasts - the good equivalent to dragons - and would most liklyof been currupted by the ring and attampt to steal it. that is my theory.

  • zombieonyoursix
    zombieonyoursix 16 days ago

    He doesn't say fly you fools if you have subtitles on it reads run you fools

  • İsm Ata
    İsm Ata 16 days ago

    why should readers deem the drafts, attempts and what ifs of a writers published book/s as canon may i ask?
    those are very valuable as historical items showing the thought proccess and work that went into creating a book (of fantasy here). sure they deserve respect.
    but cannonization? no.
    but as only being a reader, i dont get to chose whats canon.
    so if one day the writer says " that first book was elvish propaganda. here is what humans that lived at the time say. read this, this is cannon as another perspective and by the way, spoilers, there has never been a hobbit race, it was a conspiracy. "
    then sure, then that would be canon too.

  • madcat gaming
    madcat gaming 17 days ago

    Why you show pic of gaudon it was ancalagon. Also he wasn't killed by eagles

  • Hudson kuter
    Hudson kuter 17 days ago

    and the hobbit mover were great.

  • drageben
    drageben 17 days ago

    One wrong dragon
    Two it was not the eagles, but a dude on a flying ship

  • De Pinto
    De Pinto 18 days ago

    ngl i loved the hobbit

  • Magare Govedo
    Magare Govedo 18 days ago

    Flying increases chance to be seen.As simple as that,no need to make 12 minutes long video about it,just for sake of making 'content'

  • Maya Rudilla
    Maya Rudilla 18 days ago

    The Hobbit - An unexpected Journey:
    Bilbo Baggins bears the One Ring as they escape from the Goblin Tunnels, and rides an Eagle.

  • turkey2003
    turkey2003 18 days ago

    I always thought he said "help me your fools" haha

  • Aaron Roberts
    Aaron Roberts 18 days ago

    I’d like to read Tolkien’s whole letter I paused the highlighted part about the eagles was an interesting read

  • King Yurt
    King Yurt 18 days ago

    The answer is so simple

  • Noble 7
    Noble 7 19 days ago

    In the Hobbit (novel) Gandalf actually consults with the Eagles asking them to carry them to Erebor, their response basically means that they're not a taxi service.

  • Maniak pao13
    Maniak pao13 19 days ago

    Your theory doesn't stand. I'd like to remind you that in the first Hobbit movie, the Eagle doesn't have a problem carrying Bilbo, who at that time has the one ring.

    • Adam Freed
      Adam Freed 18 days ago

      Shocking news, the Hobbit movies are full of crap! Nobody saw that one coming!

  • Fin
    Fin 19 days ago

    wait didn't the eagles carry Bilbo Baggins while he's holding the ring?

    • Fin
      Fin 17 days ago

      @TenaciousKoala ahhh, so in the LOTR they knew that the ring is with the fellowship, that's why the eagles didn't carry them but in the hobbits, they were in a hurry and nobody except Bilbo knows about the ring. okay okay. getting clearer now.

    • TenaciousKoala
      TenaciousKoala 18 days ago

      Fin Ehhhh he’d just gotten the ring, and they were in a hurry.

  • Chris Inglis
    Chris Inglis 20 days ago

    Mordor has a giant fucking army and outoosts set up all over and would kill the eagles and take the ring. Maybe that's why? Are people this stupid. No one should be asking this question unless they have no idea what the world of Arda is and where middle earth stands in relation to the valar spirits.

  • Adam Fodrea
    Adam Fodrea 20 days ago

    Bilbo had the ring when the eagles picked him up in the hobbit so nice try there

    • The11th Doctor
      The11th Doctor 20 days ago

      Adam Fodrea Then again the Eagles didn’t know that Bilbo was carrying the ring with him so there would have been no temptation

  • Pumpkinsoup05
    Pumpkinsoup05 20 days ago

    Music? From 5:45

  • Hungaro Games
    Hungaro Games 21 day ago

    A video like this takes a hack of a time to make, doesn’t it?

  • Noam Kimchi
    Noam Kimchi 21 day ago

    2:19 uruks*

  • Mario Bowser494
    Mario Bowser494 22 days ago +4

    If this is a bad idea because the eagles will be corrupted by the ring then how did they not get corrupted in the Hobbit when they carried Bilbo and the dwarves near the lonely mountain and Bilbo had the ring on him.
    Theory busted

    • Luke DS
      Luke DS 16 days ago

      I'm curious, friend. Have you thought about how you would write it differently?

    • İsm Ata
      İsm Ata 16 days ago +1

      in truth, yes, thats a plothole.
      but thats because an easy and route does not make a legendary journey long enough to make a book out of, and use many languages in. (hence the eagles being very dangerous as a writing tool in a book about a journey).
      yes, the writer, and us readers are trying to find a way why that easy route was not feasible, an in universe explanation as it were.
      and because its not clearly stated why in the book, its very probable he didnt realize before the publishing( the plothole/s you ve mentioned).
      and its left to us to try to find a way to fill them holes we have found in the houses walls that we have bought. 👍
      the man was a linguist first and foremost, not a writer. its said that he said he built a universe and wrote the books as a base to use the languages that he made up beforehand (dont know for sure).
      if true, itmeans he did not build the languages to use in the story he came up within a universe he had build. the story was at least secondary, maybe even tertiary.
      and seeing many other more story oriented writers succumb to many a plotholes, i shall not begrudge him that.
      i shall pull a pretty curtain over this hole, because its not an outer wall hole to crush the stability.

    • TorianTammas
      TorianTammas 16 days ago +1

      @İsm Ata How about it is not only one plothole but a serious of them as the author had no plan about certain consequences and bugs.

    • İsm Ata
      İsm Ata 16 days ago +1

      gandalf was near bilbo in hobbit too, and then visited him many times and didnt see saurons eye and jumped back back then.
      it looks like one needs to know what it is for it to truly become dangerous in their hands.
      thranduil is an elven king, and his lineage is considered higher than common elves of middle earth. movie makes a joke out of him by oh your mother loved you... etc... but he was not a joke. bilbo wore the ring constantly for however many days in his halls but we didnt see him becoming boromir. that becomes more problematic in his movie version, a ruler hellbent on protecting his realm however possible (just like boromir, in fact exactly like him).
      so, i personally think for a person(ality) to become dangerous, one needs to know what it is, better yet, its and its makers capabilities.
      that makes SARUMAN the most dangerous person other than sauron. he, as the canonically strongest of the istari, knew the ringlore best among them too, and both sauron and saruman were underlings/trainees/asistants of aule, which makes some people think aule as the kindhearted version of morgoth sort of. with him disobeying eru and trying to create life. like morgoths desire to create, but less selfish.

    • Luke DS
      Luke DS 18 days ago

      @TorianTammas Yeah that scene was just dramatic filming meant to make the Nazgul more menacing. It worked, it's bloody menacing, but gives us that little dues ex machina.
      Being that close to the ring the Nazgul should practically be feeling it in their grasp.

  • lil derpy panda
    lil derpy panda 22 days ago

    The theory i have that doesnt make a stretch is that the eagles have to make the desicion to save the good guys. They have to send the message of their graces the same as ronan had to agree to save the white city.

  • Aleplayer’s Domain
    Aleplayer’s Domain 22 days ago

    In the book version they describe those dark dragon beasts being too powerful for the eagles to take on so they would have to weaken Sauron in order to have an even matching between these two animals.

  • King Kid Vlogger
    King Kid Vlogger 22 days ago

    Ancalagon the Black was the dragon who destroyed the mountain range Thangorodrim when he died

  • Revenant666
    Revenant666 22 days ago

    UGH, that opening, the cringe is real.

  • Barry The Chopper
    Barry The Chopper 22 days ago

    You guys don't understand. At the time of when the Tolkien books were written fly had another meaning: to escape/ to flee. When Gandalf was falling he was telling the group to run, away from the Balrog, and to continue their journey

  • Katharine Goaway
    Katharine Goaway 22 days ago

    I always wondered if the eagles would work.
    Now I know

  • Sara Stop
    Sara Stop 22 days ago


  • III1 III1
    III1 III1 24 days ago +1

    Why not fly then higher so high air becomes thin

  • Elizabeth Holtz
    Elizabeth Holtz 24 days ago +3

    Love you, love your theories, but damn, lay off my boy Pippin😥😥
    (Also I love the Hobbit films??)

    • Jorge Larios
      Jorge Larios 23 days ago

      Pippin is a fucking idiot if I was Gandalf I would of had behaded him on first sight 🤯🙄🤨🧐

  • VanillaDough
    VanillaDough 24 days ago

    Are we just gonna forget that bilbo flew on the eagles while carrying the ring? just a question.

    • VanillaDough
      VanillaDough 22 days ago

      @NPHfann interesting

    • NPHfann
      NPHfann 22 days ago

      VanillaDough it is a good question and I would say that in that case the eagles were not aware of the ring’s presence. Similar to Gandalf’s change in manner towards the ring when he finds out it is the one ring while Frodo owns it. It is written that the ring has the power to draw someone to it but I think a key point of the ring’s ability to corrupt someone and use the bearer’s power is the owner’s accepting and taking of the ring. That could not be done in bilbo’s case because its presence was not known. In Frodo’s case the Eagles would know what they were carrying.

  • Caleb Steiner
    Caleb Steiner 24 days ago

    Morrrrrdorrrrrr rofl

  • B Bossart
    B Bossart 25 days ago +1

    Frodo Baggins
    Dildo Faggins

  • B Bossart
    B Bossart 25 days ago

    Mat takes so much joy out of ripping apart a theory😂

    • Director 00Donut
      Director 00Donut 24 days ago

      B Bossart it’s almost like he’s impersonating a commenter for comedic effect

  • Vaughan's Channel
    Vaughan's Channel 25 days ago

    One does not simply CHANGE THE WHOLE PREMISE OF YOUR CHANNEL!!! (In response o the last line in your vid.) Theory Buster would be a good third channel name though.

  • Never Give up
    Never Give up 25 days ago

    Idk but what about the guy on a dragon who always tries to find Frodo when he puts on the ring. That thing would slay the eagle or attack it and who ever is on the eagle would flop down to the ground and die. Plus yes the eye would see the eagle right off the bat.

  • FL Dream
    FL Dream 26 days ago

    2019 and it’s still a good watch

  • N VL
    N VL 26 days ago +4

    1:33 Elrond says Mordor like a boss.😂
    No kidding turn on captions

  • Dan Vol
    Dan Vol 27 days ago +4

    Off the top of my head...
    Didn't the Eagles fly Bilbo and the Dwarves in 'The Hobbit' while Bilbo was in possession of the Ring?
    Kinda shoots a hole in the theory that they'd "sense" its presence.

    • TenaciousKoala
      TenaciousKoala 18 days ago

      Director 00Donut Well of course, they were leaving the Misty Mountains, which is where he got the ring.

    • Director 00Donut
      Director 00Donut 24 days ago

      Dan Vol did Bilbo have the ring then?? I wonder about that then. The Hobbit wasn’t as faithful as I’d love to believe, so is it possible that the ring was nerfed in some way? Like doesn’t Gandalf just kinda figure out Bilbo has it and let’s him keep it I begrudgingly?
      The Eagles KNEW Frodo held the ring. So by flying him, the temptation would be there. If the Eagles didn’t know about the ring or that Frodo had it, things might’ve been different. The Hole this comment shoots is in the continuity of Tolkien’s story, not so much the Theory. MatPat can create these theories When such errors or gaps are left in the narrative of whatever topic he covers. His Undertale Theory is proof enough of that. The clues were buried and unexplained and were just left there, so MatPat did the inevitable. If he hadn’t, someone else would’ve.
      This theory is as sound as it’s gonna get.

  • Amanda Morgan
    Amanda Morgan 28 days ago

    no the ring tempts the wearer to return it to sauron by saying i’m a great weapon kill sauron go to mordor but no sauron kills you and takes it the ring dose not show its true power because how connected it is to sauron if he died it would be destroyed it could probably do more than just invisibility

  • Oliver Sidaway
    Oliver Sidaway 29 days ago

    I’m I the only one who actually likes all three hobbit films, sometimes more than LotR... yes? ok.

  • Quentin Sherrill
    Quentin Sherrill Month ago

    Ow that a gut punch

  • Em Asedillo
    Em Asedillo Month ago

    Yo there are literally videos explaining the entire history of the Lord of the rings. There even videos for what happened before middleearth was even made

  • Cameron J. Wallace
    Cameron J. Wallace Month ago

    i'm crying out of joy. this is everything

  • Nightcrawler’s Gaming channel

    Then explain why bilbo is able to rise on the great Eagles in the hobbit with out any problem.

  • bray4990 bray4990
    bray4990 bray4990 Month ago

    DOES ANYONE READ THE BOOKS! When Gandalf says "fly you fools" he means fly as in go quickly.

  • Eugene Orcino
    Eugene Orcino Month ago +2

    i got an ad for Game Of Thrones by watching this.

  • Daniel Gravdal
    Daniel Gravdal Month ago

    2:46 he did not fail, he succeed. And/or refused. But he did NOT fail. Even not in Khazad-Dûm.

  • Mhao Yeager
    Mhao Yeager Month ago

    Complete sense made

  • H-Network  Joel Hofstad

    Just put blindfolds on the Eagles and tell them where to go

  • mick cv
    mick cv Month ago

    And the invincible ghost army isn’t a machine? Shit was so dumb, twice the deus ex machina that the eagles were

  • Your Mum
    Your Mum Month ago

    The hobbit movies wasnt too bad

  • superior danger
    superior danger Month ago

    I love the hobbit

  • -Trending -
    -Trending - Month ago

    MatPat You’re a legend

  • the parodying fangirl

    The real question is why didn’t Gandalf, Radagast, Saruman and the two blue wizards team up and use their magic to fight Smaug and Sauron like it would have solved the majority of the problems in like the first movies

  • BOTW Zelda
    BOTW Zelda Month ago

    Am I the only one who enjoyed the hobbit
    At least they weren’t the Star Wars prequels

    • Ayden Birch
      Ayden Birch Month ago

      I liked them and, oh my yes, the source material was butchered in many areas but Jackson and New Line Cinema made some pretty enjoyable scenes in the trilogy.

  • fox_girl 2425
    fox_girl 2425 Month ago +1

    The meme at the end is so true most of us or some of us after everything makes logical sense
    Me: * inhales * SCREEEE

  • Rebecca Turner
    Rebecca Turner Month ago

    Why does everyone hate Pippin? He is definitely my second favorite character

  • Mashhoud Aslam Dilshad

    They didn't fly to mordor because the EYE of sauron and the nazguls and the orcs who have arrows and if Frodo dropped the ring what if it just landed on a rorck DONE

  • ShayDaSavage
    ShayDaSavage Month ago +1


  • XFoxy 33
    XFoxy 33 Month ago

    I guess you're "The Lord of the theories"

  • stovebot 42
    stovebot 42 Month ago

    I went to get to get a diet coke downstairs an intense journey but it was worth it

  • Jskull01 Cooney21
    Jskull01 Cooney21 Month ago

    What about celebrimbor

  • veevu 123
    veevu 123 Month ago

    Yea but the eagels are weaker then sauron...

    SRPA III Month ago

    Am i Stupid? Probably. But what is the Music From like 5:00 to 6:00 ?

  • Notyourmum
    Notyourmum Month ago

    Hobbit movies were great Wdym

  • Emma Granger Weasly

    The eagle theory doesn’t work because of the eye of Sauron would see them.
    Oh you mentioned that.

  • AgentZeb
    AgentZeb 2 months ago

    smartMoth go! (well the ring on the eagle tallon, is actually possible coz it changes size however it pleases to fit the bearer)

  • tully mcglone
    tully mcglone 2 months ago

    pretty sure all you have to do is put it in a paper envelope.

  • 92% stupidity
    92% stupidity 2 months ago

    The line "fly you fools" was just Gandalf repeating what he said earlier. When the fellowship was running from balrog Gandalf yelled "FLY FLY" which means haul ass an Gandalf language

    • beefucker3000
      beefucker3000 Month ago

      Dat aint gandalf language. It's tolkien language

  • OverKill Jaguar
    OverKill Jaguar 2 months ago +1

    I also think that Gandalf and galadriel didnt take the ring because They knew it would corrupt them to evil.

  • Seth Gilpin
    Seth Gilpin 2 months ago

    Correction Matt, one god. The three are more like Demi gods.

  • horace22192
    horace22192 2 months ago

    In the books the eagles only took Gandalf to the rohan

  • Yayman Yayman
    Yayman Yayman 2 months ago

    The Eagles would die its so simple

    PORTAL_ LIZARD! 2 months ago

    He said the hobbit movies were bad 😠

  • pinecone69
    pinecone69 2 months ago

    Fly is old nordic-english for flee. Fly in nordic means to flee.