Film Theory: Why You SHOULDN'T FLY to Mordor! (The Lord of the Rings)


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  • asimi925
    asimi925 16 hours ago

    Well, tom bobadil was old and he didnt care about the ring. Maybe not all creatures are interested in the ring. Of course lord of the rings wouldnt be 3 enjoyable books if the eagles helped and tolkien knew that.

  • ꧁Mike Sully꧂
    ꧁Mike Sully꧂ 18 hours ago

    Mordor might have had some SAM sites in each corner of its base, they would have to take the power plants out first

  • Graciatus
    Graciatus 19 hours ago

    i dont understand how some people can just assume Sauron would leave his domain undefended and let eagles fly through 🤣🤣🤣

  • OzixiThrill
    OzixiThrill 22 hours ago

    Sure, sneaking in would have been damn near impossible.
    But does it matter, when you literally go in and can drop the ring within the minute you're spotted?

  • mmrseed
    mmrseed Day ago

    What a bunch of crap. So Tolkien introduced an element to his story (giant eagles) that he himself recognized had to have an artificial restriction that they could only be used sparingly for plot holes. The eagles don't get evil and powerful by carrying the ring, they stay nice and happy by carrying the hobbit who carries the ring. Duh. Element of surprise...why? The ring would be done for in seconds and so what if the ring wraiths and nazgul scramble like fighter jets to intercept them....the eagles killed a dragon big enough to flatten three mountains. Pretty sure they could kill some nazgul.

  • Subscribe_to_Pewdiepie

    If you had bothered to read the books, not only would you have actually enjoyed the story, (instead of the incongruous nonsense served up by Jackson and his pretty boy hobbits), you would realise that NO-ONE can be permitted to know about the ring.
    Not even eagles.

  • pricey0986ify
    pricey0986ify Day ago

    Great theory, I'm defiantly going to use it against people next time they try and bad mouth LOTR lol

  • Killindar
    Killindar Day ago

    If there was an issue transporting THE RING with Eagles because they are so high up in the ranks and the Ring is so powerful how come they transported Bilbo carrying the same ring without any problem whatsoever???

  • William Reymond
    William Reymond Day ago

    Lose the intro, it really wasn't as funny as you thought when you uploaded it.

  • Furkan Hüseyin
    Furkan Hüseyin Day ago

    Gandalf and Saruman are not Maiar. They are Istari. Their origins are unknown (Cirdan tells Galadriel and Elrond that they come from over the seas).

  • ArgieGrit01
    ArgieGrit01 Day ago

    How did he fuck up the first page of the Silmarillion? Valar aren't gods. There's only one God, Eru Illuvatar

  • NickieB
    NickieB Day ago

    You don't sound British! Why wouldn't you call it a SOCCER field?

  • Simon Rush
    Simon Rush Day ago

    I love the hobbit

  • legion of doom
    legion of doom Day ago

    do u have any idea how long that bothered me , thanks honkey

  • MrGlies
    MrGlies 2 days ago

    Now I wanna buy a smart-moth. Damn you marketing tricks!

  • A G
    A G 2 days ago

    I’ve always thought this was such a stupid question. “Why don’t they just fly to Mordor?”
    Uh, because there’s a giant fucking eye right in the middle of it? An eye that would see it coming from miles and miles away? And then they would be intercepted and beaten down by wraiths and shit?
    And this is all assuming the eagles aren’t corrupted by the ring on the way. Even just one Boromir-eagle would leave the entire trip totally fucked.

  • Gabino Jaimes
    Gabino Jaimes 2 days ago

    Middle earth Shadow of war?????

  • Strider9000
    Strider9000 2 days ago +1

    But MatPat, in the Hobbit, the eagles carry Bilbo while he had the ring, so why weren't they tempted then?????????? Hmmmmmmm???????

  • Wraith Talon
    Wraith Talon 2 days ago

    if the rings proximity to the eagles was true would we not have had an issue when the eagles picked up bilbo and the dwarves in the hobbit?the story is the journey,not the destination.

  • Romantic Analog
    Romantic Analog 2 days ago

    Cool video and great nod to the master Tolkien himself.

  • plasma1492
    plasma1492 2 days ago

    i stull believe he siad frolick you fools :P

  • steppenwolf
    steppenwolf 2 days ago

    omfg this modern world is so stupid. "fly" is the archaic form of the word "run" or "flee". think about when this was supposed to take place!

  • Lorne Hearsey
    Lorne Hearsey 2 days ago

    If somebody actually made a joke app called "Moth" I'd probably download it even if it did nothing.
    Buuut you wouldn't hear me complaining if it called giant eagles for me to ride either.

  • canary11141
    canary11141 2 days ago

    Big O Eagles are Maiar?!

  • canary11141
    canary11141 2 days ago

    Mordor is far from here.

  • Kaleb Hall
    Kaleb Hall 2 days ago

    Anybody remember “war in the north”?

  • Cristian Florescu
    Cristian Florescu 2 days ago

    It would be really funny if you could do that Guide of finding the One - Lord of the rings edition ... ;)

  • Honig Son
    Honig Son 3 days ago

    Please song beginning minute 9

  • Shannon Parsons
    Shannon Parsons 3 days ago

    The hobbit movies were not bad

  • David Fininzio
    David Fininzio 3 days ago

    I personally found the hobbit to not only be a more interesting book to read, but also better films than LOTR.

  • LittleRedRhuari
    LittleRedRhuari 3 days ago

    The hobbit movies were great! Fight me.

  • DJ Q
    DJ Q 3 days ago

    the film theory intro played at x1.75 speed is the most lit thing I've heard in a while...

  • Lord Telperion
    Lord Telperion 3 days ago

    The real reason the Great Eagles didn't fly agents of the White Council to Mordor is because the Great Eagles are NOT their tools. The Great Eagles are the chief servants of Manwe, King of the Valar (gods), in Middle-earth, and are an expression of his will in the mortal world. In other words, whenever you see a Great Eagle do anything in Tolkien's stories it is essentially divine intervention. So the question should be: why didn't the Valar want to directly aid of the Free Peoples in their fight against Sauron? Because the Valar are in self-imposed exile ever since the cataclysm that saw the end of the Second Age and the Downfall of Numenor.
    The Valar used to act directly in the world long ago, and many times their actions with the Children of Iluvatar ended badly, like trying to thread a needle with a hammer. Many reasons why...but the biggest cause is because Elves and Men are the Children of Iluvatar (God), they were created by Iluvatar just as the Valar/Maiar were, and thus not part of the Great Music of the Ainur (Valar/Maiar) which birthed the Universe, thus outside the Valar's complete comprehension...and when gods make mistakes or make war (even benevolent gods) whole continents can blow up (see Almaren, Beleriand, and Numenor).
    The Downfall of Numenor was the last straw, seeing not only the end of that Atlantean-esque civilization, but the physical removal of Valinor itself from the Earth. Paradise can now only be reached by the Elves from the Grey Havens by taking the Straight Road into the True West. The Valar also swore off directly intervening in the affairs of mortal races again, folks would just have to save themselves...though they did watch from a distance.
    However, with the return of Sauron and him taking up the mantle of his old boss (Melkor/Morgoth) as Evil Incarnate, the Valar couldn't do nothing, even with the ban. So they decided to act indirectly. They sent five Maiar (angels) in mortal disguise (Wizards/Istari) to help organize the Free Peoples. They sent dreams and visions. And once in a great while, basically breaking their own ban, would order the Eagles to act in favor of the Free Peoples at critical times.

    • Lord Telperion
      Lord Telperion 3 days ago

      PS> This is why when the Eagles DO appear it is so emotionally powerful, because it shows the Valar have not abandoned the world after all, that they still love the world and are zoomed in like a laser on what is happening. That they are willing to break their ban on divine intervention to tip the balance in favor of the light. Eucatastrophe.

  • Jon Treasure
    Jon Treasure 3 days ago

    The theory is retarded as fly simply means run or flee.

  • Zleipnir Goh
    Zleipnir Goh 3 days ago

    I heard it as "Run" though lol...

  • Paul Enkiri
    Paul Enkiri 3 days ago

    This is hard to watch... harder to listen to

  • J D
    J D 3 days ago

    Damn it... This is good.

  • Lenart Cigale
    Lenart Cigale 3 days ago

    Eagles are big and you can spot them make sence, but cause the ring brings great danger not so much. In Hobbit eagles carry Bilbo who by that point already owned the ring. Please someone explain.

  • NSEasternShoreChemist

    One does not simply fly into Mordor. End of story.

  • Demon god Demigra
    Demon god Demigra 3 days ago

    I had to do an act at my school and is had to be smegol I lost my pride that day but to hell with it he's still my favorite character

  • Reinhart Krempler
    Reinhart Krempler 3 days ago

    I think "Fly you fools!" meant run away in this context.

  • Gary Hodgkinson
    Gary Hodgkinson 3 days ago

    Now someone please explain why the Nazgul didn't just fly to the Shire... "But Sauron, if we had flown, we would have no air defences against the eagles, we needed our winged thingies to be patrolling the sky."
    "Oh, so you are saying that me, a giant fricking eye, wouldn't see them coming, and it's not like I have a whole army camped on the mountain with spears and bows that might have be able to do something about them or anything, no? But if you had flown, you wouldn't have got there half a day too late, when they were already on the road. Instead you would have caught Frodo still fannying around, spending weeks trying to sell his house, in a futile attempt to confuse you about where he lives for all of ten minutes." Yes, that happened in the books.

  • Improveyourlifenow
    Improveyourlifenow 3 days ago

    Solution: the eagles CARRY FRODO who is carrying the ring : BOOM

  • Improveyourlifenow
    Improveyourlifenow 3 days ago

    Isn't galadriel a Maiar as well?

  • ClimbScience
    ClimbScience 3 days ago

    I think what people tend to forget is that the mightiest of the ring wraiths has already been destroyed in the film when wraiths and eagles fight. Maybe he would have been powerful enough to be a real threat to the eagles. It could even be that the power of the 8 remaining ones was diminished by the death of their leader. On top of that, it has already been said that as soon as the eagles would land at mount doom, they would have probably met armies of trolls and orcs. I'm not sure if the combined power of mordor would really have been too weak to defeat the eagles before they would enter mount doom.

  • first last
    first last 3 days ago

    I don't know about the eagles getting tempted to wear the ring somehow. I don't believe that explanation. I already believed your last explanation before seeing the video. It's because they needed stealth and eagles aren't stealthy when the bad guys got so many flying troops. I think the books made that quite clear although its been a long time since I read them.

  • LostOnceLefthanded
    LostOnceLefthanded 4 days ago

    Easiest way to hide the whole fellowship from Sauron is to make everyone bring their index finger and thumb together to form a shape of a ring and hold that for the rest of the journey and if Sauron ever looks at them then you got him, War's over.

  • Whale Sharko
    Whale Sharko 4 days ago

    Because the eagles (in the books) are really savage and (before he becomes the white) calls Gandalf a burden
    Also in the Hobbit they were reluctant to even take Thorin and co just past the forest riddled with goblins even though Gandalf had just KILLED THEIR KING!
    So why don't would these angry lil birdy Bois want to carry Bilbo's adoptive son, Gloin's actual son and much heavier humans PLUS 3 other hobbits
    (They'd probably be ok with an elf and a wizard)
    All the way to a murderous land with a possessive demon ring that they would totally want to steal and rule the earth with?
    They just wouldn't
    They're too cool

  • dumaz12
    dumaz12 4 days ago

    Super Bowl champs!!

  • neo İlbasan
    neo İlbasan 4 days ago

    because the ring can effect eagles too.

  • SuperLifestream
    SuperLifestream 4 days ago

    Already know why.. and that is because there is a video explaining what the resolution of the Eye of Sauron would be. They would be noticed well before they got near mordor

  • nrthstr11
    nrthstr11 4 days ago

    The simplest answer to this though is still that with Sauron's power still over his land the eagles could not have made it to the volcano without being attacked by the Nazgul and other creatures that Sauron had not to mention his own magics. The eagles would have been spotted from far off and Sauron would have sent monsters to stop them. It is only with the distraction of the battle before the gates that the eagles come. Then only after the ring is destroyed do the Nazgul fall, Sauron's power is dispersed and the eagles are able to make it through.

  • Squall598
    Squall598 4 days ago

    You didn't include morgoth as a valar?

  • Bonnie Graham
    Bonnie Graham 4 days ago

    PIPPIN IS MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JordanC-137
    JordanC-137 4 days ago

    Why couldnt an eagle fly the ring into the volcano?

  • Ethan Kwan
    Ethan Kwan 4 days ago

    Wait, what if they used the moth to drop the ring off? It's so small it probably won't get detected lol.

  • Jure Krajnc
    Jure Krajnc 4 days ago

    The Alps arnt so big.

  • JustStupid
    JustStupid 4 days ago

    What is the bongo music called.
    Please tell me.

  • Cugel Channel
    Cugel Channel 4 days ago

    OMG this video is hilarious! As the official DUMBEST THEORY EVER! They couldn't use the Eagles because you can't trust Eagles with the Ring. Period. Virtually everybody who comes in contact with the Ring but the Hobbits is tempted to seize it for themselves. Even Sam is tempted and only refuses to seize the ring for himself because Hobbits lacks ambition. He just wants to return to his garden. The Ring contains the "will" ie the mind of Sauron. It's not going to just let the Eagles fly it to Mordor and destroy it. The Ring would tempt the Lord of the Eagles to drop Frodo from 1 mile up and seize the ring from his pulped remains. You don't have to actually wear it to be seduced by its power as Gollum and Boromir proved. Gandalf couldn't trust anybody, not even himself with the Ring, not even to hold onto it so they certainly couldn't trust a giant Eagle not to be "seduced by the power of the ring." If that happened you'd have an invisible Eagle with the Ring flying around the tallest mountains in Middle Earth and you'd never get it back. Truly dumb theory!

  • Ruhollah Nakhaee
    Ruhollah Nakhaee 4 days ago

    The Valar aren't Gods! Almost a quarter of Silmarillion is about how there'd ONE GOD and the Valar are his creations. The whole story of creation of Dwarfs is based upon Aule doing it without the permission of Eru Ilúvatar and that goes into the reason why they aren't as powerful as anything that old. The whole point you made was right but I can't believe someone went through everything Tolkien and came back calling Valar and Mayar god's and demigods! The story literally begins with God, Eru, being alone!
    I don't care if this is old and no one will see this comment. This was literal blasphemy!

  • Jonathan Cummings
    Jonathan Cummings 4 days ago

    It's simple, the reason the Eagles didn't fly Frodo into Mordor is that wasn't what was put into the history of the world by the song of the Ainur which created Arda's history. Remember, only MEN have the power to operate outside the song, the great power Eru granted to them. It's why Manwe didn't simply arrive at the end of the third age and grab Sauron and take the ring and lock them both in Mandos, because he wasn't supposed to according to the song of the Ainur. The truth is that the history of Arda was largely preplanned. Melkor was supposed to turn evil, Sauron and other of the Maiar were going to join his side, and Sauron was supposed to fall just in the way he did. The change in the world from one dominated by Elves, Maiar, Dwarves, and other powerful creatures like Dragons and these Super Eagles, to one dominated by men after the end of the third age was preordained! Eru Iluvatar wanted things to happen just the way they did. Therefore, it was meant for one of the most powerful beings still operating in Middle Earth at the time, Sauron, to be taken down by mere Hobbits, remember Gollum was a badly mutated Hobbit from an earlier time of Middle Earth history. Gollum, Bilbo, Frodo, and Sam Gamgee are primarily the beings that ensured the ring both remained outside of Sauron's possession, and instead ended up being unmade in the fire of Mount Doom.

  • Kuba
    Kuba 4 days ago

    Wow that Tolkien guy sounds like typical LOTR hard-fan

  • Sarah Reid
    Sarah Reid 4 days ago

    I'm pretty sure it was because the ring wraiths had flying mounts and to fly in the open would expose the ring bearer. Calling upon the eagles also is not something Gandalf could call on lightly due to not wanting to offend the king of the eagles, even though Gandalf had previously saved his life once.

  • Hlalakar
    Hlalakar 4 days ago

    In the books, didn't Radagast send the eagles to rescue Gandalf? I don't remember any of that moth stuff.

  • Gjorgi Trencev
    Gjorgi Trencev 4 days ago

    Read the books, think a bit what you read then you will find these theories silly.

  • Ihaveausernametoo
    Ihaveausernametoo 5 days ago

    How about destroying the ring as soon as Bilbo got it?

  • Tompser Börk
    Tompser Börk 5 days ago

    Cant you just get on with it? Less BS.

  • Cronob312
    Cronob312 5 days ago

    Hey 'Theory Buster', Meaby you should 'bust' your For Honor theory hmmm? ;)

  • Jerry Ricks
    Jerry Ricks 5 days ago

    That was really good. You are, however, annoying as fuck.

  • potentatewags
    potentatewags 5 days ago

    You didn't go over the lore very well. Mt. Doom is consistly referred to as a mountain, not a volcano. There were references to the flames licking the ceilings. Flying would have given Sauron ample time to counter and they would not have been able to fly over and drop it in.
    To quote the History of Middle Earth:
    I can think of only one way: one would have to find the Cracks of Doom in the depths of Orodruin, the Fire-Mountain, and case the Ring in there, if he really wished to destroy it, or put it beyond all reach until the End.

  • geefreck
    geefreck 5 days ago

    *Reads title*
    "Why You SHOULDN'T FLY to Mordor!"
    _Prob because there's an awful in-flight menu_

  • H B
    H B 5 days ago

    MatPat documentary: You've got it all:
    -Informational voiceovers
    -Measurements via football field

  • J. S. Wahl
    J. S. Wahl 5 days ago

    Interesting theory, but I'm going to poke holes in YOUR theory that poked holes in the ORIGINAL theory. Both are wrong, which doesn't mean that the original theory is right, but that Gandalf was saying something simple, like "Run away you morons!" instead.
    In the Middle Earth, there are beings that have souls, and beings that did not. The eagles are not beings created with souls, but animals awakened to consciousness by the demi-gods. Contrast this with Ents, which are souls that existed before the trees, and either populated them, or grew to look like them over time. This means that if you put the ring in the hands of an Eagle, it would view it as merely a pebble, much like putting the ring in the hands of a deer would.
    Gandalf basically could call on the eagles because he did them the world's biggest favor. They practically owed him for all time for what he did them. It's intentionally left vague what he did, only that he did something so awesome that they can never say no. This is important because it means that basically they only owe Gandalf a favor. No gandalf = no ride to mordor. And Gandalf is wise enough to know this.
    P.S. The one ring gave the bearer its most desired power. I.E. Put the ring in the hands of a hobbit, which just wants to be left alone (even from other hobbits), and that hobbit gains the power to go invisible. The ring in the hands of a king of Arnor (Eriador + Gondor), and he gains power and leadership over men. We can't even imagine what the ring would do in the hands of an Elf Lord (like galadriel) who already had another ring of power, or a Wizard (like Saruman), or BOTH! (like Gandalf who was gifted a ring of power and was a wizard!)

  • George G.
    George G. 5 days ago

    The work you've put into this video in every way, is simply amazing. Kudos to you.

  • Luke Filewalker
    Luke Filewalker 5 days ago

    Americans just have this kinda arrogant tone to them..i dont like it

  • Brandon Wolf
    Brandon Wolf 5 days ago

    If you remember in the movie the ring forms to fit the owner of the ring .. so it’s completely plausible that the ring would increase sizes to fit the talon of the eagle

  • Fugazity
    Fugazity 5 days ago

    In other words, if someone carry Frodo who is caring the rings means the one who is carrying Frodo is technically caring the ring too and will be seduced by it's power.

  • Drew Jenkins
    Drew Jenkins 5 days ago +1

    Still waiting for someone to disprove my LOTR theory:
    The entire 3rd Age is just Elrond's "what if" nightmare ... cause Elrond tossed Isildur straight to his death the second he saw dodgy eyes ... Elrond don't play games.

  • Tucher97
    Tucher97 5 days ago

    why the group didn't fly to mordor, well there is a thing called arrows

  • WhySoSerious
    WhySoSerious 5 days ago

    Had to watch the video teich because when i first saw that intro i laughed for 12 min

  • Alexander Mudge
    Alexander Mudge 5 days ago

    Bruh you forgot illuvatar

  • Cringe Department
    Cringe Department 6 days ago

    **bongos intensify**

  • monkeymox
    monkeymox 6 days ago

    Another important point is that the eagles serve Manwe, and the Valar are not supposed to directly interfere in the affairs of Middle Earth. True, they sent Gandalf and the other Istari to guide the free peoples of Middle Earth, but perhaps allowing the eagles to literally carry the ring over to Mordor would have been a step too far. They might have been forbidden to give aid, and Gandalf would have known this, so he wouldn't have even bothered suggesting it.

  • Jerry Can1213
    Jerry Can1213 6 days ago

    FORGET THEORIES, become a stand up comedian

  • Lemikelux
    Lemikelux 6 days ago

    Very good theory. Though in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, around the end of the movie, Bilbo gets carried by an eagle while he has the ring in his pocket.

  • Benjamin S S
    Benjamin S S 6 days ago

    The hobbit trilogy wasent bad!

  • WaLLy
    WaLLy 6 days ago

    Dyyaaamm, you went deeper than my depression that is stucked in a well on top of a mountain that goes all the way down to sea level.

  • James Dio
    James Dio 6 days ago

    Sauron has an air force! That’s why they didn’t use the eagles at first. Sauron would be ready for the eagles. He has his own damn birds. So obvious. Like how can you read the books and not get this?!

  • sleepingcity85
    sleepingcity85 6 days ago

    Im pretty sure i remembered a lot more ainur in the silmarillion and only one actual "god".

  • Dapper Davis
    Dapper Davis 6 days ago

    1:11 I didn't think the Hobbit movies were bad

  • Jo Montferrand
    Jo Montferrand 6 days ago

    I would be curious to know when Sauron learned his ring had been found. In the Hobbit, Gandalf is hardly suspicious of it being evil or even very powerful, albeit using an artifact foolishly is unacceptable. I wonder if it isn't the fact that Sauron is actively looking for it knowing it had been found and the ring itself wanting the be found that makes the whole plan a wreck-to-be. The eagles could now be tempted, Gandalf himself wouldn't be tested and Galadriel was and chose to diminish and go west. None of it is spoken of in the Hobbit. Then again, all these theories fade when compared to the reason that eagles weren't used, IMHO ; it makes for a cheap and stupid story! The same could be said of the Istari magic, which was used sparingly, even by Saruman who is after power above all. Magic is miracles, and if you slightly abuse it, then you start wondering why Gandalf simply just don't spew lightning (as he is sent by Manwe of the sky and mountains) and you get in a mess where you have to create counter measures for this magic in a narrative perspective, kind of like in Harry Potter, where you can find many loopholes. Plus you have to explain them so you don't let your readers baffled in questions....

  • albertjester
    albertjester 6 days ago

    slight problem with this theory. The Eagles HAVE carried the ring before. when Bilbo had it.

  • Jeff Wright
    Jeff Wright 7 days ago

    Well done sir. You wield the powers of both skill and talent admirably, if a bit annoyingly, on purpose, of coarse, for the fun of it, etc., etc . . .

  • Kelvin Neodama
    Kelvin Neodama 7 days ago

    02:25:21,100 --> 02:25:22,800
    Over the bridge!

    02:25:23,100 --> 02:25:24,600

    02:27:30,000 --> 02:27:32,400
    Fly, you fools!

  • Richie Peterson
    Richie Peterson 7 days ago

    Love how he says Sawwron instead of Sauron... Is he gonna create a sawmill or what? xD

  • Nekrotik Plays
    Nekrotik Plays 7 days ago

    Fucking plebs needing 12 minutes for this.

  • Segalmed
    Segalmed 7 days ago +1

    Iirc Tolkien was rather explicit that the giant eagles were a special bunch that would not normally meddle in worldly affairs and could and would not be commanded (same as with Tom Bombadil). Plus we get told on several occasions that they have a limited range if carrying passengers (and we might conclude that they would be unable to fight when thus burdened). They tip the scale just once (at the battle of the five armies) and are otherwise unaccountable. In The Hobbit it is even explictly stated that the rescue of the dwarves was just a personal favor for Gandalf because he once cured the eagle chief from an injury.
    Tolkien was well aware of the 'problem' (and complained when a movie proposal for the Hobbit tried eagles as the main transport). Iirc he even stated that divine intervention was necessary to get the eagles to act for the common good at all in LotR.

  • Telendil
    Telendil 7 days ago

    You missed one thing the eagels don`t have to carry the ring they only have to carry frodo and as sam said maybe i can`t carry the ring but i can carry you. Oh and i don`t really remember the Eye in the Books to be something that actually exsisted in it so no there is no giant eye that can spot the eagels and even if they have nothing to fight them in the air. The nazguhl and their fellbeasts can`t handel the eagels one on one and there are much more eagels than nazguhl. And i also don`t remember there to be any anti flyer weapons to be in the description of mordors defenses.

  • KAZ Vorpal
    KAZ Vorpal 7 days ago

    It's pronounced sour-on, not sore-on. There was a whole effing series of movies with them pronouncing it that way...the way Tolkien specified that it should be pronounced.

  • Jonathan van dorsten

    Also as far as I remember the eagles didn’t give two shits about people