Fluffy Pancakes and Classified Topping feat. Brothers Green

  • Published on Nov 27, 2013
  • Simple Pancakes Video Recipe. Fast as it can be, delicious as it should !
    This is a Collaboration Video : In this episode I am getting help from the ******* Brothers.
    The "one" recipe, is so easy to remember ! Here it is :
    - 1 Cup flour,
    - 1 cup Milk
    - 1 egg
    - 1 tsp salt
    - 1 tbsp baking powder
    - 1 tbsp sugar
    Pan over medium heat, greased of course. A big drizzle for each pancake.
    Simple as that.
    Late night boozy topping :
    1/3 cup coconut cream
    1/3 cup sweet condensed milk
    A big/small/tiny/huge* drizzle of coffee liquor (up to you really)
    I am so happy to make these videos. I love it.
    Coming soon with some Xmas Stuff, then with some French stuff....
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    Alexis Gabriel - Your Frenchy
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  • Logan Olazabal
    Logan Olazabal Month ago

    @21 i see that kahlua🤤🤤😂

  • Richard Williams
    Richard Williams 4 months ago

    Try adding vanilla and vinegar for a fau-sourdough taste. and it rhymes.

  • sweetboo1022
    sweetboo1022 7 months ago

    I like to substitute 1/4 cup of malted milk for a quarter cup of the flour and you get this super decadent delicious pancake. But to me, butter and maple syrup are really the only toppings and then when I want to go the extra mile I put blueberries in my pancakes.

  • adam burdt
    adam burdt 7 months ago

    So you can't afford syrup but you got coconut creme, condensed milk, Kailua, jelly and nutella. What thos3 guys said made no sense

  • Imran Ayub
    Imran Ayub 8 months ago

    Lol Americans look like stoners

  • Fred McIntyre
    Fred McIntyre 10 months ago


  • SigmaElement
    SigmaElement Year ago

    What kind of flour

  • shpluk
    shpluk Year ago

    Hey Alex!
    How about upgrading the recipe?

  • bobbyspity
    bobbyspity Year ago

    Sugar and the juice of one lemon simmer until you have a runny syrup , lemon drizzle pancakes . Or cooked bananas with sugar and butter making a banana toffee pancakes, add nutmeg to increase flavor of banana pancakes

  • Marlise Parker
    Marlise Parker Year ago

    Went to the liquor store because pancakes sound great for my birthday tonight. Bought teeny bottles of Grand Marnier (ah, for crepes Suzette, too) and all kinds of fruity liqueurs -- and dark rum. Wonder if my pup will like anything I drop. Thanks also to the Brothers Green for the great ideas. I may be eating pancakes for DAYS.

  • Marlise Parker
    Marlise Parker Year ago

    Big yum! About to go to the liquor store for the tiny bottles of various liqueurs -- just to experiment, of course. OK, 2 of each. Maybe will add to dulce de leche?

  • James N
    James N Year ago

    if you're going to eat shitty pancakes, just get the "just add water" bisquick. I don't see the point in half assing some homemade pancakes like this.

  • BaconBitz
    BaconBitz Year ago

    It looks like someone came on the pancakes

  • notworthit
    notworthit Year ago

    I use cum as a topping

  • Aleksander Leonardsen

    Best pancake recipe! Thanks :D #subsciber

  • M C
    M C Year ago

    I like to top my pancakes with more pancakes. Garnished with a few pancakes on top.

    • Alex
      Alex  Year ago +1

      +Mike C True toppings

  • Anbu Hyuga
    Anbu Hyuga Year ago

    Stoner comfirmed

  • Meikka V
    Meikka V Year ago

    Omg i know this was 3 years ago but... hahah when I first got into your channel i wished that you do a collab with them! Wish came true.

  • peeweenpatch
    peeweenpatch Year ago

    I just did these, vegan version and they are so good! Replaced milk with soymilk and added 1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar. The pancakes bubbled so much!! Ate them with maple syrup. I did add 1 egg replacer, got a feeling it could be left out completely though. My rabbit wanted a taste, so I gave her a tiny bit and she devoured it :)

  • mark a
    mark a Year ago

    Home made maple syrup

  • Andrés Salas
    Andrés Salas Year ago

    Thanks to this guy me and my family can eat pancakes for breakfast, cheerss

  • Francisco Cifuentes

    A good topping for pancakes is Chilean manjar: is something like high-pressure-cooked condensed milk.

  • The Kush Connoisseur

    Anyone else catching up on old videos while they have a dish inspired by this channel in the oven?

    • Alex
      Alex  Year ago +1

      +The Kush Connoisseur 🙏

  • Esteban Ruiz-Velasco

    Nice recipes. (For a split second I thought this was a video from SousVideEverything because of the music).

  • de0509
    de0509 Year ago

    My favourite topping: Crispy fried egg to go with the fluffy pancakes, + either mayo or burger sauce. Add a bit of spices like paprika
    p/s: I may have survived on pancakes as a student so maybe its more of a habit to have savoury pancakes as a meal. (eggs are a cheap but very good source of protein. Carbs are obviously there, so the only additional food you need are vegetables)

  • Imsogoodbutsobad
    Imsogoodbutsobad 2 years ago

    Haven't watched your videos for so long :( almost forgot how great you are :) Thank you! You make my day better :)

  • Chef Yolie
    Chef Yolie 2 years ago

    Alex your awesome I subscribes to your channel yay.

  • Mj nspidey
    Mj nspidey 2 years ago

    Apple butter!

  • Susannah Ayres-Thomas
    Susannah Ayres-Thomas 2 years ago

    I make a family recipe I've made for years: fried apples. The recipe is one I dreamed up. Begin with 4 or 5 Granny Smith (or other firm, tart apples which keep their shape when cooked). Peel, core, and slice into thin wedges. In a frying pan, put 2-3,Tbsp neutral oil, such as canola or peanut oil, & 2-3 Tbsp of unsalted butter. Over medium heat, cook until melted and bubbly. Add the apples & sauté until tender. Then add 1/2 cup of maple syrup--grade B or Robust--plus 1/2 cup of brown sugar. Add 1 tsp of cinnamon plus a dash of allspice, and 1/2-1 tsp of salt, or to taste. Cook until the liquid components are syrupy and apples are caramelized. Serve over pancakes or waffles. Any leftovers (if there even are any!) can be refrigerated for future use of choice ( it's delicious over cottage cheese, or stirred into yogurt). Enjoy!

  • Mr.Liroy
    Mr.Liroy 2 years ago

    U suck

  • Talysa B.
    Talysa B. 2 years ago +1

    thank you for this💖💖💖 .... ur sooo funny 😂😂

    APEX REAP3RZ 2 years ago +15

    The sauce looked like semen. XD

    • Screaming Ants
      Screaming Ants 2 years ago +9

      And it didn't help that he was calling it classified

  • Zouheir Z
    Zouheir Z 3 years ago +3

    I tried this on Saturday it was great and yummy. I think this is the first I tried a youtube receipe and it worked...I am checking out more of your videos :)

  • Winnie Waithĩra Owino
    Winnie Waithĩra Owino 3 years ago +1

    love it

  • Jeremy Punzalan
    Jeremy Punzalan 3 years ago +1

    Bonjour Alex, helpppp!!!
    I tried this recipe today with self raising flour, instead of plain flour and baking powder (jamie did the gourmet pancakes with you using self raising flour, and that's what I had at home so... yeah). The flour was about... 2-3 months old? But other than that, I followed your recipe, but my pancakes turned out white!!!! Why is that? Well they weren't white, WHITE. But you get what I mean, right? They looked more like thick crepes than pancakes.
    I used the kitchen towel method on my pan too. But I just couldn't get the pancakes to have a nice even, appetizing color to it. Do you have any idea where I went wrong? Do I have to use more butter?
    P.S. I washed my pan and did it without any butter, it was still white. :(
    Thank you so much! Keep up the good work!!!

    • Jeremy Punzalan
      Jeremy Punzalan 3 years ago +2

      +French Guy Cooking ahhh... okay okay. Hopefully I can get it right the next time I try it out. Thank you so much for the tip, and I appreciate the reply! I won't give up!! I will definitely let you know when I succeed. Hahaha. :)

    • Alex
      Alex  3 years ago +2

      Hi, butter definitely gives a nice golden brown color. Maybe the heat was too low as well, it shouldn't be pipping hot, but you should hear a nice sizzling sound when formingbthe pancakes in the pan. Keep trying ! Don't give up ! I am counting on you !

  • Nicholas Stark
    Nicholas Stark 4 years ago +2

    Le sirop d'érable Canadien est toujours le meilleur copain pour des crêpes à mon avis.

  • Suk Yi Yee
    Suk Yi Yee 4 years ago +2

    Hey! Thanks for the great recipe. Whenever I make pancakes, I always have this problem of getting it all nice and evenly brown. Do you have any tips on this? Thanks!

    • Alex
      Alex  4 years ago

      +Suk Yi Yee It depends on the better consistency and the stove's temperature. Try different variations.

  • blahmustbebordom
    blahmustbebordom 4 years ago +1

    easy and delicious! love your videos!

    • Alex
      Alex  4 years ago +1

      +blahmustbebordom That's my name right there !

  • Hanson Le
    Hanson Le 4 years ago

    How long can I store the topping?

    • Hanson Le
      Hanson Le 4 years ago

      Thank you!

    • Alex
      Alex  4 years ago

      +Hanson Le Less than a week in the fridge

  • Fats
    Fats 4 years ago +1

    Way too much salt. Just use a pinch (1/4 tsp max).

  • ha6464
    ha6464 4 years ago +3

    making the batter in a cup? doesn't get any better than that.

  • ha6464
    ha6464 4 years ago +1

    i always sucked at making pancakes
    this made it so easy and delicious, thanks! i just prefer a little less salt.
    love this channel!

  • Janette Skembri
    Janette Skembri 4 years ago

    French Guy Cooking AND Brothers Green: EPIC (or not :P )

  • AbsoluteMonarchist
    AbsoluteMonarchist 4 years ago

    For lunch I'm a have pumpkin soup; then grilled baby snapper with lemon sauce and asparagus and grilled baby tomatoes and mash potato then rhubarb crumble with custard then creme brûlée then affogato and a short black with two sugar and some lemon curd tarts with fresh whipped cream then another short black then pancakes with maple syrup and homemade, real vanilla bean ice cream then medium rare rib eye with pepper sauce and chips double fried in goose fat with gravy made from real stock then fresh Atlantic salmon mornay then Moroccan spiced lamb with fig and date couscous then caramel, banana and date pudding with fig jam and custard crumble with whipped cream and then coffee liqueur and brandy and cigars and antiacid and get ready for my afternoon streaky bacon and maple syrup malt and protein powder caramel pancakes with whipped cream and icing sugar with fried bananas with caramel and rhubarb crumble with custard and cheesecake and lemon delicious and coffee liqueur and short black and pork pie with apple sauce and sauerkraut with sweet and sour deep fried soft shell crab with the butter chicken and naan with rice and the medium rare rib eye with baby corn on the cob with butter and peas and mash and gravy and English pork sausages and fried eggs and BBQ quail with quail egg, walnut, apple and grape salad with figs and dried meats and olives and wine and fried lychee ice cream in pineapple curd with fresh whipped cream and slow cooked French lamb casserole and split pea and ham soup and cinnamon donuts and hotdogs with spicy sausage, relish, onion and American must and cheese then BBQ ribs and beer and lamb kebab with hummus and BBQ sauce then deep fried prawn cutlets with lemon juice and a hamburger with cheese and bacon and egg and pineapple and beet root and lettuce and onion and tomato with BBQ sauce then some crispy pork belly stir fry and some oysters and cheeses and dried meats and olives and wine and liqueur and dry sherry and cigars.

  • AbsoluteMonarchist
    AbsoluteMonarchist 4 years ago

    Fresh lemon juice and raw sugar. Or maraschino cherry brandy and cherry syrup with fresh whipped cream. Or, fry bananas in butter; add palm sugar and wait for it to turn golden brown then pour brandy over the bananas and set it alight. Pour bananas with the butter and brandy onto and over the pancakes; add sticky date syrup with fresh whipped cream and icing sugar. I also like pancakes sandwiching rhubarb crumble and custard then pouring pear brandy over it and set it alight served with lavender, pistachio and lychee ice cream. Wash that down with some cocktails and get ready for brunch: chicken schnitzel with gravy, streaky bacon, mash potato, lamb chops, pork sausage, fried mussels, fried mushroom, crispy hash browns, rib eye steak medium rare with pepper sauce, split pea and ham soup, fettuccine carbonara, lamb kebab with hummus, Yorkshire pudding with roast beef and horseradish; mushy peas with deep fried whiting chips and tartare; chicken burritos; fried eggs; paella; olives; cheeses; dried meats; liqueur; dry sherry; real cappuccino with a cigar and get ready for lunch.

  • Lynette Hahaha
    Lynette Hahaha 4 years ago +1

    Me and my fds just love love kahlua! we drink them directly, we stir them in milk (just a couple drops of kahlua makes the milk super tasty, it actually tastes and looks like cocoa milk )..so nice to see pancakes with kahlua source, will definitely give it a try

    • Alex
      Alex  4 years ago

      +Ching Yin Ho It's absolutely brilliant

  • Prija Paltoe
    Prija Paltoe 4 years ago +1

    I'm making this! :D Thank you for the great recipe! :D

  • sunnydaze80
    sunnydaze80 4 years ago

    pretty sweet fluffy pancakes for a french guy!

    • Alex
      Alex  4 years ago

      Haha I bet they are :)

  • Gjergji Selenica
    Gjergji Selenica 4 years ago

    great videos and This guy is funny

    • AbsoluteMonarchist
      AbsoluteMonarchist 4 years ago

      I like goose liver pate from the froggies and the froggie cheeses and froggie wines and froggie stews and cassaroles and all the froggie treaties in the real froggie patisseries! All that all that froggie and wop shit. Gobble that shit right out from under them! Same with all these foreigners.

  • Lindzy
    Lindzy 4 years ago

    I am simple, I like butter and syrup. The butter is key though.

    • PickABoom FTW
      PickABoom FTW 3 years ago

      And to think only my mum and I put lemon and sugar on crepes.

    • AbsoluteMonarchist
      AbsoluteMonarchist 4 years ago +2

      The holy grail of pancakes is fresh lemon juice and raw sugar. If you're making froggie crepes you can put all kinds of other shit it in there. Proper Canadian maple syrup is good too. Sometimes you don't know whether to go banana date caramel cream or maple syrup brown sugar streaky bacon with your pancakes though. Then there's always some kind of pancake trifle with strawberries, blue berries, cherries, raspberries etc with crumble and custard and fruit syrup and fruit liqueur and icing sugar and maybe some freshly whipped cream with fruit liqueur drizzled over it then apple/pear/cherry/banana brandy and set it all alight! We need to talk about chocolate now!

  • GoldenAge
    GoldenAge 4 years ago +2

    I really shouldn't watch your videos in the middle of the night. They make me hungry! :)

  • Geoffrey Wilson
    Geoffrey Wilson 4 years ago +9

    How can you afford Khalua, condensed milk, and coconut milk if you cannot afford syrup? That white topping would be way more expensive.

    • G Elerson
      G Elerson Year ago

      If you buy all those other ingredients, you have no money left for maple syrup.

    • hunter holsclaw
      hunter holsclaw Year ago

      Geoffrey Wilson well once you buy the khalua, condensed milk, and coconut milk you can't afford a $3 bottle of syrup

  • batzomighty
    batzomighty 4 years ago +1

    Just made this today. Since i don't have any all purpose flour, i used bread flour. I kinda like it more because it has a slight bite to it. You are my inspiration, french guy! Easy, fast and delicious way to cook!

    • Alex
      Alex  4 years ago

      Bread flour is perfect also :)

  • Glenn Roe
    Glenn Roe 5 years ago +1

    Well done, again!
    Will try them this very day.
    Glenn Roe

  • Glenn Roe
    Glenn Roe 5 years ago +1

    Well done, again!
    Will try them this very day.
    Glenn Roe

    • Alex
      Alex  4 years ago +1

      Cool !)

  • Glenn Roe
    Glenn Roe 5 years ago +1

    Well done, again!!!
    Am making them today, for sure!
    Glenn Roe

  • Glenn Roe
    Glenn Roe 5 years ago +1

    Well done, again!!!
    Am making them today, for sure!
    Glenn Roe

  • Brooke Boatwright
    Brooke Boatwright 5 years ago

    will no longer buy that store bought stuff this recipe is awesome

  • Alisha Rose
    Alisha Rose 5 years ago +1

    Is there anything you can substitute with instead of the coffee liqueur?

    • AbsoluteMonarchist
      AbsoluteMonarchist 4 years ago +1

      I've got something you can substitute with sweetie. I've got a recipe called sausage in the hole. I've got this nice big blood sausage here - it's so hard. You know where it needs to go don't you sugar? It wants to play hide in the hole.

  • jerseysantosable
    jerseysantosable 5 years ago

    I think I'm going to make pancakes today!! I like peanut butter on them..I know not exciting lol. Maybe a little jelly too.

    • AbsoluteMonarchist
      AbsoluteMonarchist 4 years ago

      That's foul kid. You wanna put lemon juice and sugar or just maple syrup on those things. I like to get almond flour and egg white and Big Jim's Protein Plus powder and malt and mix it all up in the blender with ice cream and a banana and just drink that all down with some soft banana bread toasted and spread with praline butter then proper cappuccino. I think I'd like fish and chips. Fish and chips with deep fried scallops and prawn cutlets and calamari rings and spaghetti bolognese and Pinot Noir and lamb kebabs with hummus and BBQ sauce and chicken schnitzel with gravy and mash and peas and corn and tomato soup and stroganoff and cheeses and dates and figs and pate and olives and biscuits and cheese and wine and more pate.

  • Frederik Nymand-Larsen
    Frederik Nymand-Larsen 5 years ago +1

    lol the topping looks like semen

  • Lumi Lee
    Lumi Lee 5 years ago

    this is for 1 serving right?

  • Joseph Del Corpo
    Joseph Del Corpo 5 years ago

    Banana rum pancakes man. That's pretty awesome \m/

    • AbsoluteMonarchist
      AbsoluteMonarchist 4 years ago

      We need to fry bananas in butter then set them alight with banana brandy then put them into the blender with the caramel brown sugar and sticky date sauce with the banana brandy and the whipped cream and then pork chops with Apple sauce and sauerkraut then pork pies then BBQ ribs then streaky bacon cheese egg and chorizo hamburgers with tomato chutney and pickles and fried scallops and roast lamb and chips double fried in goose fat with gravy made from goose stock and goose liver pate and Yorkshire pudding fried in goose fat with fresh baked brown trout with lemon and mash potatoes and asparagus and slow cooked lamb stew and proper Peking duck pancakes and sweet honey soy chicken and sweet and sour pork and proper Mongolian beef with rice and proper butter chicken with naan and proper ox tail soup and fried chicken kidneys with blood sausage and fried mushrooms and English pork sausage and streaky bacon and homemade baked beans and fried eggs and special granola muesli with almond flakes and fresh strawberries and blueberries and bananas with yogurt and fresh milk and a proper espresso with two sugars and a cigar. Then lemon curd tarts with fresh whipped cream and icing sugar and banana and caramel pudding and a cappuccino and some proper spicy Mexican hot chocolate and chocolate pudding with freshly whipped cream then more coffee or hot chocolate then real vanilla bean ice cream deep fried and served inside a caramel and banana pudding with freshly whipped cream and icing sugar and coffee and liqueurs and fancy chocolates and cigars and men whispering in corners in top hats and opium and cocaine and more fancy chocolates then an old Cabernet Sauvignon - a prime vintage from years ago: stored at the correct temperature for all this time. That smell when open it...let it breath a little. Pour it in the glass and swirl and look and smell and oh! Oh I'm ready to taste!

  • MrAndrewHowes
    MrAndrewHowes 5 years ago +1

    this guy deserves millions of subscribers. millions.

    • shpluk
      shpluk Year ago

      MrAndrewHowes and now he has them )

    • Alex
      Alex  5 years ago +1

      You deserve some thanks. (millions)

  • megamidori03
    megamidori03 5 years ago +1

    Geeat video, can't wait to try the topping!

    • Alex
      Alex  5 years ago

      It really is a banger !

  • Giulietta Castillo
    Giulietta Castillo 5 years ago

    Awesome dude! I made these so fluffy and nice golden color.

  • katergon
    katergon 5 years ago +1

    Honey will be great.. and also, sometimes I like to use pancake as a bread...and I put a piece of cheese on it and... Hm, what's wrong with me..:)

    • Alex
      Alex  5 years ago +1

      Hey nothing wrong. You are in the right place. Haha

  • Marie Wilson Krieger
    Marie Wilson Krieger 5 years ago +1

    I make them with half coconut cream instead of straight milk and my son tops them with raspberry jam...A Family Favorite already!!!

  • Iman Hussain
    Iman Hussain 5 years ago +1

    had to click the subscribe button, your videos are AMAZING! Thanks for the ideas, going to make a big mess in the kitchen now;)

    • Alex
      Alex  5 years ago

      Haha take care but make that mess !!!

  • Grace Charles
    Grace Charles 5 years ago +1

    You're the best ! Love this

  • Bao Khanh Le
    Bao Khanh Le 5 years ago +1

    J'adore cette recette et tu me fais trop marrer loll

  • Bookish Food
    Bookish Food 5 years ago +4

    Less dishes = win in my book! :)

  • Claire C
    Claire C 5 years ago +1

    J'adhère +++ ! Je vais glisser la vidéo discretos à Mr... : "Comment réveiller sa chérie en douceur!!!" and VOILA! ;-)

    • Alex
      Alex  5 years ago

      Hey hey ! You tasted them for real ;))

  • Sakura Elizondo
    Sakura Elizondo 5 years ago +3

    Ok i have to subscribe
    lol i watched a few videos and now i xant stop

    • Alex
      Alex  5 years ago +3

      Welcome on board ;)

  • chef mike
    chef mike 5 years ago +1

    If you have a partially use jar of jam, preserves or marmalade melt in the microwave with butter for as fruit syrup topping.

    • Hezel Judah
      Hezel Judah 10 months ago

      chef mike what do you mean by partially use?

    • Alex
      Alex  5 years ago

      Looks delicious !

  • TheRetty59
    TheRetty59 5 years ago +1

    So simple and so delicious. Awesome!

    • Alex
      Alex  5 years ago

      Yum :)

  • miracledust77
    miracledust77 5 years ago +1


    • Alex
      Alex  5 years ago

      I loved it ;)

  • Anielle M
    Anielle M 5 years ago

    Nutella. Or Golden Syrup. Or whipped cream.
    Can you, s'il te plaît, faire plus de videos de dessert? Specialement de la cuisine Française..with your twist.

    • Alex
      Alex  5 years ago

      Allright ! Coming this wednesday with a french dessert TWISTED !

  • CharlineLikesC
    CharlineLikesC 5 years ago

    It does really seem dead simple, so maybe I should have pancakes on Sunday, but I will have to stock up on eggs and baking powder before. I also love the less dishes approach :D

  • nick haikal
    nick haikal 5 years ago +1

    Look great! Probably taste great too! :D

    • Alex
      Alex  5 years ago

      Thanks ! Totally delicious, please try them out ;)

  • Michelle Ruiz
    Michelle Ruiz 5 years ago +1

    I feel so fat already hahahaha I'm going to do it like everyday

    • Alex
      Alex  5 years ago

      LOL ! Sweets are on their way friend ! ;)) Hugs

  • Ted H Jones
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    Rocking an Ugmonk shirt there! Love it. Brothers Green brought me here, and I'm glad they did!

    • Alex
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      Ugmonk powered indeed ! Thanks for the nice message ;)

  • justangelinaxo
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    Just measuring out the flour now...so excited! Thanks for listening, sweet stuff rocks!

    • Alex
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      You are welcome Angelina ;)

  • Abigail Ainouz
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    juste avant de choisir quelle vidéo de Yoga je vais faire ce matin, je tombe la-dessus :-( dur de se concentrer hahaha
    et si tu faisais des gingerbreads de noël ?? MONSIEUR BISCUIT

    • Alex
      Alex  5 years ago

      LOL ! Biscuit's on their way !

  • Evelyne AINOUZ
    Evelyne AINOUZ 5 years ago

    Excellente l'idée de faire appel aux 2 déjantés de Brooklyn pour le "topping" !

  • EsmeTurnip
    EsmeTurnip 5 years ago

    Hm, wonder what my breakfast will be tomorrow... :P

    • Alex
      Alex  5 years ago

      I wonder also :D

  • Manar Alrouqi
    Manar Alrouqi 5 years ago

    you are right,, anyway i always enjoy watching your videos 3>

  • QueenyKay
    QueenyKay 5 years ago

    Tu viens quand faire un tour à New York? En regardant ta vidéo, j'ai pensé à une recette fusion eurasie. Tu fais un genre de caramel au beurre salé mais à la place de la crème, tu mets du lait de coco. Et du sucre, du sirop d'érable. Ça devrait être pas mal du tout cette affaire! Je suis trop contente pr toi et pour ton nombre d'abonnés grandissant! Une idée pour ta future vidéo (aujourd'hui c'est Thanksgiving): ce serait une bonne idée de faire un plat ou sandwich d'après fête (comment cuisiner les restes par exemple).

    • Alex
      Alex  5 years ago

      Hello Queenykay ! Merci pour ce message ;) Super idées, d'ailleurs la video du sandwich d'après fêtes va effectivement sortir, mais après Noel...

  • Marta S.
    Marta S. 5 years ago

    Yay, really enjoyed that collab! You should do more of them :)

    • Alex
      Alex  5 years ago

      Thanks ;)

  • Alex
    Alex  5 years ago +163

    It was raining this morning, had a parking ticket on my car, got stuck in the subway, and nothing left for breakfast at my office.
    Then I saw your comments on my last video. Who cares about parking ticket when you've got awesome people supporting you ?
    So, from the bottom of my heart : LOVE

  • TheSangorn
    TheSangorn 5 years ago

    I am leaving a comment.....or NOT :D
    Can I have pancakes for lunch??? I am hungry now

    • Alex
      Alex  5 years ago

      lol or NOT :D

  • Manar Alrouqi
    Manar Alrouqi 5 years ago

    Where is our kabsa ,, frenchyyy😔

    • Alex
      Alex  5 years ago

      LOL ! It will take time and effort to make one. I must learn it, understand it, then make it easy, and finally twist it ;). Plus : I already got videos for the next 4 weeks ;)))

  • neuroda
    neuroda 5 years ago

    My body is super comfortable and warm in bed; ready to go to sleep, but my mind is making pancakes in the kitchen. Can't wait for breakfast tomorrow, they look delicious!

    • Alex
      Alex  5 years ago

      And they were ;) Cheers

  • Larry Chiang
    Larry Chiang 5 years ago +1

    simple topping: icing sugar.
    Or just spoon out some jam(raspberry or blueberry,..)and heat in a sauce pan with some water.

    • Larry Chiang
      Larry Chiang 5 years ago

      yes I luv berries.
      caramel is good too. :P

    • Alex
      Alex  5 years ago +1

      Looks simple and delish... Ahhh Blueberries ;)))

  • yelda gun
    yelda gun 5 years ago +3

    I choose to watch your videos, keep them coming :) Also, what about tiramisu? It's sweet, it's irresistable, it deserves a video. Yeah, I need to make some now in the middle of the night.

  • OhSoCler
    OhSoCler 5 years ago

    Pancakes are good at any time, I like to top them with a mix of lime juice & agave, very simple. Congratulations on your 2000+ subscribers!!!

    • Alex
      Alex  5 years ago

      So agree with you ! Looks delicious and tangy btw ;) Thanks

  • ninesixtyfive
    ninesixtyfive 5 years ago

    NIce stuff Frenchie!

    • Alex
      Alex  5 years ago

      My pleasure ;)

  • Brothers Green Eats
    Brothers Green Eats 5 years ago +37

    this is perfect! and believe it or not we are releasing a pancake video tomorrow!

    • Alex
      Alex  5 years ago +11

      LOL ! Good job guys ! Great for your vid , I 'll check it ;)

  • pristley
    pristley 5 years ago

    Carmel sauce (homemade) or honey. Even though, maple syrup is everywhere here in Canada. Not a big fan of it .. Nice recipe Gabe ..

    • Alex
      Alex  5 years ago

      Thanks ! I am glad you like it ;)

  • Kacper Dworczyk
    Kacper Dworczyk 5 years ago

    Haha, Thats what i was talking about. Youre awsome.

    • Alex
      Alex  5 years ago

      Thanks a lot mate ;)