DP30 Emmy Watch: Westworld, Evan Rachel Wood

  • Published on Jun 1, 2017
  • You've known her as an actress for most of her life. About to turn 30, she leads the hit HBO series Westworld, has a child, and is ready to venture beyond acting. Evan Rachel Wood chats with David Poland about it all in this extra-long DP/30 interview.
    Shot in Los Angeles, May 2017
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Comments • 51

  • YoYoRaeRae
    YoYoRaeRae 2 months ago

    You ALWAYS have such fantastic interviews and this is one of the best. So open and honest. Love it. She's really great.

  • motr1990
    motr1990 7 months ago +2

    She killed it in True Blood as a vampire queen. I'm glad HBO kept her for Westworld! Her acting is incredible.

  • Rachel Cook
    Rachel Cook 8 months ago

    It definitely sounds like she does Vipassana meditation! She is dope.

  • Ashley Lindsay
    Ashley Lindsay 9 months ago

    Just love her.

  • fusionaut23
    fusionaut23 Year ago +1

    Huge talent. Great actor. So cool on top of it. Very photogenic as well. Any photographer would love to have her as a model because she could cover so many bases.

  • Sam Alexander
    Sam Alexander Year ago

    Something about her tells me that she got an emotional dark side to her.

  • Authentically Nobody

    Beautiful face. Brilliant mind. I'm fascinated with this woman.

  • Mimi Singer
    Mimi Singer Year ago +2

    Damn! She is so pretty . Wow and seems so down to earth

  • Dolgstrang Gumblry

    I love how David talks really fast and has no face. As well as his disregard for Evan's story of why she was running from the role of a hero. He is such a good interviewer

  • GirlWithTheFilmCam

    Serious plot spoiler @5:25? 🤔🤫😬😬🤯

  • hristo vak
    hristo vak Year ago +3

    Most lovable young woman.

  • Yitzhakhazak
    Yitzhakhazak 2 years ago +1

    Most lovable young woman.

  • would thatitweresosimple
    would thatitweresosimple 2 years ago +1

    Her hair seems green

    • heaventje
      heaventje Year ago

      would thatitweresosimple
      That's because it sort of was at that time.
      Kind of fading turquoise/teal.

  • Dave Han
    Dave Han 2 years ago +16

    Westworld has the highest caliber of acting by the main cast of any TV show ever IMO! The actors are going through crazy levels of acting olympics on the fly. Navigating such a huge range of emotions and switching characters/accents/movements all within a single take while being buck-ass-nekid...jaw dropping. Evan and Thandie should've won the emmys -___-

  • Kirby B
    Kirby B 2 years ago +34

    People are going to hate me for this. Dolores > Daenarys

    • Julia Costa
      Julia Costa 8 months ago


    • cbockiii
      cbockiii Year ago +5

      I disagree, but you're not crazy. Dolores is a great character. ERW is a better actress.

  • Cockoff Gewgle
    Cockoff Gewgle 2 years ago

    Ah man, an hour long interview with a successful actress and you open by asking about her kid, the feminists will be all over this one!

    • Villanelle
      Villanelle Year ago +1

      Cockoff Gewgle not sure why you brought "feminist" into this , Evan is a feminist herself

  • xAd
    xAd 2 years ago

    So many times it just seems like 'interviewer guy' isn't listening at all. -_-

  • bluthbanana21
    bluthbanana21 2 years ago

    I'm not through season one. Are there any spoilery things discussed?

  • Unicorns United!
    Unicorns United! 2 years ago

    I wonder which Claire Denis movie is her favourite. thanks for the itw!

  • Acc Jensen
    Acc Jensen 2 years ago +3

    Love Evan Rachel Wood, I think she is one of the best actresses around!

  • Monica Chang
    Monica Chang 2 years ago

    what does she say at 50:30? "no, no, no... I'm too ___ ?"

    • spatulasnout
      spatulasnout 2 years ago +1

      It doesn't sound like anything to me.

      (Perhaps: "I'm too much...")

  • HeikkiP
    HeikkiP 2 years ago +5

    I like her taste in picking up roles. Thirteen and Wrestler are both great movie and Westworld is my new obsession

  • jrevilo
    jrevilo 2 years ago +16

    Evan Rachel Wood is amazing in Westworld!

  • Supraguy 88
    Supraguy 88 2 years ago +5

    Wonderful interview! I could listen to Evan all day. 😀

  • Vikash Sharma
    Vikash Sharma 2 years ago +10

    Listening to her is a delight, so much in-depth knowledge of the film industry...thanks to DP/30.

  • Andy Nie
    Andy Nie 2 years ago +3

    Genuinely a shooting star to the night sky.

  • glennsilvaable
    glennsilvaable 2 years ago +25

    She need to work with Tarantino for sure!

  • glennsilvaable
    glennsilvaable 2 years ago +41

    I think she is very underrated actress. I need to see her in more movies.

  • woon ko
    woon ko 2 years ago

    15:00 lovely 'break the programming'

  • Brian Sherick
    Brian Sherick 2 years ago

    I loved the show - and you were great in it !

  • JC Stuart
    JC Stuart 2 years ago


  • Balázs Törő
    Balázs Törő 2 years ago +4

    Great interview, with some very interesting topics. She seems like a very mature person. I strongly agree with the movies and know our past...

  • Volodia Arnaud
    Volodia Arnaud 2 years ago

    Hey David, I'm really interested by this interview but I'm only at the beginning of the show, any big spoilers in your video?

  • kimchoi
    kimchoi 2 years ago +4

    I love her so much god damn it..

  • chaosinorderrr
    chaosinorderrr 2 years ago +15

    So gorgeous

  • nullunit
    nullunit 2 years ago +9

    She is fucking great. Seems to have her shit together. Enviable.

  • Bep Kororoti
    Bep Kororoti 2 years ago +3

    Really interesting interview and what a show Westworld is - loved the first season. As a side note: I hate that people associate sci-fi with mindless action these days - not their fault, there's barely any well made example in the movies out there - where *real* sci-fi always is commentary and exploration.

  • Andi Loveall
    Andi Loveall 2 years ago +7

    You have the greatest interviews. Love the relaxed setting.

  • Renaud Hellpaix
    Renaud Hellpaix 2 years ago +10

    Beautiful, inspiring and talented ! And so is Evan Rachel.

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith 2 years ago +38

    She seem to get more beautiful with age.

  • Gab Roche
    Gab Roche 2 years ago +37

    I don't know why but her voice reminds me of Kristen Stewart's. She seems to really love what she does, really good actress imo.

    • Nick Waters
      Nick Waters Year ago +3

      Evan Rachel Wood is a 1000 times much better than K-Stew when it comes to talent, humility, intelligence.

  • Jose Luis Magana
    Jose Luis Magana 2 years ago +62

    So well spoken and insightful! She's a great actress and a very eloquent person. Great interview!