ASMR | Men's Pampering Service | 60fps

  • Published on May 18, 2019
  • I am proud to be working with Dollar Shave Club on this lovely Sponsored Saturday! Go to to try your first Ultimate Starter Set for only $5!
    After ALLLL the makeup videos I figured FIIIINE LET'S DO ONE FOR DA BOYS ... or anyone who'd like a more traditionally masculine attention-based video! Face shaving, hair styling, suit dressing, cologne-selecting, personal attention! :D
    Please enjoy! Thank you so much for watching :)
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Comments • 5 892

  • sanjeev kumar
    sanjeev kumar Hour ago

    Gibi : You look like are in need of pampering!
    Me: Awwww... you are sweet, my heart is melting....
    Gibi: I m just kidding, i m kidding....!!
    Me: Wat the f........!!

  • Mario Torres
    Mario Torres 6 hours ago

    Your eyes are soo amazing!!!!! I love it!!

  • BrutusPalmeira
    BrutusPalmeira 7 hours ago

    This is pretty good service. I'm surprised i was the only one there...

  • John Martinez
    John Martinez 17 hours ago

    19:47 does she say “gives you a bit of a tingly pussy feelingg” ?? WTF lmaoooooooooo

  • Hunter
    Hunter Day ago +1

    As someone who shaves up to my jawline I feel attacked

  • Darren Sharp
    Darren Sharp Day ago

    they are the most beautiful brown eyes I have every seen Gibi is stunning!

  • 白いオオカミSinterasu

    19:47 made me get up and play it back to make sure she didnt say pussy

  • Joshua Miranda
    Joshua Miranda 2 days ago

    Gibi:the purple color would look great with you skin tone
    Me: how’d you know I’m Latino also why am I not clothed

  • Marszałek Piłwódki

    Gibi is crackhead

  • Evan Connors
    Evan Connors 3 days ago +1

    Thank you for not sexualizing ASMR like so many other “artists”

  • Brian Squillace
    Brian Squillace 3 days ago +1

    I'll pay 8,000 to be the model in one of your asmr videos like pampering.. haircut or body painting

  • Denninski Trembinski
    Denninski Trembinski 3 days ago +1


  • BoltdFN
    BoltdFN 3 days ago +1

    *congrats* you've found a comment without the following characters:
    (Edit: I noticed I put (*the following characters*) in this comment; sorry but you haven't found a comment without *gibi: or me:*)

  • IZZy FUNDy_band
    IZZy FUNDy_band 3 days ago

    Gibi asmr is dora the explorer for adults......i mean a dora for adults BESIDES go Diego go obviously.

  • Jerkicus Maximus
    Jerkicus Maximus 4 days ago +1

    Welp. I'm clean-shaven, exfoliated and moisturized...looking spiffy...but I got fired for being late to work, missed my alimony court appearance, and now I'm being "pampered" by Tyrone in cellblock 7.

  • Aiden The Blazing Gamer

    Do you ever just pull out your eyebrows because it feels good?

  • The Last Guitar Hero

    Gibi: let's do you hair
    Me: I'm bald as an egg

  • Thomas Versteeg
    Thomas Versteeg 5 days ago

    Im 14 and already have a moustache, felt amazing watching this (not sexual you pervs)

    • Silver Comet
      Silver Comet 5 days ago

      Thomas Versteeg yes because shaving and picking a nice outfit is DEFINITELY related to something sexual

  • matt Ortiz
    matt Ortiz 6 days ago

    Idk why but


  • Alejorendon0907
    Alejorendon0907 6 days ago

    50 minutes pampering

  • lord poyo
    lord poyo 6 days ago

    "Bread crumbs and beaver spit"

  • Jordan Fields
    Jordan Fields 6 days ago

    I hate when you can gear the slober in there mouth ewhhhh

  • Mob Ties
    Mob Ties 6 days ago

    19:49 lol

  • gabriel hernandez
    gabriel hernandez 7 days ago

    how the vacuum companies expect you to react to their commercials 30:40

  • Carl Lange
    Carl Lange 7 days ago +3

    Geeb: Is it ok if I do a lot of face touc...

  • ComradeSam1994
    ComradeSam1994 7 days ago

    Beats that Gillette sexist ad by a landslide

  • Edgar Estuardo LG
    Edgar Estuardo LG 7 days ago

    I love your eyes😍

  • Bergen Lien
    Bergen Lien 8 days ago

    Gibi: you look like my next appointment
    Me: 😏
    Gibi: let me wok my magic for you don’t worry about a thing
    Me: 😉
    Does this seem to wrong, yes it definitely sounds wrong

  • Thexs
    Thexs 8 days ago

    Gibi just pissed off a ton of feminists.

  • jeevikkaaa
    jeevikkaaa 8 days ago +2

    i think you literally made all men fall in love with you omg , i can literally FEEL all men swooning or smthn HAHAHAHA ily gibiii❤❤

  • Bøb Vløb ¿?
    Bøb Vløb ¿? 8 days ago

    At 5:22 you can hear someone shouting if you put volume to max and listen closely

  • Obed Saldivar
    Obed Saldivar 9 days ago

    Just discovered Gibi and she’s most definitely bae 😍

  • Lidette Micciche
    Lidette Micciche 9 days ago

    "grooming ruteens" funny! made me feel like a cat 🐱.

  • FG Dropped
    FG Dropped 9 days ago +5

    Gibi: *Smiling At Me And Not Looking Where Shes Shaving*
    Me: “Eyes On The Road Gibi
    Gibi: Just Relax

  • Skyirah
    Skyirah 9 days ago

    “Callused hands...”
    *oh yeah I play guita-*
    “ hard, lift weights”

  • Yoshikage Kira
    Yoshikage Kira 9 days ago

    Nice hands

  • Eric Cookie's
    Eric Cookie's 9 days ago

    I’m a Man

  • Oscar bautista
    Oscar bautista 10 days ago

    Otro video en español por fabor saludos de argentina

  • Aric Maddux
    Aric Maddux 10 days ago

    You help me stay calm while I program.

  • Anonymous Rebel
    Anonymous Rebel 11 days ago

    I came here to get pampered after Raffy sniped me with a dollar shave!🙊...( me now👨‍🦲)

  • Pickled Hiney
    Pickled Hiney 11 days ago

    Dollar shave club sure knows where to strike. Pornhub and ASMR, the only videos I watch

  • Danny Potter
    Danny Potter 11 days ago

    The ad for the sponsor at the beginning was amazing; one of the best asmr ever.
    Never loved an ad so much...

  • Iãm thè Prîńcē K
    Iãm thè Prîńcē K 11 days ago

    0:43 wenn Sie is about to .... 😇

  • Mike Driggs
    Mike Driggs 11 days ago

    Gibi: You look like my next

    Me: Mistake?

  • Milan Sikela
    Milan Sikela 11 days ago

    Hi Gibi. You've amazing. Do you offer in-person therapy?

  • van goathe
    van goathe 12 days ago +1

    Me: 'looks at top left'

  • Rosa Sanchez
    Rosa Sanchez 14 days ago

    Is it just me that finds her sponsor voiceovers more satisfying than the videos?

  • Orange Juice
    Orange Juice 14 days ago +1

    Her skin looks like plastic how does she do it?

  • Idriss Abassi
    Idriss Abassi 14 days ago +1

    اللي عربي ويتفرج عهادي يخبط ام الايك

    RHODIUM REX 14 days ago


  • john doe
    john doe 14 days ago

    Shapewear is a lie

  • Gary York
    Gary York 15 days ago

    Hello Gibi, I'm a man and I'd like to sign up for your pampering service! Great video.

  • ivan zamago
    ivan zamago 15 days ago

    How can you guys watch this woman support the patriarchy

  • Max Durk
    Max Durk 15 days ago

    Wtf was that bit about Golden State at 13:20 lol? Was that supposed to be your way to make this more "masculine?" Lmfao

  • Stakeout Rockhound
    Stakeout Rockhound 16 days ago

    She must have drunken milk before the session, as her voice sounds deep. It's better this way, so I'm glad.

  • Crypticon
    Crypticon 16 days ago

    Hello stranger. How r u?

  • Lance Storm
    Lance Storm 17 days ago

    Man this made feel so tired wth

  • Ethan Schroeder
    Ethan Schroeder 17 days ago +1

    wET uR CHeEkS

  • squ izz
    squ izz 17 days ago

    0:14 she likes her cups of coffee picked ?

  • Leen Peen420
    Leen Peen420 18 days ago +4

    Gibi: talks about beard
    Me (a twelve year old boy): ah yes of course my handsome luscious beard

    • Sol Luna
      Sol Luna 14 days ago

      You dont need to tell us your 12 the pfp says it all