Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2018

  • Published on Dec 28, 2017
  • 2017 is nearly over so let's look to next year and the most anticipated upcoming horror movies coming out in 2018. There's a TON of new releases, including The Purge 4, Halloween, The Predator, and even Slender Man! Here's a list of what I'm looking forward to as well as the biggest horror films of the year.
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Comments • 1 935

  • BlueRaptor 718
    BlueRaptor 718 2 months ago +1

    The slender man movie was pretty great

  • David Beddow
    David Beddow 7 months ago

    What about bird box 😀

  • Scorpionstrike7
    Scorpionstrike7 8 months ago

    Some people didn’t like Prey At Night, but I liked it.

  • Hannah Shark
    Hannah Shark 10 months ago

    Well I didn't really enjoy The Last Key as much as the first two Insidious movies I appreciate that they understood that the strongest and most important character was Elise and wrote this film entirely around her character and background. Binging Lin Shaye once more to the foreground of the story and featuring her brilliant acting skills in her own piece is possibly the best choice they could have made for the franchise. Lin Shaye is a wonderful actress and I have enjoyed many of the characters that she has played over the years, I wish that directors had only properly utilised her skills a lot earlier so that she could have brought us many more wonderfully fleshed out characters in the genre.

  • Bagel Is Painting!
    Bagel Is Painting! 10 months ago

    I look back at this and laugh at how hopeful you were

  • 《Joe》
    《Joe》 11 months ago

    Most of these were pretty bad

  • NitroSpider 04
    NitroSpider 04 Year ago

    I don’t watch horror, but I NEED to see Anna and The Apocalypse! It looks awesome! I also love how it’s set in the land of Scotland! Nice to see my country get some big screen recognition! 😁

  • Oscar Becerra
    Oscar Becerra Year ago

    Slender man will be relesed august 10 2018 and the nun will come out on september 7 2018 and the predator will come out september 14 2018

  • Moyanish Koshale
    Moyanish Koshale Year ago

    "Triangle" ending explained...!!!

  • Social Media
    Social Media Year ago

    A Silent Place plot summary:
    Creatures that home in on any sound kill the entire world. A family goes out to find food, and their noisy kid makes a sound and gets killed. Family gets sad, and decide to replace the first noisy kid with ANOTHER noisy kid. Their deaf daughter never gets to go anywhere, and is convinced daddy doesn't love her. Being a science fiction movie, the baby never needs to eat or doesn't cry non stop. The dad dies, and the deaf daughter realizes daddy loved her after all. And the whole bus clapped. The end.

  • Social Media
    Social Media Year ago

    Dammit, there I go checking out Jamie Lee Curtis's GILFy bod again...

  • DroneRaccoon
    DroneRaccoon Year ago

    and then Slenderman sucked (no surprise there)

  • Oscar Becerra
    Oscar Becerra Year ago

    Horror movies 2018.
    1. Halloween (october 19 2018)
    2. The first purge (july 4 2018)
    3. The predator (september 14 2018)
    4. The nun (september 7 2018)
    5. The meg (august 10 2018)
    6. The strangers prey at night (march 9 2018)
    7. Slenderman (august 10 2018)
    8. Hereditary (june 8 2018)
    9. Annihilation (february 23 2018)
    10. Unfriended dark web (july 20 2018)
    11. Insidious the last key (january 5 2018)
    12. Suspirsia remake (november 2 2018)
    13. Revenge (may 11 2018)
    14. Hellraiser judgment (may 2 2018)
    15. Open water 3 cage dive (april 17 2018)
    16. Deep blue sea 2 (may 4 2018)
    17. Winchester (february 2 2018)

  • malcolm adderley
    malcolm adderley Year ago

    Keanu can the Decent take another stab at it! Put in a word please.

  • Alexis Berry
    Alexis Berry Year ago

    Get out sucked massive donkey cock. Was so predictable and TSA ppl don't get there own cars. Also TSA ppl are massively bad at their jobs missing up to 60 percent of actual weapons. Also it's stupid because hypnosis isn't real. Another stupid thing about it is it follows the rascist conspiracy theory that black ppl are some how physically better than white ppl and the rich kidnap black ppl for their parts; instead of accepting the real fact that they are missing due to high black on black crime and drug use. So not only is it bad but caves in to racist conspiracy theories. Starting to doubt your opinion dude.

  • David Clark
    David Clark Year ago

    The first national treasure was good

  • Bildawl
    Bildawl Year ago

    Why would you anticipate a Slender movie? I knew it was bad before it released.

  • Smilez Maisonette

    what happened to jeepers creepers 2018

  • Sarah Castille
    Sarah Castille Year ago +1

    Do not forget Glass looks real good

  • Chris Creates MC
    Chris Creates MC Year ago

    A quiet place takes place in an alternate reality where Jim never gave Pam a coke and thus never broke his jinx

  • Hayley Schimmer
    Hayley Schimmer Year ago

    It’s so crazy how many of these have been delayed!

  • SuperStitious
    SuperStitious Year ago

    Revenge is like spit on your grave

  • The Meme Guy
    The Meme Guy Year ago

    Where the hell is Venom????

  • Luek Savage
    Luek Savage Year ago

    Hate how half of the realese dates got pushed back

  • ROBO_Head
    ROBO_Head Year ago

    Wheres the Fnaf movie?

  • Elote gamer Corn
    Elote gamer Corn Year ago

    *D I C K*

  • Dee Henry
    Dee Henry Year ago +1

    Dead silence 2

  • Celtic FC Europa League Winner 2020

    Gonna be the best halloween for horror movies in a loooooong time.

  • Akita
    Akita Year ago

    I still can’t believe *”Slender”* is a thing.

  • Samara Jones
    Samara Jones Year ago

    The Nun

  • Elvis K
    Elvis K Year ago

    Has this guy made a list of his favourite horror movies? He's awesome.

  • Satyam Jagat Sundaram Baba

    Suspiria is a headache.

  • Anything. Lucy
    Anything. Lucy Year ago

    Annilation might be the best movie of the year(so far)

  • Devious_99
    Devious_99 Year ago

    Velvet Buzzsaw starring Jake Gyllenhaal. It's the new movie from the Nightcrawler maker Dan Gilroy.

  • Eklypised
    Eklypised Year ago

    Halloween for me hands down

  • adam the weeaboo
    adam the weeaboo Year ago

    What about the nosferatu remake?

  • Radioactive Gaming control

    I’be grown up with Micheal I was always scared of him this time I’m not but I’m happy I’ll watch this one

  • ​​​ ​​​​​​ ​ ​​​ ​​​​​​

    *>>> The House That Jack Built

  • El Fresno
    El Fresno Year ago

    You forgot Polaroid, staring the man himself, Javier Botet

  • WaffleNova
    WaffleNova Year ago

    Does anyone know the name of this new movie coming out ... I saw a trailer and cant remember the name ...starts off 2 guys gonna row boat and shows sumthinf really big under them then i remember sumone holding a rope leading into the woods ...supposedly about a cult or sumthing

  • Josh SpadeIcey
    Josh SpadeIcey Year ago

    LET'S GO! 6 days until this mother fucking Slender Man movie. Yeeeessss

  • Waxy12
    Waxy12 Year ago

    Bet jamie lee dies in this one.

    DOOM_SLAYER_567 Year ago

    OMG IVE BEEN WAITING FOR DEATH HOUSE SO MUCH I CANT WAIT!!!!! OH, yeah can’t forget about the predator that’s one along with Halloween and death house I’ve been wanting to see so bad

  • Evan B
    Evan B Year ago

    Awesome list of 2018 movies, but I was wondering if any suggested an old movie from 2006 called The Woods for an Explained review? I can only recall Bruce Campbell for one of the actors starting in this film.

  • _official_.bryan 24

    Has "the new mutants" movie came out yet??

    MINIWOOD BY RIR Year ago

    You forget midnight man

  • Godzilla0936
    Godzilla0936 Year ago

    Do basket case

  • Daze 365
    Daze 365 Year ago

    Before I Wake was lowkey scary

  • Awesome Bricks!
    Awesome Bricks! Year ago

    Anna and The Apocalypse already released. September 2017.

  • Lil nigga Out the projects

    Get out was a terrible, retarded, racist ass movie. Fuck key and peele

  • TeeHee
    TeeHee Year ago

    ALMOST 700k

  • Rigo Jr
    Rigo Jr Year ago

    I want Halloween

  • Ashlyn Amythest
    Ashlyn Amythest Year ago

    Winchester was ok.

  • photogeen
    photogeen Year ago

    There wasn’t mentioned Emoji Movie 2

  • Johnny HALO 22
    Johnny HALO 22 Year ago

    I've always seen the predator as serious hunters

  • Matthew Witunsky
    Matthew Witunsky Year ago

    Im excited for The Nun

  • Goose The Cat
    Goose The Cat Year ago

    I’m excited for truth or dare...

  • Goose The Cat
    Goose The Cat Year ago

    New mutants got delayed by 10 MONTHS 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Goose The Cat
    Goose The Cat Year ago

    I’m 69% sure that slender man get POOR reviews
    And ALMOST a profit :/