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    Do you like...have to go to cheese become...a cheese expert?

  • Hatchi - Ko
    Hatchi - Ko 3 days ago

    The only reason i found this video was because it was in a cowboy bebop playlist

  • 007Variable
    007Variable 3 days ago

    my butler makes me grilled cheese sandwiches with the last cheese in the mornings, before my chauffeur picks me to bring me to my private plane.

  • Shjon Watlington
    Shjon Watlington 3 days ago

    Do you guys ever think you will do a price points on jewelry? Currently looking for jewelry right now and wishing i had some more info

  • max kar
    max kar 4 days ago +1

    Would love to see an olive oil expert please!

  • Juan Chavez
    Juan Chavez 4 days ago

    I love that when she saw the expensive blue cheese she practically knew the cow it came out of and how expensive it was.

  • Clint Lee Kile
    Clint Lee Kile 5 days ago

    Sonny hey love your show been subbed form along time

  • Gonzalo García Roces

    not focused

  • N/A N/A
    N/A N/A 5 days ago

    she's adorable

  • Felippa Mallchic
    Felippa Mallchic 6 days ago

    I thought FETA supports veganism. Hahaha yet they make cheese from animal milk?

    UNBRACO 7 days ago

    Try Gamalost from norway and lets see how tough you are 😂🤣

  • herman1francis
    herman1francis 7 days ago

    Feels like anything made in america = bad

  • Corey Zelez
    Corey Zelez 7 days ago

    3:59 why is the pricing for different weights? They seriously couldn't adjust it...

  • Grace Walker
    Grace Walker 8 days ago

    Everyone needs a cheese wheel.

  • Thomas jarred Fronda
    Thomas jarred Fronda 10 days ago

    Always pick the cheese with a rind

  • Sungho Yoon
    Sungho Yoon 12 days ago +2

    dat right goat cheese makes me super uncomfortable

  • Sarah Bace
    Sarah Bace 12 days ago +1

    Is this lady's job to literally eat cheese or is she just a major cheese enthusiast?

    • Firth33300
      Firth33300 2 days ago

      Or she sells cheese, maybe ?
      I mean, here, that's a specialty, and you'll find several cheesemongers downtown, with their own aging caves and stuff.

    • Charlie Dace
      Charlie Dace 11 days ago

      She probably makes cheeses, I doubt her job is literally "cheese expert"

  • Robert Brainerd
    Robert Brainerd 12 days ago

    Why do I have buy imported if I want a good Swiss cheese ?

    • Linus
      Linus 3 days ago

      Robert Brainerd Oh Boy, you seem hella dumb.

  • Bio Kimistry
    Bio Kimistry 12 days ago

    I don't like cheese at all, but this video is freaking great.

  • empleo
    empleo 12 days ago

    *tastes the cheese* Soothing creamy cheese melts in my mouth. I can tell that the dairy came from a happy cow.

  • Shane Powell
    Shane Powell 12 days ago

    what is that leaf-wrapped cheese?

  • CrocoduckRex
    CrocoduckRex 13 days ago

    After watching the bacon video and this one, I am hungry again. Damn it!

  • John Davis
    John Davis 14 days ago

    My, but what big eyes you have! ;)

  • Nashvillain
    Nashvillain 14 days ago

    They need to say who the makers of the cheeses are at the end.

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 14 days ago

    My FromUnda cheese is pretty good, stong odor to it .

  • Bill Oddy
    Bill Oddy 14 days ago

    Cant beleive i just had a wank to a woman discussing cheese, im so ashamed

  • Goku
    Goku 15 days ago

    Do cheap vs expensive hookers.

  • Robert Sacks
    Robert Sacks 15 days ago

    This is an amazing concept for a series! Enjoyable, quick, and easy to follow.
    One thing that saddens me a little about these videos is that the expert doesn't have much time to go into -what- the cheeses are.
    If someone were to see this video and want to try any of these cheeses, they wouldn't be able to go out into a store and purchase them.
    For instance, the leaf-wrapped Blue cheese could only be Rogue River Blue by Rogue Creamery in Oregon. They soak those leaves in pear brandy before the cheese is set to age, which imparts a strong sweet flavor and fruity notes to an intense blue cheese. It is only released from Sept-Dec and (in our store) can be found for 27.99/lb, which is definitely on the low side. It is one of the most unique cheeses I have ever tasted, and would recommend it to anyone whether they like Blue Cheese or not.
    If you didn't already know what these cheeses were by looking at them, would you be able to go and find them in the store?

  • Mashrafi Tanvir
    Mashrafi Tanvir 16 days ago


  • Dorian Leakey
    Dorian Leakey 17 days ago

    so everything but the blue was treated with the same variety of cheese going against each other while the blue was treated as some generic competition.

  • Dorian Leakey
    Dorian Leakey 17 days ago

    Though this cheese expert knows more about how cheese tastes than me, those crystals are calcium, not protein.

  • 슈가Yoongi
    슈가Yoongi 17 days ago

    I keep watching this video- over and over again. I REALLY LOVE CHEESEEE

  • Julie Arnold
    Julie Arnold 17 days ago

    How about you taste my sperm cheese fresh. If you know what I mean.

  • Lucheto Puma
    Lucheto Puma 18 days ago

    If your food looks ugly it is more expensive

  • Mae
    Mae 18 days ago

    why are all of these food experts so damn skinny? You eat cheese all day!!

  • Nferno
    Nferno 18 days ago

    Is a cheese expert
    Uses term 'Weird Robot Machines'

  • Bloodcursed1991
    Bloodcursed1991 18 days ago

    "5 times more expensive" XD $4/4oz - $20/6oz

  • Pure Leaf
    Pure Leaf 18 days ago

    Her knowledge is amazing 🧀

  • Eins. Wanderer
    Eins. Wanderer 19 days ago

    I hope that she hasn't stinky cheese feet

  • Hollie Hayes
    Hollie Hayes 19 days ago

    In the feta comparison, it wasn't clear which sample she was tasting and describing.

  • ChloeTheEevee xoxo
    ChloeTheEevee xoxo 19 days ago +1

    I want her to test what slice of Camembert is cheaper and what isn’t because I wanna try Camembert but I wanna know how people react to its taste…but there’s no Camembert in this vid

    • Firth33300
      Firth33300 2 days ago

      Do you live in Europe ? Because otherwise, you won't be able to taste a real, good, camembert anyway ...

  • HajkK
    HajkK 19 days ago


  • Carlo Agosttini
    Carlo Agosttini 20 days ago

    Is it me or did someone confuse the Italy flag with the Ireland flag on Parmigiano reggiano because its green white and red not with orange on the end

  • Flavio Lepri
    Flavio Lepri 20 days ago

    Have some cheese candy with your meat candy, sweetcorn and candy dessert. The only taste americans have is sweet, sugary or industrial. It's just so sad to see what you let them feed you. Why is it so hard to have regulations on production there?

  • Wendy Gerwen
    Wendy Gerwen 20 days ago +1

    This cheese was aged on a wooden Ikea table. The table was in a cellar. The table belonged to a Venetian grandmother and a lot of children. She lost her husband *pauses and tastes more intently* she lost her husband six to eight years ago. I can really taste the hope and the healing. I think that B is more expensive.

  • Wendy Gerwen
    Wendy Gerwen 20 days ago +1

    This cheese was aged on a wooden Ikea table. The table was in a cellar. The table belonged to a Venetian grandmother and a lot of children. She lost her husband *pauses and tastes more intently* she lost her husband six to eight years ago. I can really taste the hope and the healing. I think that B is more expensive.

  • Icey Wind
    Icey Wind 20 days ago

    I know parmesean cheese too well

  • JakeSnake07
    JakeSnake07 20 days ago +1

    Frankly, I can't stand Blue Cheese. If you've ever had a case of black ants in your house and killed some by crushing, you'll know that they give off a very distinct smell when killed. Blue Cheese tastes and smells exactly like crushed black ants, and as such trying to eat it makes me sick.

    • S. Giles
      S. Giles 19 days ago

      I accidentally ate an ant once. It was an interesting and not entirely unpleasant experience, like breaking a crunchy seed between your teeth that releases an extremely tangy citrus flavour. I guess it was the formic acid.

  • hnobleh
    hnobleh 20 days ago

    Your light make-up pushes your natural good looks to be seen not covered. Subscribed!

  • Brian Gardner
    Brian Gardner 21 day ago

    Is it just me or is there something sexy af about a woman who knows her cheese?

  • Daniele Zacchi
    Daniele Zacchi 21 day ago

    First of all you put the flag of Irland instead of the Italian on the parmigiano reggiano and then you are not a cheese expert if you think that parmigiano and the other thing on the right, produced in that country which I've forgot the name of, taste remotely similar :D

  • Thúy Aiko
    Thúy Aiko 21 day ago

    Never felt this excited and entertained about cheese before lmao

  • Apple Crunch
    Apple Crunch 22 days ago


  • l l
    l l 23 days ago

    Imagine if she gets one wrong

  • poopride
    poopride 23 days ago

    If you really want to make it hard, put different cheeses of varying quality up against each other. Then one of the cheese should be frumunda cheese

  • Joy & peace
    Joy & peace 23 days ago

    She is amazing! But the editing... I think the pace is too fast for this content.

  • Timothy Avery
    Timothy Avery 23 days ago

    Can we get Zefrank to do one of these? "Because that is how a blue Cheese do."

  • Rishabh Kapatkar
    Rishabh Kapatkar 23 days ago

    I am 11, and I know all cheese knowledge... How cheese is done.. how to identify them, everything. Since I was 6..

  • IconicKween
    IconicKween 23 days ago +1

    *eats cheesy chips* i totally taste the nutty flavor

  • Alief Alwan
    Alief Alwan 23 days ago

    I'm guessing this video is before they hire that awesome chalkboard artist.

  • Xylia Dyck
    Xylia Dyck 24 days ago

    Mom: what do you wanna be when you grow up?
    *Roblox death sound*

  • MackDorokiMine Minecraft


  • CopalFreak
    CopalFreak 24 days ago

    Thank you Epicurious for having Liz Thorpe back again!

  • I DragoN
    I DragoN 25 days ago

    i have liquid cheese inside my balls for her

  • Ian Zhang
    Ian Zhang 25 days ago

    Goat milk=white peaple
    Milk=Asian peaple
    Chocolate milk=African peaple

  • Juan Fierro Nunez
    Juan Fierro Nunez 25 days ago

    I want to bang her.

  • Marion Müller
    Marion Müller 26 days ago

    You don't have to be an expert to guess right.

    TheWEEKYKID 26 days ago

    make a wine video

  • Cat
    Cat 26 days ago

    This is me

  • G. Aguilera
    G. Aguilera 26 days ago

    Damn I wanna be a cheese expert.

  • Coolguy 111163
    Coolguy 111163 27 days ago

    I’m gonna binge all episodes of price points

  • Mobil Konto
    Mobil Konto 27 days ago

    Bad voice...

  • Shawn M. Schmidt
    Shawn M. Schmidt 27 days ago

  • Leo Shoma
    Leo Shoma 28 days ago

    Wow she sounds satisfying. I could listen to her all day

  • Trey Harvison
    Trey Harvison 28 days ago

    Blue cheese is my absolute favorite!

  • Robin Lundqvist
    Robin Lundqvist 29 days ago

    she would be blonde...

  • uglylife
    uglylife 29 days ago

    Wow. You can make a profession out of anything.
    I literally just did a cheese haul. Here's the vid:

  • Kevin L
    Kevin L 29 days ago +1

    junky guesses good vs bad heroin

  • Sergio Bonfiglio
    Sergio Bonfiglio Month ago

    The goat cheese on the right is not 5 times more expensive, prices are per different weights.
    The one on the left is 1$/oz, the one on the right is 3.33$/oz

  • amanieux
    amanieux Month ago

    this selection of cheese makes much more sense than the other cheese test done by this expert

  • Thales Rodrigues
    Thales Rodrigues Month ago

    4:04 isn't 5x expensive, its 3,33x

  • shakezilla29
    shakezilla29 Month ago

    shes gonna have some intense cheese farts

  • Arthur Chase
    Arthur Chase Month ago

    u know she love cheese dic

  • Radek Dziura
    Radek Dziura Month ago

    Srs, i can do that too... only by looking

  • iggypopisgod9
    iggypopisgod9 Month ago

    An orangutan could pick pick the pricier cheese

  • DickMan
    DickMan Month ago +1

    And I’m over here eating my American kraft processed cheese

  • free monkey
    free monkey Month ago

    I'm a fart expert for women's

  • Joey Bowie
    Joey Bowie Month ago

    Cheese/wine/beer experts are the reason we cannot have nice things. Also why aliens don't visit us.

  • Benjamin LaVallie
    Benjamin LaVallie Month ago

    romans chapter 12 verse 21 be not overcome of evil but overcome evil with good

  • Anton Chigurh
    Anton Chigurh Month ago +1

    Ok, hats off to the cheese producer who uses grass fed milk and won over Swiss Gruyere cheese. That's remarkable.

  • Anton Chigurh
    Anton Chigurh Month ago

    I find these protein crystals in Parmesan cheese.....and my hair if I don't shower.

  • No thanks B
    No thanks B Month ago

    What’s her job?

  • Clinton Toney
    Clinton Toney Month ago

    I eat cheese and then a fart 100 times and then i finally poop. Not because i want to but because i have too.

  • Clinton Toney
    Clinton Toney Month ago

    that was amazing.

  • TheBlack Vixen
    TheBlack Vixen Month ago

    I was totally hoping to see the traditional Pag island (Croatia) cheese. :I

  • Peter Zhamkochyan
    Peter Zhamkochyan Month ago

    I’m far from a cheese expert and I guessed all them correctly in a second as soon as each cheese was displayed.
    The real challenge would be if she can guess those purely off taste, otherwise it’s completely obvious.

  • Month ago

    basically a fungus expert... no thanks!

  • Lou Villacorta
    Lou Villacorta Month ago

    I get so excited when she says she’s gonna taste the cheeses to find out.

  • jazzy ky
    jazzy ky Month ago

    I could guess them by looking at them

  • Fake JerJer King
    Fake JerJer King Month ago +1

    Aged Cheese is much expensive