Cheese Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Cheeses | Price Points | Epicurious

  • Published on Nov 20, 2017
  • In the premiere episode of 'Price Points', Epicurious challenged cheese expert and noted author Liz Thorpe to guess which one of two cheeses was more expensive. Liz breaks down cheap vs expensive parmesan cheese, goat cheese, gruyère cheese, feta cheese, and blue cheese. For each round of cheap cheese vs expensive cheese, Liz visually analyzed, smelled, then executed a taste test before guessing which cheese cost more. Once the prices were revealed, Thorpe explained why a specific cheese making process costs more and dives into the specifics of how to make the different cheeses.
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    Cheese Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Cheeses | Price Points | Epicurious
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  • Robert Brtka
    Robert Brtka Day ago

    What is your favorite Cheese? Mine is Saint Agur from France.

  • David Hewitt
    David Hewitt Day ago

    That's not the Italian flag that's the ireland flag 🤦‍♀️

  • RG_Jordi
    RG_Jordi 2 days ago

    guys guess Bulgarian feta is traditional feta cheese not greek

  • Guido Zabini
    Guido Zabini 2 days ago

    I just wanted to say that I actually come from the region where parmigiano reggiano is produced, and I find that the more expensive Parmigiano Reggiano looks pretty bad, I honestly thought it was some kind of American imitation gone awry 😮 it probably has to do with the fact it was kept in open air too long? Anyway yeah, the visual difference with the other cheese is obvious, I'd never seen the other one and I'd never think it's Parmesan either

  • George Bueno
    George Bueno 2 days ago

    this cheese expert can get it

  • matthew croley
    matthew croley 4 days ago

    I bet this lady rips some serious farts

  • Jqx
    Jqx 4 days ago

    1:12 crayon eater confirmed! (:

  • jakehenderson 1
    jakehenderson 1 5 days ago

    Part of me thought the whole “cheese expert” thing was a joke, but she really knew what she was talking about. Pretty impressive, I bet she can get good work consulting restaurants,

  • Adriel Hepburn
    Adriel Hepburn 6 days ago

    Poor cut at 7:33. Makes it seem like she's eaten from the same cheese twice

  • francccis
    francccis 7 days ago

    Why do they have the Irish flag for the parmigiano reggiano?

  • nikos makris
    nikos makris 8 days ago

    no bra... perfect boobs...

  • RoachDoggJR /Raven
    RoachDoggJR /Raven 9 days ago +1


  • Grace
    Grace 10 days ago

    ......I love her.

  • Zoe Kirk
    Zoe Kirk 11 days ago

    How the hell is she so fit? Maybe I ought to eat more expensive cheese!

  • teadesi
    teadesi 11 days ago

    I wish they would list the cheese names in the description.

  • voltaire napiza
    voltaire napiza 11 days ago

    Older cheese = More expensive

  • becca a
    becca a 12 days ago

    we know our cheeses but we don’t know our countries flags

  • CloudytheLeopard
    CloudytheLeopard 12 days ago

    Why do they all look so much like their food?

  • Alexandria Spute
    Alexandria Spute 12 days ago +2


  • Chahe Vartanian
    Chahe Vartanian 13 days ago +2

    I like how she gets happier each and everytime she finds out she’s correct!

  • thaumas ein
    thaumas ein 14 days ago

    If she's an expert, she could at least learn to pronounce Parmigiano Reggiano correctly.
    Also, that doesn't look like Parmigiano Reggiano,... PR has the name stamped all over the rind,.. while the sample in the video doesn't seem to,... the color is a bit off, too.

  • Lucas Vanderschuit
    Lucas Vanderschuit 15 days ago +2

    4:04 small nitpick. A) 4$ for 4 oz = 1$ per oz. .. B) 20$ for 6 oz = 3.33$ per oz. .. Cheese B is 3.33 times more expensive, not 5

  • Michelle Shang
    Michelle Shang 16 days ago

    I can’t tell if that cheese knife is a brilliant or bad design.

  • Raven
    Raven 16 days ago

    I LOVE feta cheese. It's one of the only cheeses I love actually.

  • -Xeno Morph-
    -Xeno Morph- 16 days ago

    How is the first Parmigiano Reggiano is it's not made in Italy? That's not the Italian flag...

  • cyberianrave
    cyberianrave 17 days ago

    in either one of the videos (the new one also) we don't have any of these cheeses widely domestically made but with the exception of Feta (I had to search for the translation to be sure) and I most definitely love the sheep's milk one (goat is also okay, but somewhat sour and i like the sheep texture better) and any other kind of milk other than sheep or goat would be definitely a sin imo

  • ExploreWinnipeg
    ExploreWinnipeg 17 days ago

    Are any of these vegan?

  • JustLaurie
    JustLaurie 17 days ago

    So it seems, in general, that the longer it’s aged the more expensive it is.

  • Karl Axel
    Karl Axel 18 days ago

    How’s her breath tho?

  • annonnie
    annonnie 19 days ago

    7:14 - 7:39 , bad editing for the feta cheese tasting. Crazy how far this series has come in terms of clarity and quality.

  • Monkey Monk Man
    Monkey Monk Man 22 days ago

    WOW she's a Cheese Whiz!

  • Swiggity Swooty
    Swiggity Swooty 22 days ago

    Did she fart at 1:18??

  • Colorlessie
    Colorlessie 23 days ago

    2:07 I love this moment when she geeks out about a cheese robot

  • Noddy da Homeboi
    Noddy da Homeboi 25 days ago


  • jonathan thorpe
    jonathan thorpe 28 days ago

    Yo my last name is Thorpe too. I wonder if we r related?

  • mogur00
    mogur00 28 days ago +20

    this woman is so insanely interesting to listen to

  • Tasnim Shahid
    Tasnim Shahid 28 days ago

    she looks like Julie Bowen :3

  • Oriol Torrell
    Oriol Torrell 28 days ago

    So she said real greek feta is better but then at the taste test, she said A (real) tasted salty, and B tasted like olives ... Wtf!

  • Pannemat
    Pannemat 29 days ago +1

    Between this one and the newer video's, the chalkboard art has DEFINITELY improved, lol.

  • K G
    K G 29 days ago

    Lovely video... so interesting and informative!

    I'm SAVAGE aNd HAPPY 29 days ago

    She looks so much like SHAKIRA.

  • Silja Blöndal
    Silja Blöndal Month ago

    Really?? I Got A freaking cheese ad for Philadelphia 😂😂

  • Pavel Forman
    Pavel Forman Month ago

    they shoudl put czech syrečky in there, test by smell XD

  • Roland Smash
    Roland Smash Month ago +2

    Her gracious giggle when she realizes she’s correct. 😍

  • Sarah Drury
    Sarah Drury Month ago

    I love the face Liz makes when she finds out her guess is right 😂

  • Ruby Keil
    Ruby Keil Month ago

    Im i the only one who thought she was unsure on half of them

  • Lemon Ice
    Lemon Ice Month ago +2

    1:18 Fart lol.

  • Jessica Shoemaker
    Jessica Shoemaker Month ago

    Wow. That chalkboard is sad. We need another cheese episode so we can have the proper chalkboard art backdrop

  • The Relatable Kitchen

    I can’t even afford the cheapest cheese fml

  • Jung Hoseok’s Sprite

    Why can’t this be my job!?! 😭😭

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User Month ago +1

    She should make a TVclip where she reviews cheese

  • Tubemax68
    Tubemax68 Month ago

    "EU subsidizes cheese makers" Sure, but Switzerland is not in the EU.

  • Quamobrem
    Quamobrem Month ago

    She never named that last cheese.

  • The Un-Known Musician

    You can’t take this seriously...

  • Nyneve HG-7
    Nyneve HG-7 Month ago

    Is it me or she has purple eyes?

  • Gabby Mehler
    Gabby Mehler Month ago +1

    This woman looks like the personification of cheese itself.

  • ssi1991
    ssi1991 Month ago

    Man am I thankful for being European where good proper cheese is easily accessible and affordable...

  • ssi1991
    ssi1991 Month ago

    A cheese expert that mispronounces Parmesan? O.o

  • TheDemethar
    TheDemethar Month ago

    Am i the only one who wishes to see a mud fight between the cheese expert and the chocolate expert? (I bet the cheese expert would win easily.)

  • Jeff K
    Jeff K Month ago

    Cheese is one of the best things in life.
    Oddly enough I love these but hate cheese that tastes like milk (that almost sour'ish milk taste/smell) not cheap cheese but just how it was made I guess.

  • Travis Cotter
    Travis Cotter Month ago

    The queen

  • Gregor's Evil Twin
    Gregor's Evil Twin Month ago

    Somebody has got to just reach up and grab one of them bottles of wine with the cheese.

  • Julia
    Julia Month ago

    Switzerland is not in the EU so that claim that 'The eu provides subsidies to europen cheese makers' is actually not applying here

    • Jamie
      Jamie Month ago

      She said over in Switzerland and most of the EU, and Switzerland basically follows and does everything like the EU just like Norway, regardless of being in it

  • Al
    Al Month ago

    useless and pointless.

  • Saladita12
    Saladita12 Month ago

    I will always hope for anyone to review Queso Oaxaca ;;

  • icwiz
    icwiz Month ago

    1:18 did someone fart?

  • Ryan Burke
    Ryan Burke Month ago

    Doesnt take an expert to guess which cheese is more expensive

  • David Richards
    David Richards Month ago

    Beautiful girl. She could sell me anything.

  • pampam karunar
    pampam karunar Month ago

    Is it only me? Or did she say ‘right off the bat’ alot of time

  • Fat kid Productions
    Fat kid Productions Month ago +1

    Charlie kelly is THE cheese expert

  • rachele
    rachele Month ago

    horse expert guesses cheap (kill pen bought, maybe) vs expensive horses!

  • Danel
    Danel Month ago

    She is definitely not an expert she said that more milk is needed for a cheese made out of gout or sheep compared to cows milk - that a bolony because sheep/goat milk is much richer in protein and fat it take less fat to produce the same amount of cheese but sheep/goat produces less milk like 7 times less that cow does that is why cheese mage from s/g milk is more expensive coz you need more s/g

  • RedNasty7
    RedNasty7 Month ago

    We need a “experts try cheap vs premium condoms”

  • Dancho Danchov
    Dancho Danchov Month ago

    idk why but i love the way she says "rind"

  • Yui Bear
    Yui Bear Month ago

    My dream: become a cheese expert.

  • Omar Barrios
    Omar Barrios Month ago

    1:18 anyone hear that?

  • goodolarchie
    goodolarchie Month ago

    When they get to different types of Ramen noodles, put me in coach

  • johny peeckok
    johny peeckok Month ago

    2:22 thats the irish flag...

  • nubSawace
    nubSawace Month ago

    still waiting for the 2 items to slide out and the expert points and says "that one" looking at the camera blankly, then the next 2 items slide out.

  • Ronin
    Ronin 2 months ago

    they need to rename this series 'American vs European' products.

  • Elizabeth Farrell
    Elizabeth Farrell 2 months ago

    Thanks a bunch for the video. :D

  • Cam x Cam
    Cam x Cam 2 months ago +9

    "Hey bro, you wanna hang out? Y'know, just sit around and eat some cheese."

  • Trump's Dingleberries
    Trump's Dingleberries 2 months ago

    Does she ever not guess?

  • PapaPunCakes
    PapaPunCakes 2 months ago

    Who else just ate cheese

  • Isaac V
    Isaac V 2 months ago +1

    Cant wait to be rich enough to buy hella nice cheeses.

  • Flappo Spammo
    Flappo Spammo 2 months ago

    no cheddar ???

  • Isaac V
    Isaac V 2 months ago

    Personally i hate reggiano. Its just too salty for me.

  • OK Champ
    OK Champ 2 months ago

    We reviewed the (cheddar) cheese of the sea underwater on our channel, I would like to see her opinions on it.

  • Pigs are The Best
    Pigs are The Best 2 months ago

    Have you ever eaten maggot cheese? Casu marzu

  • Gilian
    Gilian 2 months ago

    The dessicated cheese is clearly older.

  • Magic
    Magic 2 months ago

    I'm 90% sure the expensive blue is Rogue River.

  • Rikity
    Rikity 2 months ago

    i'm in love with the cheese lady

  • Rafael Nadal Harta Baboe
    Rafael Nadal Harta Baboe 2 months ago +1

    2:54 the rind looks like a worm

  • Nameless Nameless
    Nameless Nameless 2 months ago

    Wow, this predates the gorgeous chalk backgrounds. And the newer stuff doesn't have the bulletin point lists or the country of origin flags.

  • Ryan Lock
    Ryan Lock 2 months ago

    Did anybody else tweak when she said the goat cheese was 5x(500%) as expensive but it was only 333% more expensive.

  • No thanks B
    No thanks B 2 months ago +5

    She looks like cheese lmao

    • marwaosm
      marwaosm 16 days ago

      No thanks B this is so accurate HAHSHSHS

  • Jimmy Dean
    Jimmy Dean 2 months ago

    I had no idea I'd be so interested in watching this woman talk about cheese!

  • Worth Doss
    Worth Doss 2 months ago +1

    Cheez Whiz .

  • michael smith
    michael smith 2 months ago +2

    I've never seen one of these experts miss on any of them. They make it pretty easy.

  • Matthew Ewing
    Matthew Ewing 2 months ago

    I bet she has the worst flatulence.