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  • Shouq Hussein
    Shouq Hussein 13 hours ago +1

    I need her job

  • Amy Hu
    Amy Hu 18 hours ago

    Lol, got a cheese commercial before the video.

  • Collin Blatt
    Collin Blatt Day ago

    What would you call Parmigiano-Reggiano that's made exactly how it should be but is produced outside of Italy? Parmigiano-Reggiano-like?

  • Nuno Soares
    Nuno Soares Day ago

    Liz Thorpe is a cutie AND a cheese lover. I'm in heaven. Siiiighhh...

  • oofty oof
    oofty oof 2 days ago

    Foot cheese is better

  • Elensila2718
    Elensila2718 3 days ago

    This was amazing! I want to follow this cheese expert around and take classes from her!

  • E Boi
    E Boi 3 days ago

    Being paid for describing what something tastes or looks like, huh.

  • Linus Wärn
    Linus Wärn 3 days ago

    Cheese is life

  • Luken Struken
    Luken Struken 5 days ago

    Cheese experts? Now I've seen everything

  • Allen Wright
    Allen Wright 6 days ago

    This seems like a pretty cheesy video

  • grungeblight
    grungeblight 8 days ago

    Small applause for the american gruyère killer.

  • Caitlyn Hebert
    Caitlyn Hebert 8 days ago

    Not 5 times more expensive since they are prices for different amounts of cheese.

  • Miles Tulawie
    Miles Tulawie 8 days ago

    Im literally just waiting for one of the experts to make a mistake 😂😂😂

  • I S A B E L L A
    I S A B E L L A 9 days ago

    Wow I feel so educated on cheese now

  • Jay Effarelti
    Jay Effarelti 9 days ago

    She can't pronounce the names right, or even try to

  • Matthew Niles
    Matthew Niles 9 days ago


  • FoxyDoxy
    FoxyDoxy 9 days ago

    how do i become a chess expert

  • George Wang
    George Wang 9 days ago

    She looks like Julie Bowen

  • Mx1air
    Mx1air 10 days ago

    you feta be sorry

  • moka robinson
    moka robinson 10 days ago

    omg who eats that much goat cheese at once

  • lamos fouka
    lamos fouka 11 days ago

    This was great, thanks, I've been looking for "how many combinations with 6 numbers lottery" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Zenulian Lottify Bonkers - (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some great things about it and my brother in law got excellent results with it.

  • MedicalJokerXP 413
    MedicalJokerXP 413 11 days ago

    “Cheese expert”

  • ajax khan
    ajax khan 12 days ago

    Even my 12 years old can say these things.

  • pheniks0
    pheniks0 12 days ago

    i used to LOVE cheese, but these days the cheese i can afford is to sweet and after a few bites i gag ...
    i could eat a pound of cheese when i was younger in one sitting, at birthday parties my family even gave me a seperate plate with cheese on it, cause i would eat everything hehe
    it changed like 20 years ago, its quantity over quality these days, thats wat you get when overpopulated, i guess
    (visually i got 1 wrong, the feta)

  • Relax just be more tea
    Relax just be more tea 13 days ago +2

    Cheeses Christ

  • DragonsArt14332
    DragonsArt14332 13 days ago +1

    There’s no such thing as a perfect jo-

  • Lawrence Morris
    Lawrence Morris 13 days ago

    Could have swore I've seen the same video that was made one month ago.

  • Karandeep Singh
    Karandeep Singh 14 days ago

    *R I G H T O F F T H E B A T*

  • Alast736
    Alast736 15 days ago

    Brie is cow milk not goat, and swiss is not part of EU

  • Jaky
    Jaky 16 days ago

    Lol they switched the Italian flag with the Ireland one

  • Aunatar
    Aunatar 16 days ago

    These are stock skills if you grew up in Italy.

  • Michael Dodd
    Michael Dodd 17 days ago

    The goat cheese isn't 5 times more expensive. It's 3.33 times more expensive. I win the maths Little Miss Cheese.

  • Morel Hunter
    Morel Hunter 17 days ago +1

    I wish I could taste these. Cheese is one of the greatest substances known to man.

  • Pickle Von CrunchnMunch

    i heard that they had to heavily edit this video because she was constantly burping and farting in the middle of sentences

  • Swift Section
    Swift Section 19 days ago

    I can tell you which from just looking at it ffs. Make it more difficult but like the idea of the video

  • 〰woheima
    〰woheima 19 days ago

    the way they cut this video makes her look like she ate version B of the feta twice

  • Black Jay
    Black Jay 20 days ago

    _Cheese Gromit_

  • djolley61
    djolley61 20 days ago

    I'm becoming a food snob.

  • Geometry Dash Articat
    Geometry Dash Articat 20 days ago

    Am I the only one that loves the smell and taste of Blue cheese and the dressing?

    TheWEEKYKID 20 days ago

    Me: eats a cracker, that's tasty
    Expert: I can taste the cow that farted on the wheat used in this cracker

  • M Patel
    M Patel 21 day ago

    so im not a fancy white person
    do u eat any of the cheeses with a rind on or do u "peel" it off

  • Charlie G_
    Charlie G_ 21 day ago

    Is it me or did the flag for the parmesano reggiano look like the flag for Ireland

  • piggy66
    piggy66 21 day ago

    i dont like the idea of women eating cheese -- women should always be elegant and feminine....but the thought of chewed up bits of cheese coating the inside of their mouth, their teeth, their gums is very ugly, and unladylike. Women should not be allowed to eat cheese.

  • Boniet Rivero
    Boniet Rivero 22 days ago

    Do you imagine if all your high school teachers were this passionate about their lessons?

  • Paula Weidemann
    Paula Weidemann 22 days ago

    That was really interesting! Thanks for the great info! 😁👍

  • Viper Gaming
    Viper Gaming 23 days ago

    Greek feta cheese is to sweet and has a weird taste I prefer a nice lacticus bacilicus bulgaricus feta cheese, its like your in cheese heaven.

  • Olive Anderstein
    Olive Anderstein 23 days ago

    Let’s admit, we all came for that face

  • Jordan Hale
    Jordan Hale 23 days ago

    Switzerland isn't part of the EU...

  • simezra
    simezra 24 days ago

    she lost me at protein crystals lol

  • Madrenna Griffith
    Madrenna Griffith 24 days ago

    So jealous you get to get to eat super good cheese all day

  • Eric McQuisten
    Eric McQuisten 24 days ago +1

    For the Blue Cheese, the "B" cheese is wrapped in GRAPE leaves.
    (she said "some kind of leaf")

  • DieFarbeLila88
    DieFarbeLila88 25 days ago

    I´m really starting to enjoy these videos :)
    ... if only they wouldn´t make me so hungry :(

  • Jason Kirk
    Jason Kirk 25 days ago +1 4:00 it's really about FOUR times as expensive and not FIVE...but, nonetheless, A LOT more expensive...nice vid about cheeses

  • Edison Trent
    Edison Trent 25 days ago

    Cute woman

  • Justin Hurst
    Justin Hurst 25 days ago

    I think that the leaf wrapped bleu cheese is valdeon or cabrales but I would guess valdeon. wild guess the other one is maytag.

  • Official MasterChan
    Official MasterChan 25 days ago

    Eh not that entertaining. Would not recommend 2/10

  • B Goins
    B Goins 25 days ago

    Its more expensive because it’s got a tax and tariff and exclusiveness that makes the demand “higher” than the supply. But can it be made the same elsewhere.... yup

  • Danai Brown
    Danai Brown 27 days ago

    "Voting with your dollar" This was genius and made me want to only purchase organic/grass-fed/free-range/ect… ORGANIC!

  • Seth Boehm
    Seth Boehm 28 days ago

    $4 for 4 oz
    $20 for 6 oz (4:01)
    4/4 = $1 per oz, whereas 20/6 = $3.33 per ounce, divide 3.33/1.
    That would make it 3 1/3 times more expensive not 5 times more expensive.

  • Zoe Ng
    Zoe Ng 28 days ago

    i only know cheese slice

  • Savana Phillip
    Savana Phillip 28 days ago

    When there are no more jobs on earth

  • Tommy Lam
    Tommy Lam 29 days ago

    She's a Trump Loving Cheese Lover!!!!

  • J A
    J A 29 days ago

    In Spain I think several cheeses are wrapped in leaves (e.g. cabrales cheese al least).

  • napoleon yong
    napoleon yong Month ago +1

    she cute

  • Becky Ming
    Becky Ming Month ago

    Darn, missed the feta. Got the others. I was ruined on blue cheese because I tasted the expensive one first and loved it. The second to me doesn't come close to the same flavor so it's not the taste that comes to mind so it doesn't taste right.

  • spinbaba
    spinbaba Month ago

    Really enjoyed this video, Liz & Epicurious. Liz, I love your brain and your language (verbal & nonverbal). Enchanting, to say the least. I would love to just sit, each night at dinner or after dinner, and learn something new every day. Of course, I would teach you something new from my knowledge base as well. I love learning from people who do things and know things that I know nothing about! Great video. :)

  • xYAHx
    xYAHx Month ago

    You don't really need to be an expert to figure these ones out, lol.

  • blue safir
    blue safir Month ago

    so basicly the older the cheese the expensive it is

  • fire lilly123
    fire lilly123 Month ago

    Oh my Satan..i am not paying over 10 dollars for cheese XD

  • Yoyo He
    Yoyo He Month ago +2

    Can you eat the rind

  • Joanna Keshia
    Joanna Keshia Month ago

    I want to try blue cheese but I'm allergic to penicillium so I can't have blue cheese

  • Manali Yelve
    Manali Yelve Month ago

    Her eyes look like some Snapchat filter...which is really cute!

  • Αγγελος Ζογκαι

    I love feta cheese...+1 if you are from greece...I am😎😎😎. Που ειστε ρε αδέρφια!?!

  • Philip Brain
    Philip Brain Month ago

    lmao at the irish flag with the parmigiano reggiano

  • Thomas Loizel
    Thomas Loizel Month ago

    Experts with clothing (plain white T-shirts)

  • Gizmo -_- 1
    Gizmo -_- 1 Month ago

    Cheese is absolutely disgusting.

  • Bill Stone
    Bill Stone Month ago

    I'd totally eat cheese candy.

  • iRebel Saharish
    iRebel Saharish Month ago +2

    Cheese expert??? This is a job now

    • Photoshop
      Photoshop 27 days ago

      You can be an expert on sth without it being your profession.

  • Max
    Max Month ago


  • Adrian Gutierrez
    Adrian Gutierrez Month ago

    I luv cheese....😊

  • Alberto Caeiro
    Alberto Caeiro Month ago +15

    Its obvious wich is the cheaper but she knew everything about the cheese, even what the cow have been eating

  • Phonotical
    Phonotical Month ago

    Would have no hope doing that in the uk

  • Angry deMochi
    Angry deMochi Month ago

    u should blindfold her and asked her to taste it

  • Dave Carter
    Dave Carter Month ago

    A pity she had to bring nationalism into choosing cheese

  • m8
    m8 Month ago

    what about fromunda cheese?

  • EAC | Geography |
    EAC | Geography | Month ago

    I have mycophobia so I was very uncomfortable watching this

    CUPCAKE LORD Month ago

    Ugh I wanna just eat a giant block of cheese now

  • Timinator62
    Timinator62 Month ago

    Where is Cheese University?...I'd like to go there.

  • Colin Shockey
    Colin Shockey Month ago

    I died when she said it smelled nutty

  • Eirine Dav
    Eirine Dav Month ago


  • Nassim nassim
    Nassim nassim Month ago +3

    she is so beautiful 😍

  • Shaheen
    Shaheen Month ago

    love her, she's so cute!

  • Mormy the Outcast
    Mormy the Outcast Month ago

    The perfect job doesn't exi-

  • WelfareChrist
    WelfareChrist Month ago

    anyone else keep picturing her getting diarrhea from eating all that cheese?

  • MrTom
    MrTom Month ago

    who copied who

  • Bunny
    Bunny Month ago

    I'm no cheese expert but I guessed all but 1 correct from looking at them.

  • Libby Blattner
    Libby Blattner Month ago

    honestly all i’d have to do to charge 25 dollars for a cheese is let it sit outside until it’s hard and disgusting

  • Mia Reason
    Mia Reason Month ago

    This video made me realize how hard it is to explain cheese without expressively using your hands.

  • matthewj
    matthewj Month ago

    With the goat cheese it was $4 for 4oz on one and $20 for 6oz on the other. So it's more like 3.33 times more expensive not 5 times

  • TehWhiteTiger
    TehWhiteTiger Month ago

    Nothing says christmas like $50 moldy cheese