West Philadelphia, Born and Raised


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  • Gaming Pancake
    Gaming Pancake 8 hours ago

    They should make a second fresh prince of bel air

  • King Kev!!
    King Kev!! 9 days ago

    3s? Why not the 5s?.. dope mural still!

  • Rachel Horder
    Rachel Horder 10 days ago

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  • Lynzi M
    Lynzi M 10 days ago


  • Cocktail Box
    Cocktail Box 10 days ago

    Brilliant Will, still love "Live at Union Sq"

  • Shi Sah
    Shi Sah 12 days ago

    Meh...nose is a little off

  • Alt. Nyla
    Alt. Nyla 13 days ago +1

    That's my school!!!

    TAFFZ 14 days ago

    3:46 icon living

  • Frank Mgtow
    Frank Mgtow 14 days ago

    Much respect!!

  • Missie Christian
    Missie Christian 16 days ago

    “You got Will’s ears right!” Haha

  • goldy blood
    goldy blood 16 days ago

    That's my hood

  • Yung Internet
    Yung Internet 16 days ago +1

    Actually cried a little watching this..

  • sam4lemar
    sam4lemar 16 days ago

    Ok Will’s mom looks amazing, Jada’s mom looks amazing, Will & Jada look amazing. What kinda youth serum they sipping in the Smith household 🤔

  • Baylen Roe
    Baylen Roe 16 days ago

    Hey Will I wanted to let you know about my guy Corey Barrett over at Tall Guy Car Reviews. He's a very inspiring and motivational person in my life as well as all of his subscribers. He's very inspired by you and would love to get together with you for a video. Thanks Will have a Blessed day.

  • 黒人
    黒人 17 days ago

    He aint from Philly.
    It's pure Bull - Shit.

  • MattVacc 37
    MattVacc 37 17 days ago

    I’m your 3,235,516 subscriber
    Lol I know no one cares just wanted to point that out

  • Danny Stark
    Danny Stark 18 days ago

    Taking : " big willy style "- to a new meaning.

  • Versuspl
    Versuspl 18 days ago

    Will Smith is a Legend

  • Joshua Nichols
    Joshua Nichols 19 days ago

    You don't have to be from West Philly to be inspired by Will Smith.

  • Leivi -lay-ve De los Santos

    Will your so humble
    So Awake
    Such a great husband and father
    Your face should be painted in all the state of America

  • Uneek ImPressEm Queen Tea

    Thanks! Richard Wilson for the Mural and Will Smith Awesome

  • Gailya Ratteray
    Gailya Ratteray 22 days ago

    Exceptional ...... I absolutely love this ....... wow ❤️❤️🤩🤩

  • TsoTsy14
    TsoTsy14 22 days ago

    look like Martin L.

  • Jacqui' Jacqui'
    Jacqui' Jacqui' 23 days ago


  • Young Zay
    Young Zay 23 days ago

    black cement 3’s🔥

  • Peoples Hernandez
    Peoples Hernandez 24 days ago

    That's martin Lawrence

  • Mahdiyyah Wilson
    Mahdiyyah Wilson 26 days ago

    Promise ill be next to put Philly on the map.

  • zach loy
    zach loy 26 days ago

    didn't they remove it?

  • Karla Brown
    Karla Brown 27 days ago

    Very nice!!

  • TheRealEnderMorpher
    TheRealEnderMorpher 28 days ago

    This was inspirational but I wanted him to sing the intro

  • Mako Monsoon
    Mako Monsoon 28 days ago

    I literally just got back from staying in philly I also now know how to play b ball

  • Wynema Cantrell
    Wynema Cantrell 28 days ago

    ~Awesome painting of you Will Smith.~

  • jose rodriguez rodriguez

    what good videos always the best the black angel

  • Angela Nelson
    Angela Nelson 28 days ago

    Who else should be on the wall? Will Smith was an excellent choice✨✨✨Congratulations to Will, he has been such an inspiration to so many and will be an inspiration to many more✨✨✨😀😀😀👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾✝️✝️✝️🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾........✝️

  • likeme4246
    likeme4246 Month ago

    WOW! I feel how your mother feels just watching this! (Tears!)

    CHRONIC TRAP Month ago

    got dem 3's on da cheese

  • Little Joe
    Little Joe Month ago

    Beautiful thumbnail, Mom's so proud.

  • VidaMate6
    VidaMate6 Month ago

    noone said the title of this video in a normal voice everyone sang it

  • Angie's Pantry
    Angie's Pantry Month ago

    So proud of how far you have come & how grounded you are Will.. Big hugs... :")

  • mayafurlan furlan
    mayafurlan furlan Month ago +1

    Welcome to Bilbao Will mayafurlan yotubera from Spain 🎶🎶🎶💝🐝🙏😎💃

  • Lewcarter
    Lewcarter Month ago


  • Oliver Pineda
    Oliver Pineda Month ago

    ,!idol! Love this shisssss..

  • Barth0t234_ Official

    I have a mural of a guy called Jerry Adams in my city

    He was a leader of a terrorist group 👌

  • Nö
     Month ago

    When a couple of guys who where up to no good
    started making trouble in my neighborhood
    I got in one little fight and my mum got scared and said you movin to your aunty and your uncle in bel air.....

  • Alpha Gamer
    Alpha Gamer Month ago

    Anyone realize that he's wearing Jordan's?

  • Jeanne Girl
    Jeanne Girl Month ago

    I just really like this guys vibe.

  • Sandra Mollett
    Sandra Mollett Month ago

    That's her baby!

  • Chosen One
    Chosen One Month ago

    On the playground where i spent most of my days!😆

  • Courtney Pullin
    Courtney Pullin Month ago

    This is truly such beauty!! Will you will never know how much you inspire us all... Much love to the greatest of all time!!!

  • Ms. Ms
    Ms. Ms Month ago

    This is just what our youth needs to see positivity everyday every second to experience it wow this is gonna change so many lives . I see a great generation to come🙏❤😎🌟priceless!!!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • Junia Kemp
    Junia Kemp Month ago

    So if he's turning 50.... How old is his mom?

  • Deivid Houben
    Deivid Houben Month ago

    really beautiful i am amazed i always liked watching you

  • Rene Escobedo
    Rene Escobedo Month ago

    2:06 ..... flat screen?

  • Laptop Thug
    Laptop Thug Month ago


  • Manfswhips
    Manfswhips Month ago

    ALEX LEMONADE STAN!! That’s my whole heart ❤️

  • Daniel Park
    Daniel Park Month ago

    Will Smith grow a beard thats whats in now. Or clean shave nothing on face. Eithet long beard or nothing at all. Goatee is old fashion no one like that no more

  • SolusVI
    SolusVI Month ago

    People that dislike this are those kids that never saw something like this and need something to look up to.

  • Late night with Freddy Krueger

    Chilling out maxim relaxing all cool

  • Nessy Bailey
    Nessy Bailey Month ago +1

    He did a very good job of Will ✌

  • Nyoka Richards
    Nyoka Richards Month ago

    Will you should come to Temple!!

  • Dechen Shingsar
    Dechen Shingsar Month ago

    I saw the title, I clicked

  • Vanessa Sauceda
    Vanessa Sauceda Month ago +1

    *I* *C* *O* *N* *I* *C*

  • denisse hernandez
    denisse hernandez Month ago


  • The Dawg
    The Dawg Month ago

    Good for ye Will! Thanks

  • Dutchesss Booty
    Dutchesss Booty Month ago

    That's Dope
    I'd love to stop by n see it for myself someday 🙌🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Legend Of Foxy
    Legend Of Foxy Month ago

    You deserve it Will

  • Always Hold On
    Always Hold On Month ago

    I have always loved will Smith but this channel has truly opened my eyes to him even more
    He's so inspiring
    I remember as a kid I owned the entire fresh prince of Bellaire on DVD and I would watch it all the time
    All movies will is in I know are good
    Anything he steps foot on is better then it was before

  • Princesswarrior JP
    Princesswarrior JP Month ago

    I’m born and raised in Philly too🙏🏼south philly/south west 💪🏼

  • Carolyn Petty
    Carolyn Petty Month ago

    Aww...amazing mural! ❤️ I love how you talk so sincere and caring of your family, warms this Mama’s heart! Btw...I didn’t know you Mama name was Carolyn also! 😊 She seems such a kind soul...what a sweet Lady who raised such a caring and kind, (and funny 😜) Man! Love your whole family! God Bless ~ Carolyn Petty

  • Charisse w
    Charisse w Month ago


  • Dakota Silvey
    Dakota Silvey Month ago

    Anybody else see the flat-screen at 2:06? 😂😂

  • Paulo Sta Cruz
    Paulo Sta Cruz Month ago +2

    Hey will your such an inspiration to all race bro love you as an actor even more as a human being 👏👏👏

  • kazimo Ray
    kazimo Ray Month ago

    Change will come people

  • kazimo Ray
    kazimo Ray Month ago

    Will smith the next black American president.

  • Nicole Canela
    Nicole Canela Month ago

    This is so beautiful, Will always stays humble. God bless. These videos really resonate and heal!

  • Qadir Clark
    Qadir Clark Month ago

    I actullacy went to that school before it burned downed the original location was on Lancaster ave it is such a good school.

  • Donte' Mack
    Donte' Mack Month ago

    I watch you for inspiration, I don’t have a lot but I do have TVclip and your mind and words help me. I’ve seen probably all of your movies and Also you all over television. Thank you Will Smith

  • LisaAintHaving dat!!!

    There he go!!!!!! Great portrait.

  • Leading Edge Co
    Leading Edge Co Month ago

    So Awesome. Love It!

  • B Shadden
    B Shadden Month ago

    What a inspiration Will Smith is for everyone and a incredible story this was. Amazing artist.

  • V Reacts
    V Reacts Month ago

    GO WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That mural looks great.

  • Big Squirt
    Big Squirt Month ago

    No one's going to say something about the kid at 4:20 doing a whip?

  • Stephan S
    Stephan S Month ago

    Your mom's awesome Will, #chills.

  • Sherry Miller
    Sherry Miller Month ago

    I was in Philly last week so I had to venture over the West Philly to see the mural. #LoveIt

  • Lefty London
    Lefty London Month ago

    Livin Legend

  • KrisRaps
    KrisRaps Month ago

    What is Sucess ?

  • Millie Ortiz
    Millie Ortiz Month ago

    Beautiful! It brought me to tears... 💙

    NOT RUBY Month ago +1

    Who miss “the fresh prince of bel-Air”

  • Nellie K. Adaba
    Nellie K. Adaba Month ago

    Great mural.

  • Chad Descoteaux
    Chad Descoteaux Month ago

    That was Charlie Mack, he's the first out the limo. 😲😲😲

  • Pawes23 Sr
    Pawes23 Sr Month ago


  • Luke Wines
    Luke Wines Month ago +1

    Well this is the story all about how my life got turned upside down so let me take a moment just sit right there and I'll tell you how I became the fresh Prince of Belair

  • john franco
    john franco Month ago

    My man dont age

  • Kev
    Kev Month ago +1

    Philly is the best

  • Kel B
    Kel B Month ago

    PA proud

    DEAD ONES Month ago

    I love u will

  • Fantastic Cuz
    Fantastic Cuz Month ago

    Good Job

  • Ирина Дмитриева

    Dear Will, you deserve it !! I live in a small country that you probably did not even hear of. It is called Moldova. But I watched all your movies and really love them. The most beloved film is " In pursuit of happiness," I do not know if I correctly called him, but we translate him so. You played great there !! I believe that this film should be shown to children in schools so that they know how to become a person. You are an ingenious actor !! And at the same time, it seems to me, simple and classy boy !! Thank you for being !! I wish you creative success and new amazing films !!!!!!!!!

  • Nikki Rosa
    Nikki Rosa Month ago