3 Bad Habits That Will Stop You From Climbing Episode 3 - League of Legends Season 9 Tips

  • Published on May 1, 2019
  • In our third Low Elo Bad Habits series, we go over common mistakes low elo players make that make them lose "winnable" games.
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    This video is for: players in Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum, OR anyone looking to improve at Top, Jungle, Mid, Adc, or Support in the new season. This video is also great for beginner players looking to improve by picking champions that are easy to play and rank up with.
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Comments • 121

  • Merullyn Kobayashi
    Merullyn Kobayashi 3 months ago

    Nice and quite informative but at the same time confusing.... The cuts don't have a good pacing and the lack of the minimap make it hard to know what is happening in the game.

  • Ru5tproof
    Ru5tproof 3 months ago

    I'm a support main and I do know about the deep wards but I feel like it's better to ward the river bushes for ganks because of the elo I'm in right now (bronze). I feel like most players wouldn't know what to do with the enemy jungler routes information in the first place (or even get the information at all, most players aren't even map aware) when I get to a higher elo then I'll switch over to different ward placements

    • Ru5tproof
      Ru5tproof 3 months ago

      @zonetwo ed alright then what's better, me warding normally in the bottom bushes and having a fairly normal game for the elo or me having to take minutes out of my game play explaining league strats to a new set of players each game?
      Its not my job to explain how to play the game to others and im sure as not gonna explain every ranked game I play that top lane needs to be more map aware and keep an eye on the wards I've placed in the bottom Jung to understand the jungle routes.
      By then I could've just warded normally and not have to give a lesson each game on how to play

    • zonetwo ed
      zonetwo ed 3 months ago +1

      bronze logic 100

    SBB34 GAMING 4 months ago +1

    yo yo where would you upload video at I have one you Will appreciate.

  • SLAYER97501
    SLAYER97501 4 months ago

    In 6:00-6:40 Kled became Zed haha

  • TheHolzing
    TheHolzing 4 months ago +9

    You cant watch the start of this video. Jinx missing every minon hurts me so hard ...

  • H3ro X
    H3ro X 4 months ago

    At number one Feeding, Feeding in low elo is every game every player besides you know... Hard stuck you

  • Will C
    Will C 4 months ago +1


  • Nakamasa
    Nakamasa 4 months ago +5

    tried not to follow the rotation, toplaner insulted me and left the game, thanks for the great help !

  • Ice Cube
    Ice Cube 4 months ago

    my man exil

  • George Kourie
    George Kourie 4 months ago +1

    I hope every support in Silver watches ar least the first bit of this video and understands that it's better to help your adc contest the lane slightly defensively than to sit back under tower and spam question mark pings at them then flame them for not having kills.
    Side note i understand that sometimes it's best to try to farm under tower and my play isn't perfect by any means, my point is only that one should try and fail then learn rather than not try and blame others.

    • Gamn
      Gamn 3 months ago

      The best advise i ever got for league was "never stand still" unless a fucking rek sai is near then dont fucking move lol.
      Joke aside, as a Supp it is really important never to stand still doing nothing, even in moments were it looks like you can do much, for example if the enemie are in base and your ADC cant push cause there is a second minion wave crashing on the first one he is clearing you can still go check dragon or blue if they are not warded, or put a ward, you can move half way to Mid and see if the chance of a gank is open, if not back up to your line, hell you can check for pink wards on mid to help your JG
      Honestly when i see ppl flaming instead of woring about harsh words i only stop and see how much time they are loosing, honestly look at one of those ppl that go to tower and flame, there is a 50% chance once they get out of tower they are gonna screw up and die or let someone else die in a fight cause they are to far to help.

  • Hero LumiEre Lumanite
    Hero LumiEre Lumanite 4 months ago

    Huh... I'm not bragging or anything, but watching this at least tells me my on-and-off years in League haven't always been me as a noob.
    This just confirms I'm still Silver in mindset, at least.

  • Nguyen Huy
    Nguyen Huy 4 months ago

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  • dave wuqio
    dave wuqio 4 months ago

    2:46 isnt it risky to push the lane and especially get turret gold against twitch because it is so easy for twitch to sneak up on u

  • Cosmic Armor Superman
    Cosmic Armor Superman 4 months ago +1

    For the first minutes, it really depends on lane focus of your jungler. If he wants to help snowball top, you better semi freeze the lane or slowpush it. You don't want the opponents jungler having a parry on bot lane because you're extended. Pushing your lane only works with longer range adc like jinx and caitlyn, but if you are using short range adc like vayne or kaisa, i suggest that you be careful pushing your lane or your opponent might freeze the and then punish you and you wont be able to farm unless your jungler try to reset the lane. Plus if your a scaling champ, you might want to be closer to your tower for safe cs'ing but not to close to the tower or you might risk being tower dive or lose map control since you're stuck on your tower.

  • Alexander Šebela
    Alexander Šebela 4 months ago +4

    Playing league of legends is bad habit. I can confirm that, not this crap.

  • Cu Palarie
    Cu Palarie 4 months ago

    I m Platinum, and i m not sure, am i a low elo player or a high?

  • ATK
    ATK 4 months ago +21

    Omg I found this video by a chance thx for the tips I am that jinx in the first clip guess lulu submitted the clip xD

    • riot balancing and music team
      riot balancing and music team 3 months ago

      @ATK I'm silver 2 too bro good luck

    • ATK
      ATK 4 months ago

      ibraheem thx!

    • ibrahim
      ibrahim 4 months ago +1

      @ATK good luck in your climbing bro :)

    • ATK
      ATK 4 months ago +1

      @ibrahim silver 2 at the moment

    • ibrahim
      ibrahim 4 months ago

      What's your rank?

  • Alex Wishardt
    Alex Wishardt 4 months ago +1

    How do I stop my laners feeding?
    Literally. Every. Game... no matter how good I jungle... they always lose lane

    • Karson Kammerzell
      Karson Kammerzell 4 months ago +8

      There could be a lot going on. As a jungler you have a great deal of agency on the early game.
      First, try not to focus on your teammates' performance. You cannot control it, so it is unneeded stress you put on yourself. Stress influences decision making processes and creates instances where poorer choices are made due to the strain a person feels.
      Second, shift focus to yourself. Critique yourself. Be honest when you make a mistake and attempt to reflect on how you could have played it out better while waiting to respawn. Do this enough times and you can find yourself automatically correcting these moments in future games.
      Third, try to identify the lane that gives you the most potential. That could be through the player skill (are they a one trick, etc.) or synergy (cc layering, etc.). If the gank goes well, return as often as you can while keeping up on your camps and drive that nail home, so to speak. Take the lead you get and translate that across the remaining lanes to pick up additional towers, objectives like dragon or Rift, and stealing camps with pressure nearby.
      Fourth, and probably the most important, is to recognize that sometimes you lose games and sometimes you have little choice in the matter. Losses happen. There must always be a winner or loser in a completed game and sometimes you're the losing side. That's okay. Focus on your performance, how you believe you could have better impacted the result, look to improve on it next game, and take a break if you're feeling frustrated.

  • TheLastYnzy
    TheLastYnzy 4 months ago

    Some more tips on supps would awesome! I find these guides pretty useful to try and apply to the role but just trying to learn when to best start an engage or when to play safe is tricky.

  • boss black
    boss black 4 months ago +1

    Would love to get a video on itemization. I struggle with knowing what to build, build for your champ or to counter your opponent? Also how much do you trust following the website builds out there?

    • HeyItsMe Echo
      HeyItsMe Echo 4 months ago

      There are websites that really help you buildwise, pro guides gives you strats and good decision making

  • panzerswineflu
    panzerswineflu 4 months ago

    I'd like a video on carrying from top lane with melee bruiser type when a ranged enemy is really fed.

    • Defiantnight
      Defiantnight 4 months ago +1

      Hope they don't target you first.

  • Euroguy
    Euroguy 4 months ago +1

    But my mmr is so fucking low now so all I come with are players that are on a same loosing streak like me. We all 5 join a game with 0 confidence.

  • TeKno1ogicaL
    TeKno1ogicaL 4 months ago

    I've been using hai's mid guide and it's actually been helping me a lot more than I thought it would if I'm being honest, so would recommend if anyone is kinda afraid to give it a try

  • grabeck666
    grabeck666 4 months ago

    I have kinda different view at "win from behind". What to do when you are jungler and basically every lane dies 1v1 2v2 when you did perfect job at counterjungling the enemy and your team is currently 8-10 kills behind and starts flaming how everyone one is bad (especially jungler ofc)? What to do when you are this kind of behind?

    • Optimistic Bien IV
      Optimistic Bien IV 4 months ago

      Pretty sure you just /mute all and rely on your own skill and decision making as talking back won't do any good

  • Just a ramdom person
    Just a ramdom person 4 months ago

    Im pretty sure a ward out of the blue buff bush to see if he exists wolfs or enters Gromp is better

  • colchon GC
    colchon GC 4 months ago +1

    Y en Español? :C

  • MochiPaste
    MochiPaste 4 months ago

    Hello Sister Summoners!!!

  • Benjamin Allison
    Benjamin Allison 4 months ago

    I think one of the biggest lies I've been told about League of legends is that there is no bad place to put a ward down.

  • Jules Fremiot
    Jules Fremiot 4 months ago +4

    This jinx is the reason why all my accounts are banned 😂

  • Rodrigo Mejia
    Rodrigo Mejia 4 months ago +17

    I'm a Platinum player and I'm facing a defeat streak that is frustrating me, could you make a guide about making comebacks? that would me awesome thanks

    • Trevor De Mello
      Trevor De Mello 4 months ago +3

      take a break, even after a win i sugguest you talk a small walk and comeback. But if you lose 2-3 games in a row i suggest you stop playing for that day, and go through you losses quick and see what went wrong. (how did you die, what made you lose a trade, what the enemy junglers path was, if you should have pushed or grouped in the mid game, dont look for your teammates mistakes just look only for your own and see how you can fix it)

    • Luís Pedro Leonardo
      Luís Pedro Leonardo 4 months ago +5

      Just stop playing for like 2 or 3 days or get fun in Normal games

  • cptn teemo on duty
    cptn teemo on duty 4 months ago +8

    min 6:00 “WE managed to get a good fight” all i can see is kled running like crazy 😂

    • Clueless Gamer
      Clueless Gamer 4 months ago

      Kayle is pretty weak at the point of the game and both of them are low hp. That's a good fight, something we can easily.

  • Fernando Sabina
    Fernando Sabina 4 months ago +2

    I’m playing at plat 4 and i didn’t know about deep warding. My games will get a lot easier after this video and I’m really thankful

  • Nefarious Darius
    Nefarious Darius 4 months ago +6

    as someone who slowly made the climb over the last 3 years from bronze to Plat i have to say this is a very rewarding video,its making me realize all the little things you pick up just from playing and trying to get better through hours of play,keep up the great videos

  • Bogomil Kostadinov
    Bogomil Kostadinov 4 months ago

    this dude talks too fast

  • Stefanos Gos
    Stefanos Gos 4 months ago +1

    I just googled biggest virgins in the world and this video popped

    • Benjamin Allison
      Benjamin Allison 4 months ago +1

      @Stefanos Gos You must've been using Bing. I used Google and you popped up.

    • Stefanos Gos
      Stefanos Gos 4 months ago

      @HUNTER Frenzy ikr

    • HUNTER Frenzy
      HUNTER Frenzy 4 months ago

      Stefanos Gos ur fucking hilarious

  • SideArms 15
    SideArms 15 4 months ago +1

    How can I send in clips

  • imafatass
    imafatass 4 months ago +167

    Please include the minimap in these videos. It's hard to actually identify what the right decision to make is and to apply it to our own gameplay if we are deprived of the minimap.

    • Dario Matas
      Dario Matas 4 months ago +1

      @wildfox9t that anoying botom left box that blocks vision of real map

    • wildfox9t
      wildfox9t 4 months ago +2

      what is a minimap

  • Majcooo
    Majcooo 4 months ago +31

    6:03 why does the rek sais R looks so comic? :D

  • Robert Barbu
    Robert Barbu 4 months ago


  • bg1568
    bg1568 4 months ago +1

    why every-time i watch these videos is bot lane ?

    • Sina
      Sina 4 months ago

      bg1568 you obviously didn’t watch the whole video.

  • Flax
    Flax 4 months ago +77

    Uhhh this VOICE...

    • C3ntra Vaswani
      C3ntra Vaswani 4 months ago

      It is Exil. He moved from Mobalytics to pro guides

    • 14uu
      14uu 4 months ago

      i thought so i am so used to this voice in mobalytics

    • ibrahim
      ibrahim 4 months ago +2

      Yes it is him he like the video

    • griffon pablo
      griffon pablo 4 months ago +2

      this is him

    • Nao No
      Nao No 4 months ago

      Same thing I am thinking. So most likely.

  • Black Death
    Black Death 4 months ago

    Can you guys make a video about lane Yi. I don't jg him cuz I only play adc or mid Yi.

    • BoostedLeague
      BoostedLeague 4 months ago

      Black Death mid yi is fine, and it’s basically a all in lvl6 lane

    • Korat Playz
      Korat Playz 4 months ago +7

      Black Death that’s probably why your losing.

  • FriendZoned
    FriendZoned 4 months ago

    Tell my team please

    • Gentleman Respect
      Gentleman Respect 4 months ago

      ​@FriendZoned mate you don't have the ability to improve anymore cuz all you think is about the elo/rank and lp rather then improving and learing the function of the game. I tell you the Truth if you watch one of your replays everyday and take NOTES on what you did wrong and right, and how YOU can Improve on it then you surely will escape the elo your in.

      Also you say ur gold in season 8 9 6 and I think it's cause the player base are getting better at the game which causes you to drop lower maybe.

    • FriendZoned
      FriendZoned 4 months ago

      @Gentleman Respect yeah i know ...gold II season 8 7 and goldIII in 6 ..and cant get out of.bronze 1 in season 9 boosted right

    • Gentleman Respect
      Gentleman Respect 4 months ago

      cuz ur bad we get it

  • Rxslc
    Rxslc 4 months ago +1

    Don’t forget to push your wave!

  • DAN_THE_DJ1342
    DAN_THE_DJ1342 4 months ago +1

    You guys reckon you could make a Darius guide? Also how do I post my videos?

  • Vesuvius
    Vesuvius 4 months ago +7

    win from behind in season 9? exactly 1 month late april fools joke i'm sure

    • Vesuvius
      Vesuvius 4 months ago

      @Optimistic Bien IV i think the word you're looking for is actually dormant, which is funny because it's not even dormant. it's fun to learn.

    • Optimistic Bien IV
      Optimistic Bien IV 4 months ago

      @Vesuvius Wew a dead volcano's talking that's *interesting* xddddd

    • Vesuvius
      Vesuvius 4 months ago

      @PAPAIatDusk ???? i'm sorry, maybe you didn't play the game when comebacks were actually a real possibility every game. or maybe you did and now you're too busy on fortnite to know the current state. must be one or the other

    • Jopk
      Jopk 4 months ago

      Some games there is that point that who gets the objective or the shutdown have a great chance of winning even if they were behind. Dumb comment

    • PAPAIatDusk
      PAPAIatDusk 4 months ago

      @Vesuvius your joke doesn't make sense.. that's what i am saying that's the most garbage joke ever without any sense.. but in your head in your head it make sense because u are a noob..you have little to no knowledge about the game..

  • Gentleman Respect
    Gentleman Respect 4 months ago +1


  • Gentleman Respect
    Gentleman Respect 4 months ago


  • lol nah
    lol nah 4 months ago +11

    Ok i learned this. Now, how do i put this knowledge in my supports head?

    • Serra Veskai
      Serra Veskai 4 months ago

      @lol nah make it sound like a joke, and don't sound like you are a joke

    • lol nah
      lol nah 4 months ago

      BoostedLeague it was a joke what the fuck guys

    • lol nah
      lol nah 4 months ago

      PAPAIatDusk Good that you’re such a smart guy to not notice when someone is joking you dumb fuck. I am d2 adc main

    • Playful2504
      Playful2504 4 months ago +1

      As a support main i would also like an adc that farms well and don't take literally every single skillshot thrown at him, because that's what i get in gold.

    • William KFC
      William KFC 4 months ago

      Duo with a support main

  • llSmokyll
    llSmokyll 4 months ago

    let us see the minimap next time!

  • Gentleman Respect
    Gentleman Respect 4 months ago +1

    So are you Pro-life or Pro-Choice

  • The Nelson Gaming Show
    The Nelson Gaming Show 4 months ago +1

    league is a bad habit watching these videos make me want to install the game again should I?

    • B.I is Fanboying me
      B.I is Fanboying me 4 months ago

      @I'm not with the FBI fvck ML

    • BoostedLeague
      BoostedLeague 4 months ago +1

      The Nelson Gaming Show if you enjoy the game why not? I’ve been playing since season2 and I’m still in love, I e also taken breaks and uninstalled before but I always come back

    • I'm not with the FBI
      I'm not with the FBI 4 months ago

      League is addicting.....i suggest you switch to a different game...
      PLAY ML' S CHOU ^_^

  • Aki eZ
    Aki eZ 4 months ago +20

    Idk why ppl still think when they finish watching 1episode of guide, they will magically rank up its all in u it comey by playing i mean this helps but little little

    • Francis Langlois
      Francis Langlois 4 months ago +1

      There is one thing you cant do nothing about in league is matchmaking.

      Unless you are diamond and smurfing in silver /gold you wont be able to carry alone every game if your team ints. At this point its luck with your teamates. I have been mid to high plat for the last 3 seasons ( took a break of 3 years before those)! At some point i lost 15 games out of 20 at high silver elo with my new account even though i won jungle almost every game. I am better than silver and gold player but, if i get a 0/10 bot lanes at 15 mins there is nothing i can do. I mostly play early game jungler ( rek sai elise and j4 are my mains right now). If the game gets to 30-40 i lose most of the time. Sadly league is part luck and skills unless you play a 1v9 champ.
      So if you are hardstuck low elo, dont play tank or supports. Play someone like jinx , yi , riven , vlad. Master one to 2 champions that how i reached gold for the first and higher.

    • Nicolas Ruzon Birrer
      Nicolas Ruzon Birrer 4 months ago +1

      @Gentleman Respect I believe you forgot your caps lock on sir.

    • Gentleman Respect
      Gentleman Respect 4 months ago

      @Aki eZ simplify

    • Aki eZ
      Aki eZ 4 months ago

      @Gentleman Respect im good at the game cuz im playing since beta but im sure if i started in s5 i would not be this good bcs i wouldnt not mich about tjis game and had this exp. If u understand me

    • Gentleman Respect
      Gentleman Respect 4 months ago +1


  • Saejin Sobong
    Saejin Sobong 4 months ago +1

    XD poor Mobalytics
    I Missed your voice :3 Keep up the good work

  • IIDiamond II
    IIDiamond II 4 months ago +3

    I love these like if u agree