the brilliance of Ray Winstone and Ben Kingsley HD

  • Published on Feb 24, 2015
  • "Sexy Beast" (2000) dir. Jonathan Glazer
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  • Billy Banton
    Billy Banton 13 days ago

    There’s a boy looking at us

  • Joe Steers
    Joe Steers 28 days ago

    His character is actually like a Demon. One of the nastiest characters I've ever seen in a film! Brilliant!

  • pinkyman5155
    pinkyman5155 Month ago

    British actors are the best !

  • Ryan Keller
    Ryan Keller 2 months ago

    The build-up to meeting Don was one of the best build-ups to a character in cinematic history. THAT"S what made Don so terrifying

  • John Clark
    John Clark 2 months ago


  • Keith Johnson
    Keith Johnson 2 months ago

    The way he laughs when he says "that's why I thought of you" 😂😂😂😂

  • Gal Fleming
    Gal Fleming 4 months ago +1

    No other film/movie I've ever watched (including all the American films) has ever hit the mark in regards to that certain psycho character. I've known one or two in my life and Kingsley's portrayal is spot on.

  • kevvome
    kevvome 4 months ago

    I truly HATE this film.
    How the fuck does anyone put Ben Kingsley in a movie with Ray Winstone AND HAVE KINGSLEY PLAY THE TOUGH GUY AND WINSTONE THE SOFTIE???
    This is the best (or worst) example of a travesty of total and absolute miscasting in the history of film making.
    I cringed and cringed even more the longer the movie went on.
    I was embarrassed by the role switch so much that I had to force myself to see it to the end, just to say I had watched it.
    I like Winstone, he is as raw as they come and portrays the hard man as good as anybody in the biz....but Ben Kingsley
    Playing the bossman and lead villain is ridiculous beyond words, though I am doing my best to state just how fucking stupid an idea it was and is.
    I have a collection of around 1,000 dvds of every film I have ever liked since I was a kid.....this is the exception inasmuch as it isn't one of my favs but it is a one-off for the mismatch of the lead roles so I keep it for that one reason only.

  • kmlgraph
    kmlgraph 4 months ago

    Don Logan vs Joe Pesci's Tommy DiSimone in Goodfellas. Who comes out on top?

  • Billy Banton
    Billy Banton 4 months ago

    You don't need me to tell ya, Ben Kingsley is one of the best, selective actors like Daniel Day Lewis

  • Paul 87
    Paul 87 4 months ago

    Is that Gandhi?
    I thought he made one great film and then we never saw him again.
    He's back !

  • Allen Lymilt
    Allen Lymilt 4 months ago

    there's a boy looking at us.....

  • Eat This
    Eat This 4 months ago

    Yes",no, yes, no, fat cunt"

  • Howard Rockliffe
    Howard Rockliffe 5 months ago

    Brilliantly chilling scene. Fantastic movie.

  • DarrenBonJovi
    DarrenBonJovi 5 months ago +7

    It's to Ian McShane's credit that he actually makes Teddy seem even more deranged than Don...

  • Jamesey boy
    Jamesey boy 5 months ago

    Ben Kingsley plays such a good psycho!! One of those little blokes that you could easily punch the fuck out of, but would never try cos he would just shoot you and burn your house down haha.

  • john xxx
    john xxx 5 months ago

    "Sorry an all that, but I'm just gunna have to turn this opportunity down your just gunna have to turn this opportunity yes !!

  • jimooky7113
    jimooky7113 5 months ago

    Hope donnie darko paid their royalties or whatever for using that fucking weird hare puppet thing.

  • Bush Camping Tools
    Bush Camping Tools 5 months ago

    Ben Kingsley, perfect gangster

  • Peter Galbraith
    Peter Galbraith 5 months ago

    Don's a psychopath with OCD, plain and simple.

  • Dave Smith
    Dave Smith 6 months ago

    No no no no no no no !!!!! ..... great film 👌👍

  • Here's Johnny
    Here's Johnny 6 months ago

    Preparation Preparation Preparation 😂😂

  • david Felix
    david Felix 6 months ago

    only white privileged people would like this shit

  • Jingo Unchained
    Jingo Unchained 6 months ago +1

    If ya like, not fussed.

  • dave 1
    dave 1 6 months ago

    I think ray winstone lives off the reputation of scum which was a brilliant film for its time and made him..but i think he's over rated and wooden as an actor and a 1trick pony...

  • Hurricane Moon
    Hurricane Moon 6 months ago

    one of the few movies where every scene and every bit of dialogue just hooks one in...
    almost perfection...
    sequal would be awesome...they could still do it

  • Sick Of It
    Sick Of It 6 months ago

    Its the sheer fuckoffness of it all

  • Alan
    Alan 6 months ago

    I hope Trigger saw this.

    • Clive Bindley
      Clive Bindley 6 months ago

      He did, but he was always waiting for Ghandi to make a follow up.

  • Kevin Callaghan
    Kevin Callaghan 6 months ago

    a monkey could do it thats why i thought of you lol class

  • Chris Evans
    Chris Evans 6 months ago

    Love this film and Ben Kingsley's calculated calmness is simply terrifying as the psycho

  • The CineRanter
    The CineRanter 6 months ago

    Fat cunt

  • Keith Rose
    Keith Rose 6 months ago

    Ben kingsley at he's best .

  • Alex Felton
    Alex Felton 6 months ago

    is this a fuck off!!!! Thnks for thinking of me!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Weidner
    Chris Weidner 6 months ago

    A masterpiece. Every scene a gem.

  • Praying Mantis
    Praying Mantis 6 months ago

    Plot of this film goes over so many people's heads

  • Stuart McL
    Stuart McL 6 months ago

    You’re gonna have to turn this opportunity YES

  • Craig Scott
    Craig Scott 6 months ago

    Dead Man's Shoes. Best Brit movie.

  • TheMasterNinjaRyu
    TheMasterNinjaRyu 6 months ago

    And to think this guy played Gandhi. What a versatile actor. Brilliant!

  • Matt Colley
    Matt Colley 6 months ago

    Ben kingsleys performance gotta be one of the most terrifying around

  • A Day At A Time
    A Day At A Time 6 months ago +3

    Begbie would absolutely smash Don

    CESS NEWS 6 months ago

    imagine a gangster/crime movie with kinglsey,hopkins,oldman and the other british greats.

    CESS NEWS 6 months ago +2

    why you swearing im not swearing

  • Alex Felton
    Alex Felton 6 months ago +5

    Watched it must be 50 odd times xx

  • Alex Felton
    Alex Felton 6 months ago

    Love this Film xxxxx

  • Mark Kimber
    Mark Kimber 7 months ago

    What happened to ghandi,he made one awesome film and then disappeared

  • sarah jayne lee
    sarah jayne lee 7 months ago

    this movie and 44inch chest completely evergreen

  • Rico Rico
    Rico Rico 7 months ago

    Good job Don Logan isn't a football Manager, one of his players putting in a transfer request wouldn't go down to well

  • Veronica Harris
    Veronica Harris 8 months ago

    Cinamatic Herstory

  • pollux troy
    pollux troy 8 months ago +1

    Talk to me gal, im here 4 U, im a good listener... 😂

  • boxingfan101
    boxingfan101 9 months ago

    rowntree not roundtree subs are wrong, no no no no no no ! no no no no no no no !

  • cosmicdrifter287
    cosmicdrifter287 9 months ago


  • mark hibbert
    mark hibbert 9 months ago +1

    that stupid nodding your doing

  • JL2715
    JL2715 10 months ago +2

    “Do d’ job”

  • Thread Bear
    Thread Bear 10 months ago

    The sheer fuck offness of it all...

  • Internet Viewer
    Internet Viewer 10 months ago +2

    This has a feel of Goodfellas "Are you saying no?" haha

  • allwrighty100
    allwrighty100 10 months ago

    I used to hate it when Don came to visit. The conversation was okay but he used to piss everywhere.

  • Daniel Dunne
    Daniel Dunne 10 months ago +21

    Ben Kingsley is shockingly scary. What an actor.

  • Tracey_Spencer
    Tracey_Spencer 10 months ago


  • John Smith
    John Smith 10 months ago

    The plane scene is just epic.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 10 months ago +5

    This is a great movie. Ian McShane was so sinister, so was Kingsley.
    Isn’t Kingsley the only Asian person of origin to win an Oscar? He doesn’t look it, I know.

    • Patinho
      Patinho 6 months ago

      John Smith main thing is to change name to ‘Ben’

  • 1wibble2
    1wibble2 10 months ago +1

    One of the best screenplays ever written.

  • Tom Clark
    Tom Clark 10 months ago

    Nice telephone voice

  • Mark Mckeown
    Mark Mckeown 10 months ago

    The sheer fuck off Ness.

  • David Neicho
    David Neicho 10 months ago

    Two of this countrys greatest actors. Great great film.

  • last unctives
    last unctives 10 months ago

    Kingsley said when he was offered the part: ho my dialogue ,is all written in blank verse ! ( Like Shakespeare) wow did he kill it !

  • last unctives
    last unctives 10 months ago

    One of the best of the 2000s proper English, Winston Kingsley but McShane just steals it . Brilliant.

  • Stuart French
    Stuart French 10 months ago +1

    Apparently, Ben Kingsley based the character of Don Logan on one of his aunt's. That's one nasty woman right there.

  • Davemac1116
    Davemac1116 10 months ago

    Haha fuckin brilliant.

  • Nick Maclachlan
    Nick Maclachlan 10 months ago

    It's the sheer Fuckoffness of it I right?

  • vinny Durham
    vinny Durham 11 months ago

    I'm sorry but that is a bad/fake cockney accent by Kingsley

    • Sean Pittaway
      Sean Pittaway 10 months ago +1

      vinny Durham acting and role wnt b 4got tho!ur comment will b

  • nw8000
    nw8000 11 months ago

    What film is this it look cool!

  • Gabe Thornes
    Gabe Thornes 11 months ago

    Gandhi has a foul mouth

  • Mike Kleinsteuber
    Mike Kleinsteuber 11 months ago

    A much underrated film with brilliant performances from both characters

  • Mac
    Mac 11 months ago +1

    Why is the movie called Sexy Beast? Is it like Reservoir Dogs where it has nothing to do with the movie?

    • Clive Bindley
      Clive Bindley 6 months ago

      But it does, it's a massive park where dinosaurs roam, haven't you watched it?

    • dougieh7
      dougieh7 6 months ago

      Mac yes like Jurassic Park has nothing to do with parks

    • Mr.Sensitive
      Mr.Sensitive 11 months ago

      Mac Haha, it'll do.

    • Mac
      Mac 11 months ago

      Mr.Sensitive Yep, apparently Tarantino used to work in a video store and some drunk came in asking him to recommend a movie - Tarantino recommended some sophisticated movie called "Au Revoir Les Enfants" and the other guy replied "I don't want no Reservoir Dogs".
      I just googled this now though and found it's not proven.

    • Mr.Sensitive
      Mr.Sensitive 11 months ago +2

      David Miles Sure, that's the first guess. It's probably what his Mrs calls him when they have an afternoon lie down, lol.

  • ginge mcginge
    ginge mcginge 11 months ago

    Film of two halves this one... once kingsley 's gone it's awful. (Like goodfellas when pesci's character dies but worse)

  • Jake Zywek
    Jake Zywek 11 months ago

    He can't play heavies.

  • WEPS 89
    WEPS 89 11 months ago +3


    LEGGIE YTPOWERY 11 months ago

    A monkey 🙊 could do it, that's why I thought of you lol Don is nuts. 🇬🇧

  • Lone Star
    Lone Star 11 months ago +53

    As terrifying as Don was, Ian McShane's Teddy was even worse in this.
    He was the devil.

    • Nick Lewis
      Nick Lewis 3 months ago +1

      True. You knew what you were getting with Don. Totally in your face, what you see is what you get. But to be subject to one of Teddy's stares........

    • Zetetik -
      Zetetik - 5 months ago +4

      McShanes' "Al Swarengen" (in Dead Wood) was beautiful evil as well, incredibly powerfully played.

      I'm still sorry they stopped that show >:/

    • James Yorkshire
      James Yorkshire 5 months ago +1

      Totally agree, the scene where he only gives him a 10 or something is spooky.

    • last unctives
      last unctives 10 months ago +1

      Lone Star yeah that's why even with big Don he nicked it just through sheer presence, pure menace , he did need Don's words

  • David Breden
    David Breden 11 months ago

    Why is Ghandi planning a robbery?

  • Listenio Listenio
    Listenio Listenio 11 months ago

    Never knew Gandhi had such a foul mouth til seeing this film.

  • David Miles
    David Miles 11 months ago +15


    • Clive Bindley
      Clive Bindley 6 months ago

      Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

  • David Miles
    David Miles 11 months ago +9

    As far as the actual job's concerned it's a piece of piss a monkey could do it that's WHY I THOUGHT OF YOU

  • Damoskinos
    Damoskinos 11 months ago +1

    I must make a point of watching this

  • Clive Prentice
    Clive Prentice 11 months ago +2

    that is fucckiing....acting .

  • JL2715
    JL2715 11 months ago +16

    “I find this astonishing, your amazing, this is astounding”

  • Derry Douglas
    Derry Douglas Year ago

    Don Logan TV series in London would be the bees knees

  • Clive Prentice
    Clive Prentice Year ago

    Funking brilliant.

  • Michael
    Michael Year ago +28

    Not bad Gandhi, not bad.

  • El Astronaute
    El Astronaute Year ago

    3% of a bank job? No chance I'd even get involved for that

    • Kev Shearer
      Kev Shearer 10 months ago

      El Astronaute - depends on how much they rob

  • Stuart Wells
    Stuart Wells Year ago

    Class A madman.

  • Matt Colley
    Matt Colley Year ago

    This is just quality acting.2 British greats having a proper good LIP UP☺

  • He-Mans Furry Trunks

    Ray played the put upon man brilliant in this film , I fackin love ray

    • Allen Lymilt
      Allen Lymilt 4 months ago

      fanks an all that.... fanks for finking of me.....

  • karl mccarthy
    karl mccarthy Year ago +100

    No, you're just going to have to turn this opportunity YES.

    • 79
      79 6 months ago +2

      Slipped in a “fat cunt “ in the argument 😂😂😂

    • Julie Smith
      Julie Smith 6 months ago

      karl mccarthy n

    • McSpitfire
      McSpitfire 10 months ago +2

      I say this quote to anyone who turns a beer down.

  • New Wave Comedy
    New Wave Comedy Year ago

    script is smooth as butter and tighter than a Buddhist monks ass

  • Thundereous One
    Thundereous One Year ago +72

    The dialogue of this movie is simply pure genius

    • Paranormal dimensions
      Paranormal dimensions 11 months ago

      Why did they not make a number 2? Where he gets his money back so many storyline opportunities

  • Dicky T
    Dicky T Year ago +3

    it's hard to think this man was Gandhi in a former role, it doesn't seem right !

    • dave 1
      dave 1 6 months ago

      Richard of ORPINGTON because hes versatile as actors should be and not a 1trick pony like winstone..

  • Martin English
    Martin English Year ago +5

    A classic film in my books. Sir Ben is a fine actor. Ray is also good in his role but IMO has always been stereo cast from the beginning of his acting career (Scrubs).

    • dave 1
      dave 1 6 months ago

      I think ray winstone is living of the reputation of scum which was a brilliant film for its time...i think he's over rated and wooden as an actor and a 1trick pony..

    • Joe Evans
      Joe Evans 10 months ago +1

      Imagine Ray Winstone in that Scrubs TV programme. I know you're probably talking about something to do with HMP Wormwood Scrubs or whatever it's called

    • SandgrownManc
      SandgrownManc Year ago +9

      Do you mean typecast and the film "Scum?"

  • Liberal Mind
    Liberal Mind Year ago +2

    What I remember is lots of talk about an orgy and how great it was. Then they cut to the orgy and people looked bored or terrified

    • Mid-Loaf Crisis
      Mid-Loaf Crisis 10 months ago

      Liberal Mind ...that probably sums up how those kind of events pan out

  • Graham Black
    Graham Black Year ago +3

    The shear fuck-off-ness of it all. Classic.