NERF Don't Shoot Too Soon Challenge!

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
  • NERF DIY Build Your Weapon Challenge!
    NERF Christmas Mystery Box Challenge!
    Welcome back to another installment of Battle Universe! Today's challenge will test our players patience, wit, speed, and skill! Stick around to see who will shoot first, and who will win! Comment down below your favorite moments with a time stamp!
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Comments • 793

  • Eruraviel MacGyver
    Eruraviel MacGyver Month ago

    Strategically in the final round: since there is a 20 sec, 60 sec, and 90 sec, to play it safe shoot at twenty seconds each round that way you never go over, and there is a good chance your opponent won't know this either. For the main rounds make it to at least 15 seconds then shoot, every round. Don't gibe your opponent time to gain big points. Also your opponent will think you shoot quickly so they will become trigger happy to get a point and shoot before you do. Simple. (Use that next time Bryan!)

  • Breonna Williams
    Breonna Williams Month ago

    This vid sucks because it made no since

  • Charlie Hopkins
    Charlie Hopkins Month ago

    look at CJ's eyes. 9:40

  • legoman god of legos
    legoman god of legos 2 months ago

    why some of these videos look you guys are in WWE

  • Mr.Gamer 21
    Mr.Gamer 21 2 months ago

    Sam cute 😍

  • Everett Bennett
    Everett Bennett 2 months ago

    When you catch a wild Paul 7:23

  • Kelcee Jones
    Kelcee Jones 3 months ago

    I had no clue how this games worked!!😂

  • Anna bonana
    Anna bonana 3 months ago +1

    5:52 is that a naruto reference I smell

  • JohnVher Casingal
    JohnVher Casingal 3 months ago

    Paul did the goofy face and screams ahhh! Tounge's out i litterily died of laughing

  • Mr. FatMan:Gaming, History, and more

    Sam and Brian are the best I just quit watching at this point

    TROLLaFETT 4 months ago

    Conner: *uses brick spell*

  • Dylan Chiman
    Dylan Chiman 5 months ago

    What happened

  • Hasi f
    Hasi f 5 months ago

    Poul you are cool

  • Hasi f
    Hasi f 5 months ago

    Conner is stupit

  • ice-coldjoe
    ice-coldjoe 5 months ago

    Man id love to be apart of this channel u guys seem fun

  • Trey Justice
    Trey Justice 5 months ago

    Do more mafia

  • eidorB Miechel
    eidorB Miechel 6 months ago

    I have only just realized that they make most of their vids a few seconds after ten minutes long.

  • eidorB Miechel
    eidorB Miechel 6 months ago

    There should have been a battle for 2nd with the loser of the final round and the winner of the "loser bracket"

  • CrAzY Cam
    CrAzY Cam 6 months ago

    I subbed

  • ii Sp00ked
    ii Sp00ked 6 months ago

    I totally ship Sam and Paul, there so cute together!!!

  • C tigger
    C tigger 6 months ago

    Sam is my favorite 😍💙❤️

  • Samantha alibanto
    Samantha alibanto 6 months ago

    hey cj add me at apex pls

  • Chris Bratten
    Chris Bratten 6 months ago +1

    i love you Sam

  • Dawn the Wolf
    Dawn the Wolf 6 months ago

    Sam more like sham. If you know where that comes from you are awesome

  • Sarah Elizabeth Bear
    Sarah Elizabeth Bear 6 months ago

    Looks like Conner went icko mode

  • Zain Ali
    Zain Ali 6 months ago

    pase at 8:17

  • Sara Kate
    Sara Kate 6 months ago

    I love that Bryan plays in these too. Like he doesnt just keep in strictly team edge.. Like my crush JFred does :(.. And of course matt just isnt in anything but his OG channel. But I see bryan on this.. Th3r gaming channels.. Rekt.. But def doesn't make as many guest appearances as Connor

  • Fyre Blaze
    Fyre Blaze 6 months ago

    When no one has any idea what’s going on even the ref

  • Anonymous Golf club
    Anonymous Golf club 6 months ago

    5:29 Sam goes insane

  • Kai Farnsworth10
    Kai Farnsworth10 6 months ago

    What kind of *blasters* did they use? They look cool and I wanna get one

  • Via_INTERcat
    Via_INTERcat 6 months ago +1

    800th COMMENT!!!

  • Sam W
    Sam W 6 months ago

    I ship sam and Paul

  • Jake Norris
    Jake Norris 6 months ago

    sams dimples are the fucking cutest thing ever!!

  • Naga Pandian
    Naga Pandian 7 months ago

    Isn’t the ultimate loser the only loser? Cuz the other people would be like
    1st Paul
    2nd Connor
    3rd Bryan
    4th Sam

  • Angelina Oliveri
    Angelina Oliveri 7 months ago

    Sam x Paul

  • J Noble
    J Noble 7 months ago

    What Nerf gun is that because it looks cool what I would like to have one could you please tell me

  • jatin raj
    jatin raj 7 months ago

    5:53 that looks like the fire justu which Itachi taught sasuke🔥

  • Freddy Fazbear
    Freddy Fazbear 7 months ago

    Sam’s smile

  • Milomagic 40000
    Milomagic 40000 7 months ago

    He’s picking his nose at 6:57 🤣

    JIGGZ 7 months ago

    I miss the days when it was just a simple gun fight.

  • tony cee
    tony cee 7 months ago

    They should try this but like with them insulting and see who will last the longest

  • Scruffy Donut
    Scruffy Donut 7 months ago

    Hi Sammy❤

  • SunsetHike
    SunsetHike 7 months ago +1

    Why does Sam remind me of Lola from The looney tunes show?

  • Vivian Conner
    Vivian Conner 7 months ago +1

    How 'bout the name is "Gun Roulette"

  • _Wagon_ Ball_Z
    _Wagon_ Ball_Z 7 months ago

    I see the hoonigan

  • Evan Poeller
    Evan Poeller 7 months ago

    Look at paul ar 6:58

  • panda I
    panda I 7 months ago

    Lol 5:43

  • Camp camp Life
    Camp camp Life 7 months ago

    *Gasp* cj said gun

  • Logi Fannar Jokulsson
    Logi Fannar Jokulsson 7 months ago +1

    stay low go fast,
    kill first die last,
    one shot one kill no luck all skill.

  • Couch Time
    Couch Time 7 months ago

    Paul is so good a sharp shooting

  • Couch Time
    Couch Time 7 months ago


  • yüklemci yuke
    yüklemci yuke 7 months ago

    Hey guys please make harry potter battle. Yes buy some wands learn some spells and battle in the magical universe. 😉

  • Crazycuber 101
    Crazycuber 101 7 months ago

    This game doesn’t make sense to me but i still love u ❣️❣️❣️

  • Lazar Gjorgievski
    Lazar Gjorgievski 7 months ago

    Boxing game please

  • KawaiiGirl 101
    KawaiiGirl 101 7 months ago

    The battle universe intro reminds me of 3 below talked of Arcadia I like it :D

  • Nik'sVids 12
    Nik'sVids 12 7 months ago

    CJ: Bryan's abs are getting larger as we speak ME: Wait Bryan has abs?!?

  • Eunice Macaballug
    Eunice Macaballug 7 months ago

    When will Battle Universe upload a new vid??? It's been like FOREVER!!!!! This feels so saaaaad. :(

  • Jay Heath
    Jay Heath 7 months ago

    Why haven’t you upload any videos the past three weeks 😔

  • Logan Fulgham
    Logan Fulgham 7 months ago

    6:46 is a flying nerf dart

  • Tristan Forrest
    Tristan Forrest 7 months ago

    were is BU tho