Fries Around The World

  • Published on Aug 28, 2015
  • Gotta get down on fry-day.
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 31 701

  • Killer_Gamer 44
    Killer_Gamer 44 32 minutes ago

    I like Belgium style. Only fries and mayo

  • Blade
    Blade 4 hours ago

    I’m Irish
    I just eat them with a shut tonne a salt

  • Shachar Bahir
    Shachar Bahir 7 hours ago


  • Polar Bear
    Polar Bear Day ago +1

    In the netherlands the peanut sause is way more runny

  • bts kim tae
    bts kim tae Day ago

    georgian fries😊😊👍

  • Animation by me
    Animation by me Day ago +1

    Slovakian fries are best

  • Abdurahman Abdullahi

    Who else eats fries with no ketchup

  • aesthetic sunset
    aesthetic sunset 2 days ago

    Im from Canada and Poutine it the best thing you Will ever eat

  • *JASKY* **
    *JASKY* ** 3 days ago


  • SergeantStatic
    SergeantStatic 4 days ago

    I eat fries with sugar

  • sexobscura
    sexobscura 4 days ago


  • Pursuit Mane
    Pursuit Mane 4 days ago

    Belgian Frites is Still the best.

  • CherryMotelSubliminals

    Netherlands wth?

  • Nisa Aslan
    Nisa Aslan 5 days ago

    Türkler 🇹🇷 ketçap moyenezle yer

  • Red painter
    Red painter 5 days ago

    I like that they started with Vietnam

  • Noa De Schuyter
    Noa De Schuyter 7 days ago

    Belgium had the best fries and chocolate

  • sc Scar
    sc Scar 8 days ago

    I eat fries with garlic sauce and cheese

  • Anthony Mourany
    Anthony Mourany 8 days ago

    I eat it with ketchup currys and bbq sauce YUMMY 🇬🇧❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🤣

  • ElfinYT//MCPE
    ElfinYT//MCPE 8 days ago +1

    In belgium we have patat bravas

  • 321「神射手育斌」

    Me:1 KG of ketchup

  • Fatih Oktay Ozlu
    Fatih Oktay Ozlu 8 days ago


  • Ridwan Kosar
    Ridwan Kosar 9 days ago

    Chips Melsa are so good Kenya

  • Zuhair Ahmed Syed
    Zuhair Ahmed Syed 9 days ago +2

    India??Aloo tikki??? 😲😈😈😬😬

  • Fresh baked Bread
    Fresh baked Bread 9 days ago +8

    Trying water around the world

  • hoàng lê
    hoàng lê 9 days ago

    I'm vietnamese but we never eat fries with butter and sugar

  • Alan J
    Alan J 10 days ago


  • Beray Dünyası
    Beray Dünyası 10 days ago


  • markus sepp
    markus sepp 11 days ago

    Estonia fries

  • xwm3
    xwm3 11 days ago


  • Mini Mixers
    Mini Mixers 11 days ago

    Salt and vinegar on them is the bomb

  • Sajid gamez
    Sajid gamez 11 days ago

    I love Tje American and spanish one

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson 11 days ago

    I'd like chili fries

  • Anka Maagi
    Anka Maagi 13 days ago

    i eat dutch food but i have never seen patatje oorlog with mayo peanut sauce and onions

  • hari's channel
    hari's channel 13 days ago

    Who tf has fries with butter,sugar,peanut butter?

    IDAN KHAYAT 13 days ago

    Poutine and salchipapas all the way

  • gamer lena
    gamer lena 13 days ago

    Im from the Netherlands and we do not only eat Fries with mayo and peanutsauce we eat Fries with much more sauces as I said peanutsauce ,mayo curry, ketchup, joppie sauce

  • Virtue Official
    Virtue Official 13 days ago

    Hey, i'm from vietnam and i like food of my country

  • im GLOBAL
    im GLOBAL 14 days ago


  • lilia giordano
    lilia giordano 14 days ago


  • XmeX
    XmeX 14 days ago +1

    Does is bother anyone else that these fries don’t even look crispy like they’re 1/10 golden brown. I like mine crispy and golden.

  • samuel lee
    samuel lee 14 days ago

    In South Korea we eat it with kimchi

  • Heli Noa Roitman
    Heli Noa Roitman 15 days ago

    I like my fries with souses but in my country is tradition with cheese

  • Use Tude
    Use Tude 15 days ago


  • Zuikis Mergyte
    Zuikis Mergyte 16 days ago

    Netherlanders are having stomach attacks.

  • Salvitus
    Salvitus 16 days ago

    Okay, what? Chilli Cheese?!
    Edit: Peanut sauce... on fries? TF?
    Edit 2: Yes, the magnificent Patatas Bravas. Go to a bar here in Spain, and they’ll always have bravas.

  • Lee bruce
    Lee bruce 16 days ago

    Time to grab a Mc D

  • Olivia Connors
    Olivia Connors 17 days ago

    Who else like curly fries 🍟

  • henry
    henry 18 days ago

    for the us, it shouldve been fries n ketchup cause ive never seen anyone eat chili cheese fries

  • Kalaxx The Demon
    Kalaxx The Demon 18 days ago +11

    You can eat fries however you want my dudes

  • Ties Tv
    Ties Tv 18 days ago

    We in the Netherlands call peanut sauce saté saus iT is so good iT doesnt even taste like peanut if your are in the Netherlands get a frikandel with Fries and saté saus

  • alpitu21 Gaming
    alpitu21 Gaming 18 days ago +2

    belgium was da best

  • Satnam Dhillon
    Satnam Dhillon 18 days ago

    The Kenya one is actually Indian

  • Fi Fi
    Fi Fi 18 days ago +1


  • Gang Gang
    Gang Gang 18 days ago +3

    They're all chips. And australia trumps all of these. Chicken salt and gravy

  • joech27 joech27
    joech27 joech27 18 days ago


  • Danika Akl élève
    Danika Akl élève 19 days ago

    Poutine I live in Canada

  • Daksh Sareen
    Daksh Sareen 19 days ago

    Belgium friters are the best

  • Mizu Official
    Mizu Official 20 days ago +24

    I'm from France and we did not make the original fries. It's from Belgium.

  • JaKieLazzy
    JaKieLazzy 20 days ago

    In vietnam they don't eat with butter and sugar. But i guess some kind of people eat with it.

  • 000 gaming
    000 gaming 20 days ago

    *F* ries
    *A* round
    *T* he world.

  • Popa Mihai Dan
    Popa Mihai Dan 20 days ago +1

    I am Canadian and I've tried poutine but I want to try two other types of fries : Belgian and Netherlandish fries because they looked SO good

  • Kakapos And kiwis
    Kakapos And kiwis 21 day ago

    I’ll show this to my mother and ask her if this is true
    (Well with one certain country)

  • hoseok's bitch
    hoseok's bitch 21 day ago

    That salchipapa looks weird

  • Emma LaSt//nAmE
    Emma LaSt//nAmE 21 day ago +1

    Chips around the world!
    Tortilla chips
    Won tons
    American Doritos
    Pita chips

    • Cat Cafe
      Cat Cafe 19 days ago

      Emma LaSt//nAmE won tons are chips?

  • rétro
    rétro 22 days ago

    Curry sauce is disgusting.

    - your fellow human being.

  • Victoria 2B Real Toussaint-Hill

    Order of faves. US, Kenya, Germany and Spain...YUM...Netherlands and Belgium Nooooo mayo on

  • Trishy Angel
    Trishy Angel 23 days ago +3

    I like my fries from McDonald’s.

  • Ch Amna
    Ch Amna 23 days ago


  • MemeDay Z
    MemeDay Z 23 days ago

    I can tell you that the Patatas Bravas from Spain aren't like that😒

  • Kye Godfrey-Myers
    Kye Godfrey-Myers 23 days ago

    W/ ice cream

  • Ulisses Toshimitsu
    Ulisses Toshimitsu 23 days ago +1

    Belgium fries, no french fries, no belgium fries, no french fries, no belgium fries!!!!!!

    ALDINGAMERTV AGTV 23 days ago +1

    I bet you 20 billion $ you wont put macedonia in it

  • Press F To pay respects

    I like the Mcdonald's fries

  • rudy rudolf masoara
    rudy rudolf masoara 24 days ago

    Seriously who eats fries with peanut butter and onions???

  • Raverhood _ 786
    Raverhood _ 786 24 days ago

    When did Brits like curry?

  • Mera Ravenclaw
    Mera Ravenclaw 24 days ago

    Which do you like better?
    Like for fries
    Comment for pizza

  • R35 GAMING :P
    R35 GAMING :P 24 days ago

    I like my fries with some ice cream (vanilla)

  • FuckthisShit.
    FuckthisShit. 25 days ago

    Im filipino and I eat fries with ketchup and mayo with a tad of ground pepper sometimes just ketchup cause mayo is pricey here.

  • Sander Moelans
    Sander Moelans 25 days ago +2

    Fries are originally from Belgium

  • Staticz __Endeavor
    Staticz __Endeavor 25 days ago

    I like my fries not McDonald’s style ( not a banana )

  • Maher Talha
    Maher Talha 25 days ago

    Street food in italy

  • Kitty Pastel Girl
    Kitty Pastel Girl 25 days ago

    i've waiting for philippines.

  • Waffle coming out Of a toaster thing

    In America it’s McDonald’s fries

  • plague123
    plague123 25 days ago


  • Aaron Pilcher
    Aaron Pilcher 26 days ago


  • Nazi zombie soldier
    Nazi zombie soldier 26 days ago

    Since when did British people put curry on their chips?

  • DarwinPlays Gamez
    DarwinPlays Gamez 26 days ago

    My fav chips wis Peru and USA also germany And uk belgium

  • Elias Van Loon
    Elias Van Loon 26 days ago +5

    I'm Belgian. Yall should thank us.

  • Adrian Vertudazo
    Adrian Vertudazo 26 days ago +1

    Filipino Version:
    Fries and Ketchup

  • Rafael Suprayogi
    Rafael Suprayogi 26 days ago

    *I hate mayo*

  • kiasyu
    kiasyu 27 days ago

    we do not eat fried with sugar in vietnam but ok

  • Lean Colo
    Lean Colo 28 days ago

    I like my Fries with cheddar cheese and SO MUCH bacon

  • bobi cohen 125
    bobi cohen 125 28 days ago

    The Belgium chips is the best!

  • Kookie Stole My Heartu
    Kookie Stole My Heartu 28 days ago +6

    0:18 wow, totally offended. WE DROWN OUR FRIES IN GRAVY! Who THE HELL sprinkles IT?!?

    • Tree Artist
      Tree Artist Day ago +1

      Like, WHAT THE HECK? How is that enough gravy to have it with EVERYTHING?! Whenever I eat poutine, I need gravy in EVERY bite, if I get one of the dry fries on the edge, I just wash it down with some more gravy.

    • 12BeachesFlying 12
      12BeachesFlying 12 23 days ago

      It’s delicious! One of Canada’s signature of foods.

    • Kookie Stole My Heartu
      Kookie Stole My Heartu 23 days ago +2

      12BeachesFlying 12, **Poutine** we are happy you’ve tried it. It feels like an achievement to have someone from another country try our famous Poutine. ^^

    • 12BeachesFlying 12
      12BeachesFlying 12 24 days ago +2

      and I ordered fries!!
      and I see them drown to death lol!!!

  • Rosannah Woods
    Rosannah Woods 28 days ago +4

    Boi some of these make me want to climb into the screen and snatch them

  • Korona 422
    Korona 422 28 days ago


  • Witheringtie 975
    Witheringtie 975 28 days ago

    All of them besides Netherlands and canada

  • Alpha wolf 77
    Alpha wolf 77 29 days ago

    Canada aka poutine city

  • Shobana Gopalkrishnan
    Shobana Gopalkrishnan 29 days ago

    where is Indian fries.... we have alot of fries variety.... crunchy onion Pakoda, chilli bajji, mixture, ribbon Pakoda, and so on....

  • azaan ashraf
    azaan ashraf 29 days ago

    I like it sauce fries onions and lime melted mozzerala mayo chilli