Fries Around The World


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  • DannyBoy! '
    DannyBoy! ' 16 hours ago



    And salt???????

  • Pietro D'Isidoro
    Pietro D'Isidoro 21 hour ago


  • Jewelmukta
    Jewelmukta Day ago

    Comment if you love burgers or like if u like french fries

  • Brian Vu
    Brian Vu Day ago

    Poutine is the the best eh

  • Hermione Granger-Weasley

    Lol, curry chips 😂

  • The Spider-Man
    The Spider-Man 2 days ago

    Chillies fries...

  • Blue Brad
    Blue Brad 2 days ago

    P O U T I N E

  • Inv1ns1bl
    Inv1ns1bl 2 days ago +1

    In Australia,
    We just load it full of vegemite and eat it on our way to work on the back of our kangaroo

  • This is Keir
    This is Keir 2 days ago

    How rude no uk

  • Dragon slayer Alvarez

    With mayo cheese and meat

  • Hacker Ry
    Hacker Ry 2 days ago

    Azerbaycan ?

  • Mark Kenneth
    Mark Kenneth 2 days ago


  • Olimpia G
    Olimpia G 2 days ago

    I’m from the uk and I’ve never in my entire existence seen someone eat chips with curry

  • Sophie op Youtube
    Sophie op Youtube 3 days ago

    I just eat them with some mayo but the peru one looks amazing. I’ll try those next time.

  • Nathan Spira
    Nathan Spira 3 days ago

    They don't make any of these fries look good

  • nandita agarwal
    nandita agarwal 3 days ago

    The masala chips is surely from Indiaaaaaaa

  • Cooper Marsh
    Cooper Marsh 3 days ago


  • Sreeya
    Sreeya 3 days ago

    I'm from England and I never EVER realised we had curry chips. I just thought it was either salt, mayo or ketchup!!

  • ilovepizzasomuch_Yt _


  • ツDreamFreak
    ツDreamFreak 3 days ago

    And Hungary?

  • cher m
    cher m 4 days ago

    Oooh kenya got it fam

  • hill prenatt
    hill prenatt 4 days ago


  • Mateo Gonzalez Castro

    falto la chorrillana

  • mary barlika
    mary barlika 4 days ago

    You forgot greece...

  • Annabel Robertson
    Annabel Robertson 4 days ago

    If you smother your chips in curry sauce then your a psychopath

  • thanh Thủy nguyễn

    Remember , no ketchup, just sauce , raw sauce

  • Bryher Henty
    Bryher Henty 4 days ago

    You may think I'm weird, but I like mine with a bit of salt...

    And salad cream 😊

  • Jayantha wijegunaratne


  • Dashound Gamer
    Dashound Gamer 5 days ago

    Its friten

  • Zectsters
    Zectsters 5 days ago

    Netherlands's don't eat fries with penut.

  • Matthew Cubarrubia
    Matthew Cubarrubia 5 days ago

    Belgium🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪 Frites 1:55

  • Lix dy
    Lix dy 5 days ago

    Canadaaaaaaa's frenchfries

  • Krave Modz
    Krave Modz 5 days ago +3

    I like eating french fries with 🧀 Anyone else?

    • Serginho
      Serginho 5 days ago +3

      Me too 🍟🧀❤️

  • JetSki
    JetSki 5 days ago


  • Antigona Begolli
    Antigona Begolli 5 days ago +1

    Just ketchup!!

  • Marvie Natividad
    Marvie Natividad 5 days ago

    Where is phipinas

  • Random Fandoms
    Random Fandoms 5 days ago

    My fav are the ones from Kenya

  • Leon Kerkdijk
    Leon Kerkdijk 5 days ago

    Actually, the way Flemish people eat their fries is the same here in the Netherlands, but "Patatje Oorlog", that's typically Dutch! 😉 And no, we don't put peanut butter on it, it's peanut SAUCE!!! Know the difference, you fools!

  • Cake Monsta
    Cake Monsta 6 days ago

    Vodka + Fries = Vofries

  • Naeema Khalid
    Naeema Khalid 6 days ago

    Who else loves fries w cheese like dis comment

  • Dominika Ingram
    Dominika Ingram 6 days ago

    Fries 🍟 are my favorite food

  • LE0nwADge 123
    LE0nwADge 123 6 days ago

    All I will eat is fries with taco sauce

  • Badar Fkhr
    Badar Fkhr 6 days ago

    I eat my fries with chaat masala and ketchup

  • souvlaki noob tube
    souvlaki noob tube 7 days ago

    Omg Canadian fries are so good!

  • π Pie _Berry Gacha π


  • Tyrah
    Tyrah 7 days ago

    chips cheese n gravy or chips beans n cheese

  • anthony chiu
    anthony chiu 8 days ago

    mayo ruins everything

  • Caragh Moran
    Caragh Moran 8 days ago

    In Ireland we don’t put curry or what ever that was on chips

  • Kitten Hearts
    Kitten Hearts 8 days ago

    I think everywhere else is missing the heavenly taste of poutine and we don't just *drizzle* gravy on it we *DUMP* it on there! The cheese curds there are SO many not just a couple you could have three mouthfuls of just the cheese curds and still have more cheese curds left!

  • Daniel Pop
    Daniel Pop 8 days ago

    188 countries in this world *shows 7-12 countries*

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson 8 days ago

    For America, it should be McDonald’s Large Fries

  • Khot Husna
    Khot Husna 9 days ago

    Ketchup and nothing

  • Manroop Multani
    Manroop Multani 9 days ago

    I STILL LOVE FRIESssSssssssssssss🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟

  • teresa jimenez
    teresa jimenez 9 days ago

    I love my fries with mayo and ketchup!

    MYTHIC FIRE!! 10 days ago

    One french fries fall down and France

  • Lazy Laura
    Lazy Laura 10 days ago

    I like it plain

    IAN RAMOS 10 days ago

    People in the Philippines don’t eat French fries we eat rice.

  • Shayla M
    Shayla M 10 days ago

    uhhh Vietnamese people put butter and sugar in their bread, I’ve never heard anyone putting it on fries?? that’s just total wack, coming from a viet

  • Justin DoesRandomVids
    Justin DoesRandomVids 10 days ago

    I just eat my fries with ketchup and a good juicy burger my dude

  • unicorn farts
    unicorn farts 10 days ago

    What about south Africa ?

  • efrem teklemichael
    efrem teklemichael 10 days ago

    I am in netherland but i like belgie fries most

  • Floral Fantasy
    Floral Fantasy 11 days ago

    I like my fries fried

  • Yannis Yuen
    Yannis Yuen 11 days ago

    No potato was harmed in making this video

  • Thành Cong Nguyen
    Thành Cong Nguyen 11 days ago

    What is this monstrosity?
    We don't eat fries with frickin butter and sugar angry 😠

  • atokz nenekz
    atokz nenekz 11 days ago

    raw fries

  • Mythical Motionless
    Mythical Motionless 11 days ago

    Netherlands is having diabetes with peanut butter

  • Reem A.K
    Reem A.K 11 days ago +1

    I think they mistook Kenya for India

  • AyElPee
    AyElPee 11 days ago

    BELGUIM 🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪

  • StrangersIT
    StrangersIT 11 days ago

    Netherlands Fries are sooooooooo good

  • đù 2007
    đù 2007 11 days ago

    Viet Nam is best

  • Stuts
    Stuts 11 days ago

    How DARE they put Kenya's fries as masala fries and then not even include India?! MASALA FRIES ARE INDIA'S SPECIALTIES YOU UNCULTURED SWINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Fatoumata Keita
      Fatoumata Keita 10 days ago

      That Random Nerd it’s not really an opinion, just a comment. Chill out you triggered Indian

    • Stuts
      Stuts 10 days ago

      +Fatoumata Keita , If I wanted your opinion, I would've asked for it.

    • Fatoumata Keita
      Fatoumata Keita 11 days ago

      That Random Nerd shut up you triggered Indian. grab a noose please

  • Bros Does
    Bros Does 11 days ago

    I guess the earth is small then

  • Kawita RG
    Kawita RG 12 days ago

    E noi italiani come la mangiamo?😂

  • Arsenal fan
    Arsenal fan 12 days ago

    I live In Spain in Spain you have fries with Mayo and ketchup mixed together

  • Garren Gananda
    Garren Gananda 12 days ago

    Peru is my fav

  • rosli mohd
    rosli mohd 12 days ago

    peanut ewwwww

  • abc def
    abc def 12 days ago

    I eat fries with a bunch of sour cream

  • MariiLeKat
    MariiLeKat 12 days ago

    Salchipapa, gyal I’m Peruvian 🇵🇪

  • MrSnipps - Spacelight
    MrSnipps - Spacelight 12 days ago

    Poutine is the best

  • joe henryson
    joe henryson 12 days ago

    No piri piri Indian fries?

  • HoneyHoney13
    HoneyHoney13 12 days ago

    Needs more curry.

  • Kris
    Kris 12 days ago

    In Thailand we eat fries with ketchup... Simple...

  • Jerry Sagabaen III
    Jerry Sagabaen III 12 days ago


  • Alexis Rabaca
    Alexis Rabaca 12 days ago

    I go with belgium

  • Nirai_ Hann
    Nirai_ Hann 12 days ago +1

    Are u guys sure it's "around the world" French fries?? More 1/4 of the world 😅

    • Nirai_ Hann
      Nirai_ Hann 9 days ago

      I knew it! Huaa my jokes always doesn't work!😭
      But it okay! I'm glad that you now realize it was a terrible joke😂

    • Natoy
      Natoy 9 days ago

      Nirai_ Hann Oh. I didn't know it was a joke, just a little misunderstood 😅

    • Nirai_ Hann
      Nirai_ Hann 9 days ago

      Okay thanks!
      But, I actually already know it in the first place, and that is supposed to be a joke but I guess it didn't work isn't it?😅

    • Natoy
      Natoy 11 days ago +1

      Nirai_ Hann its pretty much a few countries from diffrent continents so its kinda around the world

  • millinea
    millinea 12 days ago

    Curly fries and those cheese dips

  • Giang Khuất
    Giang Khuất 13 days ago

    In Vietnam, we never eat fried potato with sugar or butter. We like hot sauce most!!!!!

  • Lewis Hartley
    Lewis Hartley 13 days ago

    Do more of these vids

  • Randy
    Randy 13 days ago

    Like als je Nederlands bent

  • Poleth Swift
    Poleth Swift 13 days ago

    Where the carne Asada fries at?🌮🍟

  • Hark Movies
    Hark Movies 13 days ago

    Nobody uses peanut butter in the Netherlands’ one, they use peanutsauce (I’m from the Netherlands)

  • CaptainCharizardCoal
    CaptainCharizardCoal 13 days ago

    I like my fries fried ...

  • Aitor lópez Vos
    Aitor lópez Vos 13 days ago

    The Bravas are made with a sauce not with the sauce, and the recipt os not like that

  • Amiya Santosh
    Amiya Santosh 13 days ago

    Now I'm hungry

  • nrsrya zain
    nrsrya zain 14 days ago

    in Malaysia we dont eat fries at home usually, we eat Mcdonalds fries lol

  • Lindi Baldini
    Lindi Baldini 14 days ago

    Who here eats their fries with salsa?

  • The Master Gamer 123
    The Master Gamer 123 14 days ago

    I'm Vietnamise never seen anyone eat fries with butter and sugar

  • Around You
    Around You 14 days ago +7

    1:20 I never saw that in Germany

    • YD Let's Play
      YD Let's Play 7 days ago

      I'm from Germany and we don't eat that😂😂😂

  • sun røses
    sun røses 14 days ago

    Considering I’m Vietnamese, I have never seen anyone in Vietnam eat fried with butter or sugar..

  • Reyhan Attarizky
    Reyhan Attarizky 15 days ago

    Belgium and Netherlands has a weird addiction of putting fries on cones...