• Published on Nov 12, 2017
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Comments • 398

  • Jayy B
    Jayy B 2 months ago

    Where did you get your cardigan? It’s amazing. I need this in my life 😂💕

  • Bailey Simpson
    Bailey Simpson 2 months ago +1

    I have that same build-a-bear in the background at 2:30

  • Abby Andrew
    Abby Andrew 6 months ago


  • totoro trinity
    totoro trinity 7 months ago

    nestea tastes like evil boiled rotten eggs
    brisk tastes good and yumm

  • Emil Christensen
    Emil Christensen 8 months ago

    19:45 Designer Diaries {{BASS BOOSTED}} !!!

  • Chloe
    Chloe 9 months ago

    15:58 floofy cat butt appearance ( also Serena and ur overalls are adorable!!!!!! )

  • Kyla Ward
    Kyla Ward 11 months ago

    put hot cheetos or whatever snacks u like in big duck and have a lil snack floatin in ur bath

  • colnesta
    colnesta 11 months ago

    8:14 AGREE

  • bijou
    bijou Year ago

    you talk to your cats the exact same way i do, im glad that im not a lone weirdy

  • Alex Pearce
    Alex Pearce Year ago

    I want to scream about how cute the dungarees are HELP

  • angie
    angie Year ago

    Encouraging Words For My Rubber Duck.
    No, but really, I love you and your videos! When I'm sad, I watch your videos :3

  • XxPink CookiexX
    XxPink CookiexX Year ago +1

    You know when there are people who are addicted to stuff like eating bleach and stuff well I'm addicted to watching you!! And no I'm not joking I keep on re-watching your videos and it's probably driving my family insane

  • max
    max Year ago

    its still good to donate to the thrift store! they cant run it & pay their bills if they dont make any profit

  • Emily fuchs
    Emily fuchs Year ago

    I miss these vlogs

  • Skullzy Spikey55
    Skullzy Spikey55 Year ago

    A few months after watching this I wound up getting the same ducky for my Bf! 5 ft tall!? Hey we're almost around the same height! I'm 5 ft half an inch

  • Stella Pendergast

    Me, contemplating this video and being a Weirdo™: that rug looks like astroturf tho

  • John Skeene
    John Skeene Year ago

    Luv ya Pixie!!!

  • Blossom Tea Leaves
    Blossom Tea Leaves Year ago +1

    Why didn’t you just pick Nina up and put her in another room or something? I have like a baby play are for my dog. I just put a bunch of toys, pillows, and blankets in there for him

  • jessi lively
    jessi lively Year ago

    i love your room !!

  • Pio
    Pio Year ago +1

    Ahh where's your cardigan from??

  • Kena Roo
    Kena Roo Year ago

    Omg, I would love to have as much fabric as you! And the bath bomb action was so satisfying!

  • Jordan Bunes
    Jordan Bunes Year ago

    Nina looks so much like my cat omg she's precious

  • GalladofBales
    GalladofBales Year ago

    No offense but Nestea and Brisk are both trash haha. The only bottled teas I can drink are like Honest Tea or Pure Leaf bc they don't taste like straight up corn syrup. RANT OVER.
    Anyway I love your cats and the designer diaries intro with Nina is so perfect

  • Livingdeadgirll
    Livingdeadgirll Year ago

    OH MAN, i used to love trading spaces!

  • Chronicles
    Chronicles Year ago

    I watch all the adverts so pixie can get more money

  • Xielle Zhang
    Xielle Zhang Year ago

    When I saw those Christmas peeps I nearly screamed since I WAS EATING ONE OF THEM WHILE WATCHING THE VIDEO

  • Dorothy in Wonderland

    What software do you use to edit your videos.

  • Daisy’s In The Rain

    Rubber duck you are an amazing mother your baby duckies are so proud of you and everyone loves you :b

  • Aki Akabane
    Aki Akabane Year ago

    may i ask whats the song's name you used for the intro of you designer's diaries and the main channel intro? i would love to purchase it just to listen to it and prep myself up for school xD

  • O
    O Year ago

    How did you get the letters to move without your hands being in the frame?

  • My log has something to tell you

    Anybody know where she gets her music for her videos from? I know she mentioned it somewhere

  • MsELaHood
    MsELaHood Year ago

    You could donate to lucky subscribers!

  • Chrissy Idek
    Chrissy Idek Year ago

    Peeps are on sale here for 10cents each at the local discount store xD

  • dior moon
    dior moon Year ago

    Where did you buy your earrings ??

  • Mia Rousseau
    Mia Rousseau Year ago

    *your gummy intro is my favorite intro it fits you so well and it's so adorable

  • Frank Jones
    Frank Jones Year ago


  • raquelpurpleboxes

    Gah how did you get your nails? they are so cute and perfect and gaaaah

  • Audrey Elaine
    Audrey Elaine Year ago

    bass boosted * also Nina is the cutest thing ever

  • madxmir
    madxmir Year ago

    pixie gets my creative juices going, her cats are so cute, she's a precious pastel bean ahhhh~ i'm so happy my friend introduced me to her! ♥ god bless

  • Richie The frog
    Richie The frog Year ago

    Y'all mind if I ScReAm

  • owlislike
    owlislike Year ago

    I have to shut the door on my cat when I am cutting out fabric. I have cut it on the floor, and I swear my cat is ready and waiting to speed run into the room, pounce a few times on the fabric, then tear out like a race car.


    I love this so much! Nina is so cute!!!
    Honestly? Please be my best friend 😂💗

  • CuteFluff
    CuteFluff Year ago

    I have an idea for a video :D A mystery box give away for all thing pixie XD

  • CuteFluff
    CuteFluff Year ago

    I want that pastel kitty plush in the background XD

  • Triggy3
    Triggy3 Year ago

    You are literally so adorable! Watching your videos make my days so much better!

  • VanessaToegui
    VanessaToegui Year ago

    wow that is such a nice intro ! can you please make a video on how you edit it on final cut pro please?????

  • Jess in king
    Jess in king Year ago

    lol at the ending. incredibleeeeeee

  • OhSoKawaiixoxo
    OhSoKawaiixoxo Year ago

    I have a pink sparkly Duckie and its literally the best thing for bath time

  • senni
    senni Year ago

    Hi! Could you tell how much were thous bunny overalls? They are sold out from website and i really love them!

  • Jaida Tinsley
    Jaida Tinsley Year ago

    Thanks for making me feel better after a terrible day of high school.😇

  • E V P
    E V P Year ago

    "Sorry this vlog is so Nina heavy"
    Nobody minds.

  • rubiest
    rubiest Year ago

    That cardigan 👏🏻👏🏻💕

  • Clovercat
    Clovercat Year ago

    I have that same green rug. I call it my "play mat" because I sit on it while crafting all the time.

  • KeyKeeKi
    KeyKeeKi Year ago

    7:05 a house drove past you... lolol

  • Savanna C
    Savanna C Year ago +1

    feel free to donate fabric to me because I'm poor and I love you

  • EssentialSpace
    EssentialSpace Year ago

    omg the commentary on the duck-speriment was amazing. Pixie ilu you are great ok? bye never forget

  • callmewanderer
    callmewanderer Year ago


  • Vincent Grotesque

    *Gets to bit with the bunny overalls* I am legitimately curious how many people in the abdl community watch this channel.

  • Mimi
    Mimi Year ago

    7:10 was that a house what what what

  • Diane Fields
    Diane Fields Year ago +1

    HaHa that's cutie of bunnysuitoverall. what you make somethings I want to see your video now. it's fun. Thumb-up!

  • wooopwopwopwwooo
    wooopwopwopwwooo Year ago

    u should make a video teaching us how u edit,ik at least i would want to see it :^)

  • Dreamy Clusters Chocolate

    Jillian Vessey?? Hi there 👋🏻
    _Not to be rude_ or anything… are you _Mae's_ girlfriend? Or have you ever dated her? 🙌 Sorry you just looked familiar… 🤔😊😉
    I thought you _had_ blue colored eyes but they seem to be a darker color than I would imagine 🤔💭

    • Dreamy Clusters Chocolate
      Dreamy Clusters Chocolate Year ago

      Oh wow! =-O You replied! Thanks so much for that dearie‼ =-D
      Oh I see. Gotcha thanks again‼ ✌🏻
      ~ … _“Seeing as you have countless comments coming your way it can get quite busy and tiresome to you I bet_ :-\ *still and all…* _I greatly appreciate your efforts to reply in return without leaving myself hanging”_ … =-D
      There just seems to be some TVcliprs alikes on here or is it just _only_ me? 🤔💭🤷🏼‍♀️ (x_x) LOL 😂

    • Pixielocks
      Pixielocks  Year ago +2

      +Dreamy Clusters Chocolate I don’t know who that is haha so no probably not

  • Hello Skitzy_art
    Hello Skitzy_art Year ago

    I’m also 5ft tall. Woo! XD


    Having Nina in the video was wonderful, especially in the "Designer Diaries" intro. Everything is better with a cat!

  • Michaela Cudmore
    Michaela Cudmore Year ago +2

    Everytime I️ see you (I️ Work at Michaels) it literally makes me day omggggg you’re always so colourful and happy!! ☺️☺️

  • Fairie
    Fairie Year ago

    Omg I didnt know Lazy Oaf and Esther loves you collaborated :O I NEED ITTT

  • toxicdinosaurmuffin

    Heyo Pixie does your Michaels have they're Christmas stuff in yet? I work at a Michaels in Ontario and we have these themed tree ornaments of a happy little strawberry and a rainbow and every time I see them I think of this channel 💖 they're stunning

  • Natasha Domingo
    Natasha Domingo Year ago

    Ok I don’t know if u know this show or not but your vision of sewing and scissors and stuff reminded me of this old show called Crazy Quilt. XD

  • Julia Love
    Julia Love Year ago

    Rubber duck, you are so unique and beautiful, you have such a wonderful yellow to your skin... Fur stuff, we all send you love. Good day mate. 💓

  • shiusa
    shiusa Year ago

    I think it's SO cute that Nina was in it and also very fitting because she's gonna be the one coming with you on your designer journey!!!

  • shiusa
    shiusa Year ago

    Maybe try cuffing the overalls?? I'm interested to see how it would look??? Also they DO look much better without the boots

  • Knights King Leo
    Knights King Leo Year ago

    nina is a precious floofy baby

  • carrieislost
    carrieislost Year ago

    I always watched Trading Spaces with my grandma :)

  • Thomas Kellum
    Thomas Kellum Year ago

    :Saniah if u like teddy bears then buy beanie boos and film the unboxing there sooooooooo cool

  • Jill Sarah G
    Jill Sarah G Year ago

    best rubber duck EVER

  • bdluejay
    bdluejay Year ago

    the comments on the duck-speriment are by far the best part of the video
    (jk the entire video with you bein cute is the best part)

  • MaKenna Rasnake
    MaKenna Rasnake Year ago

    Ive been wanting the bunny overalls forever now! But I cant find them! How did you find them?!

  • Cat Sirrah
    Cat Sirrah Year ago

    Does that stain the tub?

  • Cat Sirrah
    Cat Sirrah Year ago

    Room tour with new ikea stuff please....

  • Purple
    Purple Year ago

    ‘S not a loofah. ‘S a poofah.

  • fizzfizzbang
    fizzfizzbang Year ago


  • Ellie_wgnr
    Ellie_wgnr Year ago

    Hey, I know you worked at Claire's and I just wanted to know, to work at Claire's do you need to pierce ears? I don't like needles but I'd love to work there but Idk if not wanting to pierce will not allow me to get a job there

  • Jessie Kinosian
    Jessie Kinosian Year ago

    In addition to donating, you could also put more stuff on your Depop???? plss

  • YokoFujioka
    YokoFujioka Year ago

    When I saw the intro before I was SO happy Nina was in there and being cute so I loved seeing how it came to be lol

  • neu dae
    neu dae Year ago

    why the soft touch???

    • Pixielocks
      Pixielocks  Year ago +2

      +neu dae I never found out, he is a man of mystery

  • ahahchoo
    ahahchoo Year ago

    The rubber duckie testing at the end is the content I signed up for XD

  • Sarah Carol
    Sarah Carol Year ago

    I had that exact duck + baby ducks set when I was a kid this is such a blast from the past omg

  • Kittie Corner
    Kittie Corner Year ago

    What was in the mystery package?!?!

  • nathan wackett
    nathan wackett Year ago

    hi jilly bean 💕 lazy oaf always gives you stickers with every order, and in their physical shop in london they let you pick your own when you buy irl! also the GEM sticker is the brand creators new project, which is being sold alongside lazy oaf 😌

  • Daely G
    Daely G Year ago

    I have the same rug from ikea! I liked it because it looks like grass to me lol

  • xxgothxxxx
    xxgothxxxx Year ago

    You should try an oil cleanser; julep has a good one.

  • North Goth
    North Goth Year ago

    If you go apartment hunting at all you should vlog it!

  • Elyse Ohryn
    Elyse Ohryn Year ago

    Faux fur trimmed spandex dress!

  • Melannie Gonzalez

    Ugh still cant play animal crossing 😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭

  • Melannie Gonzalez
    Melannie Gonzalez Year ago +1

    That pink cardigan you had on
    Where is it from?

  • brendon195
    brendon195 Year ago

    So much Quality Nina Content!

  • lennox
    lennox Year ago

    im absolutely loving the green and pink vibe bc my partner has green hair and my hair is pink and its super gay

  • Puccho - Panda
    Puccho - Panda Year ago

    "I'm gonna save these [Lazy Oaf stickers] for something special"
    *sticks them to Mystery Girl*

  • Pastel Ophelia
    Pastel Ophelia Year ago

    The ducks are huge but get this- big ol' rubber duck earrings (●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。

  • Kate M
    Kate M Year ago

    Goodwill takes textiles. I donated some about two days ago (I live in the U.S though)