Sippin' w/ the Silicon Valley Crew | MEGANBYTES EP. 80 | MeganBatoon


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  • Jedie Justiniano
    Jedie Justiniano Year ago

    middle out

  • CLPastones
    CLPastones Year ago

    Middle Out.

  • Salim - Furana Mamill

    Middle out

  • Nanda Sutrisno
    Nanda Sutrisno Year ago +1

    I would drink Smirnoff solely for the fact that you're affiliated with them. 😂

  • MC Domingo
    MC Domingo Year ago

    What was that bass track you had on your snapchat a few days ago?? You played it in the car and it had an funky build up. PLEASE ITS BUGGING ME!!

  • Chino
    Chino Year ago +1

    Middle out

  • kelvin061996
    kelvin061996 Year ago

    where you at Venice Beach on friday?????

  • lara jamillah
    lara jamillah Year ago



    Have no idea what was this shit about, but gotta say so she's adorable from vids by SuperEgo. She's really nice

  • Rebekah Ling
    Rebekah Ling Year ago +4

    can you please make a "calligraphy/font video(tutorial) :)

  • jvee Villahermosa

    is it just me or does megan looks like the mc on horizon zero dawn

  • Jess Lynn
    Jess Lynn Year ago +1

    middle out

  • Isabella Tan
    Isabella Tan Year ago +1

    middle out

  • Mohammed zk
    Mohammed zk Year ago

    What's With The Corny Music?

  • Joshua Valencia
    Joshua Valencia Year ago

    i think personally megan is so hot and talented and i wish she would be my gf

  • Alex Coopa
    Alex Coopa Year ago

    Megan do another dance film

  • imsojey
    imsojey Year ago

    I studied your dance. I'll post it soon. hope you will like it.

  • Doug M
    Doug M Year ago +2

    Ummm, it's "baring" not bearing. I weep for millenials and the US education system.

  • maggie allen
    maggie allen Year ago

    *gasp* YOU DOG-EARING MONSTER!! but I'll forgive you because you're great

  • Jesmine Colenburg

    You should read I Wrote This For You by Iain S Thomas

  • Amy Mondragon
    Amy Mondragon Year ago +1

    Hey Megan are you coming to Austin for SXSW ? 🤔

  • Anthony Semedo
    Anthony Semedo Year ago

    The music at the end of the video is so mellow that I jam to it every time. Well done Megan 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Sarah Ravioli
    Sarah Ravioli Year ago

    Megan you're just the cooliest. I wish I could move my body in the same ways as you

  • Shakyra Palacios
    Shakyra Palacios Year ago

    middle out

  • yo
    yo Year ago

    wanna have a guitar hero battle

  • K. Phen
    K. Phen Year ago +2

    middle out

  • David A.
    David A. Year ago

    "my dear friend" - oh yeah, it's Pacman!

  • Megan
    Megan Year ago

    love the dance!

  • maruyama
    maruyama Year ago +6

    casual appearance of tj miller in your vid...what

  • Mikisaywhat
    Mikisaywhat Year ago +10

    after all those years of watching her, I just realized that i barely know anything about her. how does one manage to make all of those videos with revealing anything about themselves? o.o

  • KYYC edits
    KYYC edits Year ago +3

    Those Cooper cups are soo Megan Batoon

  • eEmmJayy
    eEmmJayy Year ago +3

    Megan on your Snapchat you put your shoes in a washing machine (i think) does it work ?? Like does it mess up your washing/dryer machine ??? 😫

    • Amy Pham
      Amy Pham Year ago +1

      eEmmJayy I am not sure if it applies to all sneakers, but I take out the shoe laces and put my Nike shoes in the washing machine on light soil setting to prevent the fabric on the shoes from getting damaged. I am not sure about the dryer though since I usually let the shoes air dry. Hope this helps somehow!

  • busaj383
    busaj383 Year ago

    Like the hair ...and looking super pretty as always 😀 I saw that Moscow Mule Day over on Alex Mandel and Andrea's blog also 😮 That's so funny! ha

  • james mejia
    james mejia Year ago

    Batoon is everything

  • Kayleen Kay
    Kayleen Kay Year ago +1

    I need to invest in all of the poetry books you own.

  • LittleMrsMiddleton

    I have to know what that sexy glossy nude lip is! Anyone???

  • Martin Tabanag
    Martin Tabanag Year ago

    I wish everyone a happy weekend!

  • Jorge Perez
    Jorge Perez Year ago

    You seem so damn innocent. I'm starting to believe you may be inexperienced. Which is ok! But damn Megan... :/

  • Mike Ram
    Mike Ram Year ago +3

    Definitely mesmerized by her. Shes beautiful. Smart. An awesome dancer. Down to earth. Would be sick to find a girl like this 👌🏽👌🏽

  • Andrea Andrea
    Andrea Andrea Year ago +1

    lol 3:40 all the way to the left is the new sprint guy lol. the drop the mic guy

    • Andrea Andrea
      Andrea Andrea Year ago

      Oh yeah verizon!

    • Air23
      Air23 Year ago

      Andrea Andrea You mean Verizon. And he is a hilarious actor from the show Silicon Valley as is the guy on the right.

  • Lexie Montoya
    Lexie Montoya Year ago +6

    lol Megan is totally that Asian kid who beat everyone at competitions and was crazy good/ talented.
    I don't mean that to be offensive though! Like it's a cool, joke. Which is kinda stereotyping... however, I wish Mexicans were known for being talented but we're just known for being illegal lol

  • sweetNESS
    sweetNESS Year ago +2

    Middle out✌🏼

  • Judith Kangleon
    Judith Kangleon Year ago +2

    "I'm so short" me every time 😂😢

  • Rebecca L.
    Rebecca L. Year ago +1

    True about the parallel parking hahaha

  • Seli menes
    Seli menes Year ago

    What happened to her bf? Are they even together anymore?

  • Claudia Gomez
    Claudia Gomez Year ago +1

    I love your videos Megan. ugh you are so beautiful. Really get super excited to know the new amazing adventures life has for you. #rolemodel

  • Irene Chi
    Irene Chi Year ago

    Middle out

  • Jenna M
    Jenna M Year ago +1

    It's okay Megan- my senior superlative in high school was Most Avid Gamer for guitar hero 😂

  • Matie Morado
    Matie Morado Year ago +1

    Ate Megan, mahal kita! I'm from the Philippines!

  • Deonna Cruz
    Deonna Cruz Year ago

    I saw that boomerang

  • aiiyoeveryone
    aiiyoeveryone Year ago +3

    Please talk about your eye lash lift!

  • JooAe Kim
    JooAe Kim Year ago

    Where did you get your jacket in 1:30????????

    • Priti Brar
      Priti Brar Year ago +2

      It's from Zara! I have the same one and now I feel stylish because she has it too :)

  • Gerald
    Gerald Year ago +1

    SOOoOooOOOo...Guitar Hero Gameplay in the future???

  • leaderdblusbro
    leaderdblusbro Year ago

    Whenever I see a page doggy-eared I feel like the book is crying.

  • Ricky Nelson
    Ricky Nelson Year ago

    What if I live in Florida and have already mastered parallel parking?

  • ziasteffimay
    ziasteffimay Year ago +1

    middle out

  • detailsmove
    detailsmove Year ago

    that title is clickbait af 😭

  • Henriette Trillanes
    Henriette Trillanes Year ago +4

    Omg, that sneek peek with your collaboration with Phillip is so good I cant wait to see it!!!! why are you so perfect?? 😍

  • AndrewMDC
    AndrewMDC Year ago +2

    so awesome you got to see erlich bachman and Richard!!!

  • Ashley Buyers
    Ashley Buyers Year ago +3

    I know I don't ever really comment but just wanted to let you know how much your videos make my day. sending lots of love

  • Cuttable Oregon
    Cuttable Oregon Year ago +1

    what's this outro music? so peaceful!

  • Its Tastic
    Its Tastic Year ago

    you're so cool

  • Juliette Thomson
    Juliette Thomson Year ago +4

    "You kill your future by mourning your past" wow, that's a great quote!

  • Angelica MPascua
    Angelica MPascua Year ago


  • Megan
    Megan Year ago

    Isn't that Phillip from sytycd?

  • Darth Celsius
    Darth Celsius Year ago +1

    Soooo I'm suppose to be studying for midterm. But all I care about is Megan Batoon and Spring break......... OK and icecream

  • spicykimchi
    spicykimchi Year ago +3

    1:29 the jacket??!?!?! In LOVE with it. Deets please :)

    • spicykimchi
      spicykimchi Year ago

      Thanks! - from a fellow South Floridian ^_^ (BTW, you're awesome)

    • MeganBatoon
      MeganBatoon  Year ago +7

      It's from Zara!

  • PaulLee
    PaulLee Year ago +6

    Just finished Lunch Break on WongFu Channel then headed over here!

    • MeganBatoon
      MeganBatoon  Year ago +7

      well then ya better stay for next week's vlog cuz I got BTS of that! See you next week :)

    • Annie Lamchops
      Annie Lamchops Year ago

      same 😂

  • StarKiller
    StarKiller Year ago

    I miss the old outro music

  • Worf
    Worf Year ago

    Erlich Blachman!

  • bananaboomer
    bananaboomer Year ago +4

    The only time my dick gets hard is when Megan batoon uploads a meganbytes vid

  • Aj Santos
    Aj Santos Year ago +3

    Megan poem:
    I would drag my balls through a field of broken glass just to hear you fart though a walkie talkie

  • Ellie Vera
    Ellie Vera Year ago +1

    I want to see more of your dance videos❤️😜

  • Marina Terrones
    Marina Terrones Year ago +3

    Middle out!!

  • Andrew Noung
    Andrew Noung Year ago

    How was meeting TJ Miller and Thomas Middleditch like?? Must've been surreal after watching Silicon Valley

  • DerHerr Furo
    DerHerr Furo Year ago

    what song was it u used for ur coreo ?

  • Kelvin Javier
    Kelvin Javier Year ago +4

    What's the name of the song?

  • CatCat Play Games
    CatCat Play Games Year ago +1

    u brake my heart every video... I love u 😍😍😍😍😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jozzie B
    Jozzie B Year ago +2

    idk why,but whenever I watch Megan videos I get in a better mood😊

  • Tod Olusola
    Tod Olusola Year ago

    That dancing was *BEAutiful* 👌.. knocked me off my feet literally, I got flustered missed a step and met floor with force..
    I mean does anyone else get that feeling of temporal memory loss when Megan dances, like nothing else matters.. I dunno maybe it's just me 😌🙃

  • jin's steak
    jin's steak Year ago +2

    where do u buy ur jeans

    • jin's steak
      jin's steak Year ago

      MeganBatoon Thank you so much :)

    • MeganBatoon
      MeganBatoon  Year ago +3

      The ones when I'm dancing are from TopShop!

  • Raina
    Raina Year ago

    I love pacman

  • Sara Ojut
    Sara Ojut Year ago +1

    Can this insta collab thing happen please

  • marquis ellis.
    marquis ellis. Year ago


  • Dolphinately
    Dolphinately Year ago +1

    Dude you posted a video of you playing Guitar Hero before and I totally figured you were secretly a master at it. Anyone who scoffs at you is probably a scrub who plays on Medium 😎

  • nancykillz96
    nancykillz96 Year ago

    I haven't even watched the video yet and I already gave it a thumbs up! 💕

  • Sukiestyles
    Sukiestyles Year ago +2 cut out the arm....

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown Year ago

    HEYYY tell that dude to give me a free version plan

  • Makeithappen 113
    Makeithappen 113 Year ago +1

    Not a clickbate yay

  • Candido B
    Candido B Year ago

    Cheers! This toast is dedicated to you!

  • Samantha Savage
    Samantha Savage Year ago

    Now I wanna see you play guitar hero! lol

  • Gabby Alexandrea
    Gabby Alexandrea Year ago +22

    MEGAN NO EVERYONE DON'T LUCID DREAM. I repeat DO NOT lucid dream and it can cause sleep paralysis.

    • idemonicangel
      idemonicangel Year ago +1

      I've only had sleep paralysis once and it was horrifying but it wasn't cause by lucid dreaming. I usually only have lucid dreams when I'm in a really horrible nightmare and it helps me quickly solve it and turn it into something manageable and be able to fall back to deep sleep comfortably.

    • Erica Romo
      Erica Romo Year ago +2

      sleep paralysis is more common than you think and can happen otherwise even if you don't lucid dream,, yeah it might be scary but I've gotten used to sleep paralysis as have many other people

    • Mellow Fellow
      Mellow Fellow Year ago +6

      The amazing benefits of lucid dreaming far outweigh the small roadblock that is sleep paralysis. Just know that it happens every night, your body needs to be paralysed otherwise you would act out your dreams.
      The fact that people are freaked out by not being able to move triggers all the monsters and demons because you are already in a state of dreaming. It is basically a nightmare and no harm can come from it.
      Don't get me wrong it is terrifying the first times it happens, especially when you don't know whats happening. But it can happen to anyone, lucid dreaming or not.
      So it's important to bring it up and lucid dreaming is one of the best ways of dealing with it. Knowing that this is normal, you can not die will calm you and because you are already asleep you can easily drift into a wonderful lucid dream and turn a shitty experience into a night full of adventure and fun! :)

    • ALittleFuzzyLamb13
      ALittleFuzzyLamb13 Year ago +2

      I can only speak from my experience. When I lucid dream, it increases my chances of sleep paralysis. I know causation is not the same as correlation, but they are forever linked in my mind.

  • Leslie Mendoza
    Leslie Mendoza Year ago +1

    Middle out, Love ya Batoon

  • mauricio122145
    mauricio122145 Year ago +1

    She's into venture capital now, totally BAE

  • Mrs R
    Mrs R Year ago

    Hola!!! 🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻

  • Sergey Lerg
    Sergey Lerg Year ago

    Силиконовые Валенки!

  • Selena Gonzalez
    Selena Gonzalez Year ago +1

    Again! It was such an honor to have taken your class last night! You were amazing and just as awesome as I knew you would be! love you Megan!!

  • viralsuccess
    viralsuccess Year ago


  • Gabby Alexandrea
    Gabby Alexandrea Year ago +50

    Megan please do daily vlogs

    • Caymiya
      Caymiya Year ago +7

      Gabrielle Gordon I wish. They would be SO good. 🤗

  • Xriz XXVII
    Xriz XXVII Year ago

    Middle out!