Gordon Ramsay eats at the Seascape - Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Oct 30, 2009
    OFFICIAL KITCHEN NIGHTMARES USA. Gordon Ramsay eats at the Seascape and hates the food. Plus the restaurant is falling apart. For more great Kitchen Nightmares clips, click here to subscribe: tvclip.biz/user/KitchenNightmares?feature=mhee
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Comments • 24

  • Herman Ingram
    Herman Ingram 4 years ago +32

    If this was dog shit in India Gordon would praise it.

    • iamiknowall493
      iamiknowall493 3 years ago +253

      @Herman Ingram
      Because people in India are too poor to freeze their food and warm it up, so they actually cook their food fresh.

  • jonathan
    jonathan 4 years ago +15

    That was harsh...

  • Simon0
    Simon0 4 years ago +406

    those crab cakes reminded me of a dream i had where a crab grabbed and attached to my leg with its pincer and i was trying to shake it off! Man i hated that.

  • John Wong
    John Wong 4 years ago +2073

    0:59 is that guy even alive?

  • sypher294
    sypher294 4 years ago +697

    Mannnnnn he always gets the crab cakes and everyone always goes and FUCKS it up

    • simonizer888
      simonizer888 3 years ago +15

      @sypher294 CRAP CAKES: No meat. All filler.

    • Simon0
      Simon0 4 years ago +2

      @sypher294 ive never tried a crab cake.

    • sypher294
      sypher294 4 years ago +31

      Every restaurant I've heard of freezes them. No one's got it right!

    • TrueTV
      TrueTV 4 years ago +26

      It's cuz it's one of the hardest dishes to make

  • Deadpool231
    Deadpool231 4 years ago +242

    another lazy ass chef coking with chef mic-fucker

  • Sherwin Binarao
    Sherwin Binarao 4 years ago +191

    Crap cake.

  • 2Fist Uppercut
    2Fist Uppercut 5 years ago +2039

    "It's a crap cake, because if I eat anymore I'll be crapping for the next 105 years"

    • Jake Roberts
      Jake Roberts 3 years ago +82

      @Moheb Maher It's not a crab cake, it's a crap cake

  • Ada Repli
    Ada Repli 5 years ago +223

    You can see the owner standing there being nervous.

  • astroboirap
    astroboirap 5 years ago +38

    some shit themselves, raw sewage

  • Quyen Dang
    Quyen Dang 5 years ago +604

    105 years.

  • megacarpark
    megacarpark 5 years ago +81

    I make a bad crap cake. humble brag.

  • porcosdep
    porcosdep 5 years ago +126

    best chef in the world lol... in your world not in mine for sure

    • Stefan Turton
      Stefan Turton 4 years ago +52

      Who is yours? Although I really respect Chef Ramsay...my favourites would have to be Albert Roux jr. and Marco Pierre White.

  • Marcelo Xavier
    Marcelo Xavier 6 years ago +36

    lol crap cakes.

  • MultipleExperiments
    MultipleExperiments 6 years ago +92

    makes me feel like i don't want to eat in a restaurant again lol.

  • winnietheshit89
    winnietheshit89 9 years ago +124

    I watched these videos in backwards order.. I feel sorry for Ramsay seeing him eat the food considering the state of the kitchen

  • Dancingwithotters
    Dancingwithotters 9 years ago +20

    Crab cakes. Word yo.