Fat Joe: “Family Ties”

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
  • Fat Joe dishes on his new album “Family Ties,” his birthday celebration and reveals if he's really retiring from music.
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  • Teetee Denee ́
    Teetee Denee ́ 6 days ago

    But Wendy broke or rich you was sick addicted to drugs that defines your character more than your financial means

  • Kenya The Frugal
    Kenya The Frugal 20 days ago

    I appreciate the fact that he stands on his own with the everyday pressures that you aren't living if you aren't drinking, smoking etc.

  • Carla S
    Carla S Month ago

    Did fat joe album go number1

  • Bianka Wallace
    Bianka Wallace Month ago


  • sly high
    sly high Month ago

    I smoke weed one time I run out the house buck naked🏃🏃🏃🚭🚬 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

  • Elron Frederick
    Elron Frederick Month ago

    Big up fat Joe aka slim joe

  • MrsBalanceSheet
    MrsBalanceSheet Month ago

    As an accountant, I’m cringing. 🥴 I have clients with his mentality it hurts.

    • muzik luva
      muzik luva Month ago

      Hello,happy holidays to you and yours. I have a question for you. How do I invest my money in something that will have a great return,and secondly,what do I invest it in??

  • barbie doll
    barbie doll Month ago

    Wendy gotta a slick mouth

  • Abuela,And Marie Love

    Wendy shoe game always good

  • Lum Nkwenti
    Lum Nkwenti Month ago

    Love me some Fat Joe
    He's such a vibe

  • Steve Perry
    Steve Perry Month ago


  • T.waterz
    T.waterz Month ago

    What about Puns family??

  • Alisha Parker
    Alisha Parker Month ago +2

    I’ve always liked fat joe. Somethin about him is just so real💯💕

  • Tanica Herbert
    Tanica Herbert Month ago

    I love fat Joe cool dude

  • MrMuis06
    MrMuis06 Month ago

    Please dont listen to Joe's financial advise...people with real money will never tell you that. The correct answer is to invest your money.

  • AA
    AA Month ago

    I know auntie be fetishizing his skin color 😏

  • Emanuel Pena
    Emanuel Pena Month ago +1

    AAAAANNND That is why he is going broke. lol.

  • Reggie Ford
    Reggie Ford Month ago

    Don't smoke cigarettes,weed or do drugs and remember to make healthy food choices that's the remedy to smooth skin.🤷🏿‍♂️ thanks for saying that Fat Joe

  • Oulabed Abdo
    Oulabed Abdo Month ago


  • cdubb
    cdubb Month ago +1

    I love fat Joe and everything about him..... Good People's

  • Bigg M
    Bigg M Month ago

    What in the pepto bismo....

  • Brett Yarborough
    Brett Yarborough Month ago

    Well Joe, I bought the scarf I wanted, now I cant make rent. Bad advice Joe

  • DeGenerousQueen Official1

    For him to be rich for soo long he’s soooooo humble. !!

  • Workout
    Workout Month ago

    Not hating, but the truth is the truth. He said he NEVER got high, then later on he says "we used to go smoke crack". OK, jussst maybe when he said "we" he meant the generation, but sounded more personal to me. What do you think? Am I reading to far into it or am I on point?

  • Crissi
    Crissi Month ago

    Fat you is so nice. I like his energy.

  • Tootie Ramsey
    Tootie Ramsey Month ago +1

    Best guest Wendy has had on in a long time! The legend himself!!

  • Exotic Limo
    Exotic Limo Month ago

    Fat Joe is a koo negga!!!

  • Mahlatse Mamabolo
    Mahlatse Mamabolo Month ago

    Fat joe Issa mood 😂😂😂I’m here for the entrance

  • Philip Loverde
    Philip Loverde Month ago

    How can you open in the interview saying you look so good, because you never did drugs, then in the middle of it say "When we was young, we used to smoke crack?"

  • Sean Carter
    Sean Carter Month ago

    Did he just say he used to smoke crack hahaha but I get what he was saying

  • King Azel
    King Azel Month ago +1

    R.I.P Juice Wrld

  • Mike Wright
    Mike Wright Month ago +1

    Swear she said Fat Jeff😂

  • louise thompson
    louise thompson Month ago


  • blueangeloftheseas
    blueangeloftheseas Month ago

    The original pink shirt wearer. One of the greatest rappers

  • bobby Parker
    bobby Parker Month ago +2

    Did he do more than 1 interview a day ..cuz he still got the same stuff on...

    • bobby Parker
      bobby Parker Month ago

      @cheeb87 idk... jus peeped that ... don't care ..

    • cheeb87
      cheeb87 Month ago

      bobby Parker why should he change? Is he a model?

  • Sal B
    Sal B Month ago +12

    The Interview is like two Old Friends are Talking together after a Long Time didnt see each other☺️😁

  • soultree serenade
    soultree serenade Month ago

    Fat Joe look like a lil fat loud mouth highschool girl

  • Adam Gordon
    Adam Gordon Month ago

    Fat Joe looking like a big piece of candy floss with that hoody on 🤣

  • ciana baltimore
    ciana baltimore Month ago +1


  • ciana baltimore
    ciana baltimore Month ago +2

    “Please welcome our friend fat jeff”

    • Laydee NYC
      Laydee NYC Month ago

      🔥🔥Family ties to east Harlem too🔥🔥
      tvclip.biz/video/aMCYHjgD9hg/video.html 🇵🇷🦈💯🆙️

  • Gaia Chaos
    Gaia Chaos Month ago

    Budnaked soundin like a Dutch german knowin rebuilded shemale who had some beef over his contactsz corrupted system employee contacts, over drug storys , weed and coke , budnaked is also a african soldier who went budnaked out at night playin soldier

  • Patty Cake
    Patty Cake Month ago +1

    He looks like he smells good

  • King Khan
    King Khan Month ago

    This guy has had that top on for a week

    • King Khan
      King Khan Month ago

      Binky Nichelle yeah you’re right but am sure they change clothes for different interviews

    • Binky Nichelle
      Binky Nichelle Month ago

      King Khan they do a lot of the interviews the same day.

  • Super Unknown
    Super Unknown Month ago

    Wish more of the O.G.s could return too the game like fat joe has.

  • cherrie sunie
    cherrie sunie Month ago

    Nike’s and hood is hot yo, they look official

  • omarbryce
    omarbryce Month ago


  • Chala Hannon
    Chala Hannon Month ago

    I love it! ❤️

  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren Month ago +1

    I cant breath 🤣🤣🤣🤣 with the comments. Running outside naked, Wendy's ankles lmfaoo

  • denis bute
    denis bute Month ago

    the watch though

  • Mr Thomas
    Mr Thomas Month ago

    Does Fat Joe look and act like an ex drug kingpin/Mafia Don ?....No!! that’s one of the reasons I have big love for this guy because he’s really from the dark side

  • Chrisangie Perez
    Chrisangie Perez Month ago

    I didn’t know Wendy and Joe were so close !! I love this 😍

  • lorne malvo
    lorne malvo Month ago +2

    09:40 Yes! 2020 Strictly crack. We’ve lost too many.

  • Steve Ford
    Steve Ford Month ago

    She’s awful

  • spark g
    spark g Month ago +1

    Fat Joe looks like a fat pig in that pink top

  • C P
    C P Month ago

    I never kept the same dollar. Thanks for the reminder joe. Peace love and positive vibes.❤

  • Breezy Jeezy
    Breezy Jeezy Month ago

    This man wearing the same outfit on all the shows he is on smh

    • Cherise Wright
      Cherise Wright Month ago

      Breezy Jeezy so does warren buffet and bill gates. #realwealth

  • psychobeefsticker
    psychobeefsticker Month ago +2

    So many skin comments about Joe. Quit copying everyone else. Damn

  • Hugo Garcia
    Hugo Garcia Month ago

    He come straight from complex lol

  • Mental Music B Sides

    Fat Joe and Wendy seem like old friends ....good to see everyone embrace Joe new music ...
    Keep going bro .....
    Music is timeless 🎸 stars and R&B singers .... Rock for ever ..so joe keep the torch lit bro 💯💯
    The voice of the street

  • music islyfe
    music islyfe Month ago +10

    I love the way to he is talking to the audience making them feel engaged in the conversation. Not just going to talk to wendy but with them also.