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Foster The People - Sit Next to Me (Official Video)

  • Published on Nov 10, 2017
  • Experience the "Sit Next to Me" video best on your mobile phone. Foster The People's new album 'Sacred Hearts Club' is available now:
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    Production Company: PRETTYBIRD Pictures
    Director: Fourclops & Brinton Bryan
    Executive Producer: Candice Dragonas
    Executive Producer: Derek Richmond
    Commissioner: Saul Levitz
    Producer: Judy Craig
    Director of Photography: Carissa Dorson
    Production Manager: Richard Theisen
    1st AD: Jeff Cobb
    VFX: Dawid Krępski
    Writer: Brooks Morrison
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  • Ejay Zuniga
    Ejay Zuniga 3 hours ago +1

    great song, but i think they shouldve used this video style for pay the man/loyal like sid nd nancy, cause i expected mark foster's disco-era dance moves for this lol

  • Bob Schneider
    Bob Schneider 12 hours ago

    Just heard this song for the first time today on the radio. It has a 70s ballad sound that I love.

  • MrLuisTheSavvy TheSavvy

    Everyone knows that MasterRaceAndroid >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ios

  • Driizzy Marian
    Driizzy Marian 20 hours ago


  • Justin Bieber
    Justin Bieber Day ago +1

    This is damn good!

  • Justin Bieber
    Justin Bieber Day ago +1


  • Liz Martinez 7w7r!

    Love 7u7

  • Ramiro007
    Ramiro007 4 days ago

    d e l e t e t h i s

  • BeeVomitSenpai
    BeeVomitSenpai 5 days ago


  • Fauna Worthem
    Fauna Worthem 7 days ago

    Low budget music video I see...

  • Mesum Naqvi
    Mesum Naqvi 7 days ago

    I see you've sponsored the Note 8.

  • MilkyDino
    MilkyDino 8 days ago

    When your friends skateboard edit makes it in the video

  • Joe Show
    Joe Show 9 days ago

    LOVE the music.. but why so political?... aren't we indivisible????? smh.. let's just all get a long and keep dumbed down bipartisan politics out of this and everything else.. LMAO... jeez... hard to give respect to the problem of influence in media like this that fuels the SAME agenda American politics have.. then again I'm just some guy commenting on the interwebs #myopinionisbetterthanyoursLOL

    • Hollywoodsteve
      Hollywoodsteve 6 days ago

      What is political about this video? Specifically?

  • Aaroncy
    Aaroncy 9 days ago

    0:11 thats from phineas and ferb the balloon

  • slamdunkceltics
    slamdunkceltics 10 days ago

    This song is just a mix of random words, but they make it into an awesome song

  • Gram4an
    Gram4an 10 days ago

    Looking at my Galaxy Note8 :D

  • Bryson Frank
    Bryson Frank 11 days ago

    This video is dope... but, the agenda being presented is a little annoying (not the agenda itself, but the fact there is one).

    • Hollywoodsteve
      Hollywoodsteve 10 days ago

      It might seem that way but all of Mark's lyrics come from personal experiences.

  • Jackie Harwood
    Jackie Harwood 11 days ago


  • Tomlink Díaz
    Tomlink Díaz 12 days ago

    nice instagram commercial

  • iqbal rizal
    iqbal rizal 13 days ago

    why people hating this video? this is amazing!

  • jelcin 123777 castiyo gamer

    up Froster the people up kicks pleace pleace

  • SOFIE Chang
    SOFIE Chang 13 days ago

    Omg, its 9:40 AM on my phone right now!!!!!!

  • Scuff Shirts
    Scuff Shirts 14 days ago

    Have a great day everyone!

  • plext alter
    plext alter 14 days ago

    who double tab this video?

  • arroyo
    arroyo 15 days ago


  • donovan bonne
    donovan bonne 15 days ago

    Great song. Sad it attacks with a political agenda a President that is trying to protect our country for people like this to express themselves. Most unappreciative people in the world are here and act like this. Unfortunately time will wake you up rudely one day.

    • Hollywoodsteve
      Hollywoodsteve 6 days ago

      Being anti-Trump isn't about politics. It's about fighting racism, sexism and all other sorts of social diseases. There is nothing but love and music in this video.

  • Robert Candelaria
    Robert Candelaria 16 days ago

    The feeling this song gives me

  • B L Rodcen
    B L Rodcen 17 days ago


  • Carlos Ostermann
    Carlos Ostermann 18 days ago

    This song is fucking great

  • Geoff Dutton
    Geoff Dutton 18 days ago

    Love the 'merican vibe

  • kevin soehner
    kevin soehner 18 days ago

    Ahh All the feels

  • SmellsLikeNothing
    SmellsLikeNothing 18 days ago

    I enjoy the song but whats w all the leftist propaganda

    • Hollywoodsteve
      Hollywoodsteve 10 days ago

      Can you be more specific? I don't see anything of the sort.

  • B L Rodcen
    B L Rodcen 19 days ago

    FTP rocks

  • Sergi Pernia
    Sergi Pernia 19 days ago

    feminist song?

  • juan manuel escobar sepulveda

    I like it

  • Robert LaRose Jr.
    Robert LaRose Jr. 19 days ago

    I love this song I don’t really think the video makes much sense tho lol

  • Dillon Tomyn
    Dillon Tomyn 20 days ago

    I positivly love this song. Its my new favorite Foster the People. and the video is awesome to. i love all the different people and their little clip its

  • MrMarley1303
    MrMarley1303 20 days ago

    Pozdro dla :)

  • David Griner
    David Griner 20 days ago

    absolute perfection.....reminds me of "Breathe" from the 80's....the best song I have heard in a very long time....

  • It's Me
    It's Me 20 days ago

    Wicked song and even better video... how are these guys not bigger???

  • Impossible Gaming
    Impossible Gaming 20 days ago

    How does this not have over 1 million views?!?!??

  • Oktobianto Dwi Prasetyo

    look at the clock 2:18 - 2:19

  • J Deleon
    J Deleon 21 day ago

    Watching this on my Note 8! 😁

  • Jonathan Park
    Jonathan Park 22 days ago +1

    First song I heard in my new truck. It stabs me right in the heart.
    Awesome video, and the "Fidelio" clip = genius.

  • Gabriela Rocha
    Gabriela Rocha 22 days ago

    A banda da minha vida 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Bad habit, snap out of it.

    Great song. Love the creativity behind the video.

  • Larry Hurley
    Larry Hurley 23 days ago

    I absolutely LOVE this song !!!!

  • Papi Kava
    Papi Kava 24 days ago

    I love this hit

  • Jonathan Gonzalez
    Jonathan Gonzalez 24 days ago

    Filmed off a Galaxy Note 8... good choice!!👍

    SHARON HAMPTON 25 days ago

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!!!

  • HGOD 96
    HGOD 96 25 days ago

    Is the map at 3:10 an ass?

  • Meng Kuu
    Meng Kuu 25 days ago

    Listening to this song always makes me wanna get up and dance!

  • Juan Jose Aguilar Vazquez

    amo a Foster the people ...great song

  • Matthew L
    Matthew L 26 days ago

    Turn off your bluetooth

  • Skyler Richman
    Skyler Richman 26 days ago


  • TheRealEnderMorpher
    TheRealEnderMorpher 27 days ago

    Man anyone remember pumped up kicks, they changed

  • Marchelino Widarsono
    Marchelino Widarsono 27 days ago

    I liked the first one better. This one kind of seems half-assed.

  • Miguel Angel Chaverra Morales

    Cool music 👍👍

  • Mónica Sosa L.
    Mónica Sosa L. 27 days ago


  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott 28 days ago

    Awesome song. Shitty video

  • Perla Sotelo
    Perla Sotelo 28 days ago +1

    Love them just full of talent!!

  • Jason Willard IV
    Jason Willard IV 28 days ago

    Not enough memes.

  • Alyssa Cho
    Alyssa Cho 29 days ago

    Love Foster the People😙

  • Seitzey
    Seitzey 29 days ago

    Thank you for one of the best albums I've heard in a while... What a masterpiece. 😊😃😘💓

  • dermor18
    dermor18 29 days ago

    Why is it you don't bother to make proper music videos anymore??

  • Scheidia Lemos
    Scheidia Lemos 29 days ago

  • NM LostIslands
    NM LostIslands Month ago

    I swear to God I just saw my art teacher in this😮😮😄😄

  • Google User
    Google User Month ago

    Sponsored by instagram and samsung

  • Esdras Pereira
    Esdras Pereira Month ago

    que música fantástica

  • Kartik Vishnoi
    Kartik Vishnoi Month ago

    What a shitty music video for a great song.

  • Patovv
    Patovv Month ago

    I love the song but i don't like the video.

  • Justin Osinowo
    Justin Osinowo Month ago +1

    I'm in the video lol 2:17

  • Tweek Tweak
    Tweek Tweak Month ago

    3:14 I actually went to an animation camp with the creators of that animation!

  • Casey Edwards
    Casey Edwards Month ago

    hows this not hit 1 million views yet?!?

  • Neno Brown
    Neno Brown Month ago

    Nobody notices 2:17 time skips a minute. 937 to 939 who misses 938 anyway...

  • Cecy Gallegos
    Cecy Gallegos Month ago

    Wow!!! que ha pasado!!!.. Mmm...tiempo de este vídeo pero es la primer vez que lo veo sin nada y escucho ( solo audio)...y simplemente dije wow!!! es por nada pero...para ser honesta la idea del instagram me distrae completamente!!! deja poner atención a la letra!!!...y esa letra tiene mucho más significado...y mucho que decir!!...veámoslo asi...todos necesitamos atención y comprensión es la naturaleza del ser humano, quiere sentir el cariño...pero atravez de likes??... Atravez de que la gente te acepté por lo que públicas, o creando una imagen falsa de lo que aparentas ser!!...( porque la realidad de las redes sociales es que creamos un perfil superficial para nuestro publico tipo lo mejor de nosotros, lo que le guste a la gente o consiga mas likes, algo vacío que con el paso del tiempo se vuelve superficial y metódico)... Dios lo que esta escrito más haya!!!...pero no cualquiera lo entiende!!...bueno al menos yo lo entendí de esta manera, y puedo entender que es creativo y esta dentro de lo nuevo que se utiliza en la actualidad en los vídeos!!...pero te distrae!!!...pones más atención en que sucede en el vídeo que en la letra!!!...y lo que sea de cada quien la letra es buena...pero si no hubiera escuchado solo el audio...seguiría perdida y no apreciaría la letra!!!...bueno es solo mi punto de vista!!...tomalo constructivamente!!!...

  • Wes Ng
    Wes Ng Month ago

    what a cool idea for a video!

  • greaterrome
    greaterrome Month ago +1

    i'm late to the party: i heard this song on the radio yesterday in the car and now, i'm stuck on this song!!! can you say ADDICTED?

  • Eduardo Estacio
    Eduardo Estacio Month ago

    792,886 views WTF!

  • Francisco Aquino
    Francisco Aquino Month ago

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8..?? Advertising? WHERE?? xD

  • CupcakeGalLurvRupert


  • Benjamin Borrero
    Benjamin Borrero Month ago

    this vid is stupid great song but stupid vid

  • 4990hill
    4990hill Month ago

    Nice song but BS left-wing propaganda shoved in your face.

    • Hollywoodsteve
      Hollywoodsteve Month ago

      I don't see anything but love and music in this video.

  • Ingrid Larissa
    Ingrid Larissa Month ago

    OMG!I loved this clip!!!!!

  • 신상은
    신상은 Month ago

    Sit Next To Me 👽

  • Hollywoodsteve
    Hollywoodsteve Month ago

    The dog at cute!

  • Leticia Gonçalves
    Leticia Gonçalves Month ago


  • LarryAF
    LarryAF Month ago +1


  • laci Tippett
    laci Tippett Month ago +3

    I’ve now heard this on the radio this gonna blow up??

    • Steve Kroll
      Steve Kroll Month ago +2

      It's starting to look like it!

  • harlem osama
    harlem osama Month ago

    Love u so.much guys

  • blazeracer1
    blazeracer1 Month ago

    Love the song, video looks like shit on my smart TV.

  • Índio Paranaense
    Índio Paranaense Month ago

    Eles mal sabem que "pumped up kicks" é meme no brasil

  • Kevin Happy
    Kevin Happy Month ago

    My girlfriend thought I was doing some kind of magic on Instagram. She was like "o.O HOW???" I was acting like I was scrolling, and everything just clicked on the song in the background.. :D

  • Karel Sýkora
    Karel Sýkora Month ago

    Good idea, excellent sound, thx guys

  • Stephania   Muñoz
    Stephania Muñoz Month ago

    La mejor cancion del mundo

    THEGANDER1 Month ago +1

    It’s a really a great band, I’d been a fan since 2011 and I every time I listen to them I wonder why they aren’t recognized when they should be, and there’s who shouldn’t be famous. I love this guys

  • Sri Narayan
    Sri Narayan Month ago

    what did Amir Khan ever do to Foster the People?! LOL

  • BluenoseBastard
    BluenoseBastard Month ago

    If only everything loaded that fast...

  • MaGiruz Deutz
    MaGiruz Deutz Month ago

    Thank you guys, this is song has lots of good vibes ♥️♥️♥️

  • Carrie Scharpnick
    Carrie Scharpnick Month ago +1

    Love the song, but the video ruins it