Where to Find ENFPs and How to Initiate Convo! (INTJ Request) 🗿🎎🌼❤️

  • Published on Nov 30, 2017
  • Elloooo.
    This is a "requested" video from an INTJ who asked about where to find and "ENFP" and how to talk with them. HAHA!
    So…..here's my best attempt at answering that for you. I'd say the end has the best advice--- LET THE ENFP COME TO YOU (have something that'll attract an ENFP… aka a book or a funky hat or something interesting!!)


    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    HAVE A FUN DAY/A RESTFUL SLUMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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  • Kyle Kimberlin
    Kyle Kimberlin 22 days ago +2

    Just will say as an INTJ the person was definitely asking for the purpose of finding a romantic other as these are the only people we will knowingly seek out.

  • Tam Tam
    Tam Tam Month ago

    Oh my gosh, your eyes!!!

  • stupid idiot
    stupid idiot 4 months ago

    What if, the enfp you're looking for lives in a different state, and you haven't met, but you know who she is? How do I get her attention? BTW I found her on social media, not a dating website or app, just a normal social media like instagram.

  • Tybaltt
    Tybaltt 4 months ago +1

    You can find this ENFP at Salsa Club

  • EastTexassurvival
    EastTexassurvival 4 months ago +5

    As an INFJ, the best relationships I've ever had have been with "Free Spirits."

  • Davey Angeles
    Davey Angeles 4 months ago +3

    ENFP love comedy

  • Davey Angeles
    Davey Angeles 4 months ago

    I’m a male ENFP an I never met a female INTJ .

  • Kristian Noel
    Kristian Noel 4 months ago +5

    I used to be in the army with a few male ENFPs, I found them to have a lot of energy, with a quirky quality, I have fond memories of them. I'm a male INTJ. No, flirting isn't my strongest skill.

    • Mary
      Mary  4 months ago

      Awww ^_^

  • Brendan Ellis
    Brendan Ellis 4 months ago


  • David Higgins
    David Higgins 5 months ago +2

    If you want to find an ENFP, they are in Real Estate. If you want to find an INTJ, they are doctors or engineers. ENFP male here married to an INTJ female.

    • Superman's billiger Klon
      Superman's billiger Klon 11 minutes ago

      I'm an ENFP who's majoring in engineering, though.
      I don't find any intjs.. But again, i don't find many girls in engineering haha

  • Jay C
    Jay C 5 months ago

    INF-TJ here. Thanks for the advice. If you're ever single let me know- thanks lol

  • Trenton Rich
    Trenton Rich 9 months ago +2

    will it help if I wear a custom or unique outfit? if so, like what? I'm thinking some skinny clothes with a duster or long coat

    • Mary
      Mary  9 months ago

      Haha yesssss totally!!!!! Weird/unique DEFINITELY gets our attention (well I can only speak for myself)... it shows confidence, independence, and seems curious! But not TOO weird of clothing, aka potentially "creepy" vibes.. but genuine desire to dress unique is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!! (Of course)

  • Trenton Rich
    Trenton Rich 9 months ago

    Instagram link doesn't work

    • Mary
      Mary  9 months ago

      Yeah, it's my old user name and I haven't went back to change the links in these older videos. My Instagram is: @very_mary_videos

  • Tyler Whieler
    Tyler Whieler 9 months ago

    i'm enfp male
    months are passing trying to find a intj

    • Mon Mamelo
      Mon Mamelo 8 months ago +1

      They are always at home.... Lol

    • MPlinka
      MPlinka 8 months ago +2

      @Trenton Rich baths, swimming pools, but it is typical that I'm doing yoga and pilates at home and I suppose if I had a swimming pool at home I would not go there either. :-)

    • MPlinka
      MPlinka 8 months ago +1

      @Trenton Rich and museums, I love them.

    • MPlinka
      MPlinka 8 months ago +2

      @Trenton Rich I love going to the cinema, theatre, zoo, to the nature in general... Just sitting in a cafe sipping coffee, visiting other cities, countries, even alone. Taking ballet and jazz dance classes. I love dance, but I don't like going out in the evenings, too exhausting.

    • Trenton Rich
      Trenton Rich 9 months ago

      @MPlinka For reference, what sorts of places or events do you like to go to?

  • White Goat
    White Goat 11 months ago +9

    sense of oddness lmao

    • stupid idiot
      stupid idiot 4 months ago

      @White Goat opposites attract I guess

    • White Goat
      White Goat 11 months ago

      intj and enfp's are both odd but completely in a different way

  • L B
    L B Year ago

    Whats so offensive about flirting?

  • Bangtano logy
    Bangtano logy Year ago +7


  • Metallic Frost
    Metallic Frost Year ago +1

    I know you said not to start a convo by flirting, but WOW..you have beautiful blue eyes!😌

  • Pouya Babaie
    Pouya Babaie Year ago

    Lovely speaking. I really think im starting to like ENFPs 😂

  • sadbasturd99
    sadbasturd99 Year ago

    Have heard the "I dont like guys who are just trying to get with me or something" about a million times. About 5 minutes before they leave the party and to sleep with that guy.

    • J
      J Year ago +3

      Intj female here. I have never liked guys trying to act like they have "game" 🙄 I will shut them down before they finish. It's 100% a turn off & No.

  • Sabatheus
    Sabatheus Year ago +14

    As an INTJ male, I get ENFP ladies all the time. I go to the coffee shop and prop-up a cardboard box with a stick, and insert a kitten wearing a rainbow necklace. I usually have two or three in there before I'm don'e with my Americano.

    • Mon Mamelo
      Mon Mamelo 8 months ago

      @J probably

    • J
      J Year ago +2

      Does this work for enfp men!? 🤔

    • Mary
      Mary  Year ago +2


  • Take The Red Pill
    Take The Red Pill Year ago +11

    Male ENFP: At work I have a sign facing passersby that says: ENFP seeks other Intuitives. Please stop by and introduce yourself. I've only had it a few weeks but no bites yet :( I'm looking for an INTJ!

  • Albin Gustafsson
    Albin Gustafsson Year ago +4

    Lol. Finding an INTJ-female as an ENFP-male is what's hard XD 0.5% out there... ;)

    • Mon Mamelo
      Mon Mamelo 8 months ago

      Enfp men? Its is easy to spot.
      Energetic with close friends, Can make u laugh and be amazed at the same time with some random facts, then make u laugh again.
      Stories too fast, and too wide, yet delivered with connection.
      Ask him heavy emotional stuff nd prepare for some really heavy response. Or joke...

    • Amy Arriaga
      Amy Arriaga 11 months ago +2

      ​@La caja de Pandora
      I'm an ambivert too. An ENFP girl but an ambivert. It's funny because I am not as outgoing/overtly quirky as the stereotypical ENFP, and in social places, I mostly just stick with my INFP friend haha, but sometimes I do see someone doing something interesting and I go ask them about it, and I don't usually think too much before complementing someone wearing something cool.
      My dad is also an ENFP, and he still wonders if the test was accurate, because he isn't really loud, or "outgoing", but he is just a more quiet and ambivert ENFP. I think I am friendly, but reserved until the ice has broken and then you really get to see my quirky nerdiness. But yes, I agree that ENFP men are harder to spot, because they can be mistaken for another type. (Sorry for my essay response)

    • La caja de Pandora
      La caja de Pandora 11 months ago +2

      As for Alvin's question we INTJ females ARE harder to spot than to find. The only other girl I know I can confirm is an INTJ, seemed an INFP the whole first month I met her. I guess we tend more towards the "artsy, serious, loner kid in school" than to the "all business mastermind" (which is a total misconception)

    • La caja de Pandora
      La caja de Pandora 11 months ago +1

      @J ENFP man tend to be... Weird to spot, because they are ambiverts. There are situations where they'll be really outgoing and others where they totally withdraw (because Fi users don't always feel comfortable with a lot of people). I think they are a soft kind of extrovert. They talk and joke a lot but are never invasive or judgemental or incendiary. One of my best friends is an ENFP guy and at first I thought he was a still shy ESFP lol

    • J
      J Year ago +2

      Intj female here, just learning about the enfp. I suppose I should go out more? Are enfp men bubbly like enfp women?
      At this point I'm just an noob when it comes to knowing where to find them & then actually spotting them 🤔

  • Kaue
    Kaue Year ago +2

    Where to find xNFP??? Simply, came to the Porto Alegre, de capital of Rio Grande do Sul, in the South of Brazil.
    There is so many ENFPs and INFPs, and I really hate that, the only NFs that I like(and really love) is INFJ.

  • Joen Delfiero
    Joen Delfiero Year ago +2

    Few months ago I was INTJ, now I'm INTP? Should I stop spotting ENFPs? sometimes I'm confused how to make girls into me so I flirt them, and what happens next is they turned off. That's the funniest yet shameful and frustrating part of me. Lol.
    *Edit: I'm INTJ/INTP and I rather choose read articles from my phone than from book.*

    • Yaz
      Yaz Year ago

      for me, I don't vibe, it does by itself.
      i don't force something out, because i won't like how thing gonna be like :)))
      basically - ENFP, INTJ or any other human being .. it's all the same to me :))

  • Steve Lomax
    Steve Lomax Year ago +2

    you are a cool book, passed my first page test

    • Mary
      Mary  Year ago

      Steve Lomax lolz

  • Wyatt {
    Wyatt { 2 years ago +8

    I like to find them in the alphabet!

    • Wyatt {
      Wyatt { Year ago

      Very Mary Videos
      Thank you thank you very much

    • Mary
      Mary  Year ago

      Wyatt { hehehohohaha!

  • sura
    sura 2 years ago +5

    r u the reincarnation of lorelei gilmore?

    • Mary
      Mary  2 years ago

      sura sweet!!! Ok yeah I always thought it seemed like a show I'd like, but I watched one episode and it just didn't "capture" me. But I'll give it another go, because I think I could really like it! Thanks for the comment!!

    • sura
      sura 2 years ago +2

      aww you're welcommee!!! she is and she talks like you, you should check the show it's truly one of a kind, it affected me a lot positively i feel you would love it!!

    • Mary
      Mary  2 years ago +1

      sura hahaha that's awesome! I actually have never really seen the show but I appreciate the comment because I think she's gorgeous and (seems) pretty cool!

  • Valentina
    Valentina 2 years ago +55

    As an ENFP - look at the most bubbly, cheerful person at the party. Yes, interesting clothing, jewellery. Ask them about work - if they worked a million jobs, lived in other countries, have crazy stories - that's ENFP. If they are very expressive with their facial expressions almost like a child - ENFP. Joke A LOT. If they look like a puppy on coffee - that's ENFP :)

    • Mon Mamelo
      Mon Mamelo 8 months ago

      Spot on

    • Cihad İlhan
      Cihad İlhan Year ago +5

      Well if she's the most cheerful person at the party, it'd be almost impossible for an intj to interact with her because most of the men will have hard time to not to attract by the most cheerful girl at the party thus she will most propably be surrounded by them which makes her noticing him quite unlikely even if she tends to and since we're not really fun at parties we propably wouldn't even be attending it in the first place.

    • Bettina K.
      Bettina K. Year ago +2

      OMG YESSSS. So trueeee. And I would add that you'll find your next to an ENFP if she talks about the drinks and then the purpose of the universe and then puppies and then asks what are your biggest dreams in life :D

      YESHUA IS THE ONLY WAY Year ago +1

      lol a puppy on coffee, that's the most accurate description of an Enfp

    • ENFP Flower
      ENFP Flower Year ago +2

      This is so true

  • Axos Rain
    Axos Rain 2 years ago +3

    Ahh this a good video but one thing they need to know is that we are not always going to mean what we say in a sense. I know a enfp that flirted for fun so if we flirt even if you can’t understand it don’t take us too seriously unless we actually act on it. If we compliment you that’s fine just don’t take it to heart. We may be in the moment so next time you see us you might not see the same or feel the same vibe. Also some are into trends and we do our own mix on trends. That means we are not going to always look like crazy people but we always have one out of place part to us or even look well put together. Depending on what we are into. Then there are times when we are just not being up and fun. We just are not in the mood so watch out for that. We do love deep questions that are interesting.

    • Mary
      Mary  2 years ago +1

      Tabitha Fernandez perfectly said! I actually really do agree with that. Thanks for adding all that! Spot on. So true.

  • Edward Wilson
    Edward Wilson 2 years ago +5

    I don't think you need to tell him what to say, i can't speak for every INTJ, but in that scenario if you point me toward the right girl, that is all you need to do, the rest is taken care of almost every time. Also i don't do well with following dating tips or rules, before i get to the girl, yes, i think about your advice and tips but as soon as i start interacting, it all evaporates and all that's left is some sort of Ni autopilot, after that ends that's when i remember the "dating rules" again. I think it's the main reason i never use pick up lines and INTJs don't know how to flirt, they just do what their minds are telling them to.

    • This account is now dead.
      This account is now dead. Year ago +3

      I am an INTJ. You are so right! I can plan ahead or keep advice in mind before I reach the girl, but once the first word is spoken everything is lost and I end up debating her on Calvinism or something.... then we leave in disagreement, though usually after a good conversation, and I kick myself. Pick up lines are not my thing. Or any INTJs I believe.

    • Mary
      Mary  2 years ago +3

      Edward Wilson hahahahaha!! Yeah... maybe that's why I had a hard time making the video... because... well... because I'm not an INTJ so I don't really know how or what your guys think. That's funny though. That's special! It just happens as it happens without all this "HOW TO" type of mumbo-jumbo! That's cool.