#73 The making of Madness hard candy and the Stroop effect in sugar.


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  • alcyonecrucis
    alcyonecrucis 22 hours ago

    That’s madness

  • cwj
    cwj Day ago

    The last minute of this video was the best minute of my day today.

  • Jamie Rippingale

    Lol madness is playing I think it’s one step beyond

  • Candelario Garcia.

    I’m actually dyslexic so I read the word rather then see the color pretty good

  • The Blue Lizard
    The Blue Lizard Day ago

    Nice music

  • Matt Wyndham
    Matt Wyndham Day ago

    Hope you're all safe in the Hurricane!

  • The Diamond assassin

    I could say the third test easy like really easy

  • Aaron Carr
    Aaron Carr 3 days ago

    This candy man is such a philosopher tf lmao

  • Fire Crystal
    Fire Crystal 4 days ago

    Little do they know it is tide flavored

  • Juliette Rosso
    Juliette Rosso 4 days ago


  • marshalt
    marshalt 6 days ago

    I will pay you $100 dollars if I can do the drop part...

  • Harper Grace
    Harper Grace 6 days ago

    Great idea 👍🏻

  • readyset
    readyset 6 days ago

    The music makes me say... "Pick it up! Pick it up! Pick it up!"

  • Glorimar Velez
    Glorimar Velez 9 days ago

    i can't deal with all the talking!!! i don't need a therapy! i just want to see how is made!!!!

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  9 days ago +1

      I have over 100 videos. Like them or don't but your statement here is weird. People like these videos, others do not. There must be videos you do like somewhere else. My candy tastes great, but every video is not the same. Find some you like or not, but smile. I don't try to be all things for all people, just myself. Enjoy what I do or not, but try my candy, it's amazing.

  • Mandie Kramer
    Mandie Kramer 10 days ago

    I love it when you get all intellectual in your videos! Let your geek shine on!

  • TwoHeavens
    TwoHeavens 12 days ago

    Glad Madness is still on sale! My wife saw this and said we just had to have some.

  • science hideout
    science hideout 15 days ago

    Looks like strawberry

  • Robert Davis
    Robert Davis 15 days ago

    I got a cavity watching this!

  • Maiatsu
    Maiatsu 17 days ago +2

    Red = Cinnamon

  • Name- Chan
    Name- Chan 18 days ago

    After watching so many of these videos I just noticed you have the tiniest lisp

  • Harry Gurdus
    Harry Gurdus 18 days ago

    do you by any chance know where or if i can get a candy drop roller/machine

  • Stefan J
    Stefan J 19 days ago

    Hard candy reminds me of deep web

  • Maverick Rivera
    Maverick Rivera 19 days ago

    The "pink" isnt pink its a light purple

  • Kentkenny
    Kentkenny 19 days ago

    dried oobleck

  • Queen Strawbz
    Queen Strawbz 19 days ago

    I said purple instead of pink...Was I wrong?

  • Izaak Vigil
    Izaak Vigil 19 days ago

    It looks like bubble wrap

  • Goob the Noob
    Goob the Noob 20 days ago

    5:31 I did not expect that!

  • Peter Alvarez
    Peter Alvarez 20 days ago

    3.4k people who watched this are colorblind

  • Aroop Roelofs
    Aroop Roelofs 21 day ago

    this test was a pain for me since I'm monochromatic colorblind...

  • melissa saint
    melissa saint 21 day ago

    Oh, Albus Dumbledore would approve

  • idk google it
    idk google it 21 day ago

    I just don't understand our species..3.4k dislikes really???

  • 3d printing dude
    3d printing dude 21 day ago

    I feel wise now that I have seen this video

  • BlueWolf Gaming
    BlueWolf Gaming 21 day ago

    Let's see....red candy the obvious answer would be cherry or strawberry...

    I'mma guess orange

  • this channel has been terminated.

    Wow...humans are stupid

  • keiichimorisato98
    keiichimorisato98 22 days ago

    This is why Crystal Pepsi tates different than regular Pepsi, even though it is just clear Pepsi.

  • Syl
    Syl 22 days ago

    If I worked at a place like this I'd probably end up shoving my face right in to that pool of hot sugar. 😍😍

  • Kieran O'Hara
    Kieran O'Hara 22 days ago

    4:58 "this is madness!"

  • gio penn
    gio penn 22 days ago

    Is this narrated by the distributist??

  • Border Bread
    Border Bread 23 days ago

    You should call your business for what it really is. ASMR factory.

  • Danielle Cutting
    Danielle Cutting 23 days ago

    Well I just got educated

  • David Morris
    David Morris 23 days ago

    That sounds awesome.

  • Can we get to 20,000 subscribers with no videos?

    I subbed because of this

  • Sofia Winski
    Sofia Winski 23 days ago

    I would hope my tomato sauce is red

    • Sofia Winski
      Sofia Winski 5 days ago +1

      Samar Nadra oh yes I remember green ketchup

    • Samar Nadra
      Samar Nadra 6 days ago

      purple ketchup was a thing when i was a kid

  • Carlos Silva
    Carlos Silva 23 days ago


  • Useless Urie
    Useless Urie 24 days ago

    Laundry detergent tablet 🤣

  • Jonathan D
    Jonathan D 24 days ago

    Just placed an order

  • justin koprowski
    justin koprowski 24 days ago

    You are a candy philosopher

  • amar_ sm
    amar_ sm 24 days ago

    Hommie i just want to see some hard candy being made i don't need a shrink

  • mushy
    mushy 24 days ago

    Blacks like the flavor purple

    • DatLeanBoi
      DatLeanBoi 3 hours ago

      Purple is a colour not a flavour, mate.

  • Guts Puck
    Guts Puck 24 days ago

    4:31 "if you try a flavor red and it's colored blue" what??

  • Lilly L0v3
    Lilly L0v3 24 days ago

    What is the song called?

  • Crashman 1005
    Crashman 1005 24 days ago

    What he's talking about reminds ne of mystery flavor airheads

  • Dante Hill
    Dante Hill 25 days ago

    I just learned a lot😂 in 6 mins

    AYAYA 27 days ago

    Good video learned lots, subbed :)

  • Brattony
    Brattony 28 days ago

    awe man i didnt see this on the website, guess I was too late?

  • Joey Kelly 01
    Joey Kelly 01 28 days ago

    Yeah some of my generation ate Tide pods but not the kids born from 1996-2004

  • Noah Lewis
    Noah Lewis 28 days ago

    non-Newtonian fluids are badass

  • Isaiah Rogers
    Isaiah Rogers 29 days ago

    This dude needs to make a asmr channel of him just breaking up the candy strips

  • i-pig
    i-pig 29 days ago

    cyanide flavored

  • Tim Bauer
    Tim Bauer 29 days ago

    One step beyond!!!!!!!

  • Jared Connell
    Jared Connell 29 days ago

    You, sir, are sadistic. Red colored candy that doesn't taste red? You freaking sociopath!

  • Hammy Bean
    Hammy Bean 29 days ago

    I have no problem saying the color of anything because they’re all the same color
    Im colorblind so it’s easy

  • Hello Ringo
    Hello Ringo Month ago +24

    I love the Madness in the background. You’ve got great taste

    • devilboy 707
      devilboy 707 19 days ago

      I'm glad I'm not the only one that picked up on that songs.

    • Adam Gray
      Adam Gray 25 days ago +1

      Hello Ringo 🇯🇲🇬🇧🎶

  • Reflexology52 Welsh

    Ohhhh dear the end when you broke them into pcs was marvelous!

  • Forest Shane
    Forest Shane Month ago

    What song is playing at the beginning?

  • Jake Vitullo
    Jake Vitullo Month ago

    Have you ever tried mixing rollers for a double shaped candy?

  • Wiggles
    Wiggles Month ago

    Me: "green, yellow, blue, purp-"
    LP: "PINK..."

  • Shadow Uchiha
    Shadow Uchiha Month ago

    100% Diabetes

  • Intensive
    Intensive Month ago

    Ummm i said the word not the color iss something wrong with me😂😂

  • WuzNab
    WuzNab Month ago +271

    I came here to see how candy was made, I came out a changed man.

  • tkco
    tkco Month ago

    2:54 I’m not dumb but when he said pink he meant purple rightttt?

  • Sebastian Miranda
    Sebastian Miranda Month ago

    Japan's color for grape is green

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Month ago

      Do you have a link to an example. This is fascinating information.

  • shark chan
    shark chan Month ago

    Hey flapjack! Come with me we'll go and see a place called candied island!

  • Santiago G.
    Santiago G. Month ago

    dios santo, pero que satisfactorio fue ver eso

  • Echo
    Echo Month ago

    This isn't fair! I'm colorblind.

  • Hayden Holdiman
    Hayden Holdiman Month ago

    Hell no thats purple not pink

  • Mega Sánchez
    Mega Sánchez Month ago

    JK Rowling did it first. XD

  • ey i wanna be gey
    ey i wanna be gey Month ago

    yes but is this video about expectations?

  • Dead Meme Doge
    Dead Meme Doge Month ago

    Still need tide pod candies, orange and blue are indeed complementary colors

    • Dead Meme Doge
      Dead Meme Doge Month ago

      Lofty Pursuits That looks amazing! But now I hear the trend is eating flex tape, maybe make some ribbon candy for that someday?

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Month ago

      The video is still up on facebook

  • blue cheese
    blue cheese Month ago +11

    Blue raspberry is the best flavor of everything. Period

    • Lukas Playz
      Lukas Playz 4 days ago +1

      Yes yes a thousand times yes!!!

      KILLEKIRAHVI 16 days ago +1

      Mmm... Love me some blue raspberry ham...

  • Zachary June
    Zachary June Month ago

    cuh said pink, bye.

    KD BOOM Month ago

    Strawberry / Apple

  • Jai mahor
    Jai mahor Month ago


  • Icesaiahpaul Heath
    Icesaiahpaul Heath Month ago

    That look so cool

  • Christopher McCann
    Christopher McCann Month ago


  • ultra mouahid
    ultra mouahid Month ago

    06:18 illuminati confirmed....can someone tell me.... y did i enjoy that vid ?

  • JXSTAR 45
    JXSTAR 45 Month ago

    Looks like raspberry

  • Em Gardner
    Em Gardner Month ago

    Gotta love me some 'One step beyond'

  • Just Scorpain
    Just Scorpain Month ago

    Thanks for the candy

  • The Bama Boyz Gaming

    We dont need life lessons just make the candy

  • Totes Malotes
    Totes Malotes Month ago

    You lost me at butter

  • Charlie Boomer
    Charlie Boomer Month ago

    This candy looks so good

  • Lucas Glenn
    Lucas Glenn Month ago


  • Jason Miller
    Jason Miller Month ago

    Look it's where all those hard candies that get hard and stick together in your grandma's antique ash tray she has no use for, this is where they come from, wow

  • The Classy Wrecks
    The Classy Wrecks Month ago

    tvclip.biz/video/_WnlYq0gZzU/video.html Taste testing Madness Candy!

  • JustArandom Guy
    JustArandom Guy Month ago

    I will defiantly be picking up a bag of this candy but you should make some like this random flavors but have the color pitch black as most black candy tends to be revolting black licorice flavored or how ever you spell it lol

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Month ago

      I put powdered chili pepper in some of these. That would show against black.

  • SalemGrimm
    SalemGrimm Month ago

    Years ago in the UK we had green tomato sauce lol.

    • SalemGrimm
      SalemGrimm Month ago

      +Lofty Pursuits
      I have no idea! I was like 8 and all I remember is Heinz made it 😂 I've looked for it ever since and I've not been able to find it anywhere. 😔
      Also do you ship to the UK? (:

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Month ago +1

      That was probably tomatillo sauce, it's Mexican in origin and it's supposed to be green.

  • AK Moreno
    AK Moreno Month ago

    Just ordered these online can't wait to try it

  • Triadic dah Gangsta

    Id love to eat it wen it looks like taffy looks so good wen it was bein put thro the roller

  • Omar Perez
    Omar Perez Month ago

    Is similar To The luiquid newtoniano