Driver's Ed Wreck

  • Published on Aug 17, 2018
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    Today I talk about how some dude hit me while I was taking my driver's ed final. What a prick.
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  • ThePivotsXXD
    ThePivotsXXD  Year ago +65

    Ouch that hurt. It wouldn't have hurt if I was wearing one of the super comfy extra padded T-Shirt! Get one here!


      Me gustan tus vídeos like

    • Dexter Johnson
      Dexter Johnson Year ago

    • Snoring Munchlax
      Snoring Munchlax Year ago

      Of course grass roll man on my screen

    • Nesspurr
      Nesspurr Year ago

      ThePivotsXXD Holy shit I’ve trying to take a Drivers Ed test all day but every place isn’t taking a walk-in

    • Tomer 453
      Tomer 453 Year ago +1


  • komodoking175
    komodoking175 3 months ago

    I’ve seen hippier hoppier

  • 1997 Dodge Durango
    1997 Dodge Durango 4 months ago

    I’m not a baby - sniff

  • Obsidian Ben
    Obsidian Ben Year ago

    Wow,how are not at 1M subs,I thought you were at like 1Msubs,sorry if you found that Offending

  • I like osu!
    I like osu! Year ago

    Thats a lotta damage

  • Dudley147
    Dudley147 Year ago

    My driver's ed was interesting, I was really pissed about what had happened. I live in a rural area, so there is one normally an instructor per school for both classes and driving, these instructors also worked as normal school teachers during the day.
    Classes are like 3 classes a week during fall/winter. Then you wait for spring/summer to do driving with the instructor, and vice-versa. While I was about halfway through my classes, I show up to the classroom to find classes are cancelled, but no one knows why. This continues for the next 2 scheduled classes, but none of the students/parents know what is going on. Word spreads online of what happened though. She was arrested for OWI, WHILE going to pick up students who completed classroom already, and we're going to do their driving portion. She was arrested for BAC of 0.108, the legal limit is 0.08.
    I then had to wait for my school, to work with the driver's ed company and other schools to figure it out. We waiting for a month in a half before they told our parents that we will have to make room in our schedule, to right after school, pick up your kids and drive them to a school 11 miles away (which is actually the closest school), to make it to the class they are doing. However, this instructor at this school was already handling 2 schools with of teens trying to get their licence, he now had 3.
    The classroom portion was fine for me, but not for some students. The real pain came to when we do the driving, the normal 2-4 weeks took 4 months to get the driving portion done (The sessions are about 2 hours, in total, you need 12 hours. Half driving, the rest observing). This driver instructor from the other school was so swamped with driving classes that he could almost never fit you into his schedule.

  • Snowy Owl
    Snowy Owl Year ago

    Are your tites cold

  • Milinko
    Milinko Year ago +1

    *my brother fractured his spine in a car wreck-*

  • Big Mac Boi
    Big Mac Boi Year ago

    Keep em tittys warm so warm

  • N00dle20
    N00dle20 Year ago

    Why do you look like your sweaty

  • SandroSF
    SandroSF Year ago +1

    I also liked the animation style, I have an animation channel too, I used a style similar to yours?

  • HELKAlexTheGreat
    HELKAlexTheGreat Year ago

    Pivo means BEER!!!!!!

  • BlopComics
    BlopComics Year ago

    I love your videos! Can I still order a shirt to cover my titties?

  • Byronfinity
    Byronfinity Year ago

    Wait until you do your driving test.

  • Klepz _i
    Klepz _i Year ago

    That’s alota damage

  • The PointlessCommenter

    2:35 *THAT'S A LOT OF DAMAGE!!*

  • KyleToons 2nd
    KyleToons 2nd Year ago

    car boi, nice meme

  • Capt. spaceman
    Capt. spaceman Year ago

    Is he form mississippi

  • DrawMeBros
    DrawMeBros Year ago

    cant wait till you get 100,000 just do exactly what yyou did before,again lol
    o tell the truth youre animations look rushed try taking a little more time to put more creativity into them
    i love youre stories,keep up the good work

  • iTs chArLI bAby
    iTs chArLI bAby Year ago +1

    I get an ad from Dr.Phil and I fucking think its you 😭

  • Lil Mango
    Lil Mango Year ago +4

    You sounnd like todd from bojack horseman

  • Blakely Wintersfield

    Mmmmyes, Midwestern drivers, gotta love 'em. I once had a person driving to my left pull into a gas station on my right. They were driving beside me. And made a right. Driving. Beside me.
    I had just replaced my breaks so thankfully I was able to catch their dUMB FUCKERY BUT SOME DAYS I WISH I'D JUST T-BONED THAT MERCEDES DRIVING SON OF A BITCH THEY COULD'VE PAID FOR A NEW CAR OF MINE
    But I guess it's better to be safe. I guess. :T

  • cree
    cree Year ago

    yo happy birthday

  • I EatEggshells
    I EatEggshells Year ago

    Happy b day (it's August 31)

  • Memeulous
    Memeulous Year ago

    Hi Jeremy

  • Ada Loves Animates

    I subscribed to jaiden animations and the odd 1s out

  • Lolneed 1
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    N O W T H A T S A L O T O F D A M A G E

    • CoffeeCopter
      CoffeeCopter 4 months ago

      *_I J U S T S A W E D T H I S B O A T I N H A L F_*

  • Eternal hunter
    Eternal hunter Year ago

    damm broke the subscribe butten

  • Jorge Velazquez
    Jorge Velazquez Year ago +1

    Privots my crush is jaiden animation

  • Bear Jam
    Bear Jam Year ago +1

    Do artillery only

  • SaltyySythe
    SaltyySythe Year ago

    Thanks for the lesson on driving! I don't drive yet, so thanks!

  • Christinewho Gaming

    Wait foes that mean in the use then is no edication or signs up saying learning driving student.
    Me, they are in French since I live in Quebec so yeah.

  • Nathan yer boi
    Nathan yer boi Year ago

    Ahh. Drivers Ed. I haven't started it yet (I will be starting soon)
    So basically I was in a car crash. My older cousin was driving me around Houston when he pulled out of a parking lot in front of a car and got hit (I was in the passenger seat and mortified)
    I've been on edge ever since. I had to go back to Houston with my mom and the entire way there i was so paranoid.
    It's safe to say I'll do good on the driver's test. Even if I don't, soon all cars will be autonomous, maybe even completely driverless.

  • Dexter Johnson
    Dexter Johnson Year ago

  • Random Tales
    Random Tales Year ago

    Hmmmmmm should I get that shirt...........Yes

  • Storm
    Storm Year ago

    Dude your videos are awesome

  • RomWatt
    RomWatt Year ago

    I live in France, we don't learn to drive in school, we need to pay for multiple driving lessons in a private establishment and we need to be at least 18 years old to drive rather than 16, but at least we can buy alcohol at 18 !

  • lobdooks
    lobdooks Year ago

    is this "so this one time"
    or na

  • Min Yoongi smiling
    Min Yoongi smiling Year ago +1

    I just found your channel and I’m already subscribed nice work 😄👌

  • W3r3gam3r
    W3r3gam3r Year ago

    ...Yield for at least Texas just means merge not stop.

  • Ryan Pfeiffer
    Ryan Pfeiffer Year ago

    Damn, I don't know what I was thinking but for a second I had a hope that this was a new sketch or something.

  • Galaxy Bird
    Galaxy Bird Year ago

    That’s why it’s called T shirt Titty shirt

  • Crandria 2001
    Crandria 2001 Year ago

    A yeild sign means slow down, but don't stop. You should never stop on a highway unless traffic has stopped.

  • Sp00ky_ Bean
    Sp00ky_ Bean Year ago


  • Majikalnight
    Majikalnight Year ago

    Good thing he didn't hit you from behind and put you into oncoming traffic and I guess he couldn't "pivot" his way around your car

  • The Steadfast Duelist

    *That's why I only transport by bike.*

  • Vertices
    Vertices Year ago

    My screen is already cracked so I guess I’ll subscribe.

  • bDwS
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    Protect those *tiddileydiddies* !

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  • TJ Atkins
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    *sees "as seen on piv" and reads it as its spelled and smiles a bit*
    *looks at it again and reads it as "as seen on pee ve"

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  • Thelimomon
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    Dear Diary,
    today I saw some Pivot tits. They were nice.
    ~ Yours truly

  • Mister Spiffy
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    BUT PiVoTs. What if I want my nipples to be cold. I don't see any tittiless shirts I feel excluded.

  • Anonymous MD
    Anonymous MD Year ago

    My screen is cracked.... i'm suing YOU

  • Guzma
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    Wait did you die?

  • ToyKnives
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    Your dad is hot af 😩😩😩

  • Pedro B
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    Yaaaaaay im the 500 like!!!!

  • Minty-Bird
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    I love how the teacher was just mashing the breaks XD