• Published on Mar 18, 2018
  • System of a Down reacted to by Kids! Original links below!
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    Content Featured:
    System Of A Down - B.Y.O.B.
    System Of A Down - Hypnotize
    System Of A Down - Toxicity
    System Of A Down - Suggestions #04
    System Of A Down - Lonely Day
    System Of A Down - Chop Suey!
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    This episode features the following Kids:
    Jordan, age 6
    Bradley, age 8
    Jake, age 9
    Jenna, age 10
    Sydney, age 10
    Jacob, age 11
    Anita, age 12
    Emma R., age 12
    Kelis, age 12
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    Kids React #206 - KIDS REACT TO SYSTEM OF A DOWN
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  • FBE
    FBE  Year ago +829

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  • turn the page yea
    turn the page yea Year ago +9

    These kids are dum af. Wtf they cant understand the lyrics. I m not even an anglophone and i understand it perfectly

  • Sparragon1
    Sparragon1 Year ago +8

    Kids react to Green Days?

  • harley menzies
    harley menzies Year ago +6

    Can you do kids react to three days grace?

  • joelopezjl28
    joelopezjl28 Year ago +11

    Kids/elders react to cannibal corpse ^~^

  • Isaiah Partida
    Isaiah Partida Year ago +4

    Wish you played these songs to the elders in their react

  • Tragic Plans
    Tragic Plans Year ago +1

    Ado kids react to slayer

  • Cäsar Gustav
    Cäsar Gustav Year ago +7

    Kids react to Foo Fighters

  • Pink Guy
    Pink Guy Year ago +8

    When I was their age, my brother would play this in his room, so i grew up with this music.

  • Cole Ritts
    Cole Ritts Year ago +4092

    They’ll grow into it... I sure did

    • Pink Guy
      Pink Guy Year ago +100

      I was a kid when I listened to System of a down in the 2000s.

  • Xx_Melio das_xX
    Xx_Melio das_xX Year ago +3

    A mi me encanta soad

  • Lisa Kokx
    Lisa Kokx Year ago +7

    SOAD is great, I love this ahhaha

  • Luca Vijelie
    Luca Vijelie Year ago +2

    Good thing they listen to Lil Pump,i mesn they wouldn't leasen to classic music

    • ps2man38
      ps2man38 Year ago

      boy boy I miss the classical music age

  • Abel Paduret
    Abel Paduret Year ago +11

    Kids react to Mayhem or Gorgoroth 😆

  • Fun With Hailey
    Fun With Hailey Year ago

    React to fun with Hailey pls

  • The Betacrow
    The Betacrow Year ago +2

    Teens react to Behemoth PLEAAASE

  • Lundberg
    Lundberg Year ago +2

    I pray for the one days these kids react to one of these 5 bands: King Diamond/Mercyful fate, Manowar, Dragonforce, Volbeat or Amon Amarth

  • Weliton Ferrão
    Weliton Ferrão Year ago +3

    Kids react to KISS, pleeeeeaaaasseeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Round Earth Society

    The girl in the pink tiger shirt and the boy in the torquise shirt know what music is.

  • Sajjad
    Sajjad Year ago +1

    Kids react to Mariah Carey

  • Alastor
    Alastor Year ago +8

    Alright, they've done SOAD. I think they're ready for the next step soooooo...Kids react to Behemoth?

  • Lisa Geelen
    Lisa Geelen Year ago +3

    Muse, muse, muse, muse, let them react to Muse

  • Barrel Link
    Barrel Link Year ago +2

    I Love system of a down but at the part where they listen to the music album it sounds like chickens singing

  • Biki Biki
    Biki Biki Year ago +4

    kids react to Linkin Park

  • Elijah Daniel
    Elijah Daniel Year ago +4

    The kids are more open-minded to it than the elders. Wow.

    • Lisa Kokx
      Lisa Kokx Year ago +2

      Kids are open-minded until people teach them otherwise

  • Daniel Lopes
    Daniel Lopes Year ago +2

    Talking about yelling, have they listened to Foo Fighters yet?

  • Joydeep Das
    Joydeep Das Year ago +1

    jake your parenting done right.. \m/

  • Gloria
    Gloria Year ago +1

    I love their commentary!!
    It’s just so funny hearing the thoughts of kids on stuff like this 😆
    Feels quite funny and a little reminiscent because I (we all, whether we remember ‘well enough’ or not) used to be like that and I definitely would have reacted similarly~ 🤣✨🌸

  • CyberChrist
    CyberChrist Year ago +6

    "Aerials" was obviously missing.

    • Craftgig 14
      Craftgig 14 Year ago +1

      CyberChrist I think Aerials is their best song

  • Y3tti 646
    Y3tti 646 Year ago +4

    Do kids react to classic Eminem

  • Pablo Rivera
    Pablo Rivera Year ago +1

    React to Oasis

  • KLAS_ 2000
    KLAS_ 2000 Year ago +1

    I want to see them reacting to avatar

  • aaron neef
    aaron neef Year ago

    toxicity i can play that

  • MgK 2387
    MgK 2387 Year ago

    Escuchan cada cosas los niños de hoy en día system of a down forever

  • Sartre Sianez
    Sartre Sianez Year ago +3

    React to rage against the machine?

  • Nessy Sykes
    Nessy Sykes Year ago +1

    Kids react to 30 Seconds To Mars please

  • FrankButcher Jr
    FrankButcher Jr Year ago +11

    Lil dude in the green: *hears prolonged screaming*
    Lil dude in the green: shits fire
    I’m paraphrasing btw

  • Br1 Sarramide
    Br1 Sarramide Year ago +4

    1:27 I love that kid

  • GBS4893
    GBS4893 Year ago +19

    7:49 I have a feeling that this little girl is very smart.

  • Titanium Ninja63
    Titanium Ninja63 Year ago +2

    Bit weird but kids react to Shakespeare’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’

  • Rosli Ilsor
    Rosli Ilsor Year ago +2

    Kids react to Morbid Angel

  • Imwaddles
    Imwaddles Year ago +3

    Elders React to Tool

  • kqwell
    kqwell Year ago +3

    kids/elders react to Pantera, MotörHead

  • changchen09
    changchen09 Year ago


  • AsvpMarleyy718
    AsvpMarleyy718 Year ago +1

    The little boy with the bangs in his face is going places.

  • Johnny Blade
    Johnny Blade Year ago +2

    Elders react to Tool.

  • Peppa Pazinhoska
    Peppa Pazinhoska Year ago +4

    Aaaaai que merda geração nutella até nos estados unidos se n quer gritos n assiste metal porra

  • Jaša Jerina
    Jaša Jerina Year ago +1

    kids react to the book of bleak earth

  • Asus Aziz
    Asus Aziz Year ago +3

    lamb of god please :D

  • Eric Sell
    Eric Sell Year ago +10

    If I was their age, I'd totally agree. WTF. But then when you're older, you appreciate incoherent screaming for the cathartic qualities inherent within is almost like "Classical" for academics.

    • GBS4893
      GBS4893 Year ago +1

      And i'd like to add that it's rarely the singing style you ear a lot when you're younger. It takes some time to get used to at first, but metal has so much to offer.

  • Splinter My Cutie
    Splinter My Cutie Year ago +1

    Kids react to Alestorm

    ZOMBIE SURVIVAL 2.0 Year ago +1

    I am 18 and i still listen to it

  • Logan Toth
    Logan Toth Year ago +2

    I wanna see reaction to the black dahlia murder

    • Logan Toth
      Logan Toth Year ago

      Connor Cox hell yeah it wouldn't matter what age!

    • Connor Cox
      Connor Cox Year ago

      Logan Toth that would awesome

    WANBAW MCGRAW Year ago +1

    System of a down are amazing there a hybrid between metal and rock there music I love chop suey, BOYB, holy mountains, toxicity, aerials, sad statue

    • ya boy sam
      ya boy sam Year ago

      WANBAW MCGRAW my favorite is sugar

  • Thomas Benedict
    Thomas Benedict Year ago +26

    most of their lyrics are pretty deep and metaphorical, so im not suprised they didnt understand them.

    • Connor Cox
      Connor Cox Year ago

      Thomas Benedict yea same, I was going to say that it makes sense that the song byob went over their heads when I saw it that was my first reaction lol

  • paank fachrezi
    paank fachrezi Year ago

    esih cilik wis pada pinter basa inggris ya

  • archaznable30
    archaznable30 Year ago +16

    Kids React to Amon Amarth

  • Serj Dankian
    Serj Dankian Year ago +76

    Teens react to System of a Down !

  • NatDmc 85
    NatDmc 85 Year ago +25

    Kids react to" cannibal corpse", its long over due.

  • Ismael Zapata
    Ismael Zapata Year ago

    Kids react to Épica

  • nv.f
    nv.f Year ago

    Jake is a cool kid

  • AJPasco94
    AJPasco94 Year ago +1

    Kids react to Toys R Us closing

  • Mithras Smith
    Mithras Smith Year ago +6

    Kids react to pornogrind.

  • Andi Arman
    Andi Arman Year ago

    Do react to Bryan Adam

  • Varg Succorbenuth
    Varg Succorbenuth Year ago +1

    Bien por Anita

  • IAmSt0ne
    IAmSt0ne Year ago

    Kids react to Thy Art is Murder

  • IAmSt0ne
    IAmSt0ne Year ago +1

    A lot of metal bands use political and emotional messages in their music

  • Skyrim belongs to The Nords!

    React to Royal Blood please

  • The Finn-isher
    The Finn-isher Year ago +1

    Kids react to Judas Priest, Saxon, Or Megadeth

  • 1029kirby
    1029kirby Year ago +2

    1:42 his ears heard heaven

  • Raymond Meoni
    Raymond Meoni Year ago

    Kids react to Insane Clown Posse!

  • Charlton Gasaway-Caldwell

    Please do a react to AAL

  • DDK
    DDK Year ago +1

    Child I have been listening to rock since I was born no joke its my fathers fault its amazing

  • Corina Oliva
    Corina Oliva Year ago +17

    "This is so much metal... AND I LOVE IT" I live for that kid.

  • Rishabh Kashyap
    Rishabh Kashyap Year ago +2

    Please react to rage against the machine 😁

  • sotopelado x
    sotopelado x Year ago

    Hola! Me gustan mucho sus videos, y me gustaría que pudieran hacer una reacción a mi banda favorita, MARDUK, una banda sueca de black metal.

  • Adam Hyatt
    Adam Hyatt Year ago


  • Felype Dias
    Felype Dias Year ago +5

    You know how much this generation is way too used to hear pop happy pink soft music when you watch this video lol

  • psychospin1
    psychospin1 Year ago +6

    Elders react to Boku No Pico

  • Irish dudz
    Irish dudz Year ago +1

    How about teens react to peirce the veil

    • IAmSt0ne
      IAmSt0ne Year ago


    • connort1104
      connort1104 Year ago

      Irish dudz No they likely grew up Litsening to them.

  • Monica Iqbal
    Monica Iqbal Year ago +1

    “This band should be called the screaming band!” 😂

  • Giovane Cardoso
    Giovane Cardoso Year ago +1

    É Rock como não queriam gritos

  • SamothOfficial
    SamothOfficial Year ago +3

    4:12 the screaming is the emotions.

  • LuaDoggo
    LuaDoggo Year ago

    Kids react to NiN

  • SamothOfficial
    SamothOfficial Year ago +1


  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown Year ago +1

    Kids react to Lacuna Coil.

  • Donald Parlett jr
    Donald Parlett jr Year ago +5

    Let the kid react to RAMMSTEIN .

  • Felipe Uebio
    Felipe Uebio Year ago +2

    I think you guys miss some good videos, but thanks for the video. Now, please do System of a Down react to this video lol

  • Hugo Moraes
    Hugo Moraes Year ago +5

    System of a down 💙💀🎸🎤🎵🎶

  • VikingRaven73
    VikingRaven73 Year ago

    The kids, teens, college kids, and elders should react to Judas Priest.

  • Bradley Ellis
    Bradley Ellis Year ago +1

    Do Bullet for my Valentine

  • MigoSmoke
    MigoSmoke Year ago +2

    Anita get's it.

  • Melting Doggo
    Melting Doggo Year ago +1

    I love talking about controversial topics!

  • Steve Hardy
    Steve Hardy Year ago

    Afraid of me
    Renditions of reality

  • Radioactive Penguin
    Radioactive Penguin Year ago +74

    'If youre lonely, why are you with a bunch of people?'
    Kid, you got a lot to learn.

  • Chyna Brown
    Chyna Brown Year ago +1

    kids react to Mushtoomhead

  • David Olson
    David Olson Year ago +1

    How about tool or NIN?

  • Daily dose of reply’s

    Ra a a a

  • mXp 418
    mXp 418 Year ago +32

    1:27 this is so much metal......and i love it !!! that kid in the green shirt made my day hahahahahahaha

  • AuburnArt01
    AuburnArt01 Year ago

    Maybe Dream theater?