Woman says she was swindled out of $200K by man she met on Tinder

  • Published on May 7, 2019
  • What began as a storybook romance turned into a real-life nightmare according to Cecilie Fjellhoy. It's a cautionary tale on the dangers of online dating. abcn.ws/2Hn4Apa
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  • Roedaif Emes
    Roedaif Emes 9 minutes ago

    She is a really stupid gullible woman, what's her phone number, I am doing wonderful charity work and I only need 100,000. roflmao

  • perryandy2
    perryandy2 27 minutes ago


  • Costa Zambaras
    Costa Zambaras 49 minutes ago

    Am I supposed to feel sorry for this despicable gold digging whore?? This guy is my hero. She is basically a shallow self centered prostitute who sold her heart and vag for money. She deserves every last bit of this.

  • Anthony Fuller
    Anthony Fuller Hour ago

    Wait, you're telling me that I could get ripped off if I meet someone on tinder and give them 200k!?

  • K Nana
    K Nana Hour ago

    What a fucking dumbass

  • jgsosa fbner
    jgsosa fbner 3 hours ago

    Smfh. Golddigger.net

  • Lee P
    Lee P 3 hours ago

    oh the irony lol suddenly I feel like watching Dirty Rotten Scoundrels...

  • venera melikopoulou
    venera melikopoulou 4 hours ago

    I use tinder for a chit chat sometimes when I feel lonely but never ever meet ! There are only cunts and problematic people.

  • J W
    J W 5 hours ago

    I was just watching another TVclipr who had this happen, is there a script and clad that these con artist take to be able to do this

  • Maritza Lanns
    Maritza Lanns 7 hours ago

    She wanted his money she got taking 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Babygirl DelRey
    Babygirl DelRey 7 hours ago

    The guy interviewing though ❤️😍

  • Guam Bat
    Guam Bat 7 hours ago

    What do you expect when you find on Tinder??? People are fucking stupid 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • ben gib
    ben gib 7 hours ago

    This is what happens with the current generation of women, she wanted wealth, fame, clout a luxury lifestyle like woman see in movies, Life and dating isnt a fairytale like you dumb fucking whores see in movies. This is her fault for being so stupid and wanting an easy lavish lifestyle

  • Tarot Fan
    Tarot Fan 8 hours ago

    He is not even hot....

  • air max
    air max 9 hours ago

    gold diggers deserve con artist 😂

  • N03Xu232
    N03Xu232 9 hours ago

    Speech 100

  • 29loot
    29loot 9 hours ago

    Oh well

  • Lesley Crane
    Lesley Crane 9 hours ago

    Two spivs together....😁

  • Miss Amazon
    Miss Amazon 10 hours ago

    2:13......The last time a man defrauded woman he had met on the internet.....the victim said she was being interviewed because "she didnt want the same thing to happen to anyone else"!! So did the one before that and the one before that...ect!! When are these people going to get the message?

  • SunoKuni
    SunoKuni 11 hours ago

    Finally some justice.
    She might have stolen that 200k from some cuck anyways.

  • Jacob Taylor
    Jacob Taylor 11 hours ago

    Well...I'd fuck her

  • Alan R
    Alan R 11 hours ago

    I just unsubscribed from ABC news.. this video is the dumbest thing ever

  • Alan R
    Alan R 11 hours ago

    A fool and her money .. lucky to meet in the first place

  • J Nunyabizio
    J Nunyabizio 12 hours ago

    She was an IDIOT. HELLO MCFLY??

  • Helen Trope
    Helen Trope 12 hours ago

    Never trust anyone in a relationship who asks for money. A wealthy man will not ask for money. Never trust anyone who is mysterious and has a 'mysterious' job. If that's his real voice, it sounds like he 'is phoning it in' - flat monotonous voice with no emotion or humanity.

  • Aaron Tharaldson
    Aaron Tharaldson 16 hours ago

    This guy is a hero to men

  • jim hump
    jim hump 16 hours ago

    greedy bitches, hahgha

  • Robbo Maenz
    Robbo Maenz 16 hours ago

    How could u trust someone with £200 000?

  • sidthekid456
    sidthekid456 17 hours ago

    If you’re this gullible you deserve to be conned if he’s so rich why would he need to borrow money from you

  • Chrs H
    Chrs H 17 hours ago


  • ian lloyd
    ian lloyd 18 hours ago

    gold digger .......digging the gold digger.. haha how does it feel getting fucked out of your money? it happens to a woman and it destroys her life . it happens to guys every day and we go on.

  • Phil A
    Phil A 18 hours ago

    so she was chasing a wealthy lifestyle with a guy who is ugly ... that's what happens when greed overtakes brains

  • Ni Blue
    Ni Blue 18 hours ago

    People online are always vulnerable and easy targets

  • Lillian Falba
    Lillian Falba 18 hours ago

    I wouldn’t use swindled...stupid maybe

  • Melida Garcia
    Melida Garcia 21 hour ago

    Interviewer:when did you consider yourself to be his girlfriend?
    Girl:at about 150k.

  • Ballin is life
    Ballin is life 21 hour ago

    She fell for the material things like a typical woman.. Thats what her ass get lmao

  • Rj L
    Rj L 21 hour ago

    She's a sleaze ... Where did she get her money?

  • Rey R.
    Rey R. 22 hours ago +1

    She fell in love with that accent?

  • Rey R.
    Rey R. 22 hours ago

    Lol he slapped her with that uno reverse card.

  • Jordan Gardiner
    Jordan Gardiner 22 hours ago

    When being a gold digger blows back on you. 😂

  • mario guevara
    mario guevara 23 hours ago

    A lot of people here talk like if they have all the answers.

  • jagdishwar rao
    jagdishwar rao 23 hours ago

    Definitely, I feel very bad for her, that she trusted him to the core and thought she got a life partner who will care for her in her good and in her bad times as well :)
    However, the sad truth is, she got attracted to his rich, easy going, lavish and offcourse to his sober personality as well because thats is what, his plan was to make her believe for what, he is not in a reality and also that is what, the life has tested upon you!
    She felt assured that, at first he was spending on her and she became so confident that him being so rich, any amount of money spent on him, will never go wasted however, if she would have thought for a second, why would a rich guy like him, make her take a loan since, he could have just transferred the amount to her and make payments on her name and even though, if he looked so sober and down to earth, out of curiosity, she should have at least thought of checking with his family members and stuff like that.
    When you get attracted to outside glory and shines, this is what you will eventually end up into and when you look for purity, even though it doesn't shine, you will end up getting the best in the world :)

    Karma is the King.... For what reasons you sow, is what, exactly you get... Yes thats sad but, its a bitter truth though :)
    God Bless that lady and may God give her enough strength to rise up well again and off course, wish you all, a Wonderful Day ahead :)

  • richard bello
    richard bello 23 hours ago

    This girl is stupid

  • MF SF
    MF SF Day ago

    I don’t think judging her is the path to follow. It takes a lot of courage to make public her experience which bring reasons to think her motive were genuine. I think it is appropriate to control our "human morbidity" and give space to compassion. That woman could have been your sister, cousin or yourself. I insist, very brave, not to be silent knowing that she‘ll be judged as I see in many comments here. Anyone in love can happen to that, man or woman. Paradoxically, the only bad thing she did was fall in love.
    BTW... the guy making the interview has another agenda...

  • Dennis Jeffs
    Dennis Jeffs Day ago +1

    Alarm bells should've been ringing when he started asking for money, enough people have been conned by fraudsters and their stories exposed around the world but she was blinded by so-called love. She enjoyed being flown around the world on private jets, eating out at swanky restaurants, staying in posh hotels, and it was all on her money, how could you not know that, doesn't she look at her Creditcard statements every month like normal people? Even as I comment here people are being conned and they don't even know it. She might not be blonde in hair colour now but she'll always be dumb!!

  • nicole Kelly
    nicole Kelly Day ago

    Gross. Men who borrow money

  • 5roseangle
    5roseangle Day ago

    Taking me on a private jet for a first date will be first red flag for me.

  • John Legion
    John Legion Day ago

    Gold digger gets dug, couldnt have happened to a more eligible gold digger xD I fuckin love it! Karma Bitch lol...


    Always the same
    Greasy wanna be
    Ronaldo middle eastern
    Slick back hair

  • Sincerely Leah
    Sincerely Leah Day ago

    If he "had the money"...why not think to tell him to send you the money FIRST?

  • Kiat San
    Kiat San Day ago

    You were attracted to his so called wealth. It's gold digger Vs gold digger. The question is.. Who gets out first. I bet u didn't see that coming. Sweetheart... You deserve every cent of it.

  • Donovan Hjersman

    That study that shows people are more prone to give the "haves" money than the have-nots is proven to the extreme here.

  • Gerardo V.
    Gerardo V. Day ago +1

    Come here sweet cheeks and I'll dry your crocodile tears.

  • Mike Mendez
    Mike Mendez Day ago

    Looks like you’re every day vacation BJ scam! Nothing to see here.

  • zempath
    zempath Day ago

    He is a human-like parasite, otherwise known as "sociopath".


    Pussy digger + con digger + diamonds digger = evil 🦹‍♀️ of the world


    I don’t feel sorry because most of victims female are just full of materialistic. They all the time bring up how wealthy is the guy and how the guy live a luxurious life.

  • Andy Larson
    Andy Larson Day ago

    Gold digger oh well sweets !

  • mercwindow
    mercwindow Day ago

    Glad she is warning others. Hope his face goes viral he needs to be stopped


    I can't even get my side chick or wife to give me $5 for gas 😔

  • TomokoMurakami
    TomokoMurakami Day ago

    I will elp you?

  • Lesley Ward
    Lesley Ward Day ago

    Sure and retirees who invest their pensions are greedy. They're suckers when they get scammed. Let's piss on people for being dumb, gullible, naive and even nice because accepting that there are cunts in the world is harder...

  • Caroro J
    Caroro J Day ago

    Interviewer: “When do you think you became his GF?”
    Her: “Uhm maybe a month into it”
    Oh no...she just chose not to look at the signs! If he wasn’t declaring solid statements to what she was to him then he’s full of BS. Plus she goes into saying he flew her to places...with what? Her credit card? 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • el Kay
    el Kay Day ago

    Damn shoulda got to her first lol

  • GreenLightMe
    GreenLightMe Day ago

    Oh I LOVE IT. She deserved much worse than this.

  • Km
    Km Day ago

    I would love to kick this cunt in cunt. And it was her dad's money.not hers

  • Justin McCoy
    Justin McCoy Day ago

    Hahahaha fucking dumb gold digger. Who cares about her honestly play stupid games win stupid prizes

  • Snuff Al Assad
    Snuff Al Assad Day ago

    She's a gold digger who got played.

  • Natalie Sisson
    Natalie Sisson Day ago +2

    I hope these men burn in hell. Taking advantage of womans hearts in purity....Gods got u bit--

  • Victors_art 300
    Victors_art 300 Day ago

    This gold digger thought she was going out with a rich man that constantly asks her for more money.
    Gold digger + con artist = stupidity
    There’s no good side to both of these people this is too funny I can’t stop laughing. 😂 🤣😭

  • gage4g
    gage4g Day ago

    No way in Hell I'm giving anyone my cc info or my money. Stupid girl.

  • Christopher Dones
    Christopher Dones 2 days ago +1

    Dude sounds like a douchebag lol terrible accent

  • Dream Logic
    Dream Logic 2 days ago

    Nearly half of all the female profiles I see on Tinder, and half of those with whom I match, actually request money via 'Venmo'. I still find this shocking and tasteless in the extreme. I've had young women literally demand money. For nothing. I'm sorry for this lady's loss.

  • jonathan mejia
    jonathan mejia 2 days ago

    I hope that she understands a learned her lesson and opened through this. Wow. She should kept herself on guard and see what this guy is really about especially when if there any bad signs as well.

  • jonathan mejia
    jonathan mejia 2 days ago

    Rule number 1 stay on guard.

  • markmark123412341
    markmark123412341 2 days ago

    If the man was so wealthy why couldn’t he use his OWN debit card and give her the money to have her put the money in it under her name..... sorry this happened to her, you know what they say hindsight is 20/20

  • STUDIO BENCIVENGA Marcus Bencivenga

    That girl is a hooker and deserves this - this is funny and sad at the same time - she does not know how love is written 🤦🏻‍♂️😂👩🏻‍✈️🤣

  • wisdom seeker
    wisdom seeker 2 days ago

    I'm sorry , *but* if he said he was rich , whether he was or not and asked me for *any* money , it would have raised some 🚩
    edit:: I would've played him at his own game and got him caught up and put away.

  • E. Simon
    E. Simon 2 days ago +1

    You ain't using my name as a cover, cause then whoever u claim is after you are now gonna come for me.

  • Luis Donado
    Luis Donado 2 days ago

    She will never trust a man in her life again. I bet she ends up single forever.

  • Promiscuous Crab
    Promiscuous Crab 2 days ago +1

    If someone swindled me they’d get $3.86

    LEGIO PATRIA NOSTRA 2 days ago

    She get what she deserved lol

  • Moises Gomez
    Moises Gomez 2 days ago

    She is crying because of the money she lost instead of getting the money and life she thought he will give her, hahaha this are the relationships now.

  • andyITA
    andyITA 2 days ago

    gold digger

  • R. Sanchez
    R. Sanchez 2 days ago

    I can't see why this woman is being called a gold digger. If she has $200 000 to give to a man she never met, she got $$$. No successful women with money wants a broke con artist. She would want someone on her own level, unless she wants a younger stud and is willing enough to pay.

  • Jorge Gomez
    Jorge Gomez 2 days ago

    she can write a book and sell movie rights to hollywood. they are into this kind of shit.

  • Joe Lucero
    Joe Lucero 2 days ago +1

    Cause we are living in a material world
    And I am a material girl
    You know that we are living in a material world
    And I am a material girl
    It’s not her fault ... can’t fight 1000 of years of programming.

  • Ktra Melisha
    Ktra Melisha 2 days ago

    Gold diggers plan gone wrong.Bulgeria? Girl wakeup

  • Blake Q
    Blake Q 2 days ago

    Gold digger, delusional women like most are,no surprise...

  • Sam Roberts
    Sam Roberts 2 days ago

    Got what she deserved.

  • Michael Heywood
    Michael Heywood 2 days ago


  • Michael Heywood
    Michael Heywood 2 days ago

    So broke but still in designer clothes

  • seangibson3054able
    seangibson3054able 2 days ago

    She tried to finesse a Finesser and got finessed!!😂😂😂

  • Michael Heywood
    Michael Heywood 2 days ago

    Sorry but LOL

  • Michael Heywood
    Michael Heywood 2 days ago

    The first words she thought he was handsome well?

  • Giraffe Punx
    Giraffe Punx 2 days ago

    Poor girl. Thought she was gold digging, and got gold dug. He even sounds like a phone scammer, on his messages. Damn.

  • Dan World
    Dan World 2 days ago

    you're a dumb blonde, simples

  • Sid W S Andrew Afyouni

    We want the gold sucka!!!! Hulk Hogan we commin for you Nigga

  • Token WhiteGuy
    Token WhiteGuy 2 days ago

    what a dumb broad......atleast she'll still have those offers from porn film producers........dont be to stuck up to gobble gobble on film , ya dumb cunt..........The gold digger got beat at her own game......does that dude understand how many guys she had to pretend to love to get that money?....how dare that guy do that to this whore.

  • Ramon Rodriguez
    Ramon Rodriguez 2 days ago

    I suppose if she had more integrity and was looking for real love, not the love that's based on money and assets then things like this wouldn't happen. She kinda deserves it in my opinion.