I Became an ACTUAL ZOMBIE by Choosing to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ...in BitLife

  • Published on Jun 23, 2019
  • Today I attempted the do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING challenge in BitLife & found out you can actually become a REAL LIFE ZOMBIE thanks to Walking Corpse Syndrome!!
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Comments • 4 774

  • Dragon Gaming12345
    Dragon Gaming12345 15 minutes ago

    There is a button called surrender

  • Lunar_Moon
    Lunar_Moon Hour ago

    Literally the thumb nail though

  • Riyanne Rhuma
    Riyanne Rhuma Hour ago

    are u and vixella realated :D!

  • lexi's lovely lies
    lexi's lovely lies 4 hours ago

    Lauren you're like an anti-vax mom.

  • Skyler 523198
    Skyler 523198 5 hours ago

    Can you react to "The genie and the rich boy"?I made that video and I want to see you react to it

  • HB FS
    HB FS 5 hours ago

    How do you hurt your ovaries

  • Nessi Wolf
    Nessi Wolf 8 hours ago

    I do nothin but eat,sleep,and watch LaurenZside.🙏😁😁😁😁😁

  • Nadia Marchak
    Nadia Marchak 8 hours ago

    You should play Daganronpa on PlayStation 4

  • Crazy.Blonde
    Crazy.Blonde 9 hours ago

    Walking corpse syndrome is real it when you ,think you died but you didn't other wise know as votary syndromes

  • Imaperson WithADHD
    Imaperson WithADHD 9 hours ago

    0:24 no. I actually have nightmares about that. God that sounds horrible.

  • Hot Cocoa Howls
    Hot Cocoa Howls 10 hours ago

    Bit Ail-ments

  • XieDaDepressedPony
    XieDaDepressedPony 12 hours ago

    Whats that disease? Its tuberculosis!

  • Grace
    Grace 13 hours ago

    When you said “my brother died, he was killed in a landslide”, it sounded like “my two lovely uncles, killed in a drone strike” in the song

  • Flurby That Weird Kirby
    Flurby That Weird Kirby 14 hours ago +1

    basically my brain when i do things

    • Aleixia Prof
      Aleixia Prof 35 minutes ago

      *Aleixia used PK Lol*
      *Aleixia laughed too hard and collapsed...*
      *Aleixia lost the battle...*

    • Flurby That Weird Kirby
      Flurby That Weird Kirby 5 hours ago

      Aleixia Prof
      *Kumertorah use PK Fire!
      *Kumertorah was sent to jail for holding firearms!

    • Aleixia Prof
      Aleixia Prof 7 hours ago

      Flurby That Weird Kirby Haha, I love your profile pic😂

  • Hello Im Clark YT
    Hello Im Clark YT 15 hours ago

    I heard if you dont eat for a long time your stomach will eat itself then eat your insides

  • ShadowTail OwO
    ShadowTail OwO 16 hours ago

    Jenna Marbles. Thats all I'm gonna say. :,)

  • Charli Hickey
    Charli Hickey 17 hours ago

    Do you know what felicia means?

  • Billie's Ocean Eyes
    Billie's Ocean Eyes 19 hours ago

    I once died in bitlife because of cancer. She was only 4 years old
    I cried

  • Alma Najem
    Alma Najem 20 hours ago

    You are right. Supporting your LGBT+ friends and family is the easiest option. And the best.

  • k1ersten
    k1ersten 22 hours ago +1

    this was made on my birthday...while i was on vacation..when it's literally the funniest video..

  • James charles furry
    James charles furry 22 hours ago

    aye stop giveing me fears of walking courpse syndrom

  • Divay Bidois
    Divay Bidois Day ago

    just age up just push the +

  • Irelynn Huff
    Irelynn Huff Day ago

    I'm fat😊😊😊;3

  • Claire Alderson
    Claire Alderson Day ago

    Walking corpse syndrome is real, where you think your dead 😳

  • little ginger
    little ginger Day ago

    find the difference

  • BrittAny 101
    BrittAny 101 Day ago

    At the beginning of the video you just described my whole life and now I’m depressed

  • Aralainos_ College

    people with cotard commit suicide because they think that they wont get hurt

  • banana havana
    banana havana Day ago

    0:11 gotta catch 'em all!

  • The girl who can’t game

    Can we talk about how her nephew in Bitlife was named “Pervis?”


    So I can't Eat or hug mah mom? D:>

  • That_Boi SimonJean

    Me:This seems cool
    Laurenzside:ima do nothin in this bitlife

  • Hurija Kuljancic

    This is Lauren~
    The more likes this and the video gets,
    Is the IQ she got plying this game

  • Brian Tumlinson
    Brian Tumlinson Day ago +1

    If Emily (lauren) droped out of high school...HOW IS SHE SO SMART?!

  • Bangtan Hailee
    Bangtan Hailee Day ago

    " It's not a phase, it's my life "
    Me telling my mom about my kpop addiction

  • Mesa Miner
    Mesa Miner Day ago

    Wait Salt Lake City? That's only a few cities away from me!

  • Princess Minty
    Princess Minty Day ago

    I’m not doing anything:c

  • Sarah CT
    Sarah CT Day ago

    You should try to get all the ribbons

  • Gracie Gamer
    Gracie Gamer Day ago

    This was uploaded on my bday

  • Kamilla Prieme Knudsen

    There's just a song I keep on thinking of when I watch this video - called busy doing nothing by Ace Wilder XD

  • Dog Lover
    Dog Lover Day ago

    Ot the shortest ever I died at 3 in bitlife

  • G L I T C H
    G L I T C H Day ago

    OMG that second life-- my birthday is day before theirs-

  • April Loosey
    April Loosey 2 days ago

    On bitlife

  • April Loosey
    April Loosey 2 days ago

    One time I lived till the age of 4 because at 2 I got cancer

  • Oza Non
    Oza Non 2 days ago

    5:21 is it bad that this has happened to me before??? Aaaand I refused to go……and my actual life is kinda this challenge is it bad??? …………idunnobutfrommyinfroitsprobablywrong

  • DahMoustacheGirl
    DahMoustacheGirl 2 days ago

    Getting as many partners as possible in bit life

  • Sophia D
    Sophia D 2 days ago

    Both my parents died In BitLife so I tried to drop out of school but it said my parents won’t let me

  • Zayabsol
    Zayabsol 2 days ago

    If we wanted that why would we be watching this video?we'd be dead no breathing no letting anything happen...

  • Hanna__ Cuffe
    Hanna__ Cuffe 2 days ago

    Ice heard of walking corpse syndrome. It’s horrible the person thinks that their dead but they’re alive and they can like actually die from it. Yay.

  • The Forgotten
    The Forgotten 2 days ago +1

    Wouldn't last long, *DON'T EAT!!* *DON'T DRINK*

    Oh crap, there is still *DON'T DIE!!*
    DO NOT

  • Nintentoon NTT
    Nintentoon NTT 2 days ago


  • Jasmine Beever
    Jasmine Beever 2 days ago +3

    I watched a video about the walking corpse syndrome, and their was a girl who had it, *and her name was EMILY.....*

  • CheckYes_ Luvin_It
    CheckYes_ Luvin_It 2 days ago

    Fun facts you can die from Walking Corpse Syndrome cause since you believe your dead you think you dont have to eat! The more yah know~ (I also watch too much E.R shows and this girl had it and she died for a moment but they revived her so there was a happy ending)

  • WolfLore
    WolfLore 2 days ago

    Lauren here have some BREDDDDD

  • Zella_ Bean
    Zella_ Bean 2 days ago +2

    You should’ve just killed ur parents then dropped out and if u got caught escape jail

    • Abigail Lantz
      Abigail Lantz 4 hours ago

      That sounds a lot like doing something!

  • Lucia Corona
    Lucia Corona 2 days ago +1

    I got werewolf synodrome

  • Annamae Mills
    Annamae Mills 2 days ago

    9:00 that is a real syndrome 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️

  • Doroteja Srhoj
    Doroteja Srhoj 2 days ago

    Stop at 2:20 and read all the text...

  • Teresa Gudek
    Teresa Gudek 2 days ago

    Get a COOKIE

  • 1DKAnymor3 YT
    1DKAnymor3 YT 3 days ago +2

    I want to be the very best,
    Like no one ever was.
    To catch them is my real test,
    To train them is my cause.
    I will travel across the land,
    Searching far and wide.
    Each sickness , to understand
    The power that's inside

    It's you and me
    I know it's my destiny
    You're my best friend
    In a world we must defend

    A heart so true
    Our courage will pull us through
    You teach me and I'll teach you
    Gotta catch 'em all

    it took me so long to remember the lyrics so please like to make it worth while both me writing it and you reading it! :)

  • UR MOM
    UR MOM 3 days ago +1

    Laurenzside: Ailment! Gotta catch em all!!!

  • Livvy Loo Loo
    Livvy Loo Loo 3 days ago +3

    Bitlife: Your mom wants you to get a job
    Lauren: *puts on accent* Mom mind ya buisness.

  • Livvy Loo Loo
    Livvy Loo Loo 3 days ago +3

    Who else looked up walking corpse syndrome.

    • KyleeHSK
      KyleeHSK 2 days ago

      Livvy Loo Loo me lel

    EMMA BOCKSNICK 3 days ago

    some people do die from walking corpse syndrome, but because the stop eating or kill themselves thinking that they wont get hurt.

  • sunflower 48
    sunflower 48 3 days ago +1

    One time I died at age 3 on bitlife because I rolled out of bed and hit my head shortest bitlife I ever played

  • Furo Ciousd
    Furo Ciousd 3 days ago

    Emily grade must be Ariana grades Lil sister!

  • Graham Clark
    Graham Clark 3 days ago +2


  • HoneyBun B4
    HoneyBun B4 3 days ago

    6:14 I do

  • Mashaela Foster
    Mashaela Foster 3 days ago

    Do you think that maybe... she was a pirate who didnt do anything?

  • Dragon cat
    Dragon cat 3 days ago

    I looked it up on Google and apparently Walking corps syndrome is a real thing. It's says it's " A rare but very real delusional disorder that causes those who are afflicted to believe that they have died and are no longer among the living." So basically the people who have it think that they are zombies in a way. symptoms include: Depression, anxiety, hallucinations, Hypochondria, guilt, and preoccupation with hurting yourself or death.
    They say that mental Heath conditions and neurological conditions can also increase someone’s risk of getting Walking Corps Syndrome.
    It was actually pretty interesting to read about. 😅

  • Gacha Sylveon
    Gacha Sylveon 3 days ago

    *you can literally get ebola in BitLife, I’m not joking*