• Published on Mar 7, 2018
  • This one's a doozy! Watch to the end for the REAL story! FITNESS AND TRANSFORMATION VIDEOS COMING SOON! Make sure to turn on my post notifications so you don't miss them, and THUMBS UP if you missed story time!
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  • Sharp
    Sharp 20 hours ago

    I love how 20 minutes of the video is:
    And 6 minutes of the video is actually the story 😂

  • Emmalei Huenniger
    Emmalei Huenniger 21 hour ago

    Every time I see a new video I get super excited. I love all of your story times!!

  • Pinkloves 4992
    Pinkloves 4992 Day ago +1

    Anyone here after the Trisha drama?

  • Kimbo Yeet
    Kimbo Yeet Day ago

    Does anybody like to type in the comments like a year or 2 after???

  • strange love
    strange love 4 days ago

    I'm fat as a pig I ain't beautiful but I'm funny 😀

    Just kidding I'm still fat I'm still ugly and I'm not funny 😜

  • It’s Miffy
    It’s Miffy 4 days ago

    He literally sounds mental

  • Emma C
    Emma C 5 days ago +1

    In my opinion story times never get old 😁

  • Jessica Alvarez
    Jessica Alvarez 6 days ago

    Sounds like a breakup story lol

  • Natasha Cosentino
    Natasha Cosentino 7 days ago

    2019 anybody

  • David Tichborne
    David Tichborne 9 days ago

    I don't think nutritionists are really useful honestly I think it's pointless mostly

  • David Tichborne
    David Tichborne 9 days ago

    I have a dietitian myself but it's worthless all its ever done was make feel more bad about myself my dietitian was meant to teach me what to eat because they thought I either just had a lack of control or I just didn't know what to eat and that's not it at its emotional eating that's my problem and my nutritionist doesn't specialize in that but thankfully my therapist does specialize in that

  • Kaitlyn BENNETT
    Kaitlyn BENNETT 11 days ago +1

    When he said “wanna come to dinner with me at Beyoncé’s, it’s a plus one.” But when she declined he said “I cancelled because my friend recently moved back into town.” Ok well that’s a full lie and also you could of taken your friend to dinner with Beyoncé because it was a plus one and Gabbie declined the offer.

  • Christina Bee
    Christina Bee 12 days ago

    OMMMMMFFFGGGGGG every time you said "this STILL isn't the story" I WAS DYING HAHAHA

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie 12 days ago

    I think that the "client" that messaged your trainer was actually the nutritionist pretending to be a client

  • TheBlondieLocks
    TheBlondieLocks 12 days ago


  • Melanie Avelar
    Melanie Avelar 13 days ago

    You are more

  • shifa m
    shifa m 15 days ago

    I am a nutritionist, visit my page for tips on how to lead a healthy life:

  • Kirsten Tippit
    Kirsten Tippit 19 days ago +1

    What hes doing is called indirect programming
    Said ur hot
    Pointed out flaw
    Tring to cut off other people
    Said ur hot
    Pointed out flaw
    Asked u out

  • Kirsten Tippit
    Kirsten Tippit 19 days ago +1

    I'm a doctor
    I'm a doctor
    I'm. A. Doctor
    In slowmo

  • Galaxy Meifwa Gamer
    Galaxy Meifwa Gamer 20 days ago +1

    Gabbie: *aNd sCiENcE*

  • Aly Smith
    Aly Smith 21 day ago +1

    You stop storytimes I will literally start my depression again, like im not joking,whatsoever your storytimes helped my anxiety and depression because it just makes me laugh and its kinda rude but to me it makes me feel better that others have it worse than me (like not you in general cause ur life is way better than mine) but like your stories make me feel...less scared i guess?

  • • cracker •
    • cracker • 21 day ago

    That nutritionist was def not a professional..

  • Polar
    Polar 21 day ago

    Gabbie: In my heart
    Me: Watches escape the night
    Also me: huh

  • Golden Rose
    Golden Rose 22 days ago

    When ever I'm asked a question, I'm just going 5o answer "BECAUSE SCIENCE!" Even if it was a yes or no question. Uwu

  • LivandMaddieVlogs
    LivandMaddieVlogs 24 days ago

    y’all 22 minutes of of the video wasn’t the story 😭😂!

  • katherine d380
    katherine d380 25 days ago


  • Juliet The Gryffindor
    Juliet The Gryffindor 25 days ago

    “And I was like... HuUuUuUuuUHhhHh”

  • afrikinloser
    afrikinloser 27 days ago

    me: h-

  • Pineapples Pulp
    Pineapples Pulp 27 days ago

    20:52 is the story

  • Pineapples Pulp
    Pineapples Pulp 27 days ago +1

    BITCH!!! i cAmE tO YoU FoR WeIGhT LoSt

  • Cassie Aycock
    Cassie Aycock 27 days ago

    Wow girl, you handled that so much more gracefully than I think I would've been able to!

  • Tatiana Ianiuk
    Tatiana Ianiuk 28 days ago

    Hey GABBYIE you’re nutritionist sounds exactly like a Dominican. Really..
    Where is he from?

  • Lauren Scullion
    Lauren Scullion 29 days ago +3

    Yes to more story times.

  • Amy Haze
    Amy Haze 29 days ago

    Gabbie: *I make people crazy*
    Me: relates

  • Amy Haze
    Amy Haze 29 days ago

    Oh, puh lease, scammer nutritionist. Cut the simplified carbs and grease,eat lean and clean, run 4 times a week and in two months you’ll be at least 5 pounds down. This guy was trying to delay your process

  • Billie S
    Billie S Month ago

    Note to anyone wanting to learn how to have a good relationship with food: go to a dietitian, not a nutritionist

  • Purplepuppy Lover
    Purplepuppy Lover Month ago +2

    Gabbie you literally have the perfect body and are so beautiful I wish I could be like you because you are so strong when it comes to relationships and everything you do is inspiring to us all . You help me feel not ugly

  • Alejandro Nunez
    Alejandro Nunez Month ago +1

    They do these because the componies work together and they want to make extra money

  • Sunny Narwhal
    Sunny Narwhal Month ago +1

    Gabbie: DORING
    Me: huh?
    Gabbie: DOURING
    Me: During?

  • TheHarpersimmer
    TheHarpersimmer Month ago

    Hey Gab, let me explain something to you.

    The protein powder that he recommended, is corn syrup the first ingredient that is in the ingredient list? If so, that means that the protein powder has more corn syrup that anything else inside of it!

  • Hilary Pen
    Hilary Pen Month ago

    Wtf this is the best horrific hilarious story ever

  • Stitched Mouth
    Stitched Mouth Month ago +1

    I love that she covered his name with white rice.

  • Isla Bingham
    Isla Bingham Month ago +1

    I have a medical problem I take nine teen pills a day

  • ErklaerMirDieWelt
    ErklaerMirDieWelt Month ago

    Don't you have some sort of protection of personal data over there, especially for healthcare professionals?

  • Chloe Edge
    Chloe Edge Month ago +2

    I WaNtEd To Fix YoUr iNTeStiNal ProBleMs FirSt tHatS MoRe iMpoRtAnt


  • selome yared
    selome yared Month ago

    he said intestinal issues? rice makes you constipated. i’m sorry, you should sue.

  • m h
    m h Month ago

    Story starts at 20:55.

  • emofoxkitten
    emofoxkitten Month ago


  • max PJ
    max PJ Month ago

    so i first watched this video about a week or so ago and coincidentally, a few nights ago, my fiancé told me he wants to lose weight. he told me his best friend wants him to follow a diet that he's been doing himself. he said the diet calls for a lot of white rice. immediately i remembered this video and said," no don't do that!! plus you shouldn't follow the diet of a man gaining weight to go into the military." just thought i'd tell that funny little story.

  • Leena Bansal
    Leena Bansal Month ago

    Love you Gab!😘

  • Brigida Olmsted
    Brigida Olmsted Month ago

    PLEEEEEEASE REPORT THIS MOTHERFUCKER! This storytime had me legitimately SCREAMING

  • Sarah Welch
    Sarah Welch Month ago +1

    I know I’m watching and commenting over a year after you initially posted this but being in the healthcare field myself, that nutritionist actually BROKE LAWS showing you his other patients unless he had legal (written) permission to disclose any of their information!!! He did the same to you when he reached out to his patient who shared your trainer. You have legit legal precedent to file a formal medical complaint and sue him under HIPPA violations. This doesn’t even include his professional inappropriate behavior with his comments and body language and dinner invitation. Seriously consider filing a complaint. If he did this to you, then think who else he could be doing it to.

  • Almost Adulting
    Almost Adulting Month ago

    Yeah rice made me gain weight too and made me very hungry but it’s just all sugar and I gained so much weight instantly got better once I stoped eating rice

  • RunFromHumanContacts

    Hippaaaaaa violatioooooonnnnn sue hiiiim

  • Luna Michelle
    Luna Michelle Month ago

    what would have he done if she did say yes to that dinner? what was his plan .. i feel like it would’ve been a dangerous situation for her

  • Mati Scatt
    Mati Scatt Month ago +1

    8:35 the fact that she said “why the fUCK” with such passion

  • Kaiya Van Sant
    Kaiya Van Sant Month ago +1

    Gabbie: I should write a poetry book...
    Gabbie: Writes a poetry book

  • gnosiscna
    gnosiscna Month ago +5

    Nutritionists don't need to have extensive training to have a practice. I don't trust them one bit. Dietitians are the way to go imo.

  • joseph preston
    joseph preston Month ago +1

    honey trust me i stop eating because of a doctor calling me FUCKING FAT and i was pissed i wanted to kill him

    • Heidi A.
      Heidi A. Month ago

      You’re anorexic. Please seek help with a dietitian

  • Crazy Ketket
    Crazy Ketket Month ago +1

    As I watched this I got an add about yoga and gym