First Time, Last Time ✨ 10 Years of Jersey Shore

  • Published on Dec 3, 2019
  • In celebration of Jersey Shore's 10th anniversary, we're looking back on the first time we met the fam -- to where we left off!
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Comments • 221

  • Christina x
    Christina x 4 days ago +1

    1:46 when Sammie sees Ronnie, she has her mouth open 😂😂

  • Chasity Turner
    Chasity Turner 12 days ago


  • Lotus Lane
    Lotus Lane 13 days ago

    Mike gets out on my Birthday lol

  • Toshua Ivey
    Toshua Ivey 15 days ago

    Ron's new teeth... yikes

  • Junko Enoshima
    Junko Enoshima 17 days ago +1

    I know you only watched this for snookie

  • Midnight sun
    Midnight sun 17 days ago +1

    All of them look so old and washed up now.

    • Jose Lozano
      Jose Lozano 15 days ago

      Redbonethug1 your names washed up

  • Alejandra Bernal
    Alejandra Bernal 22 days ago

    Ugh I love American History 🇺🇸

    • Anja
      Anja 19 days ago

      Wrong movie ...

  • Rachel Killian
    Rachel Killian 23 days ago +3

    Now thanks to this I gotta start from the beginning 😂 time to binge 😂

  • Gaby Arreola
    Gaby Arreola 23 days ago +5

    I love how all their accents simmered down 😂

  • Yariliz Alcivar
    Yariliz Alcivar 25 days ago

    I was at there house to see it in jersey shore it was awesome

  • BrandonTyler Carter
    BrandonTyler Carter Month ago +1

    Why does it feel like the show is over?

  • Quincy Westbrook
    Quincy Westbrook Month ago

    But they’re the best I’m glad they’re doing good !

  • Quincy Westbrook
    Quincy Westbrook Month ago +2

    The girls surgery looks almost bad as the Kardashian’s ..

  • Sara Melody
    Sara Melody Month ago

    I need friends like this 💅🏾

  • A. E.
    A. E. Month ago +1

    5:33 hideous.

  • Ree.thegemini
    Ree.thegemini Month ago +220

    "No one in your family has a suit case you could borrow?"
    This will never get old 😂😂

  • YamaAgni
    YamaAgni Month ago +1

    Starting with Sam & ending with Mike was so good and well executed!

  • killerdemo
    killerdemo Month ago +1

    Can the show go on without Snooki like it did without Sammy? I would still watch if they continued to do the show but I can also see the other side of the coin and finally end the show with Snooki leaving. Alot is in the air.

  • Bella Joseph
    Bella Joseph Month ago +1

    I can’t believe I was 7 years old watching this with my mother 😂😂 why does it feel like only 5 years ago?😹

  • Mark Mñz
    Mark Mñz Month ago

    I’ve loved this reality show since the first time - first episode, these group of people is seriously the best cast ever.

  • lonehearted
    lonehearted Month ago +1

    still one of the best reality tv shows

  • MsSkux123
    MsSkux123 Month ago

    The thing I feel that made Hersey shore really stand out is that they got girls and guys that weren’t all wannabe models/body builders (even though they may have thought they were lol) that actually had a sense of humour and could laugh at themselves and each other

  • margie wood
    margie wood Month ago +2

    What's going to happen to the show now that snookie retired from the show??

  • Barbara Von Traumer

    Ugh. All that stuff she injected in her face ruined it for me. Money really changes people’s brains for the worst when they’re uneducated

  • Tierra Brooks
    Tierra Brooks Month ago

    All of their faces look weird af now!

  • X x
    X x Month ago +3

    My Nonna hates this cast. She says they put shame on Italians😂

  • Josh Garza
    Josh Garza Month ago +13

    There couldn’t have been a better cast!! Still love it today takes me back to high school! 2009 -2012 were the good ol days! Before social media was at its best, watching re-runs at 2am! Don’t ever make a replica of this show!!

  • TheGrifLife
    TheGrifLife Month ago +1

    I liked they way the girls looked in the OG JS! 😔 The original JS will always be my favorite. Always!

  • Selena O
    Selena O Month ago

    2:07 🦆

  • Queen Taty
    Queen Taty Month ago

    Wow I was 9 years old when this came out!! Still love them

  • carl cleveland
    carl cleveland Month ago

    I was 17 when jersey shore started im 27 now

  • Nik Edison
    Nik Edison Month ago

    im mad mike the sit has mukbangs w wife. jewce headddd

  • Amelia Ekman
    Amelia Ekman Month ago +1

    jenni is so pretty

  • Jessie Arturo Thunder

    What happened to snookie s lips ?

  • Tostada Jones
    Tostada Jones Month ago +3

    They're finally ending everything? No more family editions or spin offs?

  • TheSuperAnimeGirl13
    TheSuperAnimeGirl13 Month ago +1

    How does Pauly look the same from 2009 to 2019

  • Jim Rainero
    Jim Rainero Month ago

    Mom's with aptitude

  • Lvly
    Lvly Month ago +3

    I remember I stayed up past bedtime to watch every Thursday @10!! I jumped in 2 seasons late & I binge watched every episode before the 3rd season aired. My poor little cousin was bored while I ignored her...

  • Riyad MrSelfmade
    Riyad MrSelfmade Month ago

    complete idiots

  • Dave Stoker
    Dave Stoker Month ago


  • Laur Aubrey
    Laur Aubrey Month ago

    Can't watch this dumb show anymore. Bunch of old drunks

  • Nadine Rodriguez
    Nadine Rodriguez Month ago +25

    10 years later: Pauly and Vinny can still get it 😘😘😘

  • Erin Vaughn
    Erin Vaughn Month ago +8

    I use to be a huge fan of the show ... until Ronny keeps getting away with domestic violence 😔

  • Kathleen Henson
    Kathleen Henson Month ago +11

    Snooki, you were so cute. Now you are full of chemicals and look silly.

  • My dude
    My dude Month ago +2

    South park snooki looks accurate

  • Mishalle Roza-Ingram

    Gotta 💜 them guidos and guidettes!!

  • Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes

    Ok so 10 years later and i.still don't know why Angelina came in with garbage bags. Does anyone know? What her excuse was?

  • Jayda Smith
    Jayda Smith Month ago +10

    Angelinas new face is actually pretty

  • mindie inostroza
    mindie inostroza Month ago +3

    So apparently Jennie Nicole Sammie( of course) had a crush on Ron.. Lol (btw aftershow first season Ron said jennie wanted to hook up with him and that's why Sammie doesnt like her.)

  • Esperanza Serrano
    Esperanza Serrano Month ago

    Angelina in 10 years... idk how to feel about the product

  • Amaris Mandujano
    Amaris Mandujano Month ago +22

    Pauly's had some botox by the eyes. You can tell when he smiles

  • Amber Wallace-Goldberg

    LOL ❤

  • Tdotkilla _
    Tdotkilla _ Month ago +1

    Plz make another szn 😭

  • Doug Hendricks
    Doug Hendricks Month ago +1

    Ronnie went downhill the most.

    • Ola Ela
      Ola Ela Month ago

      Because of baby?

  • Aria Grace
    Aria Grace Month ago +230

    mtv really did a great thing getting this specific group of people together to create this show. It's just something that cannot be replicated ever again.

  • Tyriss Usry
    Tyriss Usry Month ago +5

    I’ll never stop watching this group 😂😂😂😂

  • Shepard Official
    Shepard Official Month ago +2

    Get crazy! Get Wild!

  • Billings21
    Billings21 Month ago +1

    Pauly D “I’m The Prank War Champion” 🔥♥️😍

  • Billings21
    Billings21 Month ago +15

    Mike to Angelina from season 2 “Dirty Little Hamster” 🤣🤣🤣