Rhett & Link Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

  • Published on Oct 3, 2018
  • Rhett & Link take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves. Do Rhett & Link live together? Are they a couple? Are they actually friends?? The hilarious pair answer all these questions, and more!

    ”Internetainers” Rhett & Link are the hosts of the most-watched daily talk show on the internet, Good Mythical Morning, which airs weekdays on TVclip.com/GoodMythicalMorning.
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    Rhett & Link Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED
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Comments • 3 558

  • The Crystal SHAMROCK
    The Crystal SHAMROCK 11 hours ago

    Wen u sed u r friends for entertainment purposes u broke my heart

  • TheG33k
    TheG33k 20 hours ago

    They're entertaining even answering some random questions. That's why I love'em.

  • TheG33k
    TheG33k 20 hours ago

    I'm a fan of Rhett & Link GMM and also I love the EAR Biscuits Podcast, that is what I use to sleep almost every night.

  • Swiss Cheese
    Swiss Cheese Day ago

    Why does Rhett go WWHHHAAAAAAT? When Link says the “T” word and why did they stop song biscuits

  • raven hades
    raven hades Day ago

    What happened to link on bffs

  • Cross Johansen
    Cross Johansen Day ago

    I wish they would have actually answered the questions

  • Samantha Wilson
    Samantha Wilson 2 days ago

    If you guys came back to HCHS you would be so disappointed in it, but the basketball record is still unbeaten👍👍 but all the teams suck...

  • Gary Riddle
    Gary Riddle 3 days ago

    Well the guestion was do they cuss not can they cuss

  • Matthew Ruiz
    Matthew Ruiz 3 days ago

    I love these guys! They always make me laugh! 😂

  • UnicornGames
    UnicornGames 3 days ago

    I can’t tell if they’re being sarcastic or not half the time...
    Jk I can tell but it’s hard sometimes

  • Viktoria F.
    Viktoria F. 4 days ago

    I love them so much oh my god!! They are coming to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and I am so excited!!!!

  • Amanda Prince
    Amanda Prince 6 days ago

    So tHerE nOt frIends?!

  • Dante Santana
    Dante Santana 7 days ago

    1:55 "Like *KayEssAye* "

  • jobicoppola5
    jobicoppola5 7 days ago +1

    7:10 omg!! I was born in Georgia, moved to North Carolina, then to LA!! Are you my brother lol

    • jobicoppola5
      jobicoppola5 4 days ago

      Games rule haha 😂

    • Games rule
      Games rule 4 days ago +1

      Ever time we talk about Georgia in class every one stares at me 😂

    • Games rule
      Games rule 4 days ago

      So haha

    • Games rule
      Games rule 4 days ago

      Hey my name's jorja

  • VandaB
    VandaB 7 days ago

    I will never love anything as much as I love the little moments when Link adjusts his glasses

  • Anthony Edward Stark
    Anthony Edward Stark 8 days ago +1

    I missed the line
    Let's talk about that

  • Vivien Lisa-Mary Schneider

    When did link become the hot one?

  • Anthony Higgins
    Anthony Higgins 8 days ago


  • KnightShade
    KnightShade 9 days ago

    You sing like scottland i think

  • Eric West
    Eric West 9 days ago

    I mean they aren't wrong about public school

  • Charlie Strover
    Charlie Strover 9 days ago +1

    I'm not even famous and I've Googled myself. It's interesting!

  • Kate Workman
    Kate Workman 10 days ago

    Who else wanted him to say, "on a pop tart," when he said, "Do you ever put butter..."?

  • Jake Speed
    Jake Speed 10 days ago

    Rhett looks like a vampire

  • Kate.
    Kate. 10 days ago

    For anyone whose confused:
    1: no theyve been friends since 1st grade
    2: no they each have wives and kids
    3: idk lol
    4: yes
    5: yes (somehow)
    6: no lol
    7: no lmaoo
    8: no
    9: yes !!
    10: recorder and guitar
    11: yes they can
    12: thats a good video lmao
    13: cuz he likes it lol
    14: idk man
    15: cuz of commercial kings
    16: theyre still doing it i think?
    17: nope
    18: in the show, no
    19: uh idk
    20: nope
    21: yes
    22: yeehaw (u should watch that video its really funny)
    23: yep
    24: what they said
    ok im too lazy to finish this lmao

  • brandon heape
    brandon heape 10 days ago

    “Are Rhett and link stoners” Rhett: “ahhh” *nods*. Link: NO!

  • xSkitlesMan X
    xSkitlesMan X 11 days ago

    I used to think they made videos in like a shack outside their house

  • Coco Love
    Coco Love 11 days ago

    There sarcasm is making me very anxious. Are they really friend or not?!

    • Rosie Rennie
      Rosie Rennie 11 days ago

      They're just being sarcastic. They've been friends since they were in school

  • sweiland75
    sweiland75 11 days ago

    "for entertainment purposes only"

    What about the women?

  • brofenix
    brofenix 12 days ago +1


  • Davey Havok337
    Davey Havok337 12 days ago

    Y'all should get #daveyhavok to do this lol it'd be so amusing and amazing

  • MA Vids
    MA Vids 13 days ago

    1:16 yes that's exactly what they did they googled it that's why it's on the Google search

  • Alexandra Marberry
    Alexandra Marberry 13 days ago

    I actually found their studio. I was super bored a few years ago when they moved to California, so I found clues throughout their videos and tracked it down on Google maps.

    • Rosie Rennie
      Rosie Rennie 11 days ago

      Being super bored is not a reason to stalk someone

  • its me idk
    its me idk 13 days ago

    You can eat anything

    It just depends if it's gonna kill you


  • William Wonka
    William Wonka 14 days ago +2

    Why rhett and link..... never had the clearly canadian livestream

  • Gracie May Marcer
    Gracie May Marcer 14 days ago

    wait link is a furry? me to!

  • Kaitlyn J.
    Kaitlyn J. 14 days ago

    Rhett: I wouldn't say that I'm especially warm.
    Link: He's not..

  • food is me
    food is me 15 days ago

    Why do they do ya if ther not friends

  • C Money
    C Money 15 days ago +1

    Are they really not friends😥

  • Medical Doll
    Medical Doll 16 days ago +3

    It would’ve been nice if they actually answered some of the questions, like the Rhett and Tokyo thing, and how they met Stevie.

  • Lowestt Clapz
    Lowestt Clapz 16 days ago +2

    It's at 1-7-
    *Now let's vague about this*

  • Wednesday Adams
    Wednesday Adams 17 days ago


  • Annika Peachy
    Annika Peachy 19 days ago +1

    I think they mean is the CHANNEL rhett and link active

  • lpsfairylightz
    lpsfairylightz 19 days ago

    *I'm a furry''*
    -link 2018

  • Floatii-boat
    Floatii-boat 21 day ago


  • Juliana Rowe
    Juliana Rowe 21 day ago

    Why am I freaking out that Rhett was born in Georgia and that's where I live? *mentally starts fangirl screeching again*

  • smiling tyjo
    smiling tyjo 22 days ago

    "I love furries. I AM a furry." - Link Neal

  • Jacob Clayson
    Jacob Clayson 24 days ago


  • BigBoi 04
    BigBoi 04 25 days ago


  • Franny
    Franny 25 days ago +4

    Still wanna know the answer to the whole Tokyo thing

  • Sherman Jumbo
    Sherman Jumbo 25 days ago

    Rhett can play the guitar. Rhett here is wonderwall by Oasis.

  • Oskar Terlecki
    Oskar Terlecki 26 days ago

    Anyone else have a vibe that they hate each other?

  • Gray Wolf
    Gray Wolf 26 days ago +6

    "are rhett and link stoners?"

    Rhett: "aaahhh" (that definitely means yes)

  • Bella Cancellieri
    Bella Cancellieri 26 days ago

    I live in North Carolina

  • Esther Bjerga
    Esther Bjerga 27 days ago

    Have you ever put butter in your ears?

  • Kaeden Digi
    Kaeden Digi 27 days ago +1

    Rhett- sings beautifully
    Link- kills a bird

    No offense link

  • Ryan Gagnon
    Ryan Gagnon 28 days ago

    I’m sad because now I know the are not friends 😓😥

    • Aquariaaa
      Aquariaaa 27 days ago

      They're still friends, they just have a running joke about them not being friends

  • epicfail40o800
    epicfail40o800 28 days ago

    Yes Rhett went to community college 😂😂😂 it’s funny because he always rants about it

  • Agnes A
    Agnes A 29 days ago

    I’ve been watching these guys for years, becoming crazily successful, and they are actually still so similar to how they used to be

  • Wasabi czuczman
    Wasabi czuczman 29 days ago

    I almost cried when i discovered that they weren't friends

    • Caleb Michael
      Caleb Michael 21 day ago

      Well, hold in your tears cause they were joking

  • Grim fang the Hellhound

    If you get paid for something it can be considered a job, might not actually be one, but you can still consider it, like being a TVclipr can be a job, the more the subs the higher the views the higher the pay the higher quality videos and so forth until your like jacksepticeye you guys or Mr beast where his videos don't interest Me but he's a generous TVclipr for passing out millions of dollars, if I could I would ask him for some money cuz I'm poor,
    But he probably wouldn't believe me unless he found proof, anyways I'm sorry if this comment is long I hope you guys and your crew have good days 👌👍

  • Esme Tjahjono
    Esme Tjahjono Month ago

    I feel like they lied to us sometimes

  • Teesh
    Teesh Month ago

    “Are Rhett and Link stoners?”
    Link- no!
    Rhett- *avoids question*
    I always thought Rhett looked and acted like a stoner 😂😂😂

  • Chronic ducky 1
    Chronic ducky 1 Month ago

    He’s a furrie

  • Jason Phegley
    Jason Phegley Month ago

    They answered no questions haha this was so lame.

  • The Daily Funnys
    The Daily Funnys Month ago +1

    It makes me sad thinking Rhett and Link are no longer friends

  • Hannah Fuhlhage
    Hannah Fuhlhage Month ago


  • jmluc90
    jmluc90 Month ago

    This is one of the best Rhett and Link things I've ever seen 😂

  • twildabuckingham
    twildabuckingham Month ago

    Why was this so out of focus? What a shame

  • ette. ev
    ette. ev Month ago

    Imagine having dads that know ab furries

  • Snicker doodle Kiddo

    So Rhett and link aren’t friends or was he being sarcastic?

  • The real Tea
    The real Tea Month ago

    I expected the intro "let's talk about that" sad

  • Adam Williams
    Adam Williams Month ago

    I searched up how old is Rhett and link

  • kratos 25th
    kratos 25th Month ago

    rhett and link not being friends anymore and talking so nonchalantly about it breaks my heart

    • Caleb Michael
      Caleb Michael 20 days ago

      Yeah but in the lie detector test video link says he enjoys their friendship

    • kratos 25th
      kratos 25th 20 days ago

      +Caleb Michael in other videos they say the same thing

    • Caleb Michael
      Caleb Michael 21 day ago

      They were joking

  • No Context
    No Context Month ago

    i can’t even understand if they are joking or not

  • Luke Scrabis
    Luke Scrabis Month ago +1

    Is the thing that they aren’t friends just a joke... please tell me they are friends

  • Cheesepuff Playz
    Cheesepuff Playz Month ago

    Am I the only one who felt that Rhett and Link were a little awkward in this video?

  • Ran & Scotti
    Ran & Scotti Month ago

    After punk said do you put butter in your ears I kept waiting for Rhett to say “Let’s talk about that”

  • J E
    J E Month ago

    But Links actually really talented on the recorder. Look up “Middle school girlfriend”. It’s actually pretty impressive

  • drink me
    drink me Month ago

    It ruined it when I realize they were actually friends

  • Pato Swag
    Pato Swag Month ago +1

    Why isn’t This video on GMM

  • Ellie Greig
    Ellie Greig Month ago

    I like link the most

    CJ REDFERN Month ago

    Rhett and link aren’t friends

  • Connor The Star Wars fan

    4:55 I can’t even breath right now

  • Gacha SANS
    Gacha SANS Month ago

    Im. Lost my girl freind after cheating
    I looked in google for how many she cheated on

  • Majed_SA
    Majed_SA Month ago

    What do they mean about only till 6 grade friends

  • Julio G
    Julio G Month ago

    Stevie bae af😍😍😍😍😍😍💯💯🤦🏻‍♂️

  • sajon
    sajon Month ago +1

    Rhett is 40?? He looks like late 20s to early 30s.

  • Raven The Weirdo
    Raven The Weirdo Month ago +1

    "there's no easy answer to this question"
    *and Link said it. it's confurmed*

  • Clara Macleod
    Clara Macleod Month ago

    wait are they friends are not i am confused plz someone answer

    • Nic E
      Nic E Month ago

      Clara Macleod they are friends idyit

  • BeccaRaptor94
    BeccaRaptor94 Month ago

    They are so handsome!

  • Keagan Van Duzer
    Keagan Van Duzer Month ago

    did they find mrs locklear?

    • Nic E
      Nic E Month ago

      Keagan Van Duzer 👨‍🦲 this is my face when I am trying not to blow my brains out because of the dumbasses in the comments.

  • Jake Roberts
    Jake Roberts Month ago

    The dude with the beard looks like he picks his hair cut off the wall at super cuts

    • Nic E
      Nic E Month ago

      Jake Roberts his name is Rhett. Seriously you watched a whole vid about him and don’t know his name like wtf man. Shame on you. Smh my head.

  • Ravenpotter
    Ravenpotter Month ago +1

    Also fun fact I was at the tour of mythicality and I screamed Tokyo at the q&a and the Rhett did the Tokyo XD

    • Nic E
      Nic E Month ago


    • Toxic Prime
      Toxic Prime Month ago

      Ravenpotter well, Link is but I’m not sure about Rhett

    • Nic E
      Nic E Month ago

      Ravenpotter no

  • I See YOU
    I See YOU Month ago +3

    I am expecting furries!
    Edit: There are no furry questions?!?!
    But they went on a furry con

    • Aquariaaa
      Aquariaaa 27 days ago

      Did you not see the part of the video where they answered the question "are Rhett and Link furries?"

    • Abslye
      Abslye Month ago +1

      But, there is.
      *Link said he was a furry.*

  • Iris Sanchez
    Iris Sanchez Month ago

    Wait Georgia???? What part??????

  • Ness
    Ness Month ago

    Rhett is like Lemony Snicket

  • ashton ivie
    ashton ivie Month ago

    So there not friends??

  • Spencer MoreSyrupJohn


  • Star Espeo
    Star Espeo Month ago

    GMM actually had an episode called Can You Eat That

  • swaggergamer boy
    swaggergamer boy Month ago

    I’m leave in North Carolina in Harnett county 😂