Is Modern Feminism starting to undermine Itself? | Jess Butcher | TEDxAstonUniversity

  • Published on Sep 5, 2018
  • Entrepreneur, Non-Exec Director and Angel investor. Co-Founder of Blippar, one of Britain’s best-funded technology scale-ups and one of the world’s leading computer vision and augmented reality technology platforms. She is the recipient of numerous female entrepreneur and tech awards including BBC’s Top 100 Women and Fortune’s Most Powerful female entrepreneurs and is a passionate start-up mentor, public speaker and writer on subjects as diverse as women in technology, female entrepreneurialism, digital innovation, digital detox and work-life balance. She received an MBE in the 2018 New Years Honours List for her services to technology and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneur, Non-Exec Director and Angel investor. Co-Founder of Blippar, one of Britain’s best-funded technology scale-ups and one of the world’s leading computer vision and augmented reality technology platforms. She is the recipient of numerous female entrepreneur and tech awards including BBC’s Top 100 Women and Fortune’s Most Powerful female entrepreneurs and is a passionate start-up mentor, public speaker and writer on subjects as diverse as women in technology, female entrepreneurialism, digital innovation, digital detox and work-life balance. She received an MBE in the 2018 New Years Honours List for her services to technology and entrepreneurship. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • AidanofVT
    AidanofVT 11 hours ago

    If you want people hear you, you should first make sure that your mic has a higher volume than 'barely audible.'

  • Ae Norist
    Ae Norist 12 hours ago

    "Starting" ... oh boy.

  • Marie Isabel Vermelho
    Marie Isabel Vermelho 17 hours ago

    The only bad part about the video is the quality of sound :(

  • Christopher Gauci
    Christopher Gauci 17 hours ago


  • Tim Rich
    Tim Rich 22 hours ago

    I think this woman has experienced "positive discrimination," in giving this talk, but in a GOOD way. She can say these things and be heard in a way I could not, and my heart goes out to her. Although I was born a middle class white male, my life has been full of mental illness, lack of employment, and substance abuse. For this I mostly experience judgement rather than pity. I'm educated, but have deep-seeded problems that I won't go into and that aren't easy to see unless you know me and the details behind this. The world in extraordinarily callous if you're in that position in a way that I don't think (I could be wrong) it would be towards me were I female.

  • n777
    n777 Day ago


  • emarskineel
    emarskineel Day ago

    Oof that face that chin oof

  • Mr G
    Mr G Day ago

    worse. feminism has undermined love.

  • Maria Linietsky
    Maria Linietsky 2 days ago

    What about Claudette Colvin?

  • MrSidney9
    MrSidney9 2 days ago +2

    She deserved a standing ovation.

  • Justin Marion
    Justin Marion 2 days ago

    "Hello America, I'd like to tell you how you're wrong. Please don't kill me!"

  • David Reuben Grech
    David Reuben Grech 2 days ago

    So this is basically liberal feminism vs radical feminism

  • Paul Thomas
    Paul Thomas 3 days ago

    The male response to feminism is brewing. Mgtow,red pill,Pence rule etc,. Men will take it all back one day. Believe it!

  • J P
    J P 3 days ago

    I don't give two sh!ts about FEMINISM. MGTOW is my focus. Margret Thatcher, the most powerful women to date, acheived her goals as an individual told the feminazis take a hike. For this reason Feminazis do not quote Thatcher EVER. She told the feminazis you have equality you have the law on yourside. Thatcher had achieved the highest position/job any one person could aspire to. She was an individual and kept her position for longer than most and no different to men POWER corrupted her on her third term as A Priminister. FEMINISM LOL

  • George Lux
    George Lux 3 days ago

    The problem now is that the word "feminism" really has no meaning. It can be applied to everything from those who believe that all people deserve the same opportunity and respect (as any intelligent person would agree) to those that believe men should ALWAYS defer to women and in equality of outcome in every field (at least the good paying ones).

  • Hemispherectomy
    Hemispherectomy 3 days ago

    This woman spends 20 minutes talking about herself and who she thinks she is instead of getting to the point of this talk.

    • Hemispherectomy
      Hemispherectomy 3 days ago

      Despite the volume of valid points she brings up, DISCARD THE IDENTITY POLITICS.

  • Carlos Flores
    Carlos Flores 4 days ago +2

    Bravo! A smart honest woman! That is true feminism. 3rd wave feminism is CANCER.

  • Nathan H
    Nathan H 5 days ago +1

    Feminism is an emotional schism against objective realty. It is abusive, deluded, self centred, entitled, and wholly toxic.

  • Bruno Lages
    Bruno Lages 5 days ago

    It is just me that think feminism is becoming a selffulfiling phropesy? The structural discrimination that boys are forced to endure from cradle force them to fend for themselves agravated by the sense of loneliness that growing up as second class citizens in the name of equality to extirp their "privilege" shape them into very driving esteriotype of powerful men: uncarring due to deprivation of compassion, rutlessness born out of paranoia and loneliness enforcing a perception that they are the only ones that will defend their interest, and power hungry in search of self-afirmation.

  • Dr. David Berman
    Dr. David Berman 7 days ago +1

    Feminists are angry unhappy and never satisfied. It’s destruction

  • Epic Mormon Brony
    Epic Mormon Brony 10 days ago

    ...Starting to...
    Seriously, did you say "starting" to?

  • McKenzie Morris
    McKenzie Morris 11 days ago

    Feminism, the catalyst of the demise of western civilization.

  • William Wang
    William Wang 11 days ago

    audio is not very good for some reason

  • Ana Veras
    Ana Veras 12 days ago

    One of the greatest e more capable of providing insight Ted Talks ever made.

  • Mr Kramer
    Mr Kramer 13 days ago

    Well, that goes without saying,

  • Finn Rogers
    Finn Rogers 16 days ago

    I absolutly love this talk, especially how she mentions the other parts of the world that are so much worse off

  • ALBUMOF2008
    ALBUMOF2008 16 days ago

    microphone needs work

  • einzeller85
    einzeller85 16 days ago

    so when can we start looking at multivariate analysis and thinking about intelligent solutions like this instead of just blaming everything on someone else , starting a fight over nothing based on some idiotic univariate statistical observations and stereotypical group identity falsely interpreted by ignorance?

  • Laith Chérif
    Laith Chérif 16 days ago

    Too bad Gillette didn’t watch this especially towards the end

  • Lisa Simpson
    Lisa Simpson 16 days ago

    Great speech. Modern version of feminism is totally ridiculous and doesn't help anyone, regardless of their gender

  • Aayush Das
    Aayush Das 17 days ago

    I like those shadows.

  • Paul Rone-Clarke
    Paul Rone-Clarke 18 days ago

    In my own small way I'm an entrepreneur and know quite a few other self employed / business owners.
    The richest (if that is a good metric of success) 4 or 5 are all men. But...
    In each case, their business is all they do. All they have really ever done.
    They hardly have time for family, they rarely (if ever) socialise. If they go on vacation they work 8 hours a day even then. All but one takes no time out for health or well being. Not a minute.
    And this lifestyle isn't a "business start up" initial effort.
    This is their lifestyle for decade after decade. 80 hour weeks. Almost no life outside work. No thought of "work/life" balance - ever.
    This is their life, and they love it and they have done it for 30, 40 and in one case well over 50 years.
    If you are competing with these people, and you have quite reasonably decided that work is only one facet of a well rounded life. That balance is important. That you want a family, you'd like to stay fit and healthy, take some down time now and then and have a social life
    You'll probably lose in terms of profit/time or business revenue.
    Because they are devoting 100% of their available bandwidth to the issue and you are not.
    But who has the better life?
    At the very high end, how does earning £3 million a year and devoting every waking minute to your business improve your life much more than earning £1 million a year and enjoying many other aspects of life?
    If those two scenarios represent real people and real outcomes. Who would you rather be?
    In my experience, these single minded men can't be educated out of their obsession. Single minded focus is the male corollary to women's multi tasking. Both not only have their place - I would argue both are essential to a well functioning society.
    To be seen as successful a woman should not need to adopt male characteristics, nor a male should be required to adopt female ones. Both are great, both are essential

  • moaiad Aljamal
    moaiad Aljamal 18 days ago

    What a legend!

  • Vguy111
    Vguy111 19 days ago


  • Iazzaboyce
    Iazzaboyce 19 days ago

    We've had patriarchal society since the beginning of humanity - so perhaps we shouldn't acclaim feminism after just a few generations.

  • Iazzaboyce
    Iazzaboyce 19 days ago

    I don't 'see' any reason a woman shouldn't be a sound engineer.

  • Zappa4518 Creations
    Zappa4518 Creations 21 day ago

    Feminism is like have square wheels on your car

  • TheEnlightenedOne
    TheEnlightenedOne 21 day ago

    Equal opportunity not equal outcome.

  • Irishman ASMR
    Irishman ASMR 22 days ago


  • Gold Vogel
    Gold Vogel 23 days ago

    Modern feminism means that today as a woman you are no longer told by men how you should live as a woman. No, today women are telling women how they should live.
    Congrats! We are right where we had started.....GOSH!

  • Rifet Okic
    Rifet Okic 24 days ago

    Remember the Astro physics guy that wore a manga shirt with woman on it, got totally destroyed afterwards.

  • Jonathan Dunn
    Jonathan Dunn 25 days ago

    Shame sound is so low, could barely hear with my speaker on full volume. But content sounds good.

  • Lily Hults
    Lily Hults 25 days ago

    Finally somebody talking sense

  • kimmy Blimmy
    kimmy Blimmy 26 days ago


  • Alienwarez567
    Alienwarez567 27 days ago

    Great speech and very positive outlook and opinions

  • Logic Rules!
    Logic Rules! 28 days ago

    And here I was thinking Ted talks we're no better than a gender studies class. 👍

  • omega1231
    omega1231 28 days ago

    Not necessarily patriarchal, might aswell be matriarchal and in the case of feminism forcing quotas etc. that would be matriarchal.

  • Jeremiah Isaksen
    Jeremiah Isaksen 28 days ago

    Amazing how silent feminists are when female speakers raise their voices and share facts. When a male speaker touches on this subject he's verbally accosted and ridiculed. It's refreshing to finally hear a female voice that isn't sexist or blatantly rude. I find this encouraging for both my son and daughter and I hope the momentum builds and all our ladies suffering with first-world problems can get their own lives on track and do it independently and competently.

  • StoptheNWOplz
    StoptheNWOplz 29 days ago

    Re-upload with louder sound.

  • Pikachu and Proud
    Pikachu and Proud 29 days ago

    What is this audio quality? It sounds like TED is trying to silence women. The sexists.

  • Treespirit
    Treespirit 29 days ago

    this video should have more likes than the likes and dislikes of that gillette ad together

  • Mad_Cris
    Mad_Cris Month ago

    When men ruled the world everything was very simple both men and women were able to find a life partner easy. But now when women rule the world everything is very complicated.

  • Salamihawk
    Salamihawk Month ago


  • Max Bants
    Max Bants Month ago

    Just when you think the world is irredeemably insane...

  • Badger
    Badger Month ago

    The only reasonable explanation for the dislikes is that the people responsible didn't actually watch the video. They must have seen the title, grew angry, and moved on. Extremists don't like to listen. Especially when the opposing side has a stronger argument.

  • Cam Covello
    Cam Covello Month ago

    16M subs. No audio processing.

  • Matej Repta
    Matej Repta Month ago

    if we think about logic and requirements like 50:50, it is basically like removing factor of personal choice and experience/seniority...

  • uvrocker
    uvrocker Month ago

    I really wonder how on earth TED allowed her to present such neutral and non-saleable content ;) ;)...Kudos girl, you are one of the few who understand the reality!

  • Aleksey Soldatenkov

    She's brave and absolutely brilliant!!!

  • Pat Ryder
    Pat Ryder Month ago

    Equality of outcome is not really desirable. As incentives for excellence are withdrawn, human productivity falls, as was demonstrated in the most radically Marxist economies. As equality of outcome is approached in more and more areas of life, quality of life declines. Equality of outcome is actually achievable, and is achieved- but only in death.
    re quotas: They are quite useful. In any field where there are quotas, the candidates who have to meet the highest standards are the ones selected against. When there was discrimination against women in, for instance, medical school, the best and brightest new physicians were women. Today the opposite is true.

  • Matteo
    Matteo Month ago

    intelligent women, please come out! thanks mrs butcher!

  • seanf4i
    seanf4i Month ago +1

    So refreshing. So needed. Thank you.

  • Septimus Signus
    Septimus Signus Month ago

    Mgtow is the only way

  • White Zombie
    White Zombie Month ago

    It's a good thing she doesn't work for the TEDx organizers or that she didn't try to give this talk at Berkely.

  • Belligerent Instigator

    Starting? Are the dinosaurs starting to die out?

  • KrKyoutube
    KrKyoutube Month ago

    "starting to" ?!?

  • Frederick Wang
    Frederick Wang Month ago

    Great speech

  • Nate Andrews
    Nate Andrews Month ago

    Well, somebody is a bit slow to catch on...

  • digitalconsciousness

    Yep. That suicide rate statistic hits hard. As someone who held a gun to my head once before, wanting so badly to pull the trigger, it brings tears to my eyes all over again. Many men don't have a support system in place for them. No one to confide in. No one to feel like they care about them or want them. Men feel unwanted. We are, unwanted.

  • Jaber Martini
    Jaber Martini Month ago +1

    Now I know why I haven’t found a Unicorn 🦄

  • Morokei Boethia
    Morokei Boethia Month ago

    The enemy is not men. The enemy is not women. The enemy are those in media (Marxists/Satanists) who are continually trying to agitate men and women against each other. The same enemy that is trying to agitate the races against each other. The same enemy who is trying to agitate the religions against each other. The same enemy that is trying to agitate the financial classes against each other.... and many more things they are doing. Turn off your television, it is the devil's box now.

  • Pincer88
    Pincer88 Month ago

    Finally! A humanistic view of men. Thank you for that Miss Butcher (I do wish you had a different last name more according to your message though ;)) But I feel vindicated as a decent man, not having to defend myself for being what or who I am. And for that I am truely gratefull. If only some male chauvinist pigs (and they ARE out there) woukd do you the same courtesy, but I guess decency is a function of an open mind and a gentle heart and chauvinism of any kind is in opposition to that.

  • SeaRose
    SeaRose Month ago

    Another reason for that small remaining gender pay gap is the vast overrepresentation of men in careers that offer hazard pay (often in the tens of thousands). Why not more female crab fisherwomen? Oil rig workers? Miners? Etc?

  • raulph cool
    raulph cool Month ago

    Much needed speech...need more attention on this topic

  • Palla d'Obry
    Palla d'Obry Month ago

    Not sure, I'm no longer young to know everything :-) but the so called
    patriarchy sustained human civilizations for many thousand years, and
    gave the world the most advanced civilization known to date, but the so
    called feminism, if not counteracted accordingly may destroy that
    civilization in less than 100 years. Simply the Western civilization
    will be replaced by foreign to it people and, how ironically will wipe
    out all feminists as well. Also ironically the so called NWO elitists,
    the feminists serve intentionally or not, will be wiped out too. They
    believe they can survive behind their gated communities but this is an
    illusion - when the THIRD and FOURTH world come no one from our
    civilization will be spared... So be very careful people ..drastic
    changes in complex social systems are extremely dangerous, as Jordan
    Petersen has explained many times.

    • MGTOW Lithuania/Lietuva
      MGTOW Lithuania/Lietuva Month ago

      illuminati doesn't exist-just take women's rights away-turd flinging monkey said

  • kunou126
    kunou126 Month ago +1

    I am not sure how they got an MRA on the stage of a diversity event, but I am glad that audience got to hear a well constructed and charitable articulation of these ideas without a hecklers veto. Here is to hoping common sense ideas can spread in the middle of the era of social justice lynch mobs.

  • Isaac Sam
    Isaac Sam Month ago

    What a sensible woman! The sad part is that there are a very few women out there who are actually as open-minded as her.

  • AI fan
    AI fan Month ago

    bed wetters and incels unite!

  • D-G-A-F
    D-G-A-F Month ago +2

    Women broke it, they need to fix it.

    • MGTOW Lithuania/Lietuva
      MGTOW Lithuania/Lietuva Month ago

      women always play the victim, we have to take women's rights away if they cant take responsibility

  • Jeff Ferguson
    Jeff Ferguson Month ago

    Fact: The more egalitarian we become , the more separated the career paths become between the sexes. Given choice, women still tend to prefer traditional female occupations. Its biologically programmed to be that way. No amount of equal opportunity is going to change that. If women were forced to do traditionally male dominated careers, most would be miserable.

  • Thijs Ik
    Thijs Ik Month ago

    The only part I thought could be said different was the arranged marriage . Cos arranged marriage is a mutual problem . Men don't have a choice in a arranged marriage as well.

  • Bengt Eklund
    Bengt Eklund Month ago

    What she says, I think, is that competence is the way we should grade people, not gender or race or beliefs. Maybe she also says that men should take care of their children too, but that is more obscure.

  • Nick Name
    Nick Name Month ago

    The most logical woman in the history of the world. Unfortunately, most conversations on "twitter" will not see this type of talk.

  • Cody Todd
    Cody Todd Month ago

    Women are the majority teachers across democratic countries. Women have been at the centre of forming future generations for at least the past two or three generations. If there is sexism, racism, bigotry, etc., what does that say about women? They are the one's who have had the greatest influence in raising children into adults.

  • L A
    L A Month ago

    This was very insightful, thank you!

  • Christopher Chung
    Christopher Chung Month ago

    if nothing is done to make feminism less radical it'll end up blowing up in the face of not just feminists but all women. It's in the interests of all men and women to find some sanity in the midst of the insanity. Equality and is love is the only cure for this.

    • MGTOW Lithuania/Lietuva
      MGTOW Lithuania/Lietuva Month ago

      real equality is soft patriarchy because men are responsible so they need authority

  • cbrstunter24
    cbrstunter24 Month ago +1

    Absolutely wonderful presentation. I LOVE women like her! Everything she said was spot on! I abhore this 3rd (or 4th) wave feminism, but I abdolutely DO NOT hate women, I love them. I’m in favor of truly equal rights for both sexes, but nowadays the pendulum is swinging way too far to the left, and it is deeply troubling to me.
    Jess, I have the utmost respect for you. Thank you so much for speaking out, I truly appriciate it.

  • MrTnbopp123
    MrTnbopp123 Month ago

    "Starting" to undermine itself? I cant remember a time where it wasn't all about bashing males. Same thing with Atheism, technically it just means you dont believe in a god but because the way the community has colored itself it pretty much means you are against religion too, and when you call your self an atheist your kinda agreeing to those terms, same with feminism.

  • mike mikey
    mike mikey Month ago

    90 percent of comments are made by men,
    another mgtow Eco-chamber

  • Diandredofus
    Diandredofus Month ago

    In other interesting TEDx talks:
    Is the sky blue?
    Is water wet?

  • BillyBumpyBear
    BillyBumpyBear Month ago

    It might seem ironic that those who say they want equality generally don't speak of men's issues, until you realize that modern feminism is anti-male.

  • Alex Johnston
    Alex Johnston Month ago

    How is it that when women out earn men it is a feat of great accomplishment to be promoted and encouraged, but when men out earn women it termed a 'pay gap' and is said to be the result of systematic oppression against women?

  • Topsy Crets
    Topsy Crets Month ago

    What an absolute beast.

  • Sylvain Cousineau
    Sylvain Cousineau Month ago

    Starting to undermine Itself ? feminisim is a marxist cult of misandry that is about to bring the end of our civilisation . Feminisim is pure cancer .

  • Michael Holley
    Michael Holley Month ago

    Such a needed TED talk! I acknowledge you Jess for talking about this. I love your approach

  • Rob Wealer
    Rob Wealer Month ago

    Got to admit, she's got something. The prime goal for feminism somehow became getting women into working roles (say as opposed to a more broad equity and personal and political fulfillment) so they could achieve nominal or executive positions in the grind of what is basically mind numbing upper administration positions while ignoring many other aspects of growth. This focus has left many disillusioned, divorced and miserable, not having many other basic tools for philosophical and personal pursuits (which was, moronically, the plight of many men they wanted to be like) . This is the mark of a power seeking as opposed to an enlightenment centered movement, one that is internally conflicted and disorganized whose message grows narrower by necessity to satisfy the aspirations of those leading the movement, that requires measurables to justify their leadership. Fulfillment, personal happiness are hard to quantify and bring to your membership . Salaries, job titles and property ownership are not.

  • glanknightfalcon
    glanknightfalcon Month ago

    Thank you for this!

  • Chayanka Kaushik
    Chayanka Kaushik Month ago

    We need more and more women like her.

  • みさきめい
    みさきめい Month ago

    good luck getting them to change
    they just canceled a women's march because it'd be too white

  • みさきめい
    みさきめい Month ago

    women are more likely to go to college, more likely to graduate from college and with honors, get equal pay for the same work unless they do part time where they get paid more, less death from suicide / job / war, healthier life, longer life, better jobs, better job security, lower insurance rates, everyone and their dog is looking out for you and has your back, the law is always on your side
    yet still oppressed by the men!