Greatest Camaro Ever Built? 8500rpm LS7 DSE-Z 3rd Gen

  • Published on Apr 17, 2019
  • Detroit Speed’s DSE-Z is one of those rare anomalies of a build - pretty much what we’d consider perfect. Built with unreal detail, BUT it’s built to shred too. And shred it does. Detroit Speed’s owner Kyle Tucker gave this very car a serious rip in our yard, as you’ll see in this video. Can we take this thing home already?

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    Ken Block's Hoonitruck Build Timelapse - Detroit Speed, Inc.
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Comments • 1 636

  • Hoonigan Project Cars
    Hoonigan Project Cars 9 months ago +476

    Best generation Camaro: GO!

  • Pete Kiesbye
    Pete Kiesbye 16 hours ago

    Absolutely SICK! I have a 67’ Camaro convertible currently but I had, in my youth, an 85’ Z-28 that I dropped a GM Goodwrench 350/375 HP crate motor in with lots of suspension upgrades and it handled like it was on rails.....nothing like this though but I absolutely loved driving. Great job on a great car!!!!

  • Sean Frederick
    Sean Frederick 4 days ago

    I love everything about this car other than the stickers.

  • Larryjay Hamilton
    Larryjay Hamilton 7 days ago

    I had a 1986 or 87 dont recall exactly but it was a Z28 iroc Z. I don't agree with the best ever the 2012 stage 3 SS Ls3 Camaro is way better faster than the 396 ss chevelle 1969 model we had. 2012 ss is top dog in affordable sports cars OBVIOUS there are better like the Corvette.

  • Chuck Chrystak
    Chuck Chrystak 9 days ago

    Badass car, I love how they went with drive by cable.

  • mike glispie
    mike glispie 10 days ago

    I got a 86 z28 for sale

  • Spam Can
    Spam Can 10 days ago

    Safety wire is sexy.

  • Adam Lolno
    Adam Lolno 10 days ago

    Oh my God!!! I know it's little and just aesthetic, but I'm in love with the green ring that lights up around the tachometer for a shift-light!!!! Every little detail of this car is on-FUCKING-point!!!!!

  • Joe Arismendy
    Joe Arismendy 11 days ago

    That engine and mods won my '86 firebird T/A would be awesome! plus a better looking ride...Sorry "Chemaro" fans!

  • J. Lew
    J. Lew 12 days ago

    They never talked about the exuast

  • Nightmare ZL1
    Nightmare ZL1 14 days ago

    This car is the STANDARD I will setting and expecting my car to reach similar performance to.

  • J Hawk
    J Hawk 17 days ago +1

    Damn what a nice Camaro. I love every camaro ever made.

  • James Bowman
    James Bowman 17 days ago

    Very nice and I had 295's on 17" Centerlines 20 years ago and it looked and worked great, so while 315's are big with mild modifications believable.

  • Antonio Jones
    Antonio Jones 19 days ago

    Wish i could afford these upgrades 😔😩😩

  • Ben Brasseur official
    Ben Brasseur official 19 days ago

    My next car lol. With a yenko stripe

  • Oliver Dixon
    Oliver Dixon 21 day ago

    Amazing car.

  • let us Prey
    let us Prey 26 days ago

    What do I need to get a ls to 8500 rpm shifts

  • Rafael Padilla Jr.
    Rafael Padilla Jr. Month ago


  • Eye Patch Guy
    Eye Patch Guy Month ago +1

    What I love about the 3rd Generation Camaro is that it looks like it could be a supercar, but it doesn’t have a screeching V12, and sounds like a proper Muscle Car.

  • The Vegan Viking !!!!

    I want one like this.

  • Isher
    Isher Month ago

    This build has me wanting to try to build an 8000 RPM screamer to put in a 280Z...

  • gtubyyy
    gtubyyy Month ago


  • Thomas Jones
    Thomas Jones Month ago

    This is a true historic Beautiful Beast ......😎

  • Steven Foott
    Steven Foott Month ago

    I'd daily it... as soon as my mullet grows out!

  • Lamera Riata
    Lamera Riata Month ago

    How much torque does it put out

  • Shamphere
    Shamphere Month ago

    1:52 and 9:10 There ya go.

  • Geezus Gee
    Geezus Gee Month ago

    Thats a máster piece

  • Lee Mcelmeel
    Lee Mcelmeel Month ago

    I love when you guys give the older cars that were built with the blood sweat and tears of hard working americans!!! Vinny, Hert and the other guys that are always riding the Japanese nuts could learn a lot from this build!!! I have an appreciation for Japanese cars but TVclip has an over saturation of guys fan boying Japanese cars and know nothing american made!!! My dream was to build a 3rd gen drift build so you know who my pick is in build and battle!!!

  • J.J. S.Jr.
    J.J. S.Jr. Month ago

    Best 3rd gen build ever. If I ever get an iroc I'm going straight to these guys!

  • Trolling snowflake leftist 24/7

    Sweet build, lots of thought went into this thing!

    • Trolling snowflake leftist 24/7
      Trolling snowflake leftist 24/7 Month ago

      @Hoonigan I agree, very clean.

    • Hoonigan
      Hoonigan  Month ago

      It’s one of the baddest 3rd Gens on the planet. Now only if he would let us shake it down in the Burnyard.

  • yt white
    yt white Month ago

    VERY nice! Maybe I need to get out more,but that's the slickest 3rd gen Camaro I've seen...Outstanding work gentlemen!

  • Larry Robert
    Larry Robert Month ago

    I love that car your the man thank you

  • Dimitrios F
    Dimitrios F Month ago

    Sexy car. Two nicest asses are this car and my 99 SS with SLP center exhaust and lower rear ground effects lip that joins the exhaust.

  • chris orlando
    chris orlando Month ago

    was that the goonzqads viper that it passed on the track?

  • Sa yan
    Sa yan Month ago

    This is the most american video i’ve seen

  • Lawrence Bryant
    Lawrence Bryant Month ago

    Ahhhhh the torque arms don’t break !!
    I built in early 2000 what became the fastest street legal drag car in the world on. a 315 drag radial and it was a 426 cubic inch twin turbo 87 RS Third Gen Camaro and we ran a modified torque arm and it was seeing 2300 hp through the rear end.Car ran 7:20 @190 plus MPH.
    The misinformation on these subjects is just for seeking parts to uninformed customers who know no better !!

  • EOS1
    EOS1 Month ago

    Damn that's gorgeous. I'll never forget the day I picked up my '89 Iroc Convertible, soon after I graduated high school. Greatest day of my life.

  • Simons World
    Simons World Month ago

    You losing 70hp through the intake? What? Saldy flat plane cranks don't have a place in a car like that, flat plane cranks are for generally reserved for lightweight racing cars HP is kept high and torque low, all to reduce drivetrain mass in the quest for reducing overall car mass.
    Flat plane cranks have become a marketers dream, there disadvantages are not worth it IMO.

    • Simons World
      Simons World Month ago

      Very nice car though, i like it a lot. I love the underside of the car, very well done and a lot of thought has gone into it.

  • Leroy R53
    Leroy R53 Month ago


  • Joshua Williams
    Joshua Williams Month ago +1

    What a badass car. I wouldn't change a thing.

  • Anthony R
    Anthony R Month ago

    I love this car

  • Making Gainz
    Making Gainz 2 months ago

    Rims suck

  • Calin Campbell
    Calin Campbell 2 months ago

    Gotta be honest. If I had 200k I would spend it on this. Porsches are overrated.

  • Enlightened Idiot
    Enlightened Idiot 2 months ago

    That is one bad ass 3g Camato...

  • william rouse
    william rouse 2 months ago

    The turbo v6 transam is my favorite trans am or Camaro

  • John
    John 2 months ago

    yeah pretty cool build I guess..
    **starts praying

  • Terrace Kennedy
    Terrace Kennedy 2 months ago

    They are so easy to make super fast

    LSX KING 2 months ago


  • Black beast
    Black beast 2 months ago

    I love this car I’m rebuilding at 3rd gen camaro right now I thought I had made lots of progress on my car till I seen this one

  • JD Stankosky
    JD Stankosky 2 months ago +1

    and just like that I want a 3rd gen

  • Mike Hatcher
    Mike Hatcher 2 months ago

    A freaking mazing!

  • Ken Rice
    Ken Rice 2 months ago +1

    Sick as a mofo!!!!!!

  • Kevin Nahan
    Kevin Nahan 2 months ago

    Incredible build! Well done!!!

  • CrusherZ71 1984 Gaming
    CrusherZ71 1984 Gaming 2 months ago +1

    I love how they left the engine in the stock appearance

  • Don Skiver
    Don Skiver 2 months ago

    Gotta love the 3rd gen F-body.

  • Juan Armenta
    Juan Armenta 2 months ago

    Yo quiero uno asi

  • joshua6200
    joshua6200 2 months ago

    Your guess was an 82? Really? lmao

  • Trey Castleberry
    Trey Castleberry 2 months ago

    Is that a flat plane v8

  • Robert Brook
    Robert Brook 2 months ago +1

    Be nice if this would be the 7th gen. Remake my favorite camero and 69

  • VF
    VF 3 months ago

    Gdamn now I'm missing mine