10 Things Steve Lacy Can't Live Without | GQ

  • Published on Sep 4, 2019
  • When Steve Lacy hits the road, there are a few things he can't live without. From his guitar and his Prada loafers to his AirPods and inhaler, Steve shows us all his travel essentials.
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    10 Things Steve Lacy Can't Live Without | GQ
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  • Joshua Volpe
    Joshua Volpe 3 days ago

    Like 90% of the comments are people thirsting for this boy

  • Juanito Ganancias
    Juanito Ganancias 3 days ago

    Glad he clarified Fahrenheit. Thought his ideal temperature was 73 Celsius for a sec (165 degrees Fahrenheit) 🧐

  • Tom Buchanan
    Tom Buchanan 4 days ago

    The modern day Hendrix


    yes, i’ll take the facial.

  • Shad Bankert
    Shad Bankert 6 days ago

    Why he sound like jimi hendrix😭😩

  • Lateshia Childs
    Lateshia Childs 6 days ago

    Great interview I got to know some more stuff about Steve. I want to see one on Syd, Matt, Pat, and Chris.

  • imani bathe
    imani bathe 9 days ago

    he is obviously inspired by jimi

  • chaton20
    chaton20 9 days ago

    He’s really hot and appreciates tiny handbags. Dream man.

  • 山本言
    山本言 12 days ago

    what is the brand of his loafer?

  • Katelyn Bernardo
    Katelyn Bernardo 13 days ago

    Glow down

  • Ohceciliaaa
    Ohceciliaaa 13 days ago

    It’s just a perfect loafer

  • 404: Error
    404: Error 13 days ago

    Why he talk like Michael Jackson

  • Joel Banning
    Joel Banning 13 days ago

    I saw the Fender Stratocaster and immediately clicked

  • Indrawi show
    Indrawi show 13 days ago +1

    Nice loafers

  • Lord Solo
    Lord Solo 16 days ago

    Ay May 23rd Gang

  • Alfredo Diazgranados
    Alfredo Diazgranados 16 days ago

    i never heard so much bulshit about a thing in my life

  • coastlinechild
    coastlinechild 17 days ago +2

    he is the human form of honey.

  • arwin :p
    arwin :p 18 days ago


  • BenKokua
    BenKokua 19 days ago

    petition for lacy to make his own asmr channel

  • Whats good
    Whats good 19 days ago

    bruh me and steve lacy have the same birthday and i’m just finding out

  • Noah Kressel
    Noah Kressel 19 days ago

    im a simple man. i see a hot pink strat, i click.

  • Lizard Coffin
    Lizard Coffin 21 day ago

    8:28 hits different

  • Are .K
    Are .K 21 day ago +1

    *_Only real Steve Lacy fans noticed that he was playing Hate CD at _**_0:43_*

    • Are .K
      Are .K 21 day ago +1

      *_- and was playing 4ever at _**_1:06_*

  • paula lara
    paula lara 21 day ago


  • nice
    nice 22 days ago

    he got a nice talking voice

    SONEY 22 days ago

    i love this man

  • Ifeanyi onubah
    Ifeanyi onubah 22 days ago

    he is talking about del amo mall

  • Kurt Williams
    Kurt Williams 24 days ago

    He half filipino tff

  • iDillusionist
    iDillusionist 27 days ago

    he seems like such a chill dude

  • loserbabysowhydontyo
    loserbabysowhydontyo 27 days ago

    Me on GQ: I found these in the trash

  • Makeup Goddess
    Makeup Goddess 29 days ago

    where can i find a guy like this

  • ali awad
    ali awad 29 days ago

    Please get boosie badass to gq

  • Xccrx Mothapo
    Xccrx Mothapo Month ago +1

    He has like something that I can't really explain.

  • Zoe Pham
    Zoe Pham Month ago +1

    "why you laughing at me. im not a joke."

    when i tell u i died.

  • Richard van Kuik
    Richard van Kuik Month ago

    Modern hendrix

  • Hammy Pants
    Hammy Pants Month ago

    chill lando goddam

  • lucyo
    lucyo Month ago

    everything about him is so attractive

  • Bad_Content
    Bad_Content Month ago

    He Gives me Jimi Hendrix vibes

  • lordflacko stüssyyy

    He is so attractive lol

  • Noah Brian
    Noah Brian Month ago

    Mf Rome

  • LKPP
    LKPP Month ago

    Does a video about things he can't live without..."what would you do if you lost this guitar?"..."I've got several others so I wouldn't be too pissed". *face in hands*

  • Ranjan Biswas
    Ranjan Biswas Month ago

    I don't know him but he is way cooler then I'll ever be.

  • Mig Doodles
    Mig Doodles Month ago +1

    What guitar is that in the video??

  • Hugo Mario García
    Hugo Mario García Month ago

    Spring is not a day or is it?

  • ayebrahletsksate
    ayebrahletsksate Month ago

    I love how his guitar is his baby. I love this foos strat playing.

  • BeeBee Tee
    BeeBee Tee Month ago


  • itsw4d3
    itsw4d3 Month ago

    Get you a man who will talk to his homies about you like how Steve Lacy talks about his Prada loafers.

  • schoolboykaelin
    schoolboykaelin Month ago +1

    Steve lacy ages backwards bruh. This dude looks like he went back like 30 years. When ego death came out he looked like he was living in 2019

  • katiegrim
    katiegrim Month ago

    my god this guy is cool

  • Kaleah Collins
    Kaleah Collins Month ago +1

    Necessity breeds invention so why you don't make them headphones bro. Dre made beats make the Steve lacy earpods for producers

  • Kaleah Collins
    Kaleah Collins Month ago


  • Julianna Trujillo
    Julianna Trujillo Month ago

    I didn't even know I could fall in love more with steve lacy, and i just DID. ahhhhhh

  • Sam Comfort
    Sam Comfort Month ago

    I feel like at the beginning the lady was asking more like Monday-Sunday, not seasons and weather.

  • Abby Mohler
    Abby Mohler Month ago

    The most righteously thirsty comment section I've ever seen lmao

  • Pauline Gener
    Pauline Gener Month ago

    why is it just now im finding out steve lacy is half filipino

    SAMBA HALI Month ago +2

    If Miguel had a twin brother it’s Steve Lacy

  • charli roque
    charli roque Month ago +2

    imagine HATING steve lacy.

  • sophiexoxo
    sophiexoxo Month ago

    he’s so 🥺🥺

  • Gianna Clarke
    Gianna Clarke Month ago

    steve’s voice just talking is still a 🥜