I Bought The Most EXPENSIVE Video Game Console Ever Made!

  • Published on Aug 17, 2018
  • I BOUGHT the MOST EXPENSIVE VIDEO GAME CONSOLE ever made! . Welcome back Kops! Today we are back with a brand new video, I BOUGHT the MOST EXPENSIVE VIDEO GAME CONSOLE ever made!
    My Elgato Capture Card! e.lga.to/Kwebbelkop
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  • TrippyTech
    TrippyTech 3 hours ago

    Get a Xbox next time

  • TrippyTech
    TrippyTech 3 hours ago

    PS4 is a scam

  • Makomaster master
    Makomaster master 13 hours ago

    I would love to win a ps4 because i only have a ps3

  • RAGE Agar
    RAGE Agar Day ago

    Id laugh if he Got a painted dvd player and a ps1 controller 🤣🤣🤣

  • S1TD0NWK1D 0
    S1TD0NWK1D 0 2 days ago

    You got scammed it’s only 300 bucks in the store

  • matthew gaming
    matthew gaming 2 days ago +1

    XD U GOT HELLA SCAMMED MY FRIEND HAS A 400$ golden ps4 u paid 10x plus more

  • Andover Girl
    Andover Girl 3 days ago +1

    I want

  • kenneth vernon
    kenneth vernon 5 days ago +1

    Did anyone realize it was ment to be diamond aswell

  • Fortnite God
    Fortnite God 6 days ago

    I bought that for 250

    JEETI REKHI 7 days ago

    He got scammed for 5000 instead for 2500

  • just bryant
    just bryant 7 days ago


  • AceAdrian 122
    AceAdrian 122 7 days ago

    Got scammed

  • RMP 31
    RMP 31 9 days ago

    I think that not gold more like yellow gold if you look close.

  • Collin Elder
    Collin Elder 9 days ago

    his voice...

  • Chota King
    Chota King 9 days ago

    You got scammed it's just golden colour and I think it real price is only 399 dollars you waste your 4.5K return that PS4

  • albert weiner
    albert weiner 11 days ago

    for 40 buxs

  • albert weiner
    albert weiner 11 days ago

    you can by that thigh at womrt

  • amazing fact
    amazing fact 13 days ago +1

    Buy the most expensive laptop

  • Toma Soda
    Toma Soda 14 days ago

    Scammed exxxxxxxtra hard.

  • Raheem Saleem
    Raheem Saleem 14 days ago +1

    I have the same glasses as you

  • RomanYXX
    RomanYXX 14 days ago

    There are 50,000 of translucent blue PS4’s ever made

    MHLB IDGAF 15 days ago

    Buy the most expensive phone. Or the most expensive computer possible.

  • SHARKMAN 9854
    SHARKMAN 9854 16 days ago

    that would be the new Xbox SCARLET

  • MarioBoi 179
    MarioBoi 179 17 days ago

    Dislike the video if you hate kwebblekop. I know I do.

  • Melissa Robles
    Melissa Robles 17 days ago

    A golden PS4 Pro

  • demon r slender
    demon r slender 17 days ago

    Never mind

  • MODcasting Stay Lit Squad!!

    okay let me go back in his video 8:04, is it just me or didn't he pick a different console the one he picked said gatti luxury lab on it bro that's not it you got scammed!!!

  • Tamás Fekete-Hernádi

    make fortnite seasoen 10 viedes

  • yizzy
    yizzy 20 days ago

    he got scammed

  • Dannel Skrijelj
    Dannel Skrijelj 20 days ago

    You got scammed

  • Amish Patel
    Amish Patel 21 day ago

    *_Drops it_*

  • malcolm lawrence
    malcolm lawrence 24 days ago

    you got scammed

    HENRRY PUBG NY 25 days ago

    You can’t even say world

  • Vlad KSP
    Vlad KSP 26 days ago

    ur a chum

  • Alan Prieto
    Alan Prieto 27 days ago

    I also have the consile

  • Alan Prieto
    Alan Prieto 27 days ago +1

    I have that controlor

  • Itzyoboy Ethan
    Itzyoboy Ethan 29 days ago

    That PS4 is 700 dollars

  • Itzyoboy Ethan
    Itzyoboy Ethan 29 days ago

    The blue sea threw one has ether $50,000 or 50 million or 500 million bux

  • patatje patatje
    patatje patatje Month ago +1

    thats a Ps4 Console

  • LaptaTom PS4
    LaptaTom PS4 Month ago +1

    I have a 1TB PS4 pro

  • Kshitij Tamang
    Kshitij Tamang Month ago

    Kweblekop looks like Anthony panza

  • infin1ty gaming
    infin1ty gaming Month ago

    Ps5 is coming soon?

  • _/\_________
    _/\_________ Month ago

    Area 51 console

  • ali spelar
    ali spelar Month ago

    my friend He have a switching colour ps4 swear to god

  • Jake Gage
    Jake Gage Month ago

    Literally have that controller and it was 45 bucks😂

  • Reece Cross
    Reece Cross Month ago

    In da orld

  • Darinka Jakovljevic

    Is there a ps5?

  • Jac Yas
    Jac Yas Month ago

    Jordi woooooow drops it

  • سمر رضا
    سمر رضا Month ago

    I have one of that

  • Alex Ilascu
    Alex Ilascu Month ago


  • Aiden
    Aiden Month ago

    *Buying the most expensive console ever*

    *Literally a ps4 covered in glitter and more glitter*

  • Fedrick Bishop
    Fedrick Bishop Month ago

    Sony released a new ps4 pro console in 2019 and it's expensive(forgot the price)

  • Shari Martin
    Shari Martin Month ago

    What what what you got a PS 4 but gold

  • Rexツ
    Rexツ Month ago

    Xbox 2? he said Xbox 2

  • Top freememeskids fan in fb

    Bro thats like 500

  • Sk_8AliParkour y
    Sk_8AliParkour y Month ago

    You can take off the "gold" stickers now

  • Kj-Spams L2
    Kj-Spams L2 Month ago

    My mom works at amazon

  • GAME TIME :3 this is Jens at games

    I got the golden controller for 50 bux

  • kamikazelombardo
    kamikazelombardo Month ago

    Lil Pump, is that chu?

  • Bk&Mj s
    Bk&Mj s Month ago

    Hey k cop can I plz have your ps4 I live in south Africa 372 marrimbar st clarena plz jordie

  • Lj Yates
    Lj Yates Month ago

    A modded console is expensive

  • Lj Yates
    Lj Yates Month ago

    Xbox is better

  • Lav Harr
    Lav Harr Month ago

    I have that controler

  • Ghost Gaming
    Ghost Gaming Month ago

    That controller is only like 60 dollars at Walmart. Sorry Kwebbelkop but you got scamed.

  • Ripitupi
    Ripitupi Month ago +12

    Kwebbelkop: It’s so expensive

    Mrbeast: This is so cheap

  • Jk11kk 3
    Jk11kk 3 Month ago

    He got scammed

  • Erik Ochoa
    Erik Ochoa Month ago

    You should invite jelly and Slogoman to show them

  • Itz Pyxal
    Itz Pyxal Month ago

    Ur voice is annoying

  • Danijel Zastavnikovic

    Golden pc

  • KLE Blitz
    KLE Blitz Month ago

    60$ for that controller because thats the one i have

  • muhammad ikram alwi

    Guys im going to japan later this year,, where do i need to go to check & buy new old stock(nos) console,, im sceptical about buying a claimed to be new old stock on ebay or amazon,

  • Emily Playz
    Emily Playz Month ago

    Wierd flex, but ok

  • R&L_ADELE fan
    R&L_ADELE fan Month ago

    Bloody super noob nub noob

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay Month ago

    EB game

  • Anmol Gill
    Anmol Gill 2 months ago