FULL PART TWO: Our Thoughts on Gina Rodriguez Singing the N-Word

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • Real fam, what are your thoughts?
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  • YSLJ
    YSLJ 3 hours ago

    Loni try’s to be right so bad

  • YSLJ
    YSLJ 3 hours ago

    LONI is making it seem like she’s white .

  • Daniel Coleman
    Daniel Coleman 4 hours ago


  • Radek
    Radek 5 hours ago

    you should not judge the people for the word they use but the meaning they intend

  • Tana Majuta
    Tana Majuta 6 hours ago

    I don't think it should be taken out of the music, because a BLACK person singing about THEIR BLACK EXPERIENCE, are aiming towards a SPECIFIC AUDIENCE, and that audience is OTHER BLACK PEOPLE, who may or may not share the same experiences. If WHITE PEOPLE or OTHER RACES wants to listen to a BLACK ARTIST and hear their pain and suffering, or their joys, or their praise to their GOD, they can too, HOWEVER, the N Word, is FOR their main target, the BLACK People, who can also say it, who know the pain of it, and can now enjoy the freedom in it. okay? That's not hard to understand.

    IF I'm listening to KPOP, and certain words are there that are meant for their KOREAN AUDIENCES, I don't say it. Because its respectful, if you wanna argue that "they put it in the music' you're racist, simple. There's no two streets or "well I just," "but I-" about it, you're racist and ignorant, and your arguments, are your way of defending your racism and ignorance.

  • jjman9
    jjman9 6 hours ago

    Eh sing along if you feel like it

    DJ KONCEPT 9 hours ago

    the overweight lady in purple is a bozo

  • Raja
    Raja 10 hours ago

    I agree with Loni

  • Jennifer Bond
    Jennifer Bond 14 hours ago

    Just everyone stop using the word.

  • Dannia Mendoza
    Dannia Mendoza 14 hours ago

    Amanda BIG annoying

  • Dannia Mendoza
    Dannia Mendoza 14 hours ago

    I agree 100% let the word DIE!

  • carlos pena
    carlos pena Day ago

    people are saying that it's a cultural thing but there's a lot of rap music that are abusing the n word, and I don't understand why there's no other cultures that are using a racial slur to identify their people in there songs...

  • Tae T
    Tae T Day ago

    We’re so concerned about other people saying the Word meanwhile, we’re the ones calling each other niggas. We didn’t even make up the Word !!! We don’t own the WORD!! Fgs it was used to demean our very being and dismantle oir spirit. And now we’re ignorantly using it as a way to communicate??? Our defence is now, that it is our culture? Who’s culture? I didn’t growing up using the word! I skip it in songs! My mum doesnt use this word! Why are we still using it again! I thought we are protesting for equality and against discrimination?

    It’s 2020, black people, we need to grow up! Drop the word! And focus on things that matter !

  • Tae T
    Tae T Day ago

    Black people need to stop saying it! End of!

  • MatrixBoi P.P
    MatrixBoi P.P Day ago

    Then don’t take white peoples money🤷🏻‍♂️. I never say the N word and Rap/RnB isn’t my taste either.

  • Sandisiwe M
    Sandisiwe M Day ago

    NOOOOO LONI! I'm with Amanda.

  • erstfu
    erstfu Day ago

    That girl ranting about it being an art and expression blah blah girl stfu. The big lady was speaking facts.

  • Melissa1P
    Melissa1P Day ago

    Let’s just be honest: They should really say that non-blacks can’t say it in public because we all know they will say it in private singing along to the song. Plus, I teach in a predominately black and Hispanic school and they all say it. Idk people had a problem with Hispanic people saying it, especially since the experiences of both people groups have been so similar. Plus, Hispanics weren’t the ones who made the word derogatory, so I personally don’t see the big offense when a person Hispanic heritage says it, especially if they grew up with the word. However, I don’t use the word and haven’t for a long time, so I agree with Loni’s point to a degree.

  • gia
    gia 2 days ago

    I’m not black and I can understand that hearing the word from someone who isn’t black can incite fear and anger in someone who is black. But that same person wouldn’t necessarily have the same feeling of anger and fear hearing it from another black person. It’s crazy to expect people to stop writing music about their own experience and being fully honest about it.

  • Donique Artman
    Donique Artman 2 days ago +1

    Thank you Loni Love ...finally someone saying something worth listening to ...

  • Dana M
    Dana M 2 days ago +3

    To me, the “N” word is like the “C” or “B” word. Your girlfriends may jokingly call you the “B” word and vise versa, but a man better not call a woman that word unless he’s ready for an UGLY fight.

  • Kaykay
    Kaykay 2 days ago

    That lady in the middle is saying Michael Jackson shouldn’t of had to change a RACIAL word toward Jewish but she’s fighting for people not to sing a derogatory word in a song ? 🤨 hypocrisy at it’s finest. Lol as a minority myself . I want EQUALITY. At this point some just sound like they’re trying to be above .

  • Kaykay
    Kaykay 2 days ago +1

    I’m with Loni. If I’m buying the music, if I’m supporting it....I’m singing what I want. Don’t like it, take it out of music.

  • Carolina Castro
    Carolina Castro 2 days ago

    Amanda 👎🏽

  • Tahj
    Tahj 2 days ago

    The N word comes from Nigeria... When they invaded Africa to America our oppressors used the word to minimize us..

  • idecided28
    idecided28 3 days ago

    Loni is on some clown ish like girl

  • S Harr
    S Harr 3 days ago

    I'm with Loni. That word needs to be eliminated from the tongues of the confused black population who somehow think the word is 'empowering'? You can't make a song and expect only black ppl to sing it. Just don't use the word, how about that. That word should have been obliterated with slavery.

  • Michael Simpson
    Michael Simpson 3 days ago

    Daaannng she got heaateedd

  • Kelechi okoroafor
    Kelechi okoroafor 3 days ago

    tamera always stays quiet when it comes to race and its such a shame

  • Loric Sidii
    Loric Sidii 3 days ago

    People always act like its one or the other. It's either right or wrong, black or white, good or bad...has anyone ever heard of being wrong and right at the same time?? They're both right...should you say the word unless you're black? NO. Should you put it in a song if you don't want other races to say it? NO. Unless you're black dont say the word (unless you're by yourself or on XBox). If you don't want other races to say the word then don't say it yourself and don't put it song lyrics. Practice what you preach.

  • Kenisha Reynolds
    Kenisha Reynolds 4 days ago +1

    I think loni’s point in all this is if the black community can become offended when others say the N word why are we using it with each other. That was her question, cause all the rappers out here using it and then they are quick to jump when someone who is not black uses it.

  • Khamion Harrison
    Khamion Harrison 5 days ago +5

    I agree with Loni 100%. The word did not originate from “black culture”. It was a degrading name given to us as slaves. We shouldn’t be using it as a way to express our culture!!

  • ms Kirk
    ms Kirk 5 days ago +1

    I've seen black people call non-black people the n-word as in friend. That's just dumb.

  • Tiara Thomas
    Tiara Thomas 5 days ago +1

    Loni plz

  • Anthony Williams
    Anthony Williams 5 days ago +1

    Amanda is one TOXIC broad

  • Joshua Redd
    Joshua Redd 5 days ago

    Loni's point is all over the place.

  • tatiana walker
    tatiana walker 5 days ago +1

    ok but like dead ass also im not taking away from how rude it is for someone to say the n word but us the black community need to stop calling white people crackers or saying lightskin aren’t black people cause its mean like just be nice like let timmy live his life in peace

  • Coco & Cakes
    Coco & Cakes 5 days ago +1

    I'm with Loni 100%.

  • bollagurl
    bollagurl 5 days ago +1

    I get both sides on one part we would be better of not using the word. However in the south the word means meaning has changed it means we're brothas, were sistas. I understand your struggle. Because yes were still struggling.

    • bollagurl
      bollagurl 3 days ago

      @Maria some do, but in hip hop it has become it's own culture honestly I don't see it in that much songs , so not sure what there talkin about. If it's in a song and your singing it, it's quite simple to skip over.

    • Maria
      Maria 3 days ago

      then just say brotha and sista

  • Sonia A
    Sonia A 5 days ago

    if a word is a racial or derogatory slur why does that culture still embrace it? Regardless of intent it that word shouldn’t be use by anyone!!

  • Tiara Barnes
    Tiara Barnes 5 days ago

    Lmao dang y’all talked over each other the entire episode 😂 I had to keep rewinding

  • Enrique
    Enrique 5 days ago

    Is it that black people make music for black people only? Sorry, I won't ever heard black artist anymore. I am sorry I was doing such a wrong a disrespectful thing. My apologies and I promise I won't ever listen to a song that was written/sung by a black person anymore. I didn't mean to hurt anyone.

  • Breell Leonard
    Breell Leonard 5 days ago

    I agree with loni

  • Lizbeth Enriquez
    Lizbeth Enriquez 6 days ago

    I don't like Amanda.... that is all

  • Jasmine Edwards
    Jasmine Edwards 6 days ago

    People wanna be black so bad, wanna be apart of the black community so bad but won’t ever stand up and fight for black people when the time comes. It’s like tryna be black is a trendy thing for non black ppl... everybody wanna be black until it’s time to be black!

  • Chinelo Assimonye
    Chinelo Assimonye 6 days ago +2


  • andreka buie
    andreka buie 6 days ago

    Rap music glorifies black on black murder and drug use.That should not be the black experience.The word has too much pain behind it. No one should not use the n word.There is nothing positive about it.

  • Ashley Boyd
    Ashley Boyd 6 days ago

    I sing along with hip hop all the time and just say nothing if the n-word is in the lyrics. (It’s not hard to not say it) Anyone now a days should know that we (white people) shouldn’t use that word. Not in any situation, it ain’t for us. No excuses for people that do it

  • SA ThinkQuik
    SA ThinkQuik 6 days ago +2

    I am with Lonie. Drop the word. If it is so bad for other people to say it, why are you saying it?

  • Carmen Franchesca Madera

    It’s almost unreal that at this time in age we are still having the same debate. we have information so accessible that we are just a click away from information on what happened and where things comes from. But we because lazy and insensitive to others so easily. Being Latino/Hispanic and growing up in ny ( multiple places that exposed me to Jewish, black and white communities ) gave me a cultural exposure that I’m thankful to God for today. I believe that first and foremost we need to be diligent and empathic; always being intentional with our choices and most importantly cultivating love. love for others culture even if we don’t understand and love for people regardless of we see eye to eye or not. When we make the choice of living by these rules we become more aware of others pain and understand that we don’t need to make sense of everything , we are just here to love and we will refrain from all that creates pain or war. There is no right or wrong, we just have to do better and stop bringing each other down

  • sqadri14
    sqadri14 6 days ago

    Loni 🙌

  • Swatkins1800
    Swatkins1800 6 days ago

    I’m with loni

  • Candis
    Candis 6 days ago

    Lawd have some mercy!! Nobody said anything when JLo was singing the n-word w/Ja Rule back in the 90's. Nobody said anything when Fat Joe dropped the n-word in "Lean Back" over 10x! If you are white you CANNOT use the n-word. PERIOD! Now if you are a person of color (Hispanic, Latin, Latino, etc.) you seem to get a pass, or you used to get a pass. I agree w/Amanda and Loni on both points they were making. Amanda is right that if you are an artist (rapper/singer) you should be able to put your experiences in your art. However, Loni was right when she said by doing that you get the end result dealing with fans/people thinking they can sing along and say every single lyric. I hold Gina Rodriguez accountable for being completely tone deaf. It's a 4 min song. WHY post THAT part of the song where the n-word is used? Her video apology sucked. The one written by her publicist was much better. More sincere.

  • SpiderBoy
    SpiderBoy 7 days ago +2

    Intent is what it’s important not just “words”

  • Andrea Selena
    Andrea Selena 7 days ago

    It is kind of confusing?? Because why don’t we all just let that word go. It started from a terrible place but taking that word back and twisting it into music or “only I can say it” just ... kinda defeats the point of telling other people not to say it. Cause the whole point is that it’s not a good word to say at ALL . Just to clarify I do not want to ever say this word again!! Music or with an A like nope! Not at all! Throw that word away

  • Ne'Vaeh Stroble
    Ne'Vaeh Stroble 7 days ago


  • Cia Price
    Cia Price 8 days ago

    The lady sitting in the middle is SO on point!!!!!! I dont know what type of crack that black woman sitting the right of the woman in the middle is on but she needs to stop it. Black people have a right to use the N word if they want to. It's our experience!

  • maci randall
    maci randall 8 days ago

    I get what loni is saying but she proved Amanda’s point. If a black persons can say it in the song regarding their experience in life so be it. But educate the people on the word and know it’s a derogatory thing

  • Whatslife! Martinez
    Whatslife! Martinez 8 days ago +1

    Dont put a Fucken Word, if is so damm offensive, or so many people get hurt by it

  • Xoxohana Xoxohanna
    Xoxohana Xoxohanna 8 days ago

    Everyone will say it regardless of their color! I hear it all the time!!