Geography Now! Bangladesh

  • Published on Apr 19, 2015
  • Aaaaaaaannnnnnnnd welcome to the delta.
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  • MorningStar TM
    MorningStar TM 4 minutes ago

    Enclave problem solved already 😁

  • Idiot 786
    Idiot 786 6 hours ago

    I am very proud of my country bangladesh

  • Haidar ali
    Haidar ali 10 hours ago

    love from Bangladesh. Here have vast information of Bangladesh. Thank you so much

  • Nipa Nipa
    Nipa Nipa 13 hours ago +1

    I love my Bangladesh

  • Bhuiyan hossain
    Bhuiyan hossain Day ago

    too much fast.....say more lowly...and thank you very much bro....

  • Rakib Raihan
    Rakib Raihan 2 days ago

    The red circle of our National flags indicates the blood of our freedom-fighters..
    Thank You 😊💙✌

  • Knight mare
    Knight mare 2 days ago +1

    Really love my brothers ❤
    From Pakistan

  • Shaik Arshad
    Shaik Arshad 2 days ago +4

    Hey wait a sec.
    Bangladesh was never a part of british empire.
    Before 1947 the bangladesh and west bengal were togather known as bengal, which was a region in india..
    During british empire there were no pakistan and bangladesh, there was just one nation called undivided india (akhand bharatvarsh).
    Bengali punjabi marathi bihari kashmiri assami rajput gujrati etc etc are the most popular groups of indian land... Okk!!
    We all were indians until 1947..
    Rabindranath tagore, subhash chandra bose, swami vivekananda, bankim chandra chatterjee etc were the famous people from the bengal region of india.
    In 1947 partition of india took place and indian states of bengal, punjab and jammu and kashmir were divided on the name of a stupid thing called "religion"...
    We all indian sub continent people are decedent's of harappa and Mohenjo-Daro civilization, popularly known as Indus valley civilization...
    Indian people.speak many languages like we have 22 official languages and bengali + urdu are one of them...
    At the end we all belong to a land called "ancient india" which includes present day afganistan, pakistan, india, nepal, bhutan, bangladesh, srilanka, mayanmar and maldives. Our famous kings and empires were chandragupta maury, akhoka the great, akbar the great, shahjahan, chatrapati shivaji, pruthvi rah chauhan, maha rana pratap, tipu sutan and manyyy manyyyyyyy moreeee since more than last 5000 years. maurya empire, gupta empire, mughal empire, maratha empire, chauhan dynasty, delhi sultanate and british empire etc etc etc etc...
    Lot's of love from kolakata (west bengal, India) to my brothers living in bangladesh...
    Both west bengal and bangladesh were a single state which was known as "Bengal" which was an indian land or state or group but we got saperated on the basis of religion during the partition. Of india in 1947.
    I know that I have mentioned this thing before, but what can I do, it feels bad when some one talks about our bangladesh and forget to mention that, since last thousands of years our bangladesh was an integral part of india....
    Aamar shonar bangla....
    Love from kolkata to dhaka....
    I wish we bengali people will unite one day as we use to be until the "black year" 1947..
    (🇮🇳🇵🇰🇦🇫🇧🇩🇧🇹🇳🇵🇱🇰🇲🇲🇲🇻) = Ancient india....

  • Nayam Amarshe
    Nayam Amarshe 2 days ago

    But honestly for India, Bangladesh is a big problem because of the increasing illegal immigrants who are not only increasing the population at a high-rate but crimes in the west bengal area are increasing too because the immigrants come from poor families and don't get jobs.

  • Md. Alif Khan
    Md. Alif Khan 3 days ago

    This is the most accurate information about Bangladesh i have heard from a TVclipr so far!
    Well done! Geography Now!

  • Alok Joshi
    Alok Joshi 3 days ago

    Unlike pakistan, bangladesh is a progressive country. It has a great future... Long live brothers... ❤💓 From india

  • sam mukherjee
    sam mukherjee 3 days ago

    My ancestral home was in jhal kathi , barisal. Proud to be a BANGALI .

  • Rana Husnain
    Rana Husnain 3 days ago

    I'm from Pakistan and we love Bangladesh

  • kingnoor Marak
    kingnoor Marak 3 days ago

    I'm from india tripura and can speake bengali

  • Nizam Jinmo
    Nizam Jinmo 3 days ago

    Bangla mcm taik ..😂

    RAHUL KUNDU 3 days ago

    Bangladesh is a nut whole illiterate people there

  • Mohammad Kaiyum
    Mohammad Kaiyum 4 days ago

    make a video about Bangladesh on current situation.

  • God of Thunder
    God of Thunder 4 days ago

    India is country who fought against Pakistan for Bangladesh's independence

  • Efthaqur Alam
    Efthaqur Alam 4 days ago

    6:13 Only one thing was common between East Pakistan and West Pakistan and that was religion. Except that nothing was common, not even the language, besides Bangladeshi also a different nation which was called Bengali that time, kindly correct that information. Thank you.
    And Yes, I am from Bangladesh! 🇧🇩
    আমি অপরাজেয় বাংলার লোক!

  • Tech of Sa
    Tech of Sa 4 days ago

    Bro red doesn't mean sun . Red is the symbol of the blood of martyrs.

  • md. Alif
    md. Alif 5 days ago


  • Al Amin
    Al Amin 5 days ago

    Joy bangla joy

  • Mr. Amin
    Mr. Amin 5 days ago

    All are the right information

  • Kryo, the Ruler of the Cold Circle of Hell, a Demon

    I have a Greek friend who was born in Bangladesh.

  • Tisha Akter
    Tisha Akter 5 days ago

    Red=blood of our freedom fighter.

  • Rohan Phadke
    Rohan Phadke 5 days ago

    You had India's flag upside down in one frames! Not cool bro!

  • Md. Rafiqul Islam
    Md. Rafiqul Islam 5 days ago

    Enclave has been solved by two countries

  • Janeth Galvan
    Janeth Galvan 5 days ago

    Paul I Love your videos!! And wow I couldn't help but think that you look like a Adam DeVine and Jack Black.. they are both cool too

  • Isaac Bakan
    Isaac Bakan 5 days ago

    Very interesting country but such an ugly flag honestly

  • Monowar Tech
    Monowar Tech 6 days ago

    You some word pronounce wrong but pretty much good
    And, yeah you explained all in all

  • Nafizul Haque
    Nafizul Haque 6 days ago

    ❤from Bangladesh

  • top editor Mubin
    top editor Mubin 6 days ago

    One more information... Bengal was world's richest region before british came india and looted all riches for two hundred years. Bengal alone earned 29% of whole world economy and 50% of whole subcontinent economy. World's most expensive cloth muslin was exported from Bengal. Silk, cotton, masala, jute etc were exported too.

  • IR Pranks
    IR Pranks 7 days ago

    I am Bangladeshi

  • নক্ষত্র লুব্ধক

    we hate Pakistan

  • নক্ষত্র লুব্ধক

    ছোটবেলায় কুফরি কালাম বইলা একটা কথা শুনছিলাম। অনেকটা ব্ল্যাক ম্যাজিক টাইপের ব্যাপার। নামেই বুঝা যায় আল্লাহর পবিত্র কালামের কুফরি ব্যবহারই এর সার কথা। এই সিস্টেমে পবিত্র কোরআন শরীফ নাকি উল্টা কইরা পড়তে হয়, তারপর ইবলিস আইসা বান্দার যাবতীয় মনোবাঞ্ছা পূরণ করবে। অনেকটা গল্পের ডঃ ফসটাসের মতো দ্বীন দুনিয়ার অশেষ ক্ষমতা লাভ হবে শয়তানের কাছে আত্মা বিক্রির মাধ্যমে। ধারণা করি এই কুফরি কালামের চর্চাটা জামায়াতে ইসলামী এবং তার বশংবদ ইসলামী ছাত্র শিবির বেশ ভালো মতোই করে।
    কোরআন শরীফে একজন ঈমানদার মুসলমান হওয়ার যা যা নির্দেশিকা তার ঠিক উল্টাটাই করে যুদ্ধাপরাধীদের এই দলটা। তারা গিবত করে, তারা মিথ্যা প্রপোগান্ডা চালায়, হত্যা করে, ষড়যন্ত্র করে, সাম্প্রদায়িকতার চর্চা করে, সারাক্ষণ হিংসাদ্বেষ নিয়ে কাটায়। মোটের উপর কবিরা গুনাহ বলতে যা যা লিপিবদ্ধ, তার সবই জামায়াত অনুগতদের নিত্যকার যাপনের অঙ্গ।
    অবশ্য এইটাই তো প্রত্যাশিতই। কারণ তারা তো মুসলমান না, মোনাফেক। মুসলমানের ভেকধারী। আল্লাহর নবী বলছেন : শেষ জমানায় কিছু প্রতারক সৃষ্টি হবে। তারা ধর্মের নামে দুনিয়া শিকার করবে। তারা মানুষের নিকট নিজেদের সাধুতা প্রকাশ ও মানুষকে প্রভাবিত করার জন্য ভেড়ার চামড়ার পোষাক পড়বে (মানুষের কল্যাণকারী সাজবে)। তাদের রসনা হবে চিনির চেয়ে মিষ্টি। কিন্তু তাদের হৃদয় হবে নেকড়ের হৃদয়ের মতো হিংস্র। (তিরমিজী) আমার চোখে তো এই শর্তাবলী পূরণে জামায়াত-শিবির ছাড়া আর কিছু পড়ে না।

  • Supriyo Dutta
    Supriyo Dutta 7 days ago

    Nice video. But the Bengali text at 6:26 is wrong.

  • Debabrata Das
    Debabrata Das 7 days ago

    Yo yo yo hold up.. Fix india's map first.. Kasmir is part of India..

  • Afroza Khanam
    Afroza Khanam 7 days ago

    No that red circle symbolize the sacrifices of the worriors of 1971 war

  • abdul gaffer
    abdul gaffer 8 days ago

    Nice video, thx a lot for sharing and talking about bangladesh

  • Harsh Verma
    Harsh Verma 8 days ago +3

    Bengalis are beautiful🇮🇳🇧🇩

    MD SHAWON 8 days ago

    Bangladesh.. 😍

  • sm siam
    sm siam 8 days ago

    Very accurate information is provided. I just watch the video to check about the authenticity. 😅
    I am from Bangladesh. 😊

  • haroon tarar
    haroon tarar 9 days ago

    Make a video on pakistan

  • Manish Yadav
    Manish Yadav 9 days ago

    Make video of Nepal

  • Navid AfzL
    Navid AfzL 9 days ago

    Have you gone mad

  • Khondker Rifat Hossain

    I am from Bangladesh, we have more people than that of Russia....the population of Dhaka is same as that of Canada. The country needs massive infrastructure development....but the problem is Political Uncertainty.. .situation will get worse before it gets better.

  • Proud Bangladeshi গর্বিত বাংলাদেশী

    If you are a true Bangladeshi 🇧🇩, then watch this video everyday. Then it will be the most viewed video on this channel.

  • Prottoy Rumana
    Prottoy Rumana 10 days ago

    আমি বা

  • ঠিক কথা Fu

    বাংলাদেশ জিন্দাবাদ

  • Himanshu Tripathi
    Himanshu Tripathi 11 days ago

    Can you please upgrade ..... Map .... India and Bangladesh have swapped lands .... Update this .....

  • Md tarik TaRik
    Md tarik TaRik 11 days ago

    I am a Bangladeshi I love you video but I hate your attitude brother we Bangladeshi sensitive mind it

  • يمان م
    يمان م 11 days ago

    ضيف الغة العربية ardk

  • Shamim Sikder
    Shamim Sikder 12 days ago

    I love my country 🇧🇩. Miss you Bangladesh (motherland). yearly I can meet with you ones only

  • 箱物
    箱物 12 days ago


  • vesper
    vesper 12 days ago

    i just love japan
    also bhutan
    love from Bangladesh

    • vesper
      vesper 9 days ago

      we have the longest sea beach in the world,our soil is the most fertile soil in world,we have the largest mangrove forest.....
      UNESCO declared 21st February as the international mother language day because of our sacrifice for our language.
      Bangladesh ranked 93 in the list of peaceful countries
      im a Bangladeshi and proud to say that Bangladesh is not the best nor the worst country but we're average(honestly).
      we're trying our best to b better.

    • vesper
      vesper 9 days ago

      did i ask you to express your opinion about Bangladesh?!
      get lost
      👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊 (i meant punching you)

    • Bororus Rooroo
      Bororus Rooroo 9 days ago +1

      Yeah Bangladesh is the worst country

  • Bibechan Thapa
    Bibechan Thapa 13 days ago

    Make vdo abt Nepal

  • sunil turani
    sunil turani 13 days ago

    hey barby i just love your videos, but were you not ready for making this video, all your action and reactions are missing in this one, its actually visible with all your shifty eyes, anyway keep making such great videos. atb.

  • akamouse100
    akamouse100 13 days ago

    They are Indians lol

  • Fábio Lima da Silva
    Fábio Lima da Silva 13 days ago

    This guy is completely crazy... :D

  • Rashik Ajmain
    Rashik Ajmain 14 days ago

    My hometown Rajshahi, a major city in Bangladesh became no. 1 in 2016 for reducing air pollution.

  • JS Raian Hossain
    JS Raian Hossain 14 days ago

    Red means blood,not sun....Okk

  • Dewan Rakibul Hasan
    Dewan Rakibul Hasan 15 days ago

    Thanks brother to make a video about Bangladesh. I have a small correction for you, that the Red part of the flag of Bangladesh is not represent the sun, is represent the holy Blood of our freedom fighter who sacrifice there lives in 1971.

  • Nikhil Gill
    Nikhil Gill 15 days ago

    Oh Okk you are not going to talk about multi war Okk no problem

  • Fatin Zaman
    Fatin Zaman 15 days ago

    আমি রংপুরবাসী🤘🤘

  • Sakhawat Hossen Saikat

    Nice presentation bro. As a Bangladeshi, I appreciate your work ...

  • Saied Arman
    Saied Arman 16 days ago

    লাইক দেন যদি আপনি বাংলাদেশের হয়ে থাকেন

  • Pureit N.zaman
    Pureit N.zaman 16 days ago

    i love Bangladesh.........

  • Abdullah Musa
    Abdullah Musa 16 days ago +2

    Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  • Dark Warrior27
    Dark Warrior27 17 days ago

    Love from Bangladesh.....

  • Saifur Rahman
    Saifur Rahman 17 days ago

    Alhamdulillah,I love so much Bangladesh,thank,Marci you brother for this vidéo,

  • Md Selim Ahamed
    Md Selim Ahamed 17 days ago

    Red don't mean sun
    it's the symbol of blood sacrificed by our freedom fighters.
    dont make any thing without knowing the real .

  • Fahim Faisal
    Fahim Faisal 17 days ago

    Just a few minutes ago one of the videos of the channel came to my TVclip feed . I visited this channel . I then searched my country here .
    I got .... I'm Bangladeshi . 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩
    Loved the way he narrated !
    And , significantly loved when a Bengali line came in the video...

  • Abdullah Farhan Abid
    Abdullah Farhan Abid 18 days ago

    Bangladesh people goes to japan when they achieved scholarship

  • Abdullah Farhan Abid
    Abdullah Farhan Abid 18 days ago

    Thanks for making a geographic of our country and i am Bangladeshi if u would like to know anything about my Country send me message on Facebook. My name is AbdullahFarhan Abid---on Facebook Feel free to ask me

  • একেমন জীবন 77

    Thank You i love you my bangladesh

  • ريحان خان رافي

    I will not say that india is not our frnd but there is a mistake there r 3 best frnds of Bangaldesh they r India Bhutan nd Japan
    We Bangladeshi people's love seriously really love Japan they help us they like us we have a awesome relation even our flags are almost same so we
    Bangladeshi people's love Japan🇧🇩🇯🇵🇧🇩🇯🇵🇧🇩🇯🇵🇧🇩🇯🇵
    Nd actually not india Bhutan was the 1st country who recognised Bangladesh but just bcz india helped Bangladesh so everyone say india is the 1st but history says Bhutan was the 1st

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 19 days ago +4

    love and support Bangladesh from Canada

  • Alpine Ink
    Alpine Ink 20 days ago

    I had neighbours and a coworker from Bangladesh. My coworker was teaching me some Bengali but he had to leave the job and I only remember a few words. Our Bangladeshi neighbours also had to move to a bigger house because their grandparents were coming to Canada from Bangladesh to live with them, but I remember when I was sick their father Mosharef heard about it and brought over a plate of chicken and rice for me :D very nice people

  • Avijit Naskar
    Avijit Naskar 20 days ago

    Dui bangla kobe ek hbe tar opekkhai roilam

    MAZHER UDDIN 20 days ago

    I am from bangladesh..
    I love my country's
    One of the populated country in the world.
    I am from bangladesh noakhali...
    I am from bangladesh

  • Murad Ali Khan
    Murad Ali Khan 20 days ago +1

    I love my Pakistan and Bangladesh is my 2nd home

    • Nishchup Rafi
      Nishchup Rafi 15 days ago

      Yeah Bangladesh is your to home ant Bangladeshi all the people love Pakistan

  • Talha Nahin
    Talha Nahin 20 days ago

    Myanmar isn't our frnd dude

  • Ferdus Alam Fahad
    Ferdus Alam Fahad 21 day ago

    Red cycle means blood of freedom fighters

  • Ujo Media
    Ujo Media 21 day ago

    ভালবাসা অবিরত বাংলাদেশ ।

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    Rohan Records 22 days ago

    Love from Bangladesh ❤❤

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  • Rohan Bhardwaj
    Rohan Bhardwaj 22 days ago

    this is not real map of India

  • Edu Mai
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  • amit fhm
    amit fhm 22 days ago

    Thats totally right information bro.. btw who r u😂 where u from. how do u knw all that details! . Your dig down information work is Very impressive😮 . Even though i dnt knw some information u jst give about Bangladesh.. I'm Bangladeshi though.. ❤

  • Iislamic study
    Iislamic study 22 days ago

    Red represents our freedom fighter blood :)

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  • Shireen Amin
    Shireen Amin 24 days ago +1

    The red in Bangladesh flag means all the 3 million people that died during the independence war I know that cause I am 100 % bengali

  • Mr last survivor
    Mr last survivor 24 days ago +1

    Well made and Accurate.

  • Rashidul Islam
    Rashidul Islam 24 days ago +1

    Im Bangladeshi. I love Bangladesh. Love Bangla

    ABU HANIF NAYAN 24 days ago +1

    The red disc represents the sun rising over Bengal, and also the blood of those who died for the independence of Bangladesh. The green field stands for the lushness of the land of Bangladesh.

  • Showmik Noor
    Showmik Noor 24 days ago +1

    Its not bangal desh
    Its Bangladesh

  • Riddhi Dhand
    Riddhi Dhand 24 days ago +2

    Hey buddy, 9:06 the indian flag is upside down

  • Abrar Ul haque
    Abrar Ul haque 25 days ago +2

    the red actually represents the blood of the millions of martyrs who layed down their lives for for independence during the Independence War.