Geography Now! Bangladesh

  • Published on Apr 19, 2015
  • Aaaaaaaannnnnnnnd welcome to the delta.
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  • Habibullah 73
    Habibullah 73 2 hours ago

    You dude was really stand out describing my country almost every details! Your presentation skill is really noteworthy and worthy of appreciation.

  • Dragon D
    Dragon D 6 hours ago +1

    Not bad my friend,
    Red circle in the flag is the blood of the dead from 71 war, the one you skipped passed in a god dam hurry!! We will never forget them.
    (Am ra tuma der bul bo na!!!!)

    LEONG KUM FATT Day ago

    I love Bangladesh and Bangladesh's friends

  • shubham jaiswal
    shubham jaiswal Day ago +1

    Sab kuch sahi tha... Bangladesh and india k bich... Dono tarf se log aate jaate the freely... But i think... Cricket ki wajh se kuch Bangladeshi log... India se hate karne lage hai..... Kunki dono countrys me cricket se logo k emotions jude hai.... Once they insult our players.... By photoshoped posters....

  • Lovely Islam
    Lovely Islam Day ago

    No India isn't our friend

  • Lovely Islam
    Lovely Islam Day ago

    Myanmar kill many people

  • Lovely Islam
    Lovely Islam Day ago

    Pakistan kill people

  • Md Nazmul Hossain Niloy

    love from 🇧🇩

  • Wasi Adib
    Wasi Adib 2 days ago

    any one want to konw what that bangali language was writen it means i want to speake on bangali

  • Tahsin PlayZ
    Tahsin PlayZ 2 days ago

    That thumbnail and this video.... Lmao

  • Syed Jarif
    Syed Jarif 2 days ago

    Thanks for making this amazing video.
    ❤️ from Bangladesh 🇧🇩
    আমি বাংলায় কথা বলি।

  • S M Faiham Sadi
    S M Faiham Sadi 2 days ago

    Enclaves issue has been solved

  • Frnds in Circle
    Frnds in Circle 2 days ago +1

    I'm from bangladesh and for your kind info , the red circle means the struggle and the blood we gave to achieve our independence. Thank you.

  • Myriad Vision
    Myriad Vision 2 days ago

    " Bangladesh is an ecological gem.!!" I loved the way u said it!! Thank you!

  • Asifuz zaman
    Asifuz zaman 3 days ago +3

    Red part of our flag doesn't represent "sun" It represent "blood" of our people who sacrifice their lives for freedom and mother language.

  • Zahidur Rahman
    Zahidur Rahman 3 days ago +1

    I Love Bangladesh 💗💗💗

  • Gaming With Rameen
    Gaming With Rameen 3 days ago

    আমি বাংলায় কথা বলি

  • Sourav Mahmud Khan
    Sourav Mahmud Khan 4 days ago

    Most of your informations are true...Wow👌🇧🇩

  • seratul mustakim
    seratul mustakim 4 days ago

    im bagnalii.and love to allll

  • afzal alam
    afzal alam 4 days ago

    This confusing thing has been solved so you should remove this video

  • Mr. Nakal
    Mr. Nakal 4 days ago

    Most of my Zara clothes made in Bangladesh , that's why i watch this video LoL 😁

  • Musabbir Sakib
    Musabbir Sakib 4 days ago

    1 Million Views !!!

  • toox
    toox 5 days ago +2

    Love from Canada

  • Kryo, the Ruler of the Cold Circle of Hell, a Demon

    One of my Greek friends is from Bangladesh.

  • Mohamad Rizal
    Mohamad Rizal 5 days ago +1

    The most populated country with minimum land

    • Mahmudul Hasan
      Mahmudul Hasan 2 hours ago

      most fertile land in the world everything grows here

  • Vinita Kumari
    Vinita Kumari 5 days ago

    Nomoskar barby da 🙏🙏

  • CRY Wolf
    CRY Wolf 5 days ago +3

    Bangladesh ppl hardworking

  • shakil hasan
    shakil hasan 5 days ago

    tnx for making video about from bangladesh

  • GS5 South
    GS5 South 5 days ago

    6 episodes later BHUTAN

    TAREK HASAN 6 days ago

    গর্জে উঠো আবারো
    পেছনে ফেলে
    সামনে চলো
    জয় বাংলা করে
    আগে বারো।

  • NavilNDG
    NavilNDG 6 days ago

    My origin is bangladesh but I am singaporean 😅

  • skyalart0
    skyalart0 6 days ago

    Welcome to Bangladesh......It's world's most peaceful religious country and daughter of Nature.

  • Sakib Hossain
    Sakib Hossain 6 days ago

    i am from Bangladesh😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Azhar Rizvi
    Azhar Rizvi 6 days ago

    Love to Bangladesh from a British Pakistani 😁

    • Dragon D
      Dragon D 6 hours ago

      Azhar Rizvi - but now Pakistani will not love you for saying you love bang! La desh

  • Gggkgkhkn Fshgkhll
    Gggkgkhkn Fshgkhll 6 days ago

    Good luck brathar well come bd

  • Avi The Traveller
    Avi The Traveller 6 days ago

    Proud to be a Bangladeshi 🇧🇩✌🏻

  • Pavel World
    Pavel World 7 days ago

    Bangladesh most beautiful country in the world in my eyes

  • Eftesam Sami Travel
    Eftesam Sami Travel 7 days ago

    wrong! Red colour is the symbol - the martyrs who died in our liberation war...

  • Nahed Garaqish
    Nahed Garaqish 7 days ago

    India is in love for Bangladesh 😊😀😁😃😄😊😀😃😄😊😀😁😃😄😊🎱🎱🎱🎱🐧

  • Tamjed hashan
    Tamjed hashan 7 days ago

    I am proud to be a Bangladeshi.....!!!!
    I love Bangladesh

  • Lokesh Pathak
    Lokesh Pathak 7 days ago

    816 pakistanis disliked

  • Truth is Bitter
    Truth is Bitter 8 days ago

    2:23 not by the British the brahmins of congress party

  • Pinky shit
    Pinky shit 8 days ago

    Bangla-desu :3

  • Rainbow _v2
    Rainbow _v2 8 days ago

    i get it 0:03

  • Salman Hossain
    Salman Hossain 9 days ago

    I'm from Bangladesh ❤️

  • khairul alam
    khairul alam 9 days ago

    The red circular disc with map of Bangladesh symbolizes blood of thousands of Bangalis killed by the Pakistanis since 1947 in the Golden Bangla. The green backdrop is, nevertheless to say, symbolizes the vitality, youthfulness, greenery and of course symbolizes also our land as the agrarian since the pre- Vedic age.
    Copy from
    Habibul Miraj, studied Bba Specialization Financial & Marketing at Premier University Chittagong (2017)

  • MorningStar TM
    MorningStar TM 9 days ago

    Bangladesh is a young nation full of young people
    Over 60% are young population

  • The Dhaka Guy
    The Dhaka Guy 9 days ago

    Brother you are wrong about our flag a little bit.. Red circle means the Blood of our martyrs..But you are right about green meaning..🤗🤗👌👌

  • I forgot my name
    I forgot my name 9 days ago

    From Bangladesh bro.....👌👌👌✌✌✌

  • arv er
    arv er 9 days ago +1

    Fun fact all exclaves border dispute is solved and now it's just simple border

  • Mahatab Amin Tonmoy
    Mahatab Amin Tonmoy 10 days ago

    Not the sun.. Blood

  • Xelljon
    Xelljon 10 days ago

    @Geography Now, that was an extremely well-made video! Very informative, breaking down the complexities so that anyone can understand the underlying issues. Keep up the good work!

  • Jamillah DUPLA
    Jamillah DUPLA 10 days ago

    It's nice vedio..i love BANGLADESH from PHILIPPINE..❤❤❤

  • Anonymous Gaming
    Anonymous Gaming 10 days ago +3

    Lol you’re really good at these videos my parents were born in Bangladesh and I’ve been there a few times and I still learned a lot. I guess I don’t know much about Bangladesh, I only speak Bengali so well and I cannot write in Bengali.

  • Amombi Emmanuel
    Amombi Emmanuel 11 days ago

    home of biggest scammers on earth

  • Veturi Sundara Rama Murthy

    9:05 India's flag is upside down.

  • Imran Shah
    Imran Shah 11 days ago

    Stupid British divided India Pakistan Bangladesh n Myanmar otherwise now India will be the largest n strongest country in the world.

  • Manish Pawar
    Manish Pawar 12 days ago

    9:06 flag of india is upside down. by the way i love your videos

    MD SHAHAN 12 days ago

    Thanks bro for makes this video. I am Bangladeshi

  • RyAn FoRmals
    RyAn FoRmals 12 days ago

    I thought green represents islam.

  • Akib Ahmed
    Akib Ahmed 12 days ago

    Hey visit from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  • Md shimul Hossen
    Md shimul Hossen 13 days ago


  • Md shimul Hossen
    Md shimul Hossen 13 days ago

    আমি গর্বিত যে আমি বাংলাদেশি

  • Piara Singh
    Piara Singh 13 days ago

    i wonder if the host specially did not mention Bangladesh got independence from Pakistan with help from India.

  • Coraline Jones
    Coraline Jones 13 days ago

    Half the Rivers have dried up and India has put Barricade on the ones that flow from India.

  • Hasan Ahmed
    Hasan Ahmed 13 days ago

    Bangladesh 😍😍😍

  • GamingwithAJ
    GamingwithAJ 13 days ago

    My tshirt is from Bangladesh

  • A.H. Mehedi
    A.H. Mehedi 13 days ago

    Great video... Keep it.
    Lots of love & respect from Bangladesh 🇧🇩💝

  • Imran Rakib
    Imran Rakib 14 days ago

    3:50 🤣 love it also if you do a funny speech in our language that would be hilarious 👍🏽

  • krishan sadotra
    krishan sadotra 15 days ago

    wrong information india is not hindu country india is secular country

  • Kazi Hossain
    Kazi Hossain 15 days ago

    Become and be develop Banladesh, India, Pakistan like Canada, USA, Mexico, kashmiri keep like Indian, and Pakistani, panjab, bangla has partition what's wrong with Indian Kashmir, live together, be peaceful with Delhi and contribute for india

  • Anas prodhaniya
    Anas prodhaniya 16 days ago

    Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇧🇩❤️

  • Mijan Islam
    Mijan Islam 16 days ago

    I'm from Bangladesh So Very very beautiful Fine

  • Partha Sau
    Partha Sau 17 days ago

    I live in West Bengal... we used to like Bangladesh and their people.... but then we came to know..most of the Bangladeshi dont like india..i dont know why??....but those Bangladeshi prefer Pakistan over india...they insult india...But they watch Hindi cinema,listen Hindi songs,saw Bengali serial from kolkata and many of them aslo hv dream to work in Bollywood...many of Bangladeshi also come to india for Medical purpose..i dont know why??..but they dont like india...that's the reality..

    • Mahmudul Hasan
      Mahmudul Hasan 2 hours ago

      yes cricket is the culprit. it brings hatred betn emotional fans. But in reality we are friendly nation

  • Kids Word Fun
    Kids Word Fun 17 days ago +1

    আমি বাংলাদেশী

  • Ahsan Zaman
    Ahsan Zaman 17 days ago

    It makes me cringe every time how Japan's not even mentioned in the "friends" section. Feels like betraying the biggest friend.

  • Midget 17
    Midget 17 18 days ago

    A video on Pakistan?? Please

  • Fardin Mirza
    Fardin Mirza 18 days ago

    Red doesn't represents the sun....dummy represents the blood of our freedom fighters who died for Bangladesh.......LMAO

  • Fardin Mirza
    Fardin Mirza 18 days ago

    Red doesn't represents the sun....dummy represents the blood of our freedom fighters who died for Bangladesh.......LMAO

  • তানজিলা পুনম

    You got the right history.

  • Rabiul Islam
    Rabiul Islam 20 days ago +2

    Love from Bangladesh.

  • Franklin the Flamingstiff

    9:06-India flag upside down

  • Kristaps Gailis
    Kristaps Gailis 23 days ago

    Bith shocked that the green is not representing Islam!

    • Bangladeshi Atheist
      Bangladeshi Atheist 23 days ago +1

      *_Secularism (Bengali: ধর্ম নিরপেক্ষতা) is one of the four fundamental principles according to the original 1972 Constitution of Bangladesh._*

  • Dinee M
    Dinee M 24 days ago

    Geography 😍

  • Tryfon 10
    Tryfon 10 24 days ago

    Is Bangladesh
    Even considered a country

      ANURAG MANOHAR THORAT 16 days ago

      +Bangladeshi Atheist he is chutiya porkistani...They still call bangladesh as East pakistan

    • l e i l a n i
      l e i l a n i 20 days ago

      please tell me you're joking

    • Bangladeshi Atheist
      Bangladeshi Atheist 23 days ago

      I'm probably missing a joke. But yes it is *officially* a country since 1974 and unofficially from may of 1971.

  • True Indian
    True Indian 26 days ago

    Lots of love for Bangladesh!!

  • Aaron Green
    Aaron Green 26 days ago

    9:05 The Indian flag is upside down

  • Po Li
    Po Li 27 days ago

    the enclaves are really interesting

  • Asm nafis Iqbal
    Asm nafis Iqbal 27 days ago +1

    5:26 every eid ever

  • Taniya Sultana
    Taniya Sultana 27 days ago

    yes I'm from Bangladesh 😍😍
    আমার সোনার বাংলা😍😍😍
    আমি তুমায়া ভালবাসি

  • j h
    j h 28 days ago

    Lol my shirt says made in India

  • Ram P
    Ram P 28 days ago


  • Ram P
    Ram P 28 days ago

    there was a upside down indian flag

  • Ram P
    Ram P 28 days ago

    Pakistanis can enter india but no war just stay peacful

  • Sabbir Shanto
    Sabbir Shanto 28 days ago

    Red represents the blood of the martyrs.. not the sun ..

    2 BRO'S INTELLIGENCE 29 days ago

    love from Bangladesh

  • Isaac Bakan
    Isaac Bakan 29 days ago

    While it's not a huge country it isn't that tiny so you can see how huge those rivers are on the map

  • Isaac Bakan
    Isaac Bakan 29 days ago

    They gotta start a program so places with too much water can donate to countries with not enough. Like get some of that water in North Carolina and the Philippines to Afghanistan.

  • Isaac Bakan
    Isaac Bakan 29 days ago

    Amazing nation, but I honestly do not find the flag very attractive

  • ABID production
    ABID production Month ago

    The enclaves are no more alive