• Published on Jan 22, 2018
  • Video Game Stores - whether it's getting ripped off on trade-ins, waiting in line for the big new release, or more, this is Every Game Store Ever!
    Noah Grossman
    Keith Leak Jr.
    Courtney Miller
    Olivia Sui
    Shayne Topp
    Joshua Mattingly
    Sunny Peabody
    Directed by Ryan Todd
    Written by Ian Hecox, Shayne Topp, Courtney Miller, Monica Vasandani, Cole Hersch, and Ryan Finnerty
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  • Awesome Cjn
    Awesome Cjn 9 hours ago

    3:46 me finding a shiny Pokémon in the safari zone
    3:57 when it runs away

  • Temna Senka
    Temna Senka 16 hours ago

    2:31 A real gamer could name a different (and frankly better) game series Ubisoft makes
    2:34 It's pronounced "Rôr-ü"
    2:38 "Hearthstone" is extremely overrated

  • The GamePlay Master
    The GamePlay Master 20 hours ago +1

    Who noticed a episode on every blank ever at 2:13

  • Cynenite
    Cynenite Day ago +1

    I sold EB an $89.99 game and they gave me an EB games card with 13 dollars on it.. I can’t even get actual money

  • WAXENHAIL073 1
    WAXENHAIL073 1 Day ago

    0:43 is my favorite

  • David The dude
    David The dude Day ago

    Every Best Buy ever

  • Malakai Turner
    Malakai Turner 2 days ago

    Ayy look at the tv 2:16

  • The Random Sceaper
    The Random Sceaper 2 days ago

    Well if you get the game on your console and if the console breaks than the game that you actually buy from a game store is actually useful

    Man I feel like a nerd.

    • The Random Sceaper
      The Random Sceaper 2 days ago

      Also just noticed if you used a computer it would do the same thing

  • Ryn MayMay
    Ryn MayMay 2 days ago +1

    2:14 DAE remember Wii U Sports?Cuz that's the game shown in the back

  • Michael Denyer
    Michael Denyer 3 days ago +1

    Love the toilet bit at the end

  • Mageec
    Mageec 3 days ago

    Just saying who has 5000 dollars in their pocket?

  • DragonZ s
    DragonZ s 4 days ago

    0:41 blender looks better than ever

  • Feras Kai
    Feras Kai 4 days ago

    0:23 that gasp lmao

  • Faze Zone 1
    Faze Zone 1 4 days ago

    Every Jewel osco

  • James Conway
    James Conway 4 days ago

    will that work with the water and tp

  • Blonchy boi
    Blonchy boi 4 days ago

    If I go to a game store and try to get an 18 or 15 then my dad has to buy it as I’m 14

  • [AP-STUDENT] Jan Andrei Elizer Cuaton

    when you got killed in an ambush in a game, 0:25

  • Holy Nights Edge
    Holy Nights Edge 5 days ago

    3:40 when you die at 98 on geometry dash

  • Kristis LTU
    Kristis LTU 5 days ago


  • SK Gaming Machine
    SK Gaming Machine 7 days ago

    We should really have a bathroom 👌👌

  • Fgteev fan Chase
    Fgteev fan Chase 7 days ago +1

    3:40 when I lose a game of fortnite

  • Fgteev fan Chase
    Fgteev fan Chase 7 days ago

    2019 anyone

  • Fgteev fan Chase
    Fgteev fan Chase 7 days ago


  • The Memes are intense boi

    3:40 when I get 999 homeworks

  • BlueRoxX 000
    BlueRoxX 000 9 days ago

    2:14 a cameo of anthony

  • Quackcharlie12 3
    Quackcharlie12 3 9 days ago +3

    When my mom for the 200th time says that i have to paus an online game 03:39

  • Mr Mafiaaa
    Mr Mafiaaa 9 days ago

    Why dosent gamestop sell gfuel

  • Alexander Schott
    Alexander Schott 9 days ago

    It used to be gamestop

  • Roelant G
    Roelant G 9 days ago

    every friend ever :me i don't have friends

  • Kraken Skullz
    Kraken Skullz 10 days ago

    4:30 the gory wii games front the smosh wii vid is in the backgroubd

  • Destroyer Term
    Destroyer Term 10 days ago +1

    me when my phone tells me I need more storage

  • Trang Le
    Trang Le 11 days ago

    You have to admit you children aren’t innocent.

  • Th3_Lon3 W0lf
    Th3_Lon3 W0lf 11 days ago

    Who wishes these games were real?

  • RedBlocky 499
    RedBlocky 499 11 days ago

    I only go to gamestop to buy those giftcards

  • Psycho Zombie
    Psycho Zombie 12 days ago

    I wanted to work at Game Stop for longest time but seeing how they’re slowly going out of business and how they refuse to change policies to actually fair ones, I’d rather work at subway

  • Brynn Hayward
    Brynn Hayward 12 days ago

    Me at a game store
    Me: Hi sir is there Legand of Zelda?
    Manager: No
    ME: Well is there Pokemon?
    Manager: No
    Manager: No Video games this is a restaurant
    ME: Ohhhhh...well can I have Pokemon and Leg and of Zelda?

  • SJG vlogs
    SJG vlogs 12 days ago

    Hahahahahhah they give u 2$ only to sell it for 5000$

  • Deadly Kitten 666.6
    Deadly Kitten 666.6 12 days ago

    My mum seeing i haven't done my homework, so she can take away my video games.

  • Draker the heart breaker

    2:47 thats what I do to ps2 disc

  • Madison Burritt
    Madison Burritt 12 days ago

    $5000?! ......... ok..

  • mythos gacha prosuctions

    every celebrity evr

  • Jaxon Toddd
    Jaxon Toddd 13 days ago

    Come to if found different

  • Brian Delight
    Brian Delight 13 days ago


  • JQ
    JQ 13 days ago

    1:52 that’s a Arby’s gift card😂

  • ali ali
    ali ali 14 days ago

    3:39 feel bad

  • Ryden Daniel
    Ryden Daniel 14 days ago

    Every game stop ever has no games like zero

  • 10236513 Bellevue
    10236513 Bellevue 14 days ago

    Every nappy ever
    Every baby ever

  • Ikiri Cross
    Ikiri Cross 14 days ago +1

    3:40 When you die in Minecraft.

  • jasperrbat
    jasperrbat 14 days ago +4

    Let’s be honest, who tf actually buys games here.
    You only but pop figures, and gift cards here tbh

  • Kristis LTU
    Kristis LTU 14 days ago


  • Rayhan Yeoh
    Rayhan Yeoh 14 days ago +15

    Me : I want to sell this old PC
    Staff: that will be 20 bucks
    Others: I want to buy that
    Staff: that will be 200.000.000 bucks

  • Faizaan Malik
    Faizaan Malik 15 days ago

    3:40 Me When I Have To Do 10 Pages Of Homework

  • Master Marksman 2
    Master Marksman 2 15 days ago

    *trades in 49,362 old games*
    Worker: ok your cash back for all these games is


    • Master Marksman 2
      Master Marksman 2 14 days ago

      Snow Anaya
      Roses are red
      Grass is greener
      When I think of you
      I play with my wiener

    • Snow Anaya
      Snow Anaya 14 days ago

      If you're lucky you might get a quarter.

  • Kayla Janzen
    Kayla Janzen 15 days ago

    0:25 the best part 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂

  • Joey marks
    Joey marks 15 days ago


  • Matthew Watson
    Matthew Watson 15 days ago

    I didn’t get the one where he said ‘Do you have the new call of duty game’? And she looked puzzled. Can someone explain it to me?

  • JJ Jetterson
    JJ Jetterson 15 days ago +1

    2:15 behind Courtney does anyone notice anything

  • deezy81
    deezy81 15 days ago

    I wonder if a nail salon is on the other side of the game store? Anybody ever notice that there is always a nail salon right next door to a game store? I guess to give us men something to do while our girlfriends and wives get polish on their fingers and toes.

  • CaesarRaps
    CaesarRaps 15 days ago +1

    Mint condition Zelda or whatever isn’t much mint conditioned if he touched it

  • Forehead! at the Brendon

    Every hot topic ever pls

  • iim Hungry
    iim Hungry 15 days ago

    This reminds me of the old blockbuster that closed down a few months ago ;c

    XXX UNKNOWNXX 16 days ago

    0:24 where can I find this horror game

  • msun403
    msun403 16 days ago

    You guys should do every pharmacy ever lol

  • waveshoker 2
    waveshoker 2 16 days ago

    what the heck is this vid?

  • Cody Langway
    Cody Langway 16 days ago +1

    2:50 I saw people actually waiting for Pokemon X and Y

  • PorgLiam
    PorgLiam 16 days ago

    Did anyone else notice that the game console was called lunchbox 360?

  • Van Adams
    Van Adams 16 days ago +8

    0:54 lol Girl:”that would be 5000$” Man: “ok,1 2…

  • Fix My Twix
    Fix My Twix 16 days ago


  • Fix My Twix
    Fix My Twix 16 days ago

    At 12:18 I laughed

  • The man 68
    The man 68 16 days ago +1

    0:25 Momos here

  • rick63359
    rick63359 16 days ago +11

    0:46 wow that hit me hard to 😂laugh

  • Fortnite vs Apex
    Fortnite vs Apex 17 days ago

    4:34 🤣🤣

  • Lucy Grace Longley
    Lucy Grace Longley 18 days ago

    2:28 the sound got louder

  • RelativelyRelated64 •
    RelativelyRelated64 • 18 days ago +5

    0:26 I think they are referencing an old Atari commercial

    • Van Adams
      Van Adams 16 days ago +1

      RelativelyRelated64 • wait wut

  • lamalaak thompson
    lamalaak thompson 18 days ago +5

    2:05 but if something ever happens to your system then there goes your game that you downloaded so I always buy them

    • Astral
      Astral 15 days ago +1

      It stays on your account so even if your system breaks or whatever you can redownload it on a new one.

  • Swat Sades
    Swat Sades 19 days ago

    0:41 I’m dying 😭

    DXMCU 19 days ago

    The thing that’s ironic is that there is a pet store next to my local game store

  • Apollo Beta
    Apollo Beta 20 days ago

    Keith only has one impression

  • Diamond SAber 100
    Diamond SAber 100 20 days ago +4

    Customer: We here only for the amiibo

  • Aaron Aguilar
    Aaron Aguilar 21 day ago +1

    3:57 I was like wth

  • Clare Long
    Clare Long 21 day ago


  • Flameless Boil
    Flameless Boil 22 days ago

    I guess those people who disliked was actually having there phone upsidedown

  • sweetnloyal2
    sweetnloyal2 23 days ago

    Slut maskaker 5
    Kong fo boobie fight
    Kitten killers 1,2and 3
    wtf are these games

  • 10k subs for a pizza
    10k subs for a pizza 23 days ago


  • N K K
    N K K 23 days ago

    Why is there 69 on the game store

  • Beccanaes Blunders
    Beccanaes Blunders 24 days ago


  • Carter Kau
    Carter Kau 24 days ago

    2:14 The good old days 😢

  • Dave Torres
    Dave Torres 25 days ago

    Does it have multiplayer

  • Syed-Hasan Naqvi
    Syed-Hasan Naqvi 25 days ago

    I didn't get the call of duty joke

  • Fgteev fan Chase
    Fgteev fan Chase 25 days ago +176

    0:46 should have multiplayer because you can add multiple fruits

  • detective clickbaitchu

    2:14 who remembers that Wii U sports vid

  • Michael Engen
    Michael Engen 26 days ago +6

    Honestly, vintage game stores that also sell new games are the BEST. Way better then GameStop

  • Vidit Deshpande
    Vidit Deshpande 26 days ago +9

    The first one was legit funny!!! And a good kick to start us of with!

  • Heavenly Potato Chip
    Heavenly Potato Chip 27 days ago

    Two less lovely peanut

  • DCbuilder 4
    DCbuilder 4 29 days ago

    A blender ehh?...

  • Unlucky Bastard
    Unlucky Bastard 29 days ago

    This is so true game stores are so irrelevant now, that's why every console got online stores to download games

  • Unicorns 999
    Unicorns 999 29 days ago +60

    “Where do you guys go?”
    **starts holding up cup**
    “The pet store next door.”

    • snowflake
      snowflake 11 days ago +2

      Legit all the game stores in my area are next to pet stores

  • Marie McClary
    Marie McClary 29 days ago +1

    That sir is a blender is my favorite game

  • GD Star69
    GD Star69 29 days ago


  • Eileen Patricia Carandang

    wanna play blender dad?