Joe Rogan Experience #1302 - Ed Calderon

  • Published on May 23, 2019
  • Ed Calderon is a security specialist and combatives instructor with over 10 years experience in public safety along the northern border area of Mexico. Follow him online @EdsManifesto

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  • Charles Lee
    Charles Lee 4 hours ago

    Thank you for this. We have a similar drug problem in Bolivia and a lot of the problems in Mexico are also pertinent to Bolivia. The big one being corruption.

  • LAZer
    LAZer 9 hours ago

    Bring him back with Eddie Bravo!

  • Danmann177
    Danmann177 10 hours ago

    Best podcast in 2019 Alex Jones or Ed Caulderon? This is a tough,🤔

  • Jesus Nieto
    Jesus Nieto 19 hours ago +1

    Phenomenal podcast but man now we need to pray for this mans safety.......cause if the cartel is really how he paints them to be, then best believe they're out to get him for spilling the beans (NO PUN INTENDED)

  • Jesus Nieto
    Jesus Nieto 19 hours ago +1

    *Joe Rogan the whole podcast: JESUS CHRIST.....

  • Central Cali
    Central Cali 20 hours ago

    Well look up the word Terrorist when you go to a party and say am going to take your daughter and if you say something I’ll kill you ..and what’s up with people likening that fucking corridos am American my parents from mex but dame shits fucked up down there

  • Central Cali
    Central Cali 20 hours ago

    I don’t think that your going to show a lot to seals when they have generations in wars

  • Thomas Columbus
    Thomas Columbus 22 hours ago

    stop coughin pls

  • Elias Cervantez
    Elias Cervantez Day ago

    Peanut butter M&M's 😂🤣😂

  • Dave Hartnett
    Dave Hartnett Day ago

    If you are curious about this topic watch Hell Across the Border. It goes deep into the violence of the occult beliefs of the cartels and why they operate the way they do. I’m warning you it’s really graphic.

  • S M
    S M Day ago

    Even this guy is for building the wall😂

  • Bird Worldist
    Bird Worldist Day ago +1

    This guy is spreading lies about AMLO, probably a CIA tool.

  • Ryan Maloney
    Ryan Maloney Day ago

    1.2k dislikes are cartel members

  • Tomas Cavazos
    Tomas Cavazos Day ago

    I will like to point that, while much of what Calderon describes in this podcast is correct, much of the things he exposes as facts are his own opinions. Wether they are right or wrong or biased, it is another story. Joe always tells his story of the soldiers outside of the resort and that is it. Mexico is a wide country, this things happens, but they dont happen in every corner as he wants it to sound like. Ive lived in Sinaloa for 39 years and i have never heard a gun fired in the street. There are always two sides.

    • Tomas Cavazos
      Tomas Cavazos Day ago

      this guy just wants to sell books or merch or security or whatever he is selling, by telling americans what they want to hear

  • 777dannydan
    777dannydan Day ago

    Barely 30 daze later... 38:17ish mark of this yt pod cast!

  • truth teller
    truth teller Day ago

    Low IQ leftist = pot should be legal and all other drugs also.
    Same low IQ leftist = drug addiction is a disease!!
    They’re two faced double speak imbeciles to the highest order.

  • truth teller
    truth teller Day ago

    Only the low IQ leftist retards still believe that Obama and his administration and the democrats are ‘good people”. Indoctrinated imbeciles.

  • Moto Gun
    Moto Gun 2 days ago

    Wow! Have him again

  • gummybear100
    gummybear100 2 days ago

    2019 will eclipse every other year in Mexico for murders. It's a serial killers wet dream down there.

  • Pyramid Tank
    Pyramid Tank 2 days ago

    Joe tell this guy how Detroit is just as violent as Mexico. YEAH RIGHT!

  • Fortified Mind
    Fortified Mind 2 days ago

    Tijuana's more dangerous than the favela's of Rio or Sao Paulo?? Hmmmm I don't think so.

  • nano walls
    nano walls 3 days ago

    The fact that this foo refers to his own country and culture as the upside down is fucked up for real that’s not ok he’s misguided to an extent that’s a fact

  • SnowCoveredNose 01
    SnowCoveredNose 01 3 days ago +1

    Went to Mexico to bury my pops when he died, only time I'll go. Don't feel like dealing with all that again lol

  • Shaun Williams
    Shaun Williams 3 days ago

    Really enjoyed this podcast!

  • Râistlìn Majere
    Râistlìn Majere 3 days ago

  • Cuen Funderburke
    Cuen Funderburke 3 days ago

    After this episode it's time to genocide mexico.

  • grtwhtbnr
    grtwhtbnr 3 days ago

    Ed said that he meant to say "18th Street Gang"

  • Boosted OG
    Boosted OG 3 days ago

    At the 50 minute mark. The Los Palillos had a house near a friend of mine's house. Read the report and Google map the neighborhood. They left a disolved body in van parked on a main road. People reported a very bad smell and that when police found it.

  • SDL
    SDL 4 days ago +1

    Don't trust him entirely on his depiction of politics. He has vested interests. Other than that, interesting interview.
    Edit: thing is, from what I get he's quite firmly on the right side of the political spectrum. Something not uncommon, I can imagine, in law enforcement and military circles, due to how they're drilled and all the crap they see on the streets 'n stuff (the underbelly of society). Ed Calderon to me, a layman, seems experienced and legit. He is therefore quite fascinating to listen to and I can not help but deeply respect the courage it takes to work under the conditions in which he did and his willingness to put his life on the life to try and maintain law and order.
    It is however important to keep in mind the man is still looking at society from the lens of his own experiences, a certain perspective if you will. A social worker for example, will point out the importance of social programs, investing in youth and people, as a ways of social cohesion and preventitive measures, seeing the type of people and problems he encounters on a daily basis.
    Refugees in general are very vulnerable people, in dire situations, fleeing war, violence, poverty, prosecution. Human misery, really. They leave behind everything and have to adapt to a new country, new language, where they are lowest on the societal ladder. Meaning it's hard for them to find decent, non-exploitative employment, get health coverage and other benefits employers and society provides, save money and become a house owner, and earn respect and a place in society. They are a sub-class of citizens for whom a lot of the things we take for granted, are out of reach (and as our economic system has begun targeting the middle class, in a trend of evermore increasing wealth concentration, they are of course an easy target to put the blame on).
    Refugees are also people, like the rest of us. Meaning some (most) good, some bad. Ed Calderon however, depicted them as deceiving profiteers, basically validating Trump. And I get it, don't be naive. Good advice, especially in his line of work. But based on my own knowledge and experience with refugees and the undocumented, I find this hard to take seriously and a bitter pill to swallow seeing some of the real profiteering going on in the upper echelons of society. Including that of the gentleman-in-chief I mentioned, who didn't pay workers, let businesses go bankrupt, banked on people's weaknesses (gambling) and has projects in the Middle East cosntructed by slave labor.

  • Bob Barker
    Bob Barker 4 days ago

    This was my favorite JRE podcast this far.

  • Andrew Baynes
    Andrew Baynes 4 days ago +1

    What is the time stamp for the part when they talk about how DOJ sold guns to cartels?

  • Zachary Reichert
    Zachary Reichert 4 days ago

    Mexico is a fucked up place. I've got probably 10 co-workers up here in Minnesota who got out WAAAAY long ago. I'm always asking, 'cause they're getting on towards retirement, 'Hey, you going back or staying here?'

    Oh no, fuck that place. As bad as it was when I left? It's worse now. Let me meet my grandkids here.

    Can't blame em.

  • psankovet
    psankovet 4 days ago


  • Danny Sullivan
    Danny Sullivan 4 days ago

    Joe how many times u gotta clear ur throat man

  • Edump
    Edump 5 days ago

    Joe "Well the thing is" Rogan

  • Edump
    Edump 5 days ago

    This episode was so FUCKING good man. WOW

  • mark siqendu
    mark siqendu 5 days ago

    Joe "Armed to the tits" Rogan

  • Luis Cabezas
    Luis Cabezas 5 days ago

    Fantastic episode. Thank you!

  • Joe Danna
    Joe Danna 5 days ago

    Dude wear your class 3 vest at all times. Wow. Balls.

  • Psychonaut Uriel 00
    Psychonaut Uriel 00 5 days ago

    Mexican poeple are not racist, they are classist. If your neighbor has 10$ more then you, they think they are better. A lot of TJ ppl are jealous because a lot have been trying to cross for years

  • Niko Williams
    Niko Williams 6 days ago

    Can we give Ed Calderon his own Bio movie...Pls

  • Steven Diahy
    Steven Diahy 6 days ago

    Would of liked to hear some juicy stories....

  • SwiftSights
    SwiftSights 6 days ago +1

    Wow...Understanding what is going on in Mexico really grounded me. The US has it really good. We have the luxury of bickering between the left and the right wings of politics while the people in Mexico are just looking for stability to survive. As a left-leaning American, this podcast helped me realize that right-wing politics play a huge role in establishing order and stability in a society. The people of Mexico don't have the luxury of aiming for a liberal revolution where feminism, LGBTQ, and all people are accepted and have equal opportunities. They are just trying to look out for their own and survive. Right-wing politics help with mobilizing the military, establishing order, and dealing with the real problems of survival. Like Joe said regarding the left-wing president coming into power in Mexico, "Being nice doesn't help stop the cartels".

  • Caboose2741
    Caboose2741 6 days ago +1

    A interesting, well spoken, intelligent, brave, ballsy and beautiful motherfucker. You sir have lived more in your life so far then this entire comment section combined. Much respect and love.

  • MrSaltybloke
    MrSaltybloke 6 days ago

    el chapo didn't escape in the tunnel. He walked out the front door, the tunnel was diversion and a good story for the media.

  • DarkSagan
    DarkSagan 6 days ago

    1:07:10 That story about the weed store could definitely be the ending scene in a movie. Live in SD been going to TJ since the 90's and never ran into any trouble. Crazy what's going on behind the scenes.

  • Frank Salinas
    Frank Salinas 6 days ago

    He should produce a movie

  • Aurora Isabella
    Aurora Isabella 6 days ago +1

    I want to hear Ioan Grillo and this guy in a podcast together

      xPHATSNAPSx 4 days ago +1

      Aurora Isabella was thinking the very same thing...Joint podcast would be fantastic

  • Miguel
    Miguel 7 days ago

    Bring Ed Back

  • metaldj23
    metaldj23 7 days ago +8

    When he said TJ was full of drugs did he mean the city or Dillasaw?

  • Vanessy Cortes
    Vanessy Cortes 7 days ago +3

    Amazing, well-spoken and wise!! First podcast I watched start to finished

  • Alan Garcia
    Alan Garcia 7 days ago +1

    You gotta love how Joe has the WHAT THE F**K face the whole interview..

  • wlaaaaaaaaaa123
    wlaaaaaaaaaa123 7 days ago

    It was over to fast :(

  • Chris Highfill
    Chris Highfill 7 days ago

    Fucking criminal scumbag border jumping Mexican

  • SimpleMan
    SimpleMan 7 days ago

    Nothing worse than a mexicano who thinks he is above being mexicano. Law Enforcement in Mexico?? Corrupt, & thats all I'm saying.

  • Pc_principle
    Pc_principle 7 days ago

    Anyone find the Mexican song thst he mentioned

  • Lord Commander
    Lord Commander 7 days ago

    I have never understood why the Mexican and American militaries don’t approach this issue as though they were fighting a similar group to ISIS or one of the many other terrorist orgs they have been fighting for the past 15 years, after all more people have died at the hands of these gangs than they have at the hands of terrorists. If they put what they have learned during those campaigns into action with the same amount of time, resource, money and attention to the cartel surely it would severely weaken them. they must have logistical infrastructure for the drugs? This could be bombed. They must have people in the state/federal gov working for the cartels, if the NSA spied on them for long enough surely they could develop a picture of who these bad actors are and either charge them or kill them. They must have established methods and routes for receiving weaponry, so why does it seem like nothing is done about it? I get that it’s more complex then just bringing the military in and it will all be ok, but the point is that I feel much more action could be taken and should be taken but isn’t - the fact that it isn’t says a lot about who the people pulling the strings in these cartels really are.

  • Antonio Gomez
    Antonio Gomez 7 days ago

    So compelling - thank you

  • Jonny Jimenez
    Jonny Jimenez 7 days ago

    The wall is not to keep people out it’s to keep us in for when things hit the fan .

  • kingluithe1st
    kingluithe1st 7 days ago

    Joe “ boots on the ground after he hears someone else say boots on the ground and thought it was cool” rogan

  • Gio Baby Official
    Gio Baby Official 7 days ago +2

    Who else TVclipd ; Vulcan chopper vs Cartel ?

  • Y.A.Z Slim
    Y.A.Z Slim 7 days ago

    He makes Mexicos current president AMLO seem like a bad, corrupt president, he is the first leftist Mexico has had since 70+ years ago, El Pri the last party which ran Mexico for those years is so corrupt it's not even funny, AMLO has many plans to end corruption in Mexico and he isnt just talk, he currently has so much pressure to fix a Mexico that has been horrible for decades, something most people seem to miss

  • Road Glider
    Road Glider 7 days ago

    The Occult shit he mentioned was scary as shit.

  • Road Glider
    Road Glider 7 days ago

    So the Question begs to be asked: Should the US invade Mexico to put a stop to this evil regime?

    • Y.A.Z Slim
      Y.A.Z Slim 7 days ago

      The U.S needs Mexico at this point, U.S cant invade, even if they wanted to, the U.S is weak.

  • ian theis
    ian theis 7 days ago +2

    And there we have it, credible insight from the other side validating what Trump's been saying. Also putting out there that leftist policy is ineffective and the mainstream media's coverage of border issues has been disingenuous.

  • Karaoke Wayward Son
    Karaoke Wayward Son 8 days ago


  • Nestor M
    Nestor M 8 days ago

    you need him to come back on and talk some more ASAP

    AGENT X SECURITY 8 days ago +1


  • sad vibes nigga
    sad vibes nigga 8 days ago

    Joe actually thinks isis is in Afghanistan

  • A Shogun Named Juan
    A Shogun Named Juan 8 days ago

    Ed is amazing, but his take on AMLO is... not factual, to put it in the most polite way possible. Not only has he not ended the war on narcotrafficking, he's ramped it up. That's one of the things he's being criticised of; he's going back on many of his campaign promises and following the same strategy on national security as his predecessors. Shit, he's deployed more than 60,000 soldiers around the country and he sent more than 2,000 soldiers to Tijuana alone (there's also the way Ed is somehow laying the blame of the Tijuana situation on "the left" when the tremendous escalation of violence happened under a PAN mayor and a PAN governor, a conservative political party). AMLO is a fucking dumbass and he's on track to being a disaster for Mexico, but it's better to stick to the actual facts when denouncing politicians instead of making stuff up wholesale. I follow Ed on facebook and he lets his politics get the best of him pretty regularly, especially when it comes to AMLO because the guy ran on vaguely leftoid campaign policies and empty rhetoric which he has since reneged on.

  • Martín Farrera
    Martín Farrera 8 days ago

    I want to sub this video so bad. I don't even have a laptop, but if no one has done it by the time I get one I'll definitely do it.

  • _Krosis_
    _Krosis_ 9 days ago

    This one is so good ... lotta informations man, bring him again !

  • dajazman2k
    dajazman2k 9 days ago

    Don't understand why Joe keeps having some unfunny stand up mate on for 3 hours plus, then someone intersting comes on and he cuts the time in half.

  • Adrián Vargas
    Adrián Vargas 9 days ago

    As a Mexican, I attest that 90% of what is exposed in this video is true. Of the remaining 10%, I didn't even know it.

    JASON BARRERA 9 days ago

    You can find out more on

    JASON BARRERA 9 days ago

    31:45 they make them

    JASON BARRERA 9 days ago

    Joe “Jezus!” Rogan

  • Steven Edwards
    Steven Edwards 9 days ago

    Joe 'You can buy a submarine?' Rogan

  • krombopulos abraham
    krombopulos abraham 9 days ago

    Reynosa, tamaulipas Mexico is the most dangerous city in Mexico. It makes TJ look child splay.

  • CanadianPride77
    CanadianPride77 9 days ago

    This is one of the all time great JRE's. This was awesome.

  • killersanabria
    killersanabria 9 days ago

    This guy is full of BS. Inaccurate and extremelly biased opinions... yes, opinions, not facts at all. For example: mexican president has never supported Venezuela, Mexico is a neutral country, he doesnt support or reject Venezuela's politics and has publiclly talked about this a few times. The amnesty for the cartels is a lie, the amnesty is for farmers that produce hemp and opioids only, so that they can go back to produce food crops. This man has clearly an agenda. Basically is a mexican Trump supporter.

  • Tiger Dragon
    Tiger Dragon 9 days ago +5

    Sumerian King.
    He is *Henry Cejudo* .

  • Tiger Dragon
    Tiger Dragon 9 days ago

    Sumerian King.
    He is *Henry Cejudo* .

  • Hugo
    Hugo 10 days ago

    The constant little jabs at "the left" were kinda suspicious here, if you ask me. Especially considering that the previous governments, who were all right leaning according to him, apparently came nowhere close to solving the mess.

  • Fish R Relaxing
    Fish R Relaxing 10 days ago +1

    Wo a doubt the best podcast to date! I already want to see a follow up to this ASAP..

  • Jerrystolk
    Jerrystolk 10 days ago

    Polygraphs...............hilarious that those are still in use today in law enforcement.

  • Chris Elkins
    Chris Elkins 10 days ago

    JOE ROGAN!!!

  • Miguel Garza
    Miguel Garza 10 days ago

    This guy reminds me of my father in many ways. The biggest difference being this guy stayed in Mexico and my dad came to the US when he was 12. Great episode.

  • Marcko
    Marcko 10 days ago

    After a guest and stories like this its hard to go back to podcasts with actors and comedians

  • Seth Haney
    Seth Haney 11 days ago +2

    Just started the Tommy Chong episode and he got all anti gun so I had to come back and rewatch this as a pallet cleanser

  • Jackson Music
    Jackson Music 11 days ago

    WTF? How do you end the discussion right when he starts talking about a war between the US and cartels?????? I think you gotta finish that convo. That's like saying "the world is about to end, but hey thanks for comin in today, gotta go."

  • Auntie Carol
    Auntie Carol 11 days ago

    Truly informative.

  • Cheek Busting 101
    Cheek Busting 101 11 days ago

    1:28:00 those white ppl are the Alabama of Mexico lol, I did research on them and learned many of them inter-marry/ have babies together between family members.😷

  • Cheek Busting 101
    Cheek Busting 101 11 days ago

    This guy is a moron, he blames the Aztecs for the atrocities these cartels are doing, sure the Aztecs did do some rituals as part of their beliefs but it was 1492 and before, who wasn't doing those things then? Whites were doing just as bad things if not worse than the Aztecs during those times. Blacks too in the African rituals, to put it solely on the Aztecs is BS

  • cymanca
    cymanca 11 days ago

    Great interview but I gotta wonder how safe does Calderon feel talking about this stuff?

  • Jorge Garcia
    Jorge Garcia 11 days ago

    this man is gonna help me get out of cuffs when I get locked up lol

  • Danny flores
    Danny flores 11 days ago

    1:18:01 not deported, all charges dropped.

    • Danny flores
      Danny flores 11 days ago

  • Mr. World
    Mr. World 12 days ago

    "when you sense a deadlock, you gotta make a move before you become stagnant"

    REKAIRBRUSH 12 days ago

    Only been here for 4 years has no accent hmmmmm

    REKAIRBRUSH 12 days ago

    Lots of info but why whisper lol