Joe Rogan Experience #1302 - Ed Calderon

  • Published on May 23, 2019
  • Ed Calderon is a security specialist and combatives instructor with over 10 years experience in public safety along the northern border area of Mexico. Follow him online @EdsManifesto

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  • ChoppersBBQ
    ChoppersBBQ 10 hours ago

    Here is a vid i found showing "The Stew Maker" under arrest... The dude just looks like regular guy, as do most killers i guess.

  • Pal Adino
    Pal Adino 11 hours ago

    I'm so impressed with this guy in various ways. Two thumbs up. Am I the only one to realize that this Mexican's English is better than 50% of Americans ...his vocabulary...pronunciation,...grammar...diction. I wish my Spanish was just 50% as good as his English.

  • Игорь Ижщенков

    Pretty good spoken English???????????????

    He speaks as though he was born and raised in the United States by gringo parents.
    NO trace of an accent AT ALL.

  • pmurder100
    pmurder100 18 hours ago

    El Chapo is #701

  • Dano
    Dano Day ago

    Sobering interview

  • BeefMeister
    BeefMeister 2 days ago

    This is the only podcast that makes me feel like 2 hours isnt long enough.

  • whoo datt
    whoo datt 2 days ago

    chapo is pretty dumb to let sean penn inside and interview him because a short while after the interview they arrest him??? wtf dumb he was worki ng with the u.s govt

  • Jorge Zamorano
    Jorge Zamorano 3 days ago

    I would say 50% of the information this guy is providing is inaccurate.

  • Scott Forbs
    Scott Forbs 3 days ago

    Look how pleased Joe is with himself at 1:08:55

  • Yung_Grouch
    Yung_Grouch 3 days ago

    This dude know his shit! See’s the bullshit and keeps it real. But I do disagree on him wanting the wall up because we as taxpayers will have to pay for it. It’a already been funded by defunding the military and the wall as a defense tactic is already being flown over, dug under and shipped through the waters.

  • Mr Gritty
    Mr Gritty 3 days ago

    Racists are fuming watching this

  • Alberto Soto
    Alberto Soto 4 days ago

    This world is lost, and the most incredible and ironic thing about these white collar criminals who are really the ones calling the shots are aiming to disarm the American people and blaming everything on the second amendment, what do you think fast and furious was all about!

  • tmo_ krdns
    tmo_ krdns 4 days ago

    Thank you so much for interviewing Ed Calderon, now people knows exactly what the heck happens south of the border, we need a part 2 👍👍🙌🙌 CNN or Univision won't talk about this. This dude knows what he's talking about.

  • gladiatorxxx
    gladiatorxxx 4 days ago

    Can you tell me why Las Vegas got so rich ???? Lol Mexicans learning from Americans !!!

  • Kevin Mendoza
    Kevin Mendoza 9 days ago

    i believe the new Mexican president will change Mexico for ever. Instead of continue the blood bath , he focusing in putting money into the youth, he gonna start paying kids to go school . He wants to create more job , bc the poblem is that there no way to make a living doing honest work . so many young ppl just join the cartel . He taken away a law that prevents ppl in the government from getting arrested & will jail anybody who has robbed or been corrupted including ex presidents. His relation with trump is very good bc hes made clear to trump that a tariff war would hurt both country especially farmers in the US . Who support trump heavy & Mexico is playing its part by stoping the flow of immigrants from central America

  • Burney Mccarthy
    Burney Mccarthy 10 days ago +1

    It’s the same here Joe , Obama left with millions of dollars, he’s a crook,!! Wake up America , look at Pelosi , newdum newsom

  • Ryan Evjen
    Ryan Evjen 10 days ago

    Please bring Ed back for Round 2! Also, even though it would never happen , try and get Billy Trident in that chair.

  • mcboberson bob
    mcboberson bob 10 days ago

    democrats say trump faked the border crisis

  • Stuart Fillips
    Stuart Fillips 11 days ago

    Cheers from Guadalajara. Everything this dude says is on point. From Texas but my son lives here. Yes it is crazy as fuck. I was literally robbed of 300 pesos by the Jalisco State Police a few nights ago on the walk home from work.

  • PhilProfEdwards
    PhilProfEdwards 11 days ago

    This dang Mexican speaks better English than most Americans.

  • Ezko420 Blaze it
    Ezko420 Blaze it 12 days ago

    The 14 gang 😹🤷‍♂️

  • Ezko420 Blaze it
    Ezko420 Blaze it 12 days ago

    This guy is a spy

  • 1 Bad Jesus
    1 Bad Jesus 12 days ago

    1:19:39 "Allot of Spring Break violence is American on American" I'm CERTAIN it occurs but violence by Cartels FAAAR out # former.

  • RanochVTX
    RanochVTX 13 days ago

    Mexican Federales are interesting to hear I wonder what stories a French Legionnaire has to tell.

  • Robert Godoy
    Robert Godoy 14 days ago

    white people if you want mexicans to stop coming over stop shooting up heroin JUST SAY NO WHATS SO HARD ABOUT THAT

  • joao ricardo
    joao ricardo 14 days ago

    similar situation happens in rio de janeiro Brazil... but over coke and a lot of guns as well

  • Robert Lennihan
    Robert Lennihan 15 days ago

    Stay in America Ed

  • Desi
    Desi 15 days ago

    I believe its the best jre podcast ever.
    That i’ve seen.

  • ESFitnessSavage
    ESFitnessSavage 16 days ago

    Eh, white heroin is processed more than black tar

  • ESFitnessSavage
    ESFitnessSavage 16 days ago

    This dude must have a death wish

  • Ezequiel Checko Ayala
    Ezequiel Checko Ayala 17 days ago

    Obvious he's wearing a special vest under his shirt

  • Jerry Blanton
    Jerry Blanton 18 days ago

    Legalize drugs let addicts go to they're state run facilities to get they're fix problem solved also get help if they choose to do so to get off the drug kill two birds with one stone

  • Robert Gutierrez
    Robert Gutierrez 18 days ago

    Love this one but why are you fuckers coughing so much lol

  • Dan Landers
    Dan Landers 19 days ago

    CNN & MSNBC Fake news doesn't tell this story.

  • Francisco Gamez
    Francisco Gamez 19 days ago

    Did anyone catch the part where they talked about how legalizing dropped the crime rate here but upped it up there ? I was watchin another man on joes podcast explaining why Switzerland legalized meth and other drugs and opened up free rehabilitation facilities that will invest into your carreer or opening your own business !!! The HIV Aids overdoses and crime rate all dropped by 54% trump doesnt run nothin hes the puppeteer in this case the u.s wouldnt want to do that because Mexico is a big money source for the u.s weather we like it or not and on top of the segregation is still a huge factor but now its not just bout race its about the rich and the poor and the people in the middle on top of the ethnicity card . i think we could learn alot from their leaders

  • welderhelper79
    welderhelper79 20 days ago

    So he’s pretty much the real Benicio Del Toro in Sicario!! 🙁

  • playbackproductions1
    playbackproductions1 20 days ago +1

    Joe Rogan as Mr. Slave @

  • trevor kilian
    trevor kilian 21 day ago

    Bet this blew every liberals mind 🤣 god bless this guy for speaking the truth 🙏🏼

  • Aaron P
    Aaron P 21 day ago

    A nuclear bomb might work lol, it did in 1945

  • Aaron P
    Aaron P 21 day ago

    Look up Mexican Beheading Chainsaw video and you will really see a REAL beheading and see how brutal they are.

  • Marvelous
    Marvelous 21 day ago

    I read somewhere Mexico has the most richest source of minerals therefore the US was gonna invade them like theyve done in other countries

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson 21 day ago

    Awesome podcast! Minor note lol, none of the battalions of the 75th Ranger Regiment are stationed in San Diego 👍

  • AudaciousMarv
    AudaciousMarv 22 days ago

    I'm a fan. Joe is a great interviewer

  • El Jeringas
    El Jeringas 23 days ago

    What's his ug

  • datacentermgmt
    datacentermgmt 24 days ago +9

    Ed Calderon returns 8-26-19 on JRE. 😎🤐😈

    CALAVERA NO LLORA 24 days ago

    i know that hangcuff trick too XD

  • yourtailorisapunk
    yourtailorisapunk 24 days ago

    For fuck sake, it's like Joe never spoke to Johan Harri at all. Him talking to Ed about political cycles in Mexican government just makes me face palm.

  • Toxic.310
    Toxic.310 27 days ago

    This is the best interview Joe has ever done

  • vato locos forever
    vato locos forever 28 days ago


  • houston2k
    houston2k 28 days ago

    Joe please invite this gentleman back for a full 3 hours interview. I think he has more information that we all can learn from. Thank you Joe.

  • David Gutierrez
    David Gutierrez 28 days ago +1

    I remember when the police in Tijuana getting they're guns taken away I was in high school damn

  • Greg Mayes
    Greg Mayes 28 days ago

    Supply and Demand ...... You want to curve drugs stop the demand. But that would take americans to take responsibity. Americans love their drugs

  • buttoneye joe
    buttoneye joe 29 days ago

    You have dumb conspiracy nut jobs on for 3 plus hours. You have this intelligent man with actual real life current events and stories in Mexico and cut hin off at an an hour and 45 minutes.... get him on again asap


    THE AMNESTY TO TRAFFICKERS is not for the DRUG CARTELS is for the poor people that was forced to growth mariguana or because poverty , and they got jailed . But it was just an proposition that the congress is discussing about it 🔜THIS GUY DOESNT KNOW SHIT ABOUT MÉXICO

  • uWsVorheeZ
    uWsVorheeZ 29 days ago

    Snow Mexicans 🤣🤣🤣

  • joey jessie
    joey jessie 29 days ago

    This guy is very intelligent.

  • no ones business
    no ones business 29 days ago

    Sounds like open borders all these Democrats will just make the flow of drugs easier? I understand this guys a pro but idk sounds like a border lock down with a military presence could have an effect

  • Brandon Sell
    Brandon Sell Month ago

    Cartels arms are in Michigan

  • Saned20
    Saned20 Month ago

    Need to put Wes Watson GP on

  • White Belt At Life
    White Belt At Life Month ago

    You should have a corrido singer on