HighSchool DxD: Hero「AMV」awakening


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  • Holk44Gameplays
    Holk44Gameplays 8 days ago

    Hola me puedes decir el nombre de un anime

  • Nhỏ Nghĩa
    Nhỏ Nghĩa 9 days ago

    Phim tên gi thế ad

  • Silver Killer
    Silver Killer 17 days ago

    I think the 2018 version of high school dxd too childlike

  • Toby senpai
    Toby senpai 18 days ago

    quien quiere 5ta temporada like

  • jogos jogos
    jogos jogos 19 days ago

    Muito bom esse amv :) curti muito

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  • miguel hernandez
    miguel hernandez 21 day ago

    es bueno

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    Jaakuna AMV 愛憎 22 days ago

    Very super amv Bro

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    Issei great demais

  • ดี ดีดี
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  • Jue Sebastián Llano
    Jue Sebastián Llano 28 days ago

    es vellisimo :')

    CHURCH KYLO REN Month ago +1

    Badass. 💛💛💛💛💙💙💙💙

  • อนพัช เสมือนโพธิ์

    Is good and bast anmie. I need it's anmie ss5 pls👍👍👍👍👍

  • Benz kung[2957]
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  • Tobias Jung
    Tobias Jung Month ago

    Btw guys one question..? Anyone know why Vali Lucifer is not in this Season?

  • Tobias Jung
    Tobias Jung Month ago

    The best Ending in the whole Anime

  • Dxd Fafnir
    Dxd Fafnir Month ago

    Does anyone know when season 5 is release ?

  • Super rock stars
    Super rock stars Month ago

    Sigue subiendo mas high school DXD por favor bro gracias

  • gamer game TV
    gamer game TV Month ago

    WTF 2:51

  • Felipe Gamino
    Felipe Gamino Month ago

    Coolest amv ever seen

  • Suladda Conchai
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  • Angel Morales
    Angel Morales 2 months ago

    is a very good song

  • DarkRider NINJA
    DarkRider NINJA 2 months ago +1

    When the season 5 arived??

  • gameally
    gameally 2 months ago

    man they ruined the anime's animation in new season although the plot was great

  • Stephanie
    Stephanie 2 months ago


  • Toxic NB
    Toxic NB 2 months ago +1

    Omg am Ende gänzehaut 🤤😍😍😍😍😍😍❤

  • Eren Adalı
    Eren Adalı 2 months ago

    Best AMV in the World.

  • Chatom Longcha
    Chatom Longcha 2 months ago

    Great Amv mate! Awesome job ! OppaiDragon 😎

  • issei whatley
    issei whatley 2 months ago

    I'm issei bitch

  • Timur Adamhanov
    Timur Adamhanov 2 months ago

    Bakugan ?

  • Meltrine Hutapea
    Meltrine Hutapea 2 months ago

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  • Meltrine Hutapea
    Meltrine Hutapea 2 months ago

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  • Meltrine Hutapea
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  • atomicrc
    atomicrc 2 months ago

    Ima Be completly honesty when the ep ended with that form I thought it was hella bigger

  • Lebin Chen
    Lebin Chen 2 months ago

    ┏┓ ┏┓┏┓╭━┓┏━┓

  • Ainz ool gown Over lord
    Ainz ool gown Over lord 3 months ago +3

    AMAZING 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • masx stil
    masx stil 3 months ago +2

    wow amazing

  • Yadier Diaz Robles
    Yadier Diaz Robles 3 months ago

    Megusata nesesito sa ber como encuentro un capitulo nuevo

  • This account is deleted
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    Pervertness wins!

  • Leo uchiha
    Leo uchiha 3 months ago +4

    Este Amv esta fuera de liga mi serie favorita y una musica bien ready mi querida Akeno Issei esta satisfecho con tu Amv sigue asi

    • El mata marranos
      El mata marranos Month ago

      No tiene nada de malo si te gusta el prota :v

    • Leo uchiha
      Leo uchiha 2 months ago

      +El mata marranos y que pasa si tengo el mismo nombre y foto acaso te molesta pues resuelve tu problema en otra parte

    • El mata marranos
      El mata marranos 2 months ago

      No por tu persona we :v

    • El mata marranos
      El mata marranos 2 months ago

      Tranquilo we lo digo por como es el prota en la serie y novela xd

    • zero-kun
      zero-kun  2 months ago +1

      Thank you 👍

  • Da Done
    Da Done 3 months ago +8

    WTF is this Sesaon 4? The Art Style is completly diffrent

    • UnformidableWolf
      UnformidableWolf 6 days ago

      And shit, the story went from left to diagonal. Season 5 isn't going to be a thing confirmed by the maker

    • Squeezy
      Squeezy 2 months ago +2

      The art studio has been changed with Passione but this thing is not bad at all, i really like this new graphic.

    • Toxic NB
      Toxic NB 2 months ago +1

      But its good

    • THE CT GOD
      THE CT GOD 2 months ago +1

      your profile is so funny to look at

    • patrick rocheleau
      patrick rocheleau 2 months ago +5

      A new company is doing this season, its a bit closer to the LN illustrations, not that that is necessarily a good thing

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    I cried this is amazing great vid 👌😭

  • Isaac Arroyo
    Isaac Arroyo 3 months ago +1

    Eres un crack

  • Дима Власов
    Дима Власов 3 months ago

    Прекрасное аниме

  • Мария Ратникова


  • zNachoGlez
    zNachoGlez 3 months ago

    lo unico que no me gusto fue los pinches personajes bien culeros que le paso a mi Rias-Senpai:'v

    • El mata marranos
      El mata marranos Month ago +1

      Crei k ya no existia arena por la animacion pero veo k si :v

    • Leo uchiha
      Leo uchiha 3 months ago

      zNachoLm_ Hombre tu no sabes apreciar las cosas de hoy en dia

    • zNachoGlez
      zNachoGlez 3 months ago

      Issei Hyoudou nah esta mejor TNK estudios que La porqueria de passione

    • Leo uchiha
      Leo uchiha 3 months ago

      zNachoLm_ Que importa tiene buena Calidad

    • zNachoGlez
      zNachoGlez 3 months ago

      si importa wey la cara de todos estan bien culer@s

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  • Cristian Perusquia
    Cristian Perusquia 3 months ago

    Como se llama la serie

  • Michael Ulloa
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  • TOP AMV' s
    TOP AMV' s 3 months ago +1

    Cool AMV

  • Samy_ Balas
    Samy_ Balas 3 months ago

    Otro anime que usa a un caballero del zodiaco ALDEBARAN (Tauro).
    La muerte de ese León esta basado en él, lo mismo. Ya no tienen imaginación.

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  • seong-jin sang
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    explotion the is best

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  • Santiago Paglione
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    Nice 👌👌

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  • Anthony Duran
    Anthony Duran 3 months ago

    Such a pathetic anime as usual.

  • Jaxon Kulp
    Jaxon Kulp 3 months ago

    wait here was a new season WHAT! no one told me

  • Diane Richards
    Diane Richards 3 months ago

    wow a good song and we have the songs name and yet again it seems to be extremely difficult to add the name of the artist so can anyone give me the dam artist name ? since no one wonts to add it to the video title or description 😑 ...that just annoys me

    DENIX GOICOCHEA 3 months ago

    En el traje de issei cuando usa los poderes de los pechos de rías osea cuando usa su potencial y desde el principio siempre fue rojo el traje de issei ahora con ese poder más con el poder celestial tocando al mismo tiempo el cabello de rías se vuelve un poco más rosado digamos un rojizo rosado alto poder de la transformación de reina.

    • Leo uchiha
      Leo uchiha 3 months ago

      DENIX GOICOCHEA por que esta combinado al poder del Dragon Blanco y se hiso mas rosado

  • Luana Araujo
    Luana Araujo 3 months ago

    Uhhhhhhh 🤔

  • ดีเจ เธั่ง. ch


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    Uma kpopper & Um Otaku 4 months ago

    Musica qual e

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  • 動漫迷花生
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    期待 第五季 膜拜...

  • Guilherme Guimarães
    Guilherme Guimarães 4 months ago

    O anime acabou?

  • Riri S
    Riri S 4 months ago

    Yeah he say girl❤️

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    Amazing ≧∇≦≧∇♡♥

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    Good job man

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    Laik xddd

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    So awesome Amv my friend

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    Lancer AMVs 4 months ago

    Muito bom!! Pode me dizer aonde vc conseguiu a RAW desse episódio? Eu baixo no nyaa, mas está dizendo que contém direitos autorais. Por favor

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    wow greet

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    Amazing fighting😲👌👍

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    Super ❤❤ amazing AMV 💯😉

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    So good gj

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    Da cheo sub tra bn tkank you


    I liked the video :3

  • Berry !
    Berry ! 4 months ago

    Hey zero ot me articuno 123 i know u might not remember me but i still watch u somtimes. Srry for nit talking with u more often but still great video and good luck on future videos.=]

    • Berry !
      Berry ! 4 months ago

      zero-kun 😀

    • zero-kun
      zero-kun  4 months ago

      of course I remember, thank you!!

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    Nice video!!

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    Awesome AMV

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    very good bro
    keep it up
    and have good day

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    Awesome Bro ^_^

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    Fantabuloso video:)

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    So awesome

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    Foda Amigo 👏

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    This was incredible! I love it!! I subscribed too, hopefully you don’t mind subscribing back ^^ and I hope you can stay active on my channel too! And I will do the same, great job on that amazing video!

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    great Amv my friend
    big like 34 ^^

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    Amazing 👍